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the larry story pt 11

"Hey what's that you are watching..ohhh Jailhouse Rock my favorite Elvis film" Sandra exclaimed as she plonked herself down on the seat next to Larry who was sitting with his laptop on his knee on the bus, as it was the last couple of days left before the tour finished the members of U2 invited the members of Lutra to share the bus with them and visa versa

"I didn't know you were an Elvis Fan" Larry looked around at her

"Well I wouldn't say I was a big fan like you" Sandra grinned, but I like his stuff and some of his films, hey can I watch this with you, its been a long time from I seen it"

"Yeah sure if you want" Larry shrugged, then glanced behind him "So where is Greg?"

"He is snoring at the back" Sandra replied "And Bono is busy scribbling down something so didn't want to disturb him.. so I thought I would bug you instead"

"I am honoured" Larry retorted goodhumouredly. She had been a lot happier lately because she thought things were going well between her and Greg.

Larry had been avoiding her from he had seen Greg with that other woman, not feeling to comfortable with the knowledge and keeping it from Sandra.. but he did not want to spoil whatever little time there was left for her during the tour let her have her enjoyment before the bubble burst, he was just glad he wasn't going to be around when it happened.

He tried to concentrate on the film, in front of him and they sat in companiable silence.
Twenty minutes later he felt her head resting on his shoulder, he tentively looked round and realised she had fallen asleep, he realised she must have dozed of. He wasn't sure what to do, should he move and wake her up again, or stay still and let her sleep. He moved his shoulders just a little to see what would happen, she remained sleeping and snuggled closer to him.. not exactly what he had planned, but he found the experience wasn't unpleasent.... but that was not the point.

He decided to remain still and go back to watching the end of the film and pretend she wasn't even there. But after a few moments he found himself looking round at her sleeping face studying it, noticing she had not got any make up on and the slight powdering of freckles across her nose, her auburn fringe was almost covering her eye's.
Larry lightly pushed it away with his hand thinking she looked very sweet when she was sleeping, he suddenly had this pang of envy that Greg could wake up to that face every morning.. Then thinking about Greg and what he had seen made Larry go cold.. he was getting soft in his old age, letting these people affect him like this. he had to get a grip on himself.

He glanced around him to make sure no one else noticed his expression, luckily they were all otherwise occupied, he coughed and straightened up a bit in his seat, it was enough to wake Sandra, who blinked wondering where she was, then realised she was lying on Larry's shoulder, and felt mortified, her face reddened and she lifted her head away "Oh sorry about that, I must have fell asleep, I didnt even realise..."

"Its ok" Larry replied stiffly that made Sandra feel sure he was annoyed with her taking the liberty of using his shoulder as a pillow. Little did she realise his reaction was caused by the complete opposite affect she was having on him.

The Tour was finally over and there were big celebrations on the night of their last Gig, all in all it had been succesful, Larry sat with Bono Adam and the others in the Hotel lounge where they were celebrating Mike Greg and Sandra was sitting with them too.
Larry had drunk quite a lot already, he wasnt sure if he was drinking to celebrate or drowning his sorrows and trying to also drown out the emotions he was feeling watching Greg with Sandra.

In these last few days Greg had let his halo slip again around Sandra, it seemed he could not keep his good guy act up for very long, he was back to being his usual obnoxious drunken self. Sandra was trying to act like everything was fine, but Larry noticed the strain in her smile lately.. the dark shadows under her eyes.

Even now as Greg was more than a little drunk, he was mouthing of at Bono about how he was one day going to be a bigger star than him and the rest of U2

Sandra sat squirming in her seat at his behaviour, and Mike was shooting Greg dark looks Sandra put her hand on Greg's arm "Greg I really don't think you should have any more to drink.. you are making a fool of yourself" she told him "You are going to have a hell of a hangover tomorrow.. why don't we just go back to our room now"

Greg turned to look at her with a look of scorn in his brown eyes "Gawd Sandra will you shut up and give me a break, and stop being so bloody uptight, you make me sick with your little miss sucking up to U2 act.. if you want to go back to the room fine but bloody well don't think you can dictate to me you are not my keeper"

Sandra's face flushed a deep red at his verbal attack espicially in front of the others, Mike also looked embarrased for Sandra and decided he was going to give Greg a peice of his mind later when the U2 members were out of the way.

Larry up until now had let these kinds of remarks on Sandra go.. feeling it wasn't his place to interfere and he didn't want to cause trouble while they were all touring together... but now that problem was no longer there, the tour had finished, he didnt have to be nice to Greg anymore.. he didnt want to be nice to Greg anymore and unstable with his own alcoholic intake he wasnt going to let Greg of with it this time
"Don't talk to her like that" he spoke up his tone icy cold.

Edge Bono and Adam exchanged worried looks, they knew Larry when he got angry and they could tell he was angry now, not hot blustering anger like Greg's, but cold calm anger that would cut right through a person. Everyone had fallen into an uncomfortable silence as Greg looked across the table at Larry.. his face screwing up

"Why what the hell has it got to do with you.. she is my girlfriend and I will talk to her anyway I like" he replied

"No you won't" Larry stated in the same firm cold tone rising to the challenge much to Sandra's horror and dismay.. she didnt want Larry getting into a fight with Greg.. she couldnt believe this was happening.

"It's ok Larry" she hurriedly told him "Greg has had too much to drink.. he doesn't mean it.. just ignore him.. it is no big deal"

It was only the frightened pleading look in Sandra's eyes that calmed Larry down.. he didnt want to do anymore to upset her as much as he would have liked to punch Gregs face.

"Yeah man" Bono joined in also seeing Sandra was getting into a bit of a state "C'mon we are suppose to be celebrating. no need for fighting"

Larry forced himself to relax "yeah" he looked over at Sandra "I am sorry"

Sandra just looked relieved.. Greg made a snorting noise of disgust and got up muttering something about being sick of hanging around with a bunch of losers.

Sandra just wanted to die and crawl under the table in shame... what a way to end what had been a wonderful experience for the most part these past few months

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Ok...Who else wants to punch Greg's face??
*raises hand*

Twenty minutes later he felt her head resting on his shoulder, he tentively looked round and realised she had fallen asleep, he realised she must have dozed of. He wasn't sure what to do, should he move and wake her up again, or stay still and let her sleep. He moved his shoulders just a little to see what would happen, she remained sleeping and snuggled closer to him..

I wish I was in her place.

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damn him ...... I got the second punch
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"Don't talk to her like that" he spoke up his tone icy cold.
That's right, Larry!! Oh, this is fic, but yeah, what he said.
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