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The fan

This is a short story not quite finished yet cos my daughter is demanding the comp, ..but I will get it done for tomorrow

anyway came with the idea of Larry and the way he behaves with his fans, and I made this imaginary little piece for my own amusment and it is so not true.. btw no romance in this but maybe a more touching reflective story and my my take on how Larry might treat his fans if this situation should occur


It just didn’t get wet in Ireland, it could also get bloody freezing nineteen year old Tracey Grayson realised, feeling her teeth chattering inside her jaws. She attempted to huddle further into her short hooded jacket in a vain hope it would stir the circulation and take the edge of the numb coldness which was starting to set into her hands and face and backside, which she had parked on the low wall about two hours previous.

She did consider getting up to walk, but was scared she might just fall over if her legs give away with the cramps that had settled somewhere about her knees.

‘Still’ she told herself, ‘It would be all worth it in the end’ she reckoned her body would heat up quick enough if Bono made an appearance, or Edge or Adam, when they arrived here at their Dublin recording studio,

She had heard a through a U2 rumour mill this was where they planned to be sometime today, so she had decided to stop by on the off chance of catching them going in or coming out of the studio, as she had done before.

She smiled to herself a little, they had got to know her quite well with her regular little visits hanging outside the recording studio this past few months, a perk of moving to Dublin.

She had the joy of getting her picture taken with Adam Bono and Edge separately, as well as their autographs, sometimes they would stop for a brief chat and ask her how she was doing, other times they would shoot her a smile and a wave, they even remembered her name. It was almost like they were kind of friends she liked to think, she had a personal connection with them all now, well almost all of them, with the exception of Larry.

He was the elusive one, who tended to ignore her and just drive right by or walk past without giving her a second glance, making it clear he wasn’t interested in sharing a few moments of his time with her for an autograph or a photo.

She was quite aware of how he felt about fans and not wanting to get up close and personal with them, and she respected his feelings, even if it was a disappointment she couldn’t get the chance to exchange ‘Hello’ with him.

Still the others more than made up for his lack of friendliness, Adam and Edge had stopped to chat and take a personal interest in her and how she was doing in Dublin and Bono; he was great, he had hugged her and even kissed her on the cheek, thinking about it now warmed her up a little.

Just to get a glance of that smile, and hear him say her name made sitting out in this freezing cold October afternoon a moment that she could look back and treasure, plus she had promised some of her old schoolmates back in Newcastle, England who were also U2 fans, she would try and get his autograph for them and have their eternal gratitude forever.

They so envied the fact she had moved to Dublin and could be so close to the guys in the band, and she decided she would make the most of the opportunity whilst she could. At least it meant her being in Dublin served some useful purpose in her life at the moment, when all the rest of it seem to be sliding out of her control; But she didn’t want to think about that, and start getting depressed as well as suffering from mild hypothermia.

To block out the dark thoughts coming into her head she slid of the wall and stood up stamping her feet a little and getting what warm breath she had to blow on her freezing numb fingers as she rubbed them together in an attempt to circulate some feeling in them next time she would be more prepared, and remember to bring gloves and a scarf and maybe a hat,

‘She would give it another two hours’ she told herself, just another few hours and then go and maybe try another day, but for the moment she was not going to let the cold biting north wind and rain thwart her purpose of getting another glimpse of one of the members of her favourite band not while there was a slim chance they might appear any moment like they had done on her previous visits.

Anyway it wasn’t like she had anything better to do or anywhere important to be right now. She shrugged of this despondent reminder and peered up the road in hope to see one of their cars coming…..


Larry’s frown deepened as he happened to glimpse out the window and caught sight of the lone figure of the young woman standing down below. It was her again, he recognised the long fair hair which was now soaked through with the unending rain that had started pouring down that morning.

‘Bloody little idiot! didn’t she have any sense?’

Obviously not he decided, despairing at these crazy die hard fans who were willing to catch pneumonia just for an autograph or a look at them. He didn’t like it the way she kept coming back, he had noticed her before, hanging around a few times, it was obvious her type just didn’t need the encouragement, and he certainly was not going to give her any.

He had had this conversation with Bono the other week when she had shown up, well more like a slight argument. Although they all had their own way of dealing with the fame and the fans, it had come to a point of agreeing not to disagree about what was the right way to do it,

But it had just pissed Larry of the week before when she had turned up hanging about outside as usual, and Bono had turned up, there had been other fans hanging around as well, but Bono had made a point of going over to her when she waved at him, and give her a big hug and almost flirting with her and giving her special attention before
Turning to the others hovering around him.

Larry had been hurriedly walking by and going into the studios whilst it had been happening, still he seen the look in her eyes, she was thriving on his attention, and the more he gave it the more she would want or expect, did this not prove his point that she was standing outside willing to freeze to death just to see him again, it wasn’t normal and it wasn’t healthy and he disapproved of it.

He had made a point of letting Bono know he was on dangerous ground, and shouldn’t really encourage her That was when things had gotten tense

Bono had laughed at him, “You are way too uptight Lar, Y’know that, Tracey is a nice young girl and a great fan, if she is going to take the trouble of hanging around out there in the hope of seeing me, I am not going to disappoint her or the others that come”

“But I know for a fact she has already met you all, had her picture taken got your autographs, why is she still hanging around looking more, she needs to go and get a life of her own” Larry had replied.

“It’s a free country” Bono told him, “If she gets a kick out of coming here to see us and wants to do it, we can’t stop her.. you gotta remember its people like her make us who and what we are today, who are we to deny her a bit of gratitude showing her that we care?”

“I am not saying we shouldn’t care about our fans, I am just saying there are a lot of unstable people out there, and we have to be careful not to encourage them, especially those who get fixated with us.. I mean she is a prime example the way she keeps coming back, never getting enough, sometimes it better we put a distance between us and the fans, not only for our sakes but for theirs.. I mean look what happened with John Lennon” Larry had counter argued

Bono rolled his eyes “So are you trying to tell me that Tracey is some turning out to be a mad stalker who is out to get me” his scornful tone had made it sound ridiculous
“How would you even know what kind of a person she is? Have you talked with her?” he had demanded staring at Larry questioningly

“You know rightly I haven’t and I don’t intend to” Larry had informed him

“Well maybe if you did, you could read between the lines and realise she is not a gun totting maniac, but a very lonely young woman who moved here a few months back to be with her boyfriend and settle down in a job and a new life, which hasn’t exactly turned out as she had planned”

“Oh she told you all that did she?” Larry couldn’t help sneering.

“Not out openly, but things she has hinted at from she has talked with me Edge and Adam, on various occasions that’s the picture we are getting” Bono had informed him, “and right now if getting a quick peck on the cheek from me, or Adam or Edge’s photo or autograph cheers her up whilst she is going through a tough time I see no harm in it. So you still think she wants to shoot me?” he had demanded

“No I guess not” Larry had relented reluctantly, and stubborn to the point he was not prepared to let Bono have the victory in the matter completely.

“But I still say you push the limits at times, being over friendly and encouraging them, acting like you are their best friend, when that is not the case”

“Eh?” Had been Bono’s only response frowning in bewilderment

“If her life is getting screwed up, she needs real friends to talk to, not us. And she needs to get her life back on track and not use us as her crutch, its all fine you hugging her and being all friendly but are you gonna invite her back to the house for dinner with Ali and the kids while you are at it? Do we invite her along to the pub with us the next time we go?” he had pointed out

“Don’t talk stupid of course not” Bono had replied

“Yeah well you wanna be careful and make sure she realises that too In the end you are not really helping her at all. Like I said she should be busy getting her life sorted. Not thinking we are the answer to her happiness or loneliness, we are not really her friends or family, we are just a bunch of guys that make music that she really likes, and that’s all we will be in the end.

Bono had rubbed his bearded chin, frowning thoughtfully as he digested what Larry had said

Y’know in some crazy way I am starting to understand where you are coming from and it makes sense I .. I think” he had finally replied and had scratched his head as he
contemplated it further.

The he had looked at Larry and smirked that annoying smirk that irritated him occasionally

“What?” Larry had demanded

“Its just made me realise something about you Larry Mullen Jnr,” Bono had replied sounding almost smug and waggling his finger in his direction, which had only increased Larry’s irritation

“Oh yeah like what?” he had asked though half wishing he hadn’t

“You care a lot more about our devoted fans than you make out!” Bono had chuckled

“Go on admit it. In the end it boils down to the fact you care about what happens to little Tracey out there even more than we do, she matters to you. Oh you might not show it in the same way as the rest of us, but she has caught your personal interest, why else would you be giving me a rollicking for encouraging her not to get her real life back in track..? I mean that’s your main concern isn’t it? That’s what this is all about?”

Bono hadn’t been able to hide the slight taunting tone in his voice, and Larry had not wanted to having to admit he had a point or was correct had just made a snorting noise and walked away leaving Bono laughing after him…..

It brought it all back to him now, as he looked out the window and watched her, remembering her name now, Tracey.

She didn’t know he was in the building he had slipped in early this morning before she had arrived, and she was going to be terribly disappointed when she realised she had wasted a whole afternoon freezing out there for nothing, none of the other would be arriving.

They had originally all planned to be in the studio today only something had come up and Bono had to fly of to London to meet up with some politicians, and Edge having to go of to deal with a slight family crisis, they had phoned up Adam who decided not to bother to come into the studio after all and they agreed to get together again the following day instead.

He was planning on heading back home himself now, he wondered what Tracey’s reaction would be if she seen him coming out of the building, surprised, then probably disappointed because she knew this was one U2 member she wasn’t going to get all touchy feely with,

Maybe she would get the hint and go home and find a more useful and better way to spend her days he hoped…..


Tracey had returned to sitting on the wall trying to control her shivering fits and wishing the rain would give her a break, she was starting to feel soaked right through

She glanced at her watch it was almost three O’clock and still no sign of any members of the band. Maybe the rumours had been wrong.. she looked up, and that’s when she spotted Larry coming out of the building across from her, recognising him her heart leapt, it seemed he had been inside all along, maybe the others were too, though it had been unusually quiet if they had been rehearsing.

She was looking past Larry now as he headed quickly for his car and towards the door, but it was closed again, no sign of anyone else coming out straight behind him much to her disappointment.

Then she realised that Larry had not gotten into his car yet, instead he was standing observing her. She felt her cheeks flame, and suddenly felt very self conscious, and not sure what to say or do. Then much to her shock she realised he was actually walking over towards her, his expression not too friendly

“Oh bugger he is going to tell me of for hanging around here all the time gawking at him” she thought into herself in dismay, and quickly lowered her head, she would have got up and run, only she was too cold and stiff to move that quick. Her heart was doing a fast tattoo in her chest as she realised he was now almost right in front of her, and still she was too scared to look him in the eye to see his annoyance straight on.

“Y’know you are going to catch your death sitting there all day” he informed her in his no nonsense manner, “You should go home and get out of those wet clothes, before you end up with bloody pneumonia”

She forced herself to dare look into his blue eyes, and something inside her broke at the bizarre situation she was in, and she couldn’t help giggling. As mortified as she was, she was doing it, she could not stop and had to put her hand up to her mouth to smother the sound.

Larry’s eyebrows rose the wet drips now falling from the end of his hair onto his face

“What’s so funny?”

Tracey shook her head and quickly rubbed a hand over her face “Nothing really.. I mean.. what you said.. it sounded like something my father would say” she confessed

She felt her face flame as she spoke and wanted to kick herself, she was totally losing it in front of Larry, he probably thought she was a babbling idiot.

“Well if you were my daughter I would probably agree with him” Larry replied, she wasn’t sure, but she thought he didn’t look quite as frosty as she had first imagined

He let out an impatient sigh “Look the others are not here and they won’t be here, so you might as well go home” he informed her curtly

“Oh I see” Tracey replied, “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to disturb you” she then apologised

“You were not disturbing me” Larry replied, “I just thought I would save you the bother of ending up in hospital with a horrible infection because you haven’t the sense to stay in a nice warm place on a day like this”

“I guess I am pretty stupid” Tracey lowered her gaze again, looking thoroughly miserable.

“I-I will just go now, thanks for letting me know anyway” she got up of the wall with all intents of walking away as quick as possible

“You live in Dublin?” Larry then demanded, making her stop to look round at him

“Yeah across the other side” she admitted “I can catch a bus down the road” she assured him not wanting to be anymore bother.

“No need for that, I will save you the bus fare and give you a lift” Larry told her

Tracey wasn’t sure she was hearing right, and felt sure the cold and the rain was affecting her brain in some way.

Then she realised Larry was actually grinning at the stupefied look on her face

“It’s a once only offer, you will probably never get the chance again” he informed her

“Are you serious?” Tracey demanded in disbelief

“Yeah I am, so c’mon I have had enough of standing around in this shitty weather” he told her, and with a jerk of his head invited her to follow him as he walked back towards his car.

Still thinking she was having some sort of weird fantasy Tracey found herself following him……

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Larry Larry.... behind all that tough appearance lies a big big heart...

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Sullen Mullen good job annj
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aaw what a cutie
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