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the larry story pt 16

"Are you avoiding me?" Larry's voice made Sandra jump a little and she turned and stared at him wide eyed, she had been helping serve food that evening at the party.. she had also helped with preparing it with Kim in the kitchen.. she wouldn't say she was deliberatly making sure she was not in the same room as Larry.. just she doubted he would be hanging around much in the kitchen whilst all the food was getting prepared.. then other guests and friends arrived, amongst them Tony and Zak who she hadn't seen in a while.. so she had just been occupied and busy with other things.

His blue eyes rested on her intently there was a challenging glint there too for her to tell the truth.

"No.. not exactly.. why should I?" Sandra asked sounding surprised by his question

"Just a feeling I got" Larry replied "actually I have been getting it for a long time, from I tried to get in contact with you a few times.. but you seemed to be always unavailable" he then remarked

Sandra's face reddened guiltily "I-I just have been very busy.. do you want me to refill your glass?"

Larry smiled and shook his head "No I am fine thanks.. I would much prefer just talking to you... its been a while and so much has happened"

"Yes.. I guess it has" Sandra replied looking at the empty food tray in her hand with great interest

"You are not still mad at me for what I said that night..I was the worse for drink, I told Mike to send my opologies.. I had no right to speak to you like that" Larry then said regretfully.

" Yeah he did mention something if I remember..It doesn't matter now" Sandra told him "You were right.. I guess I was pretty pathetic"

"But now you proved me wrong" Larry give her a small smile "You are doing pretty good for yourself from you finished with Greg"

"Yeah well I decided I was going to put him behind me and get on with my life somehow.. and I got a lucky break " Sandra replied.
"You are looking really good, I like your hair longer it really suits you" Larry then remarked.

"You are looking pretty good yourself.. but then you always did" she blurted out before she realised what she had said, then felt her cheeks heat up as Larry grinned at her.

"So you thought I always look good... funny you never mentioned it before" he teased her

"Well I guess I didn't want you getting bigheaded" Sandra
quipped back trying to make light of it
"I will try not to" Larry smiled.

There was an awkward pause, Sandra was chiding herself for her remarks, she had intended to be friendly but aloof with Larry, not sound like she was coming onto him as soon as they spoke.. but it was hard when she was around him, they had always had a very friendly easy going way with each other, until that awful night at the end of the tour, she was surprised at how easy they had started chatting again with each other despite all that.

"I had better get back into the kitchen to see if Kim needs my help" she then said

"See you around later" Larry replied and watched her walk away.. the next thing Adam was beside him.

"So you finally got talking to Sandra?"

"Yeah" Larry replied

"And how did it go?" Adam enquired casually as he could.

Larry gave a little shrug of his shoulder's "ok I suppose"

"Just ok" Adam looked slightly crestfallen

"We-l-l she did say that she thought I always looked good" Larry informed him with a grin "Though I got the feeling she didn/t mean to

"Hmm sounds promising" Adam then said with a smile

"Yeah I reckon so to" Larry smiled, it give him the iniative to make the most of this weekend in further pursuing his rekindled interest in Sandra.

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seems like the fire is gonna start buring!!!!!!!!! nice chapter annj and ty for ur comments on my last one.......
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