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the Larry story pt 3 & 4

Despite the shaky start that morning when it came that evening and time for Lutra to get out on stage and do their thing, everything was more or less sorted out, Sandra's nervousness was swallowed up in the high spirited party atmosphere of the packed stadium crowd, who greeted them happily enough and cheered them enthusastically, before they knew it their hour on stage was up and they waved the frantic cheering crowd good night, Greg finishing with the line "U2 will be on soon... have fun I know we have" before going off stage.

Behind the scenes the guys all high-fived and congratulated each other that they had done well and Sandra got hugged.. she was still on a high from performing as they made their way back to the dressing rooms

Sandra trailed behind the guys drinking bottled water, performing sure made you thirsty espicially under all those stage lights
she couldnt wait to get into the shower her red shirt was clinging to her after all the perspiration.

She wanted to get changed quick and be ready for U2 coming out so she could catch their performance, she was busy checking the doors along the corridor for her dressing room she knew was somewhere near the part where she was, wasn't aware of the person walkiing towards her talking on the cellphone, until they crashed into each other.

Sandra looked up to quicky apologise, and found herself looking into a familar face, then realised it was Larry Mullen jnr, and he was looking a little peeved

"Oh I am sooo sorry" she said her face turning red trust her to run into him when she was all hot and sweaty and looking a mess.

"You're Ok" he replied "My fault I was so busy on the talking phone I never noticed you" he said curtly as he hung up on whoever was on the other end of his phone but his expression of annoyance disappeared

"Well I wasn't exactly looking where I was going either" Sandra said "So I guess we both are to blame"

"Yeah I guess so, still not harm done" he replied, then he was hit by realisation " Hey you are a member of Lutra, you are the keyboard player"

"Yeah" Sandra smiled

"I was listening to you for a bit you did good out there tonight" he then said

"Thanks" she glowed with his praise

"Well maybe catch you later I got to get going" he told her briskly and with that he hurried up the corridor

Sandra watched him go it was only sinking in now she would be seeing a lot more of Bono Larry Edge and Adam in the next few months they would be touring with them.. it was going to be very interesting.
Filled with a new elation thinking about it she finally found her dressing room and went to get showered and changed.

Larry found Bono and Edge and Adam in their dressing room further down the corridor "Sorry I am late guys, Kirsty was on the phone, she thought it was time for another one of our have to talk moments" he explained.

Bono grinned "She is a great believer that girlfriend of yours in talking things through.. she should be a therapist, instead of a make up artist"

"She is driving me nuts" Larry frowned "thinks I have this problem with committment just cos I don't phone her up every other hour of the day thinks I am making excuses to avoid her when I tell her I am busy.. she asked me was I getting fed up with her.. I nearly answered yes only I came into a collison course with that keyboard player of Lutra, and ended up just hanging up and turning my phone of"

"Best thing to do under the circumstances" Edge told him.

"I don't know what has gotten into her, she use to be she has gone all paranoid imagining I am cheating on her or up to no good.. I don't like having my integrity questioned all the time...its really starting to piss me off"

" I see the end of a a beautiful relationship on the horizon" Adam remarked.

"Yeah me too" Larry stated grimly "and the sooner the better"

He decided to put Kirsty to the back of his mind and just concentrate on the gig for that night, when he was out there playing the drums nothing else mattered and thats the way he liked it.

Watching from the sidelines with Zak and Mike Sandra was enjoying watching U2 perform a while later that evening.
Greg had gone of with Tony their bass guitarist to have a drink in a club some of the roadies had recommended, Sandra had been a bit peeved with Greg wanting to go of to some club espicially after what had happened the night before.. the last thing she needed was Greg and Mike at it again it seemed he never learned, they had a slight quarrel about it, she had finally let him go after lecturing him on not staying out too late and drinking too much.. she didn't know if he would heed her, he hardly did any other time.. but she could live in hope.
Later when U2 finished to a rousing enchore , they were in a party mood to celebrate, inviting the other members of Lutra to join them.

Sandra was very tempted, but she was exhausted from all the stress of the day, and knew another late night and she would be fit for nothing the following day, so found herself having to reluctantly say no after all there would be other nights.

So she told them that she was heading back to the hotel because she needed some rest and sleep, she did warn Mike that if they ran into Greg to make sure he got him back before two oclock in the morning.. Mike promised he would.

Larry who had half heartedly agreed to go along with the others suddenly changed his mind as they were leaving, he really wasn't in the mood, he knew he was going to have to break it of with Kirsty.. something he was not looking forward to but he knew it had to be done and the sooner the better.. he was going to have that *we have to talk* conversation with her tomorrow sometime, and he just wanted to go back to his room now on his own and figure out how he was going to do it the easiest way possible.

The others seem to understand Bono patted him on the back sympathetically

"You will get through this Lar...if you need to talk you know where I am"

"Yeah thanks Bono" Larry replied.. he watched the others drift of in the cars to take them out on the town to party.

He was about to get into his own car and he noticed Sandra coming out behind him

"Hey wanna lift back to the hotel?" he asked

Sandra stared at him uncertainly.. was he talking to her.. just in case she glanced behind her.. but there was no one there
she looked back at Larry "Who.. me?"

"yeah" Larry grinned "thought I might as well offer seeing we are going to the same place"

"Oh" Sandra realised "Yeah I guess we are"

"So do you want a lift?" he asked again

"Yeah..sure" Sandra replied suddenly perking up.. she might have to miss out on a night out with the rest of them, but travelling in the same car as Larry more than made for that.


Sitting in the back of the Limo with Larry Mullen jnr... this was something to write about in her journal. She found herself studying him as she sat opposite him, he looked as tired as she felt, maybe that's why he wasnt too talkative and was going straight back to the Hotel.

Sandra put her hand over her mouth to stifle a yawn. "I am wrecked already, I don't know how I am going to survive the rest of this tour" she confessed

"You will get use to it after a while" Larry replied

"I just hope we will still be around as long as you guys to enjoy it" Sandra told him.

Larry just smiled "You did well tonight, just stick it out, and try to have fun, when its no fun any more thats when you know its time to hang up your hat" he advised.

"Oh I intend to have fun.. I love getting up on stage performing.. it makes me feel whole.. complete somehow" she wasnt sure if Larry understood exactly what she was trying to say.

But he nodded his head and smiled his blue eyes telling her he understood completely

Then his cell phone went of, he had turned it back on in case the other band members needed to speak with him or visa versa, it was late, he didnt think Kirsty would ring him at this time.. but she did. and even worse he could tell by the way she spoke she was drunk.

"I wasn't going to phone you cos you hung up on me" she said sullenly

"I had to go I was getting ready to go onstage" Larry informed her curtly

"But you didnt even say Bye" she wheedled "Why are you being so distant with me Larry.. its another woman isnt it?" she then accused

"Don't start that again Kirsty" Larry warned feeling his annoyance rising "If you must know its those stupid accusations that are really starting to get on my nerves"

"Well its hard for me stuck here and you away, I imagine all sort of things, I mean you must have girls throwing themselves at you"

"Yeah, but doesnt mean I am going to cheat on you with them...some trust would be really nice"

"I want to trust you.. but I just feel so insecure..I can't handle it when you are away from me"

"well you knew what I done when you got involved with me you knew I would be travelling around a lot.. you said you could handle it" Larry reminded her

"I thought I could.. but now I am not so sure.. I hate sharing you with the rest of the world, I hate sharing you with the rest of the members of U2, I want you all to myself"

Larry sighed this was the kind of stifling remarks that was driving a wedge between them.. this relationship was not going to work
he felt like Kirsty was trying to sufficate him.

"You know that is not possible, you are asking me to give up everything to be with you" he tried to reason with her.. though he knew in her drunken state it wasnt going to be easy

"If you loved me you would" she replied

Larry sucked in his breath "You know that is crap Kirsty"

he then remembered that he was not alone and Sandra was sitting opposite him, looking a little uncomfortable havintg to overhear the personal conversation.. he wasn't too happy about it himself.

"Look Kirsty we will talk again tomorrow, I really got to go now, I am not alone" he said in a lowered tone.

"Oh who is she?" Kirsty's tone was accusing.

"Don't start that again.. I got to go, I will talk to you tomorrow when you are sober and sensible"
She was swearing at him when he hung up

"Bloody women" Larry snapped in annoyance, then caught Sandra's eye as she seem to shrink back in her seat
wishing she was not there.

He looked sheepish and give a small shrug "You know how it is"

Sandra managed a small smile. still feeling like she wanted to crawl under the seat

Seemed it wasnt just the members of Lutra who were having a stormy day.

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Good job!

I see two relationships breaking up shortly.

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Yay annj!!You did it!
I've read all the 4 chapters and I like it a lot!
The characters are very interesting,especially Sandra and Greg(who seems very susceptible to the rock'n roll lifestyle).
I would love to read more chapters!
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Big Grin

Good Job!!!!!! I like the way the story is developing............*patiently waits for another chapter*
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