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the larry story pt 13

ok.. its what you all wanted.. GREG GETTING DUMPED hehehehe


Two weeks later

Sandra was trying to pretend that life was back to normal..but deep down she knew it was far from that... she didnt want to face up to reality, scared of what the future would hold for her. But reality was not going to let her of with it so easily. After all that had happened she found she really couldn't stand Greg near her, she was finding excuses to avoid being intimate with him she had changed from the tour she hadnt wanted to admit it.. but it was happening, she felt she was stuck in a deep dark hole scrambling desperatly to get out but finding she had nowhere to go.

In the end it was Greg's actions which give her the final push to free herself, she came home one evening to their apartment, heard the sounds from the bedroom.. a woman's laughter a sick curiosity mde her go up to the bedroom, the door was ajar, and she could see Greg romping in their bed with some darkhaired girl
They didn't see her... too occupied with each other, Sandra found herself watching them.. she didnt feel shocked, or hurt or angry in fact she felt unusually calm.. she knew what she had to do.

"goodbye Greg" she murmered and she turned and slipped back down the stairs and out of the apartment.

Mike was a little surprised when Sandra turned up at his house he shared with his Fiance Kim. She looked pale and drawn and seemed a little dazed "Mike I have to ask you a favour but I don't want to be a pest"

"What is it Sandra?" Mike asked in concerned as he showed her into the living room.

Sandra was glad Kim was out "I was wondering if you would talk it over with Kim and if its ok with you both if I could stay with you a while till I get my own place"

Mike's eyes widened in surprise "You and Greg had another row?" he enquired

"Not exactly" Sandra replied "I don't want to be with him anymore Mike.. I don't want to put up with his carry on.. I have had enough so I have left him.. he shouldnt miss me he is too busy with some brunette in our bed at the moment" for some reason Sandra got the hysterical urge to laugh

"Awww Sandy" Mike called her by the childhood name he had given her and came over and put his arms around her and give her a comforting hug "I'm so sorry that this is happening to you...that you have had to go through this... but at the same time I am glad you have finished with Greg"

Sandra smiled "I-I am ok strangely enough" she assured him "I do think I stopped loving him a long time ago.. I was just putting up with him because I so wanted our relationship to work.. not like my Dad leaving my mum.. I thought being Loyal to him would make him love me.. but he doesn't.. he only loves himself... and I realise now its not worth it anymore... I just have to learn to stand on my own, and not be scared"

"You won't be on your own" Mike told her "you have me and Kim we will support and help you anyway we can.. and of course you can stay here.. I wouldn't have it any other way" Mike told her.

"Thank you" Sandra smiled suddenly feeling her tears threatening as she looked up at her childhood friend who she knew would always be there for her "I don't know what I would do without you" she hugged him tight.

She was a little anxious when Kim came back and Mike told her what happened... Sandra didnt want to impose, and put Kim in an awkward position by wanting to stay at their place. But her worries were unfounded. Kim smiled "So you are actually finished with him.. about bloody time too" she exclaimed happily "I will go and get your room ready for you.. I am just glad you have seen sense at last" she told Sandra, who although still a little shaky now she had finally taken the step to break free from Greg felt already like a huge weight had been lifted of her shoulders.

She realised to keep strong in her resolve she had to keep as far away from Greg as possible. Mike went round to the apartment to collect her things.

Greg was not a happy man when he realised what was happening "She can't mean this.. you see she will be back tomorrow" he told Mike.

"Not if I can help it" Mike replied "Don't phone or call around to the house she has no interest in talking to you now or ever" he informed him coldly

"She can't avoid me forever" Greg replied "what happens when we have to get together as the band?"

"Sandra has decided to leave the band" Mike informed him "Of course I am not happy about the situation she feels she has been forced to make.. but in the end her happiness is more important than the band and she has my blessing to go out and make a new life for herself away from you"

Greg started swearing then, Mike ignored him and hurried up the stairs to get Sandra belongings and clothes.

"She will regret this" Greg snarled "and when she comes crawling back she needn't think I want her.. she can go to hell"

"I will be sure to tell her that" Mike replied

"Yeah make sure you do.. I don't need the little cow anyway.. good riddance" Greg snapped "Make sure you take all her stuff I don't want nothing to remind me of her"

"Well you will be pleased to know where Sandra is concerned the feeling is mutual" Mike informed him unable to hide the smirk of satisfaction at seeing Greg lost for words. he hastily packed what he could in suitcases and a cardboard box, Greg sat in the living room frowning and chewing on his nails

Mike finally came down with Sandras belongings "I think I have enough for now to do her" he said "And oh by the way.. when you are screwing around on your next girlfriend.. make sure you keep the bedroom door closed.. or else you just might get caught out again" he added and couldn't help enjoying the look of realisation on Gregs face before leaving.

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Re: the larry story pt 13

Originally posted by annj
ok.. its what you all wanted.. GREG GETTING DUMPED hehehehe
*does a happy dance*

I wonder what Larry's gonna say about Sandra breaking up with Greg.

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Woo Hoo!

Now for Larry & Sandra to meet back up!!
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Yayyyyyy good for Sandra........
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