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the Larry story pt 5 & 6

Sandra was standing in the back stage area, three weeks had passed already, everything was a blur towns cities countries
all seem to meld into one, she was looking for Greg who seemed to have disappeared, he had told her he would meet up with her after they left stage in her dressing room.. only he never turned up so she came out looking for him, so far everyone she asked had not seen him, she was torn between being irritated and concerned.

She found Tony Mike and Zak sitting at a table in the staduim clubhouse bar, which had been overtaken by the band members and crew for the night drinking pints out of plastic cups and laughing amongst each other

"Hey you guys, have you seen Greg?" she asked as she joined them.

"He was here a while back.. had a drink then left" Mike informed her

"Well he was suppose to call for me in my dressing room only he never showed" Sandra frowned

"He has probably got distracted, and is hanging around somewhere" Tony spoke up

"I have looked for him everywhere.. he doesnt seem to be about" Sandra then said "I will go back to my dressing room and check there in case I missed him and he is waiting" she then said

"If we see him we will let him know you are looking for him" Zak told her

"Thanks" Sandra replied and walked away.

Tony took a drink and watched her go "Actually I do think I know where Greg is, but I don't think Sandra would be too happy if she found out" he then confessed to the others

"What do you mean?" Mike demanded

"When I went to the gents earlier I seen him, only he was not alone if you know what I mean"Tony replied "Had his arm around this leggy blonde babe

Mikes expression grew grim "So he has started screwing around on her.. I warned him when we started on this tour he better not mess her about"

"Hey C'mon we got these girls throwing themselves at us its hard to say no sometimes" Tony said in defence

"Don't stick up for him" Mike snapped "I should go and tell Sandra exactly the sort of thing he is getting up to"

"Yeah good idea" Tony retorted "Then they will have a hellulva row and they will be upset and the band gets screwed up.. leave it man.. she will find out soon enough, then she can deal with it.. besides which you arent exactly innocent yourself" Tony pointed out
"You got a girlfriend at home and you and weren't short of female company the other night yourself.. so no point in being hypocritical"

"Yeah but I didnt screw them" Mike replied in defense

He was not happy but he had known Sandra a long time from they were kids.. he had come to look upon her like a sister, he had never been completely comfortable with her relationship with Greg, he knew he was trouble, but Sandra didnt seem to take this into account much, and had more or less told him to mind his own business when he had tried to warn her about him in the beginning
She said she was old enough to look after herself and know what she was doing so he had said no more on the matter.. as much as he hated admitting it he knew Tony was right, Sandra would not appreciate his interference. He would just have to sit back and let her realise it for herself.

Sandra made her way back to the dressing room, her heart sank when she found it empty "Where the hell are you" she muttered in annoyance, she decided to go and check near the stage area where U2 where still doing their Gig, maybe he was watching the show.

Although she went with every intention of looking for Greg, when she got there she lingered to watch U2 perform, she liked watching them, they played like such a united unit it always fascinated her no matter how many times she seen them
from where she stood she couldn't see Bono or Adam too well.

Edge was away on the far side of the stage the nearest person in her sight was Larry.. they were playing I will follow his whole effort and concentration was on his drums and the rythmn He was dressed in a black vestlike top a fine sheen of perspiration covered his face and bare arms, with the exhertion... it made her recall the incident a few days ago, she had been passing his dressing room the door had been ajar Larry had been playing on the drums.. she wasnt sure if he was rehearsing for the show that night, or just been letting lose his pent up frustration , but the pure effort of concentration he was putting into it..
he was obvilous to the world around him and Sandra watching him she wondered was he trying to block out the hurt of his failed relationship...

She had heard that he had ended it with his girlfriend.. the one she had overheard him talking to on the phone. The other members of the band had closed ranks to help him through it, warning that if Larry seemed out of sorts, to excuse him, or give him a wide berth he was having some personal problems to deal with and to respect his privacy.

She had suddenly felt bad spying on him whilist he was lost in playing the drums and had slipped away, but the image of him stayed with her, and watching him now his handsome face creased with that same effort she realised with him it had to be all or nothing.. there was no half measures. The song ended and only then did he allow himself to relax, taking a swipe at his sweaty brow with his arm and get his breath back

"Hey babe" a voice broke into her thoughts.. she turned to see Greg standing there, he slid his arm around her waist and kissed her on the fore head
For some reason Sandra felt her face heat up guiltily that she had been lost in thought about Larry and forgot all about Greg

"Where have you been you promised to meet me an hour ago" she exclaimed indignantly suddenly remembering she had reason to be mad at him

"Yeah I know I am sorry I got caught up in a conversation with some of our fans and lost track of time" Greg replied "They just wouldn't let me get away"

"Really?" Sandra sounded a little skeptical

"Oh don't give me a hard time I am here now and will be by your side the rest of the night.. I really need a drink, c'mon"
he put his arms around her shoulder and led her away.
Sandra decided it wasn't worth the hassle of being mad at him, he was with her now.. that was all that mattered.

Larry sat lounging in the chair in the hotel bar a smirk of amusment on his face as he listened to Sandra debating with Bono, about politics and world poverty. Apart from the other band members of U2 and Bono's wife and kids, very few would dare to argue with Bono on these subjects.

But Sandra had very dim view of politicians in general, and treated them with great scorn.. and was now scorning Bono for trying to get through to these people who she claimed only had their own interests at heart. Bono in return was trying to convince her, these were the people in power and only they could make the changes, Larry could see both sides of the argument had good cases, and decided to keep out of it.

He was a little surprised By Sandra's outspokedness, she had seem so shy and quiet at first, but after five weeks of touring with them she had certainly come out of her shell espicially when she felt strongly about something, and was giving as good as she got.

Larry glanced round to catch sight of Greg who was sitting at another table with Tony and Zak, He got the feeling Greg was not that concerned with the problems of the world around him, he was too busy drinking and eyeing up the female groupies and thought the world should revolve around him.

As hard as Larry tried he was finding it difficult to like Greg, He was arrogant and loved drawing attention to himself, the media loved him because filled their tabloid newspapers with his bad behaviour, Larry had come across his sort plenty of times in the music world, they rose quick.. and just as quickly disappeared by the wayside again

He had no time for them, and couldnt quite understand the relationship between Greg and Sandra, he could see that Sandra was a smart intelligent young woman, she shied away from publicity and she was also very watchful of her image.. even if they went out for a drink to a club..

Larry had noticed Sandra would never drink anymore than two alcoholic drinks then she would switch to soft drinks, she didn't smoke was a vegan who balked at the thought of eating meat, and like now she stood up for what she believed in strongly.. yet were Greg was concerned, she seemed blind to all his faults, his drunken binges, if she was aware he was sleeping with the groupies she was turning a blind eye to it, and there was times when he was drunk Larry heard him belittle her and she would mostly let him of with it without a murmer of protest, it seemed Greg had some hold over Sandra, though Larry couldn't figure out what she seen in him. But he didn't dwell on it too much after his own recent disaster with his lovelife he couldnt judge anyone....

Greg knocked back the rest of his pint unaware that he had just being scrutinised by Larry Mullen, he glanced over at Sandra who was still in deep conversation with Bono and shook his head and turned back to Zak and Tony "This is so boring.. what d'ya say we go out and find some excitment?"

"Like what?" Zak asked

"Well anything has to be better than sitting listening to those two trying to solve the problems in the world" Greg replied in irritation

"I thought you promised Sandra this morning you were going to be a good boy from now on" Tony reminded him.

"That was this morning" Greg grinned he leaned forward towards the other two across the table "The whole trick is I can be bad.. but just not let her find out about it" he winked "C'mon lets go she is so busy playing Saint Teresa with Bono. she won't even notice we are gone"

"Ok.. but if this all goes pearshaped.. don't try and put the blame on us saying we led you astray" Tony warned

"As if I would" Greg was wide eyed with mock offence at such a suggestion.
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