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The Larry story pt 1 & 2

I have made a start done 4 chapters so far.. so you can let me know what you think... I am having trouble finding a title for this one and once more an alternate timeline thingy


Sandra McCormick stirred from her sleep and drowsily glanced at the alarm clock on her bedside, seeing the time her eyes widened and she swore as she suddenly sat up. She turned to her dark haired male companion Greg who was still sleeping away next to her and give him a hard shake

"Greg you got to get up now, c'mon get a move on, we are late"

Greg grunted, not appreciating being woke up in such a manner, but hazily realising that it was too light in the day to be 6 oclock in the morning so opened his eyes.

"What time is it?" he asked

"Eight thirty" Sandra replied now hurriedly dressing, we were suppose to be there at nine, and we still have to finish packing" she exclaimed in dismay going over to the wardroble and flinging the doors open.

"I will phone Jake tell them we got held up and we will be late" Greg swung his legs out of the bed.

"This is not a good start" Sandra frowned as she fidgeted with the locks on the suitcase on the floor to get them open.

"Here we are getting ready to tour Europe with a U2, and we are screwing it up on our first day what a great impression to make.. I can't believe this is happening.. I told you we should have left that club before two oclock this morning"

"Stop whinging Sandra, we will get there, like U2 are really caring anyway if we are late or not Greg told her as he dialed the number on his cell phone of their tour Manager Jake Morrison.

Sandra just snorted then shoved what clothes she could hurriedly in the suitcase.. deciding she could sort them out later, and was glad at least she had packed the majority of her stage outfits and send them on a week ago.

She had been a high state of excitment when their rock band Lutra got the chance to tour along with U2, it would be brilliant exposure for them as up and coming new band on the scene who were getting ever more popular their last single getting into the top ten and their latest album also doing well, the critics loved them too, the last four years of slogging to make it in the music business was now starting to pay of, now she had to make sure her boyfriend Greg Stanton, who was also the lead singer with the band didnt get too carried away with all this fame going to his head already, with booze and clubbing to all hours of the morning ruin it for them when they were just starting to get of the ground.

She had just closed her case and started on Greg's listening in on what Greg was saying over the phone, there was a lot of Greg apologising and promising they would be there as soon as they could, when Greg hung up he turned to Sandra

we will more likely miss our flight by the time we get to the airport.. but Jake has organised that we go on the next one.. it leaves at
eleven oclock so we won't be too far behind"

"Great" Sandra snapped in dismay "Thats us rushing to rehearsals when we get there Mike is going to go nuts, you know how he wants us to make a big impression, espicially now when we have this chance"

Mike was the lead guitarist and brains and force behind Lutra, and although he and Greg were best of friends, they were complete opposites which caused some friction, which left Sandra and the other two band members Tony and Zak to always play go between if it wasnt for the fact that Greg was a good singer and front man, Sandra got the feeling Mike would have got rid of him long ago, but in their professional music capacity they needed each other so learned to put up with each other.

"Mike can go to hell and think himself lucky we turn up at all" Greg replied in irritation
"My head is aching, I don't need all this nagging so just get on with the packing will you" and with that he went into the bathroom slamming the door

Sandra sighed this was going to be a loooong hard day.

"So you finally decided to get here, very good of you" Mike Harrison's blue eyes were filled with disdain as he greeted Greg and Sandra five hours later in the hotel where they were staying.

"I'm so sorry" Sandra apologised with sincere regret whilst Greg shot Mike an obstinate sullen look
"But we are here now, so no good giving of about it and wasting more time"

"Yeah well you had better hurry up and get sorted we were suppose to be down at the stadium rehearsing by now, but we decided to wait for you" Mike replied meaningfully.

"Once we leave our bags in our rooms we will be right down" Sandra promised.

The last thing they needed right now was Mike and Greg starting to get into a scrap so she nudged Greg forward
"C'mon no time to waste" she told him briskly, and was relieved that Greg seemed to agree with her and followed her towards the Elevator to their room.

The day had been so fraught with tension anxiety and a sense of rushed urgency that Sandra hadn't had much time to take in
the enormity of the gig until they arrived at the Staduim in Paris where they would be performing that evening before U2 came on
These would be the biggest crowds they would be playing to so far, and only now as she stood on the stage at her keyboards she realised how small and insignifcant she felt looking out in front of her

Although it was now almost empty except for the roadies setting up equipment she knew that night it would be filled with about twenty thousand people or more. It made her insides feel all fluttery with nerves.. so she tried hard not to think about it and just concentrate on the keyboards and the music, hoping it sounded all right.. getting feedback from the other members of the band

It didnt help that Mike was still holding a grudge against Greg for making them late and run behind schedule, and giving him a hard time about his performance during the rehearsals, telling him he wasnt singing in the right key or coming in on time

Sandra could see the veins in Greg's neck standing out which was a sure sign he was about to explode, but they were saved by the fact that Bono and Edge from U2 turned up to find out how things were going, and distracted both Greg and Mike.
Mike who was a number one fan of U2 immediatly lost his attitude and happily went over to talk to them.

And although Sandra was starting to get used to mixing with big names from the music world now that they were doing well for themselves found herself still too awed to go near Bono or Edge and fittered away some more, tuning up her keyboard for the songs they would be doing that night, Zak Brennon, the drummer and oldest member of Lutra at 26 came over to join her. although he had lived in England for over six years years his american twang was still prounounced

"Guess they timed that lovely, I was just waiting for Greg to throw his head up and tell Mike where to go"

"Yeah" Sandra frowned "The last thing we need tonight is those two having a go at each other.. I mean I know there is no excuse for us being late but Mike doesn't have to keep up the aggro and trying to wind Greg up"

"I think its just a case of nerves" Zak replied. "Tonight is a big night, and you know Mike, I mean he wants to make a good impression look professional espicially in front of Bono"

"Yeah I can understand that" she then grinned "Wow look at us Zak, this time a year ago did you ever think we would get to this point, touring along with a band like U2 one of the biggest bands in the world.. I mean Bono is just a few feet away from me, talking away to Greg and Mike like they are old buddies.. I still can't take it in"

Zak chuckled "C'mon, lets go over and find out what is going on" he urged

Having Zak along with her Sandra felt more willing to approach Bono and Edge and agreed, she was also dying of curiosity
to find out what was being said.

Seeing them come over Mike decided to introduced them "This is Zak Brennon our drummer, he orginates from the sunshine state of Florida in the USA, and Sandra McCormick, she's a bit nearer home from Essex, she is our keyboard player and backing vocals" he informed Bono and Edge, who nodded and smiled in awknowlegment.

"Good to meet you" Bono then said "How things going with the rehearsals so far"

"We are getting there" Zak informed him smiling "Its a great honour and privelige we get to tour along with you guys, its going to be an awsome experience for us"

"Thanks" Bono smiled "Its great having new up and coming bands on the road with us.. make us feel young again.. I have listened to some of your stuff.. you are good, glad you are getting this break"

"Yeah well we worked hard for it" Mike replied "and at last it is paying of"

Edge now cocked his head to one side looking at Sandra "So how do you cope being the only female member in the band?"
"I manage" Sandra replied blushing that she had caught Edge's attention

"I make sure I take good care of her" Greg spoke up coming over and putting his arm around her possesively not that Sandra felt he had anything to fear, she doubted any of the U2 members would try and come onto her

"So you two are a couple then?" Edge enquired with realisation "How convenienent, great when your girlfriend can travel with you and be with you like that, must make it easier on your relationship"

"Yeah I guess it does" Sandra replied laughing, "Though I do it cos I love being able to be up on stage performing and making music, not just so I can be close to Greg... but I guess it is a plus.

"Yeah and I want to be rich and famous and have the time of my life" Greg replied with a grin

"Well you are in the right business" Bono told him "We had better get on, let you carry on with your rehearsals for tonight, maybe catch you later.. looking forward to your performance" he told them.

The short intervention of Bono and Edge did wonders for the band, Mike was so pleased by Bono's praise he forgot to be narky with Greg, who was suddenly so impressed by Bono and Edge and wanting to be as big as them one day threw all he had into his performance that they all started coming together nicely.
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