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the Larry story pt 8

Sandra felt a little weird as she climbed on the back of Larry's bike behind him a bit like an intruder who had no right to be there but she shrugged it of. She had hurried back into the hotel to find Mike and let him know she would be going with Larry, he had just grinned and said "Ok, have fun"

But she wasn't going with him for fun, but just the chance to escape the confines of the tour bus where the atmosphere would be far from cheery.
Larry had loaned her his spare crashhelmet he kept with him.. it was a bit big, but not too bad, and as he started up the bike, Sandra felt a small sense of exhilaration as she held onto him smelling the leather mixed with his Cologne as put her arms around his waist and holding on tight as the Bike sped of out of the Hotel carpark.

The scenery flew by as the Bike made its way along the motorway, Sandra had to admit it was a great experience and for a while her troubles fled from her mind, when they came onto smaller country roads and they halted at crossroads and traffic lights Larry kept asking her if she was ok.. she assured him she was fine.

She wasn't sure how long they had been travelling for, or how many miles they had covered when Larry slowed down in the small town he had promised Bono and Adam to get them their favorite pasta dish they kept raving on about.
He finally found the little exclusive back street restuaraunt.

"Seeing we are here, we might as well take a break and sample this wonderful pasta Adam and Bono keep going on about"

"Sounds good to me, I'm starving" Sandra agreed

They went in and found a table in the corner, the waitress came over and give them the menu to let them order.
Sandra was glad she could understand a bit of Italian, so knew what was on the menu and avoided any meat dishes.
After they had ordered their own Larry informed them he would want the pasta to go, the young waitress who recognised him, was only too happy to oblige.
"I guess being famous does have its perks" Sandra grinned.

"Yeah I guess it does" Larry replied.

He watched Sandra try and fix her hair up in some sort of shape after being stuck under the crash helmet running her hands through it fluffing it up a bit and realising she was still in her jeans and shirt she had put on her when Mike had knocked on her door early that morning,, and they were worse for wear and crumpled.

"Realising his blue eyes were scrutinisng her she felt a little self concious "I don't know what I look like, I got up and just threw the first thing on me this morning" she explained
"You look fine" Larry replied his curiousity suddenly overcame him and he couldn't help asking "How long have you and Greg been together?"

Sandra was a little surprised by his question and the fact that he was interested, "About three years now" she replied
"That long" Larry's eyebrows rose

"Yeah I guess it's hard to believe" Sandra grinned "I really have put up with him that long.. would you believe it when I met him I didn't even like him that much"

"Really" Larry tried to keep the sardonic tone out of his voice

"Yeah I know he comes across all cocky and full of himself and brash, and tends to rub people up the wrong way.. I had that opinion of him too" she grinned.

"So what made you change your mind about him?" Larry asked.

Sandra give a little laugh and shrugged "Not quite sure something just happened between us one night, I started to see him differently"

"Oh?" Larry eyed her questioningly wanting the details.

Sandra chewed on her lower lip not sure if she wanted to tell him what she considered her pathetic story "She knew Larry didn't like Greg, so decided if she explained to him perhaps he would understand their relationship a bit better.

"Actually it was all Mike's fault" she started with a grin "But you must never tell him that because down to this day he doesn't know that"

"Your secret is safe with me" Larry assured her with a smile and was intrigued to know more

She had to pause as the waitress brought their food, Sandra couldn't help feel like she had to pinch herself, thinking here she was discussing her love life with Larry Mullen Jnr, it was surreal

"So, continue, how did Mike unwittingly get you involved with Greg?" Larry demanded after taking his mouthful of food

Sandra looked thoughtful as she tried to figure out where to begin, "Well I guess it kindda started when we were kids, Mike was my friend, actually he was the only friend I had, we lived in the same street, my dad had left my mum and me, she didnt handle it too well, took to drinking a lot, the other kids in school and in the area would tease and torment me about it, Mike always stuck up for me, we both shared this love for music..listening to the radio and playing records were my only escape" Sandra explained

Larry just nodded in understanding.

"Anyway when we got into our teens we decided to form our own band" she continued

"Sounds familar to me" Larry grinned making her laugh

"Yeah I guess it would... anyway Mike left school a year before I did was on one of these Goverment Job training programmes thats where he met Greg and they became friends" Sandra then explained "One evening he invited Greg around to listen to us at that time there was only me Mike Tony and another guy called Dave on drums.. Zak joined us later. at that time Tony was singing but he wasn't very good, Greg being Greg and arrogant and mouthy mentioned this.. so Mike challenged him to sing if he could do better.. which he did, and as much as we hated to admit it he was good" Sandra sighed, "So we asked him would he like to sing in the band, and he said yeah, I don't think he took it too seriously at first, becaue Mike was the one with the drive and ambition to make it big, Greg saw it as a way of impressing the girls"

"And so he impressed you?" Larry enquired

"Oh no" Sandra laughed "I wasn't impressed with him at all "I couldnt stand him and argued with Mike we should find some one else on vocals..and at that time I had developed a crush on Mike, I only had eyes for him.. but he was totally unaware of it, always saw me like a kid sister" she confessed her face reddening. "Anyway to cut a long story short, Greg had been with us for about eight months, I still was not keen on him, but we were having a party to celebrate Mike's nineteenth Birthday, I was kindda hoping to impress him that night got myself all dressed up in a slinky dress, make up, the full works.. hoping he would magically see me as his potential girlfriend, but the night turned out a disaster. There was this other girl Kim, I thought she and Mike were just mates.. but it seemed
they felt more than that for each other, they had got together two days before his Birthday, so when she arrived at the party and he just walked past me and straight into her arms.. I was totally crushed, I spent most of the party in the kitchen in misery.. then they both came in kissing and cuddling all lovey dovey and I can't remember what excuse I made but I ended up out in the back garden sitting on the steps crying,

Thats where Greg came out and found me.. he was the last person I wanted near me, and I tried to tell him to clear of and leave me alone.. but he took no heed of me, instead he sat with me, told me he had an idea that I was upset about Mike.. he knew I had feelings for him, and he was sorry, he then in his annoying way tried to snap me out of my misery by making me laugh, then we got talking about other things, he had a bit of troubled past himself with his parents. I started seeing a side of him I never seen before.. anyway I let him walk me home, and he kissed me goodnight.. and I guess that was the start of it all" Sandra sighed as she toyed with the food on her plate with her fork "I know what he can be like.. his weaknesses, but y'know even he has his good moments, and he can be very sweet"

"I see" Larry replied "Well I guess you know him better than anyone" he added diplomatically

"Yes I think I do, and in a way he knows me better than anyone as well" Sandra then said "Which is why his behaviour is making it so difficult for me, I do think the pressure of our newfound fame plays a lot in how he gets on.. I am hoping he will settle when he gets used to it all"

Larry had to bite down on his tongue to stop himself retorting "Don't hold your breath", instead he took the last of his food "Mmmm" he remarked "This Pasta is good, I think I will have some to go as well for later"

"Me too" Sandra replied "Oh I hope I havent bored you with all that stuff about me and Greg" she then frowned

"Nah, it was.. enlightening" Larry replied truthfully

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Big Grin

Riding with Larry on his motorcycle........a girl would be so lucky.....inhaling his cologne....... wait....... was I just larry - dreaming??????? *shakers her head* not good....not good at all.......annj......what r u doing to me girl????????

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Originally posted by EveClayton
Riding with Larry on his motorcycle........a girl would be so lucky.....inhaling his cologne....... wait....... was I just larry - dreaming??????? *shakers her head* not good....not good at all.......annj......what r u doing to me girl????????
sorry Eve
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