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Old 03-23-2002, 05:56 PM   #1
Rock n' Roll Doggie
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The Foad Twins Strike again!

To refresh your memory: Foad1: Clarity, Foad2: MG

<FoadTwin1> crash the wedding and we get to marry him instead!
<FoadTwin2> lol
<FoadTwin1> lol
<FoadTwin2> yeah!!!
<FoadTwin2> lmfao
<FoadTwin1> polygamy!
<FoadTwin1> wooooooo
<FoadTwin1> lol
<FoadTwin2> LMFAO
<FoadTwin2> we'll all be his wives
<FoadTwin1> woooooooo
* FoadTwin1 does the wedding dance
<FoadTwin2> I bet that's what raffie wishes he could do with us
<FoadTwin1> one wife for every kid
<FoadTwin1> lol
* FoadTwin2 snots
<FoadTwin2> snorts*
<FoadTwin1> !!!!
<FoadTwin1> lmaooooooooooo
<FoadTwin1> snots!!!
<FoadTwin2> me and mike were talking about that and
<FoadTwin2> he was like
<FoadTwin1> *dies*
<FoadTwin2> "I wonder if he's going to wear a white beanie for his wedding"
<FoadTwin1> !!!!!!!1
<FoadTwin2> and I said "yeah cos he's a virgin"
<FoadTwin2> and he said
<FoadTwin1> LMAOOO
<FoadTwin2> "yeah he's only adopted 496 kids"
<FoadTwin1> ROFLMAO
FoadTwin2> then I said
<FoadTwin2> "nah he'll wear the white suit he used to wear at the end of POPmart shows"
<FoadTwin1> lmao
<FoadTwin1> and the cowboy hat
<FoadTwin2> yeah of course
<FoadTwin2> he wore his beanie to his sister's wedding
<FoadTwin2> lol
<FoadTwin1> he did!]
<FoadTwin2> yes
<FoadTwin2> lmfao
<FoadTwin1> !
<FoadTwin1> oi
<FoadTwin2> I'm sure he'd wear it to his own
<FoadTwin2> lol
<FoadTwin1> did he bedazzle it all special?
<FoadTwin1> lmao
<FoadTwin2> he'd get a diamond studded one
<FoadTwin2> lmfao
<FoadTwin1> !!!
<FoadTwin1> rofl
<FoadTwin2> then his head would always be leaning forward cos it's too heavy
<FoadTwin1> like that victoria's secret bra with all the diamonds n stuff?
<FoadTwin2> lmfao yeah
<FoadTwin1> LMFOA
<FoadTwin1> !
<FoadTwin2> he'd be like
<FoadTwin2> *to his chest* I do
<FoadTwin2> Priest: What?
<FoadTwin2> Edge:*to his chest* I DO DAMN IT
<FoadTwin2> Priest: You what? You have to go doodie?
<FoadTwin1> *Adam comes and holds his beanie up*
* FoadTwin2 snorts keyboard up nose
<FoadTwin1> oi not another keyboard
<FoadTwin2> LOL

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Old 03-23-2002, 05:58 PM   #2
I Serve Larry's Stick
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*giggles and runs off to wreak more havoc*

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Old 03-23-2002, 06:04 PM   #3
Rock n' Roll Doggie
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<FoadTwin1> I think I should get a shirt that says FOAD on it to where when I visit in December lmao
<FoadTwin2> lmfao yes!!!!!
<FoadTwin2> I dare you!!!!
<FoadTwin1> lol I'll look into it
<FoadTwin1> get it bedazzled maybe
<FoadTwin1> lol
<FoadTwin2> yeah do like my shirt!
<FoadTwin2> I bedazzled mine!
<FoadTwin1> well you'll recognize me when I get off the plane if I wear it! lol
<FoadTwin2> lmao yeah
<FoadTwin2> oooh I have a better idea!!!
<FoadTwin1> what/
<FoadTwin1> ?
<FoadTwin2> bedazzle it and write on it "foadtwin1" and I'll do Foadtwin2 lmfao
<FoadTwin1> !!!!1
<FoadTwin1> and put Larry's pic on it lmao
<FoadTwin2> yessssssssssssss
<FoadTwin1> I'll look into it later this
<FoadTwin2> lol yeah
<FoadTwin2> then tell me and I'll make one in dublin
<FoadTwin1> or I could have them both made here lol
<FoadTwin1> and bring one over!
<FoadTwin2> yeah that would be better cos then they'd look the same
<FoadTwin1> you give me bad ideas girlie! lmao
<FoadTwin2> then we can run around Dublin and like take tons of pictures lmfao
<FoadTwin1> we'll make Mike take them lmao
<FoadTwin2> imagine if we can take one with Larry with the shirts
<FoadTwin2> yeah!!!
<FoadTwin2> lmfao
<FoadTwin1> I'll bring my camera too
<FoadTwin1> !!!!
<FoadTwin1> I wanna pic with him with my foad shirt lmao
<FoadTwin2> lmfao yeah
<FoadTwin1> with both of us
<FoadTwin2> omg I am so going to make that happen
<FoadTwin1> and make him snarl! lmao
<FoadTwin2> no matter what I have to do
<FoadTwin2> LMFAO YES!!!!!!
<FoadTwin1> lmfao
<FoadTwin2> I'll be like "snarl larry"
<FoadTwin2> Larry: *snarl* what?
<FoadTwin1> *tells twin to start working on it* lol
<FoadTwin1> lmao
<FoadTwin2> LOL
<FoadTwin2> OMG OMG
<FoadTwin2> another idea
<FoadTwin1> whatttt
<FoadTwin2> I can make a shirt for him that says on it "snarly boy" lmfao
<FoadTwin1> hey kellie
<FoadTwin1> LMAO
<FoadTwin2> hey kellie
<FoadTwin1> he'd be like FOAD
<FoadTwin1> lol!
<FoadTwin2> and Foad on the back
<FoadTwin2> LOL
<FoadTwin1> omg he'd die!
<FoadTwin2> lol
<FoadTwin2> yes he would
<FoadTwin2> lmfao
<FoadTwin1> I bet Anne would lhao
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Old 03-23-2002, 06:40 PM   #4
Rock n' Roll Doggie
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hee hee, snarly boy

"It never ceases to amaze me. Here, we have a man who claims professes to enjoy flower arranging, has no qualms over donning a skirt at any given time and, now we learn, prefers to use the ladies' restroom. And yet somehow he manages to embody all that is masculine and sexy. I don't know how he does it. " ~Hallelujah Here She Comes, about Adam
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