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the larry story pt 15

well decided to let some time pass, so sandra would have a chance to get over the trauma of getting over her diasterous relationship with Greg and make room for Larry


Sandra couldnt believe almost a whole year had flew in from she had broken up with Greg.. so much had happened, since then she had hardly had time to take a breath. This time last year she was on the verge of falling apart, Greg had been putting her through hell with his tales about her in the tabloids, which resulted with him also fighting with Mike.. which led to Lutra finally splitting up when Greg walked out on them to pursue a solo career. Which didn't last too long.. he had moved to America thinking he could get a big break there, as far as she knew it hadn't happened yet not that she cared he was part of her history now.

Inside that time with Mike's help Sandra had written a Biography about what her life was really like with Greg, in defense of all the accusations he made about her in the papers, it became a best seller, she was now ready to publish a Fictional Novel she had also wrote, and inbetween that worked for a music Magazine doing articles for them she had become her own woman and successful in her new career as a writer.

Mike and Kim had got married and Mike now worked in the studio as a producer, and was had just found out lately he was to become a dad, He and Kim had recently bought a nice place for themselves on the south of France, they had invited Sandra over for the weekend for a housewarming party.

She was sitting in a taxi now on her way to his house looking forward to the relaxing weekend with her friends and exchange gossip with Kim

The taxi pulled up in front of the house which had its own private beach view that Sandra was immediatly envious of Mike's good fortune in getting this house. As she got out of the car Kim opened the door to happily greet her and give her a hug. Mike came out and helped her with her bags taking them into the house. Kim and Sandra followed behind him Sandra demanded to know the latest news on Kims pregnancy and how she was coping she was going into five months, and still wasn't showing much.

After a refreshing cup of tea, Kim showed her to her room where she could get freshened up and changed.
Sandra unpacked her cases first before going into the ensuite bathroom to get a shower, grinning to herself because Mike had told her they had given her the best guest room.. she couldn't disagree.

After she showered she went to get dressed, she could hear muffled voices from downstairs.. had the other guests for the party arrived already.. she was a bit surprised.. she didnt think anyone would be turning up till later.. Mike had mentioned they would be having some friends staying over.. but hadn't specified who, curious she hurriedly dressed, put some lightmake up on her face before heading downstairs.. but she got half way down them and stopped dead, as the voices suddenly became recognisibly Irish

Then she spotted Bono's dark head from the back as she glimpsed over the railing. heard Edge laughing. Where Adam and Larry here as well??" she listened carefully and sure enough she heard Larry say something in reply to Mike.

Sandra's first instinct was to turn and run back upstairs again.. she couldnt believe Mike hadn't told her he had invited them as well.. espicially Larry!!!

But Bono had glanced around and spotted her
"Sandra!" he exclaimed with delight, and all eyes turned in her direction, as Sandra manage to force herself to smile and come down the rest of the stairs.

She couldn't help put look for Larry first, this was the first time that she faced him from that night at the end of the tour, a few times she had almost been tempted to phone him.. but saw it as a sign of weakness. scared of what kind of conversation they would end up having.. or what else could happen, so she had put him out of her mind and just concentrated on her new career, though every time U2 had come on tv or on the news she had immediatly took an interest.

She got to the bottom of the stairs and was immedatly hugged by Bono, she could see Larry watching her staying in the background, looking as awkward as she felt.
"Hey I didn't know you guys would be here" she manage to speak "Mike never mentioned it.

"Thought I would surprise you" Mike replied with a mischievous grin

"Well you certainly succeeded" Sandra murmered

"You are looking good" Bono then exclaimed as he examined her up and down, then turned to Larry "Don't you think she looks good"

"Yeah" Larry smiled and now his blue eyes met her full on, and she felt herself redden, surprised that after all this time facing him made her stomach flutter betrayingly.. so much for being in control of her emotions. She just hoped it didn't show too much.

"The guys are also staying over the weekend" Mike then informed her.. "I thought it would be nice having a little reunion"

"Lovely" Sandra replied though inside she was filled with dismay "She couldn't believe Mike had done this to her.. but she could hardly object it was his house.. his party and really there was no reason why the members of U2 should not be here, it was all pretty reasonable and nice.

Yet why was it the thought of being in the same room as Larry Mullen for the next few days made her feel irrationally nervous and excited at the same time. It was going to be an interesting weekend more than she had first realised.

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Inside that time with Mike's help Sandra had written a Biography about what her life was really like with Greg, in defense of all the accusations he made about her in the papers
OK, I know this is fiction, but as private as Larry is I am not sure that he would get involved romantically with someone who wrote a tell-all book about her previous boyfriend, even if it was just to defend herself. Other than that...

I'm so excited that we're getting closer to them getting together!!

More please.

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interesting point lady val I never thought of it from that angle.. was thinking it would be a good way for Sandra getting Greg out of her system, plus a quick convient excuse for her career change.. I gues in this case Larry will just have to more understanding than in reality
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