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The Edge of Reason

I posted a while ago and emailed it to anyone who wanted to read it, i just decided to post it all now since I have it done!
Sorry about typos! And personally I think the beginning is pretty bad so if you bare with it for a while it gets alot better!!!


The Edge of Reason
I was the black sheep in my family, the outcast. My whole family had the brown hair brown eyes theme going on. I was the one who stuck out like a sore thumb with my odd shade of red hair and green eyes the focus of every family portrait. I obviously didn’t inherit my mother’s Mexican skin as I was considerably pale compared to the rest of my family. I was like a foreigner among them. My features their origin unknown made it seem as if I was Irish. There was always the theory of adoption but I liked to brush my appearance off as a genetic mishap keeping in mind the fact that I was not the slightest bit Irish.
There’s not a lot to know about me. Or at least it seems that way unless you really want to know about my true complex self. I’m too old to play with dolls and too young to be sitting in front of the TV with a cup of coffee yelling about stocks. My life mainly consisted of my three greatest loves: playing guitar for hours until I couldn’t feel my fingers, politics, and of course the center of my universe U2. As long as you knew about my distain for democrats and my passion for U2 and the guitar you knew pretty much about me. There was however a couple of days that changed my life like October 17, 2005 my first U2 concert, my first chance to see my idols on stage in action. August 20, 1990 the day I was born came in as a close second to my first U2 concert. But one day completely turned my life upside down and questioned everything I once knew was November 23, 2005 the day I found out I was adopted. It wiped out the other days by a landslide.

Chapter 1
"The red hair was a dead giveaway"
Autumn was my favorite time of year. I loved the crisp air and invigorating atmosphere. It wasn't so cold that you would hate to step outside the door and it wasn't excruciating hot either. It was perfect sweatshirt weather. Especially during the night time, I loved going outside then.
The holidays were still a considerable time away, too far away to start thinking about. I was still battling with withdraw after the U2 concert. I fell in a rut after the rush I felt that night. I was just waiting and watching for something to happen to get my blood pumping again which is really just a lost cause when you live in Pennsylvania. The closest I got to that same rush of excitement I once felt was Halloween night. With my friend Liz at my side we went gallivanting through the night she as The Edge and I as bono trekking from house to house begging for candy. But after an unfulfilling and unsuccessful evening of people failing to guess who we were we gave up and tramped to a nearby party to search for substance. Famished from our journey we reached the party to find a display of food so revolting it could choke a maggot. Liz and I both decided hunger pains were better then mystery meat. We ran down the huge hill where I was suddenly inspired to sing “Where the Streets Have No Name.” As we sprinted down the hill I began to sing "I want to run.” I didn’t get too far in the song only up to the chorus. Singing their words made me feel connected to them in some strange way. That Saturday I was on my front lawn retrieving the mail, one of my daily routines. I saw a car slowly driving up my street. It looked as though it was coming to a stop in front of my house but then quite unexpectedly it sped off down the street vanishing behind a veil of trees. I shrugged off the incident as nothing and went back inside to salvage whatever of me I hadn’t already lost to frostbite. Three or four weeks passed as did the incident from my mind slipping away with time. It was a Monday and I was walking home from my bus stop accompanied by “The Fly” on my Ipod. I trudged the steps leading up to my front porch only to find a strange site in the driveway. I backtracked and took a second look to check if that really was my mother’s car in the driveway. To my dismay it was. What was she doing home? My mom is never home this early on a Monday. There was also a car foreign to me parked in front of the house. I walked into the house with high hopes that all was well. A mix of voices emanated from the kitchen. I heard one say in a whisper, "I think that’s Adrienne.” I followed my natural inclination to avoid trouble and steered clear of the kitchen. Instead I silently slinked my way to my room. I dropped my bag into a pile of clothes and flopped onto my bed. I stared through strands of hair up at my ceiling while I went over the embarrassing trials and tribulations of the day. "Adrienne!” I heard my mom shout in an excited and frazzled tone. “Come downstairs, there’s something we, I mean we wanna. Um just come downstairs.” With a frightened look on my face I walked downstairs hoping that it wasn't bad news I was going to receive or some sort of punishment. Just as I was nearing the first floor my mother stopped me. “Adrienne please don’t freak out. I guess this is the best time to tell you but I don’t think I’m the best person to tell you.” She said eyes watering up. “Wait, what’s going on why aren’t you the right person? What can’t you tell me?” I asked nervously as the tension in the room thickened.
She remained silent as she pointed me towards the kitchen. My sisters were glued to the couch with open mouths and wide eyes as they stared at the wall. My dad was hunched over at the kitchen table. Across from him sat another man wearing a knit cap, a black t-shirt with and odd design plastered across it, and a pair of jeans littered with guitars. I began to resemble my sisters as my jaw dropped to the ground. My eyes rolled back and I fainted. The next thing I remember was someone lifting my head and asking me if I was alright. It was the man sitting at the kitchen table, it was The Edge. He was leaning over me holding my head with great care and concern. I completely forgot everything that happened before I fainted.
I just started stuttering “The The Ed, The Ed, The Edge. The Edge you’re The Edge. "
He smiled at me and said, "Yeah I'm The Edge, Adrienne. Are you ok? Here let me help you get up."
He helped me up and into a chair. He took the seat next to me while my parents looked on from a distance. I was stilled dazed from the fact that The Edge was in my house but I was also full of questions. "How do you know who I am?”
“We have a lot to talk about.” The Edge said with some difficulty as silence fell over the room. “You look so much like your mom.” He must have seen me drowning in confusion as he began to reassure me. “There’s a lot to explain Adrienne.”
I just sat there dazed, confused, and amazed. The Edge was sitting in my chair at my kitchen table in my house; I didn’t know what to say. He inched forward in his seat and took my hands in his. “Adrienne, I’m your father.”
Now I was really lost for words not only was I touching The Edge but he was also claiming to be my father. I stopped breathing and started laughing nervously. "Ok joke’s over I'm on Punk'd or something. My idol guitarist from my favorite band is in my house. And he's saying he is my father. This is crazy."
The Edge grinned from ear to ear. “That means a lot to me.” He started laughing. “You may look like you mom but your personality,” He paused overcome with laughter. “You're so much like.” There was no way this was happening I must have been in some alternate reality. I just fell further and further into confusion while always keeping a nervous smile on my face. I mean just in case if I really am being punk’d I don’t want to let them get the better of me.
My mom stepped in and tried to explain. “He’s telling the truth Adrienne. We adopted you when you were a year old. See we were having trouble conceiving and the doctors told us we might never get pregnant so we decided to adopt a child. We didn’t think we would ever have children of our own until your sisters came along.”
I don’t know if it was the fact that The Edge was standing in my kitchen or the solemn look on my mother’s face that made everything sink in. I finally realized this wasn’t a joke as the smile quickly disappeared from my face. My mother or the woman I thought was my mother would never lie like this and the girls I used to call sisters were not good actresses. And why else would Edge be in my kitchen? The Edge was my father. A mix of emotions ran through me as thoughts raced through my head. I had been living with strangers my whole life, The Edge is really my father, but then who is my mother? I was able to silence and suppress all the thoughts racing though my head except for one. I had always known I didn’t belong here. I guess it was my woman’s intuition. I was in shock from finding after all these years that I was really adopted but still a sense of relief came over me. I finally knew why I never fit in with these people why I never felt like family around them. Everything was starting to come together.
My “mother” pulled me in close holding me tightly while whispering in my ear. "You are our daughter and you always will be no matter what.” And there we remained locked in each other’s arms while time marched on.
My “dad” without a word walked over to us and nudged my "mother" “C'mon. ” My “mother” began balling acting as though she was losing me forever. She held me tighter as we rocked back and forth her tears raining down over me. My “father” finally came and led her away. He turned around and said in that same shaky tone. “We’re just gonna leave you guys alone for a little while.” And those were his parting words as my “father” gathered my “sisters” and “mother” and walked out the door.
The Edge or I guess I should say my dad and I stood alone at opposite ends of the room. We both stood staring at each other waiting for someone to make the first move. The Edge finally broke the silence. “It was hard for me you know, to give you up. It was 1991--.”
“The year Achtung Baby came out.” I interrupted spouting out the first thing that came to my mind.
The Edge flashed a smile in my direction. “Yeah, well I guess you can remember 91’ like that.”
“So um what happened, if it was so hard then why did you give me up?” I said softly hoping I wasn’t overstepping any boundaries.
“Well it’s a long story.”
“I’ve got time.”
“Well I’m not all together sure what your parents told you but you were born to me and your mother I mean your biological mother on August 20, 1990. We had named you Evelyn Evans but everyone just call you Evie."
“Wait my name isn’t Adrienne?” I said shocked to find every part of my life was a lie.
"Yeah, I guess they didn't like Evie. Umm anyway, I don't know if you knew about the hard times I was going through during Achtung Baby."
"Yeah I do." I said. "You and my um my?"
“Her name was Aislinn.”
“Well you guys were seperating and going through marriage problems and "One" was written partially about it. That's all I really know."
He grinned. "That's quite a bit of knowledge for a fan.” But soon the signs of sorrow stripped the smiles from his face. "You were just a baby then and you're life was all ready screwed up. I didn't want you growing up like that. I knew I wouldn't be around for you and your mom; well she was never the responsible type. I mean we both we're going through a rough time. I wanted you to have a normal life. I really did want to keep you but-"
"I get it." I said in a solemn tone trying to process the past few hours. “I understand what you're saying but don’t you see what you’ve put me through? I’ve lived the past fifteen years of my life thinking I knew who I was and in a second you changed all of that. Now all I know is I’ve been living a lie.”
“You have to know I was always looking out for you. I always kept in contact with your parents to see how you were doing. And I wanted to tell you but they felt you were too young and who was I to argue with them, the people who raised you. Every time I wanted to tell you they said you weren’t old enough yet and I finally realized that that excuse was almost as old as you were. Evie, I mean Adrienne I came here because I want you back. I just couldn’t ask your parents to give you up. I know how hard it is." The Edge paused. "And about your mom she," He took another pause this time longer.
My eyes filled with tears. "She isn't alive is she?"
The Edge looked up at me. "I'm sorry. I can't believe I did this to you." He said burying his face in his hands.
I wanted to run over and comfort him but I wasn’t sure if I should. I didn’t know what the protocol for interacting with your long lost father was. I couldn't answer him. I was sad over my mom's death. I never knew her but the pain was there. It felt stupid crying over something I never had or someone I never knew. I rubbed my eyes and tried to act with a sense of maturity. "You did what was best for me."
He looked back at me with those same eyes that I had once worshipped. Something inside me just broke and my now genuine Irish temper rose culminating in a massive explosion.
“My mother is dead and now my father finally decides to show up! Why did you come here? Did you feel bad about abandoning me? I’m just one of your regrets aren’t I?” I was yelling at the top of my lungs.
The Edge embraced me in his arms while time stopped. "You will never see me as your dad. I know that and I'm okay with that. I just want to be part of your life. You’re not a regret your the only good thing that ever came out of my marriage and I don’t want to lose you."
I didn’t know what to say I just kept on silently sobbing.
"Do you want me to tell you the rest?" He asked.
I nodded. He loosened up but didn't let me go. I wanted this moment to last forever wrapped in his arms I felt safe almost invincible.
He continued. “Well, I recently got a call from your mother who told me some very important information that made me and the rest of the band smile. She told me,” He paused for a second in an attempt to contain his laughter.” She told me you were insanely obsessed with a band called U2. I couldn’t stop laughing when I heard that--.”
“Like now.” I casually threw in with a slight smirk on my face.
“No, I was worse last time. But can you blame me it was so ironic. Your parents were scared that you would find out the truth."
The past started to take on a whole new meaning. I started making connections I would have never considered before. Like how my “parents' ” mood would change every time I played a U2 song or how my “dad” kept accidentally throwing away my Bono shades.
“Things are finally making sense now. They always acted weird every time U2 came up and they went crazy whenever I mentioned you. I practically had to grovel to get them to let me see you guys in concert.”
“I know. They told me you were gonna be there. I've never been that nervous since performing for the first time. All I kept thinking as I looked out into the crowd was that my daughter is somewhere out there. I desperately wanted to know where.”
“Really? I couldn’t tell you guys were just so amazing. All I’ve been saying since I got back was how I wanted to see you guys again.”
We shared a laugh over my obsession but only for a moment. Then silence fell over the room.
“What’s on your mind?” The Edge asked.
“Nothing,” I said apprehensive about sharing my thoughts.
“C’mon tell me.”
Who was I kidding I couldn’t say no to him. “Well ok well you don’t have to answer this if you don’t want to but if you would that would be great but you don’t-“
“Out with it.”
“Do I have any brothers or sisters?”
“Well your mother and I never had anymore children but you probably already know I got remarried.”
“Yeah,” I said proud of my comprehensive knowledge of U2.
“Well the kids I had with Morleigh are your half brothers and sisters.”
There was an awkward pause when I finally came to realize I had siblings.
But Edge closed that gap. “So I saw your room.”
“You did,” I said slightly embarrassed at the fact that he had seen my wreck of a room.
I prayed that he hadn’t seen my mass of U2 paraphernalia.
“Nice shrine.” I guess he saw them.
“So you like classic rock?” He asked certain I was his number one fan.
“Yeah, I love classic rock. I can’t take today’s music. It has no meaning or spirit or feeling in it. Plus the whole emo thing is so confusing and their whiny voices, ugh I just can't take it.”
He smiled at every word I said. “I would really like to get to know you more. And I know this isn't something you say to a person when you meet them for the first time." He paused. "You know I love you." The Edge must have seen the shock painted on my face as he began to explain. “I mean you're my daughter and I naturally feel that way."
I smiled, "You don't know what it feels like for a rock star to be telling you that they love you.”
He affectionately placed his hand on my shoulder, “Where's a rock star?” He searched the room jokingly and then turned to smile at me. “I get it really, I’ve thought this through a million times. I mean I thought about what I’d say and how’d you react.”
“It went better than I could ever imagine.”
I realized at that moment that I need to more open with him like he was with me. But for some reason I couldn’t summon the courage I needed to bare my soul to him. I guess I’m still a work in progress.
We both sat in silence to savor the moment.
The Edge wrapped up this lifetime moment, “So you understand everything right?”
I had one thing on my mind, "Did you ever think about me?"
He answered instantaneously, “Never stopped.”
His words triggered a rush of emotions inside me. I was happy he was here but sad over all the time we’ve lost and angry he waited this long to find me. I was walking the thin line between sheer bliss and devastating anger.
Though I was teetering on the edge of sanity I wasn’t going to squander maybe my only chance to get to know my father. "So are you going to stay for a bit?"
"Only if you want me to."
"Of course I do hello did you see my room. I thought it was obvious how much I am obsessed with you.”
“I didn’t want to bring it up.”
“Well you do know what the downside to all of this is?”
“What?” The Edge asked inching forward in his chair.
“Well since your my dad now technically you can’t be my favorite anymore. It’s against the rules you know.”
“Ha! Give it a week I’ll be at the top of your list again.” The Edge teased leaning back with an air of confidence as he stretched his hands behind his head. He was exactly how I imagined he would be.
"Okay, dropping the subject of you being the coolest guy on the planet, whoa your eyes are the most awesomest color!"
"I'm feeling quite violated right now," he said pushing his chair away from me and throwing on a pair of sunglasses. I started bursting into laughter and he joined in.
The sounds of “Vertigo” broke through our laughter. It was my cell phone which brought us both back to reality. I picked up my phone to hear my foster father’s voice on the other end. Yep that’s right I said foster father. I finally accepted that they weren’t my parents but I don’t know if I’m ready to call The Edge dad just yet. My foster dad called to ask if it was alright if they stopped driving around and came home. I held in my laughter for his words were in an all too serious tone. It turns out they were calling from the driveway. Within moments everyone stormed back in. My foster sisters went straight upstairs to shower and finish their homework. My foster parents felt the need to talk to The Edge while I prepared the couch in my room and hid some of the U2 paraphernalia. I insisted on sleeping on the couch so The Edge could have my bed but he wouldn’t hear of it. Hours passed as I finished my homework if you want to call writing I love The Edge as every answer doing homework but can you blame me. The Edge finally came upstairs looking a little frazzled from the interrogation.
“Hey,” I said to him as he slowly creeped through the hall.
“Hi,” The Edge said standing in the doorway. “Is it alright if I take a shower?”
“Yeah, of course here just follow me.” I said leading him to the bathroom which I’m sure was devoid of any warm water considering the extremely long showers my sisters take.
I took him to the bathroom and then left him to his own devices. I figured the hot and cold knobs were self explanatory. I quickly rushed back to my room and got ready for bed to the sounds of The Edge half singing and half screeching from the less than warm water. From the side of my eye I could see my foster parents cautiously approaching my room. They both took places at the edge of my bed and motioned for me to come over. They quickly wedged me between them. My foster mother made an attempt to speak but was instantly rendered speechless by her own tears. My foster father quickly took over. His words were a tedious repetition of everything they had said just a few hours ago. But I sat and listened attentively to their apologies and lists of reasons for why they didn’t tell me. I just kept on nodding and reassuring them that I was fine, no harm done. They finally left leaving me in peace after a very long strange day. The Edge returned, bringing along with him a light that seemed to be flowing from him. A light which illuminated the entire room or that might have been because he turned on the lights, but why go into that.
“I feel so much better.” He said flopping onto the couch.
I quietly took a picture of his insane pajamas with out his knowledge. Quickly I tucked the camera away when I saw The Edge stroking Bono. Now I know what you’re thinking and just to pull your minds out of the gutter Bono is my guitar.
"So what songs can you play?"
"Well I can play stuff like “Walk this Way” and “Message in a Bottle”.
“Ok and what about U2 songs?” He jeered leaning against the giant poster of himself covering my entire west wall.
“Well I can play some U2 songs like Vertigo, All because of you, Miracle drug, Dirty Day, I Will Follow, I Threw A Brick Through A Window, Red Hill Mining Town, and City of blinding lights.” I stopped there as to decrease the obviousness of my obsession.
“So would it be too much to ask you if you could play your guitar for me sometime?"
I was flattered he was treating me like I was some sort of rock star and I didn’t hide it from him. "I should be asking you that. Maybe we could play a little guitar duet?"
“Alright I think we could arrange something. I’ll have my people call your people.”
“Sure, but you do realize most of my people never passed algebra?”
“Well than let’s skip the middleman we’ll play a duet but first I have to hear you play.”
"Oh I see you wanna make sure I won’t upstage you. It’s alright I’ll go easy on you.”
“Thanks your so kind just like your father, he is such an amazing guy.”
“And so modest,” I chuckled over my own comedic genius which I alone appreciated most of the time.
"I know you're a huge fan, the queen of the obsessed." I tried to keep from blushing.
"So do you want to meet the band?”
“Whaa, you want me to to to. Oh My God no way.”
His words rendered me speechless. I was dumbfounded at the idea of meeting Larry, Bono, and Adam.
“Yep, they all want to meet you the band and some other people. I'm sure you know Paul, Steve, and Brian.
"Paul Mcguiness, Steve Lilywhite, and Brian Eno?” I echoed back.
My jaw dropped to the floor drooling all the way down.
"Now don't go crazy on me, love. I guess I should let you rest you do have school tomorrow."
In my bed I could do everything but sleep. The day just kept replaying over and over again. This is when I finally realized I was starting a completely new life. I had a new father, name, and family. This was all too good to be true me meeting U2 I must be dreaming. All night I couldn’t shake one question from my mind. What were my friends going to say?

Chapter 2
"Sleeping in Cereal"
I awoke thinking it was all a dream until I sat up and saw The Edge on my couch. He was stretching his arms and legs all over the place while yawning.
"Morning love," he said to me. I repeated those exact words back to him and got up to turn the radio on. "Yes! The Who!" I exclaimed. The Edge looked pleased with my level excitement because of what I knew he liked The Who very much.
"Do you wake up this way all the time, I mean you turn on music?" he asked.
"Sometimes I'll turn on music but you really don't want to talk to me in the morning."
"You seem fine to me."
"Well you're The Edge."
He smiled sleepily at me and said, "It comes with its perks."
We both headed downstairs after Edge told me that he'd be taking me to school that morning. How cool was that?! I was going to arrive to school this morning in style!
I fell asleep in my Cheerios; The Edge woke me up five minutes later. I was tired from staying up all night thinking. He probably knew. I got dressed into my uniform, did my hair, washed my face, and did everything else that needed to be done. The Edge was ready and wearing his cute beanie and looking cool. "All ready?" Edge asked. I nodded. We walked out the door to The Edge's rented car. Since there was a GPS system in the car I didn't need to give him directions. We were halfway down the road when we started our interesting conversation.
"So." The Edge said.
"What do I need to know about you that I all ready don't? Do you have a boyfriend?" The Edge, The Edge! He wanted to know about my non-existing love life. Could this get any weirder?
"Yeah," I replied.
"Really, does he have a name?"
"Paul." The Edge nodded and made a pleased face, which I didn't know why. I started to talk again. "I have a couple more too. Dave, Larry and Adam." I stopped, thinking he caught on. He didn't. "Paul Hewson, Dave Evans, Larry Mullen Jr. and Adam Clayton." A smile grew on his face. "Good." he replied. "They're a nice bunch of fellows…so what do you really thinking of the band?" Silence. Everyone knew what I thought of the band. Did I have to tell the lead guitarist?
"Well I love the melodies, the lyrics its all brilliant."
"I mean the members."
"Oh right."
Maybe I should tell him. Yes. No. Yes. I was having a fight with myself. It was quite ridiculous.
"If you really want to know." I said.
"Actually I do I've been wondering your thoughts on us." he replied.
"Ok I'll start with Larry. Larry is the hottest drummer ever! I have many words that could describe him but I will use hot because you'll be disgusted." The Edge laughed. He replied back. "I guess I will hear it when you tell Larry himself." I grinned. "Of course, I think this is the first thing I want him to know. "On to Bono, could he be anymore good looking?" The Edge laughed again. "Adam has this adorable smile and he still has it. He's quite the hottie." He continued laughing after all these were his friends I was talking about. "The Edge you don't have to worry I always thought of you as this genius guitarist. I mean I don't think we should dive into that area. You're so freaking amazing and you know that all ready." He said, "It's really okay I know this is weird for you. I just want to be part of your life, love."
"I know. I think this is a start of a beautiful relationship."
"I agree." He said smiling at me lovingly.
I didn't realize it but we were sitting in my school parking lot. "Would you like me to walk you in?"
"I don't know." I replied. "Somebody might recognize you. Maybe not one of the students but…" I then thought of my friend Liz, she loved U2. What would she say? She wouldn't believe me unless I proved her wrong. I couldn't do that to The Edge.
"I'll be fine just come in the front doors when you pick me up, turn left, walk straight through two sets of double doors and then turn right. I will be in that hallway."
"K, got it have a…well try not to have a totally miserable day."
"Bye The Edge see you at 2:30."
I shut the door and then walked into school. My locker was completely dedicated to them. But now as I looked at them they meant something different to me out of all the times I have seen them.
"Yo." It was Liz. I didn't know what I was going to say to her considering we're always making these kinds of jokes.
"Hey. Something really weird happened last night and I know you wont believe me. But I do have proof." I remembered I had a picture of The Edge in his pajamas, I hoped that was good enough.
"The Edge is my dad. Look before you start laughing or giving me weird looks check this out. This is a picture of The Edge in my room…. wearing pajamas."
She looked at the picture and then questioned me, "Were you really that bored that you used Photoshop?"
I rolled my eyes. "I guess then you'll have to meet him."
She replied, "Yeah, I'm going to meet The Edge."
That's when the bell rang and everyone slowly trudged into their homerooms. I sat down with my chemistry book and sighed. We had a strict substitute for our homeroom so nobody talked. I walked off to first period with Liz. She seriously thought that I was going mad. All day I tried to get her to believe me but she just became more afraid. Third period was my worst class, Geometry. I forgot my cell phone was on and quickly stepped on my purse as soon as I heard the quiet ring beginning. Only a few people looked back including Liz and her boyfriend Kevin. I pretended nothing happened and continued to pay attention.
Nelson glanced around the room and kept avoiding my desperate hand that was in the air.
"Mr. Nelson, may I go to the bathroom?"
He gave me a stern look. "Is it really an emergency?"
"Very well then, go." He then rolled his eyes but I just shrugged it off. I went to the bathroom and took my phone out. It read; one missed call. If it was my foster mom then she was definitely going to hear me out later today. I sighed and decided to call the mysterious number.
"Yeah…oh The Edge!"
"I called because I wanted to tell you I might be a few minutes late. I met up with the band in New York." I heard muffled voices in the background and got extremely excited. Those voices belonged to Adam, Larry, or Bono! The Edge started to talk again so I didn't try to figure out what the other voices were saying. "They're ecstatic to see you but we still have to figure out when."
"Really?! Well same here! And I'm not exactly supposed to have my phone on it was an accident."
"That's my fault you're not in trouble are you?"
"No I stepped on it so it stopped ringing."
The Edge laughed quietly. "What class are you supposed to be in?"
"Geometry," I replied.
"So really it's a gift to you I called."
"Yeah can we talk the rest of the period?"
"What? Do you really think I was going to tell you that you had to go back to class?"
I laughed. "Well Nelson will think I died in the bathroom like Moaning Myrtle."
"That would be bad. Bye love."
"Bye The Edge."
We hung up on each other and then I had to resume my frustrating Math class. Lunch was boring besides trying to convince everyone that I was really adopted. Everyone thought I was crazy or taking our joke too far. It was finally eighth period, so I sat there listening to the announcements. All we had to wait for was that bell. Everyone quickly ran out of the room including myself. When I got my locker open I threw my books inside and got my homework out and sat down.
"What are you doing?" Liz asked me.
"The Edge is going to be a little late so I am starting my homework. He was the one who called me in Nelson's class."
"Okay the joke is over and you're scaring me." I rolled my eyes.
"Wait with me until choir starts and you can meet him. He is coming inside for me."
She laughed. "Ok I'm giving you five minutes."
We sat there in silence for some time. As promised the funky guitar player from U2 was walking down the halls of Bethlehem Catholic High.
"All ready here?" he asked me.
Liz was gaping at the fact that I was telling the truth all day. "Hey, what's up?"
"Hullo." Edge smiled warmly at her.
"This is my friend Liz." I answered his unspoken question.
"I'm Edge." He said extending his hand. She shook it and smiled dumbly back.
I threw a few books inside my backpack as The Edge got a good glimpse of the U2 pictures inside my locker. He smiled and pretended not to see them.
"Well I'm glad you both met each other." I said with a satisfied look on my face.
"Bye." The Edge and I said together.
"So how bad did school go?"
"Ummm… it went pretty bad especially because my friends think I'm crazy. I told them what happened yesterday. But what after Liz saw they should believe me now."
He nodded. "I expected that would happen. So um I talked to the band today and uh. This is really sudden but you know were still on tour?" he asked.
"Of course." I replied.
"I came to see you now because we were all ready in the states and that phone call was an impetus for me to see you. My point is that I…. I want you to come back home with me. That's only if you want to," he added quickly. So many thoughts were rushing through my mind. I think it was destiny for me to leave my foster family. Could I possibly answer him without consulting them?
"I'll definitely need a little bit of time to think about this."
"Oh of course I wasn't expecting you to answer me right now. You're foster parents know about this, naturally. Its really one of the reasons I came for you." The Edge sort of dropped the subject and started talking about something that we both had a common interest in. "So I took a look at your guitar. It's not in the best shape."
"Yeah I know. I'm never going to get a good one unless I can save up all that money."
"What brands did you have in mind?"
"A Dean, a Melbay, a Gibson, perhaps a Fender. I love your Gibson Explorer..i would do anything for that one."
"Yeah, great guitar. You can always borrow mine. Those are some great guitar brands you named... Oh and I forgot I didn't tell you two other secrets."
"Oh no not any more surprises."
"It's okay these are just interesting nothing big. The necklace you're wearing, I gave it to you when you were small. I gave you the guitar charm for a reason. The only reason your parents are furious with your obsession with U2 is because I told them if you wanted to play some sort of instrument then they had to support it. Otherwise when you wanted to take lessons they would have told you no and made some stupid excuse. And I know you waited a year to take guitar lessons after you got your first guitar, which I saw too."
"Oh well that makes sense. My first guitar was so crappy. Are there any other secrets I should know about?"
"I'm leaving tomorrow morning."
"What!? You were barely here with me! It's because of the tour right?"
"Yeah the band offered to play without me but I know they were just being kind. I don't really have an official understudy. I'm also welcoming you to come along but they think it would be best for you to stay in school."
I nodded. "But I'm going to meet the band?"
"No matter what. Even if you decide you don't want to live with me." Wow, I was going to meet U2. I never thought this would actually happen for me. I didn't think there was even a slight chance!
"Before we go home could we stop at Guitar Center?"
"I just want to check out some guitars so maybe one day when I'm older I can finally buy a real guitar."
The Edge laughed at my sarcasm. "Yeah I wouldn't mind looking."
"Great because you're the expert and I need you The Edge."
He smiled modestly. There was silence for a while until I opened up to him. "See I always wanted my favorite guitarist to know that there's this girl who plays and studies his melodies. The question is how does he come up with this brilliant material?" More silence. All I saw was a huge smile on The Edge's face. He was even blushing. I started to smile but I made it disappear and said, "I always say…The Edge would be proud… anytime I play one of your songs well."
He finally let go and let me know he was grinning. "Just admit you love me," he said.
There was dead silence until we reached Guitar Center. Once we were right in front of the entrance I hugged Edge for a good amount of time. "I've been wanting to do that. I love you The Edge!" I said.
He grinned and had nothing to say back to that. "Ready to go in?"
"Yes." I smiled. He was so kind. I took his a hold of his wrist and led him inside.
"Hi, can I help you?" asked a young woman.
"No, we're just looking for now," The Edge replied. "Thanks."
"Hey, check these out!" I said. "I can totally see Adam playing this bass."
"I think he has that Fender. Adam is the definition of cool." He told me.
I smiled thinking; wow The Edge and I were talking about Adam Clayton. It was kind of weird but definitely cool.
"I want a guitar from the Eric Clapton series of Fenders. Just to have a classic, maybe the blue one. That would be only if I was a huge collector."
"Ha, don't mention Eric to Adam."
"I won't."
"You should see my collection."
"Could I?"
"Of course you could. Before we go back to Europe all five of us are going to spend a weekend together, that's a promise."
"You mean you, Adam, Larry, and Bono?"
Before I could give him the hugest grin ever I was struck dumbfounded. We were inside a guitar store and one of us was a famous guitarist. Of course someone was bound to notice him.
"It's Edge!" Oh crap, why do I have to be right?

Chapter 3
"I really can't sing"
A swarm of random people including some employees were thrusting themselves towards us. The Edge grabbed my hand and dodged them all to get to the exit.
Edge had headed towards our car where we locked ourselves in.
"Step on it!" I said desperately. A few fans followed us down the street but once Edge really put his foot on the gas pedal we lost them.
"Sorry." I said. " I didn't think many people would recognize you or act incredibly insane."
"It's not your fault," he began. "As soon as the media get a wind of this there's going to be chaos."
"You mean me?"
"Yeah. Some sort of picture will be in the newspaper tomorrow. Mark my words."
"This is Pennsylvania it's not a big city like LA with all the tabloids."
"That's true but you know the columnists for the tabloids pay money for information and pictures like these. It never happened to me before so this may be my first."
"Great. Our first tabloid experience together," I mumbled miserably.
"Heading home then?" he asked.
The Edge turned the dial for some music to entertain us. "Know any good radio stations?"
I turned the dial to 95.1 wzzo one of the better rock stations in the area. "Pink Cadillac" by Bruce Springsteen was playing. "The Boss!"
"How did you like it when he came out on stage?"
"It blew me away! I was ecstatic."
"Then you like him?" I nodded crazily.
The Edge then told me something I all ready knew. "He's an old buddy. You might just be able to meet him. He of course knows about you and does want to meet you like the rest of my friends."
"Oh like Gavin Friday and Guggi."
"Pink Cadillac" was over and then I heard the opening notes for "(Pride) In the Name of Love". I screamed and turned the volume as loud as it could go forgetting that I was with one of the members of U2. The Edge smiled and we both sang along holding nothing back. Soon after it was over we were sitting in my driveway. "I love that song you gotta teach it to me!" I exclaimed.
"Yes in time, grasshopper." We both laughed and then entered the house. The Edge went to the kitchen and I went to put my school stuff up in my room. I was going to meet up with him but I heard a heated discussion going on. I had no desire to listen in on the conversation that was most likely about me leaving to live with Edge.
In my mind there was a huge debate going on. I really wanted to go back to Europe with The Edge but is it just because he is The Edge? Is that the only reason I want to go home with him? I would be leaving people who I thought were my family my entire life.
I put my Ipod on, listened to "Ultraviolet", and sang along with it in the privacy of my room. After it was over I put my Ipod down and went to look for The Edge. I didn't have to search far he was nearing the top of the staircase.
"You didn't hear that did you?" I asked him hoping he didn't.
"Hear what?"
"Good!..The Edge, I want to go home, to Ireland. And live with you."
His face turned into a bright smile, he looked incredibly ecstatic. "That's great wow! I didn't think you would want to. Are you sure?"
I nodded and he embraced me happily. "Score two in a day!" I said excitedly. "Listen Edge I'll tell them."
"Okay." I went back to my room and sang "Acrobat", "Electric Co.", and "Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own" with my U2 Ipod. Then I jammed a bit with my guitar. I was about to go outside but I saw Edge was out on the front lawn making a phone call. I wanted to be nosy and see who he was calling so I slipped out through the storm door trying not to make the slightest bit of noise.
"Hello, Bono."
"Bonojour, The Edge!"
My heart gave a huge leap. It was Bono on speakerphone, what luck! If I was old myself I would have screamed out hello, hello, hola, my sexy beast! Since I knew I would be meeting him I guess I could wait a little longer to do it in person.
"Evie's going to come home with us!"
"That's great Edge!"
"And she's completely brilliant."
"In means of?"
"She's very talented. She can sing, a beautiful alto and her guitar skills are amazing too. She's only been taking lessons for a year!"
"Is she like you?"
"Yeah, alot. You'll be surprised! And she's inherited a few things from you as well.
Bono Vox laughed, "Like what?"
"Her politics….and she wants to end poverty I think as much as you do." Edge informed him.
"When can I meet Evie?"
"Between Boston I was thinking of going to the penthouse for those few days."
"Yeah that's possible. What about Christmas? The tour ends the 19th. I mean where will you and Evie be?"
"If she wants to spend Christmas here she may. We've got two days till ours so we have some time to fly back home. You're staying in Dublin for Christmas right?"
"All right well I wont keep you, I'll see you all in Canada."
"Okay give Adrienne or Evie a hug for me won't you?"
"Sure I will, Au revoir."
"Au revoir, Edge."
He hung up and walked back inside not noticing me behind the withering shrubery. Bono was just on the phone, I screamed as sort of a delayed reaction. I got back inside with no one seeing me and then swiftly slinked to my room. The Edge thought I was brilliant. I don't want to disappoint him but I'm a bit short of brilliance. I hope they weren't expecting some protegee. So Edge did hear me sing then, great.
"Adrienne dinner!"
I ran downstairs, surprisingly everyone was all ready sitting down eating and my plate was waiting for me at the table.
"Hola." I said with a confused look on my face. I just had to get it all out without having an emotional breakdown well actually I was more frightened my "mom" would. "Um, I just wanted to tell you all that I'm going to live with The Edge here. It's my final decision and uh, I think it's good that I make a new life there, the one I was meant to have. But while I'm doing that I'm not going to forget about my old life here. This is where I grew up and you're the people who loved me and took care of me. You're my family no matter what. It's just I have another family too and I can't neglect them. So yeah, um, I guess that's it then." I sighed knowing that it was going to be okay. Everyone ate their meal in some silence, it was sort of peaceful.
"I guess we'll make some arrangements for you to move out. When would that be?" my dad asked.
"I was thinking she could spend the weekend in Boston with us and then, um, we have two more weeks of touring here in the states. It's up to you whether you want Evie… I mean Adrienne to spend the rest of that here or with me. After she's with me during the tour time I am her legal guardian and I have full custody."
"That's a lot to think about." My mom said.
"It's up to Evelyn, but I think you should go with them for the two weeks we're all ready giving you up so why not soon?" my dad said with some bitterness.
"I'm sorry but I'm just doing what I think is best."
"You wanna fuck up your life? Fine with me. You should just get the hell out of here now!" My foster father screamed.
"Stop," I said quietly. I was embarassed The Edge had to witness this.
"Who said I was sad about you leaving? It'll just make life alot better." He said.
My foster dad screamed his lungs out, I wasn't even listening. This is how it always was and I hated when anyone ever had to see it. I just shoved my plate in the sink and ran upstairs to my room. When I hit the top of the staircase I sat down and cried.
"What was that?" Edge asked. "Is that how you treat her? What the feck is your problem?"
"This has nothing to do with you. You just barge in and act like you have authority in my house!"
"I never said that, I thought you would treat her better than that."
"She's not my daughter."
"You were supposed to treat as your own. You don't deserve to have her." Edge's voice was calm but there was a hidden trace of anger in it, I could just tell.
"You just stomp on in here and demand to have her back. You seemed anxious to get rid of her."
"You don't know the pain I had to endure." The Edge said calmly and patiently.
"Yeah, I'm sure it was real hard to live such a horrible life with all that money and fame."
"You really don't know me," he said softly. "I'm going to make sure Adrienne is all right."
"Fuck off!!!"
Edge said nothing more as I heard someone trudging up the steps.
I crawled to the bathroom to wipe my eyes off. I really didn't want him seeing me like this. For the sole reason that I was unhappy all because of my "father" and his yelling.
"It's okay Edge. Everything is fine. I'll be downstairs in a minute."
"Love, it's okay. You don't always have to be so strong."
"I'm not. I'm not strong at all."
"Yes, you are. I guess you don't see it from my aspect."
I leaned on the door knowing Edge was doing the same thing. He was speaking so kindly and softly to try to appease my anger and sadness.
"Thanks." I replied gently. "Can you tell them that I'll be staying with you after we meet up in New York?"
"Sure." I heard him walk away hesitantly and then go down the steps.
I spent sometime in my room doing pointless homework and playing my guitar (something that actually was worth my time.) My head was starting to throb after I finished the Geometry problems that made no sense whatsoever. I laid down hoping to fall asleep, and luckily I did.
My dream took over taking place sometime during the 80s. I was in my early 20s and I was at a U2 concert. U2 was playing "Stories for Boys"; it was incredible how close I was.
Bono started to walk over in my direction and of course I got really nervous and excited. He was reaching out towards the audience more so to me than anyone. His hand brushed mine briefly as he smiled brilliantly at me. Five seconds later the guard was pulling me up onto the stage. Bono took my hand and then said into the microphone, "We wrote this song a couple days ago tell us what you think about it." It was a slow song with a beautiful melody. Bono let my head rest on him as he sang to me. The middle eight was some light tapping on the drums and the jazz like bass. Bono gently lifted my head and put his arm around me as walked towards Edge. He kissed my hand and slung Edge's guitar around his neck. With Bono's not so wonderful guitar skills he wrapped up the song with a few chords as Edge filled the arena with his beautiful voice. I was standing next to Edge holding onto him thinking this was too good to be true.
All of the lights dimmed and then fully went out. Where was I supposed to go? Someone was holding my hand and leading me to who knows where. We went down steps and then entered a lit room.
"Bono is trying to steal you from me." It was Larry quite surprisingly.
"Hi," I said still shocked it was he who wanted me. He was still holding my hand when Adam came up to us. "What are you trying to do Larry? Stop flirting with her. Sorry love." Adam leaned up against the wall with his arm. "So busy after the show?" he asked me.
I smiled at Adam thinking, wow half of U2 is right here flirting with me! "No…you're too cute." He flashed back this beautiful smile that I can't even describe.
"Im busy!" Adam replied a bit annoyed.
"Just give me a second of your time!" The man yelled back.
"Oh all right… Don't leave ok?"
He smiled again as Larry threw him a dirty look and beamed at me.
"Oh god you're hot," I said letting it slip. Larry was holding my hand again and he was closing in on me. Larry Mullen Jr. was going to kiss me this is too unreal.
"Are you all right?" Someone was shaking me so I would wake up.
"Huh?" My lips were puckered out towards Edge.
"I just wanted to make sure you were all right, you felt hot," he said slightly embarrassed.
"Oh well that's because I was with the band."
The Edge didn't even ask he just backed up and sat on my bed. "I'm really glad you're coming home with me. I promise you'll have a good time. Which reminds me, we'll have to get your room painted and decorated."
"Sweet," I said with a yawn.
The Edge didn't have too many items in my room so he didn't have much to collect for his departure the next day. After we got in our pajamas we were going to go over our plans.
"So Edge I'm going to take a plane up to Boston by myself right?"
"Actually I'm just gonna have a guard pick you up at Newark airport."
"I thought you guys didn't use security. I mean only of course for concerts."
"We do when we have to, like if there are crazy fans around," he winked.
"Well I guess you all should have one when I'm around," I said jokingly. "So I should bring everything with me?"
"Only clothes and main things that you should keep with you. But your books you all ready have read and posters for your new room we will send them to this address."
"Yessss! I'll have Dave Evans address and I will sell it on ebay!"
"Who's Dave Evans? Only the government knows me as that," he smiled while being quite serious.
"Okay, Edge. I've been you think I could help with Music Rising?"
"You would want to?"
"Yeah. I'm a huge supporter of One too if you didn't know that all ready."
"That's very generous of you, I'd like that alot for you to help. And yes I know you support One, I noticed the bracelet. You and Mr. Vox will get along quite well."
"Great! Thanks Edge! Me and Mr. Vox will get along very well I suspect."
The Edge smiled almost laughing. "Maybe too well."
"So do you want me to wake up when you do then Edge?"
"Well stupid me was thinking it would take around ten hours to get to Canada but that's by car. So by plane I wont have to leave here till around sevenish."
"So I'll be able to say bye to you then?"
"Yeah…Did you happen to catch the new video?"
I giggled. "Yeah I did."
"What was with the cute laugh?"
"It was a great video." The Edge looked at me with disbelief.
I continued talking, "Meaning you guys looked extremely hot in it." The Edge bursted out into laughter. "I can't wait to tell the band this. I must quote you."
I laughed with him and then asked, "You think my laugh is cute, huh?"
The Edge was completely speechless. He looked at me with those ever changing green eyes curiously. Edge couldn't be my father. We were getting along so well and we had so much in common. Is this what it really was like to enjoy your father's comapany? We kept eye contact then Edge cracked and smiled so I did too.
"You can't avoid the subject of U2 being a beautiful band."
"You can't avoid the subject of me having a cute laugh," I told him.
"Of course I adore the way you laugh!" He said sarcastically.
"Thank you and yes U2 is the most beautiful band!" I said truthfully.
"Good I'm glad we're being honest with each other and I think everything is in order. I hate the feeling I'm doing business with you."
"Yeah…Edge what should I do about my cell phone?"
"Oh I never though about that. I'll buy you a new phone in France or Dublin which ever house we might be in. As for now you may give your friends my cell number so they can call you."
"Great." Now that reminded me of my friends. How could I leave them behind? Then I remembered how sometimes they ditched me I think it was time I returned the favor.
"You can have friends visit and of course airfare is on me."
"Really? The Edge wow! That's real generous of you to do that but how could I accept it?"
"I have some spare change for it. You know me, Larry, Adam, and Bono have the penthouses too so when we go there your friends are welcomed too. You can visit them in Pennsylvania anytime same goes for your family."
I beamed at The Edge and out of nowhere threw my arms around him.
"Thanks!" He hugged me back but my hug was a bit violent and it knocked him over. I got up and said, "Sorry I was Out of Control but ya know you get like that when you're Trying to Throw Your Arms Around the World."
"You just wanted to quote some U2 songs," he said with a smile.
"I did?" I asked stupidly.
"11 o clock tick tock," he said naming a U2 song.
"You don't do it right Edge! I know it's time to go, I hear the children crying take me home! See that's implying it's getting late and not specifically the time. So it's good because it's not eleven now but it's getting late. Am I making sense?"
The Edge was gaping as if he didn't understand a word that came out of my mouth. "Obsessed…. I like it! But he said with a little sigh, "You're too much like Bono! Definitely you two will be up all night discussing philosophy and the meaning of U2 songs."
I put a dreamy look on and replied, "Yes… I've been looking forward to that night." I returned to being my slightly normal self and said, "Well what about you? We're going to have lengthy discussions on every subject of music, right?"
"Well yeah we've been together what? One full day and every minute of it has been really cool. But as soon as you're with me longer we'll get into music, that's a promise."
"Yes! I can't wait!"
Edge patted my hand and then retreated to the couch to prepare to get some rest tonight.
No U2 dreams that night, unfortunately, but who needed them when the guitarist was in my room. I slept soundly unlike the night before. My life was actually starting to become interesting and I was loving every minute of it.
Of course there was a little bit of sadness inside me because I was leaving the people I loved and the ones who loved me. But the joy inside of me overtook any grief. All I was thinking was: I, Adrienne well 'Evie' was going to meet U2.
Chapter 4
"Being mean to Larry"
The annoying loud ring of my alarm clock was buzzing in my ears. The Edge stirred on the couch and got up to turn it off. My mind was telling me to start getting ready for school but my body refused to listen. I went against my body's wishes and rolled out of bed. Was it really that time all ready?
I threw two little pastries in the toaster and watched the flourescent lighting turn on.
"Here have a popmart, you poptart," I groaned handing the poptart to Edge.
"Don't mind if I do."
Like all mornings this one was just as torturous. The only difference was Edge was in my house cheering me up every corner I turned.
"I know this sounds stupid but do you want some company at your bus stop?"
"Yeah I would love it. I'm usually alone."
"Well I guess I'm going to leave as soon as I get back to your house."
"Oh." There wasn't anything I could think of saying to him at that moment. There had to be something I could babble on about. "I'm so excited to come live with you! But the truth is I'm really nervous to meet the rest of the band. I mean you remember how I fainted when I saw you."
"I was a surprise at least you know about meeting everyone else."
"I'll miss you The Edge." I said as soon as I heard the light roaring of my bus nearing.
"I'll miss you too Evie, Adrienne."
"I'll see you in a week." I said nervously thinking about my first meeting with U2 will go.
"God bless." I gave him a hug but pulled away quickly thinking maybe we shouldn't have said goodbye that way.
"God bless." Before I entered the little orange bus Edge tapped me on my shoulder and gave me a huge hug. "I didn't think I properly returned yours." I smiled at him after I heard the loud sigh of my bus driver. Could he not see that Edge was saying bye to me?
I put on Van Diemen's Land and smiled, thinking to myself that the man singing so beautifully in this song I just hugged. Truly I wasn't that sad about getting out of Pennsylvania, because of the not so pleasant moments. But I was allowed to visit anytime I wanted to. Besides my intuition was telling me that I was making the right decision and life would be getting better. One more week of school. So how exactly was I going to break it to my friends?
"Guys I'm going back home with The Edge. He said I can visit anytime or you guys could come to the New York penthouse, or their house in France, or the one in Dublin. He even would pay for your airfare."
"Take me with you! Adopt me!" Jess S. pleaded.
"Umm… The Edge didn't mean visiting quite like that."
"But you're actually going then," Liz asked me.
The rest of my friends were silent. I don't know if it was because they were still in disbelief or if they thought I was crazy.
"I'm leaving in a guys can say something!"
None of them really had comments or anything at all to say to me. Frankly I was shocked usually they could get quite critical. The day went along okay just awkward. For some reason something always has to happen in one of my classes. That class happened to be third period, Geometry. When I walked into the classroom my evil teacher called my name.
"Class read page 294 and I'll be right back. Adrienne come outside in the hall." I walked into the hallway not knowing what I was in for. Maybe Nelson heard me cursing his name..finally.
"Why are you transferring out of my class? You're not a smart student I know that. Is that the reason you're leaving? And why didn't I hear this from you personally?" Mr. Nelson was yelling at me for no apparent reason.
Calmly I replied, "Mr. Nelson I'm leaving the school." He was about to yell at me again but I interrupted, "And leaving this country, I'm moving to Europe. Would that be all Mr. Nelson?"
His bright red face was turning purple. I left him standing in the hallway to let him cool off. The rest of the class he ignored me. If that was supposed to be a punishment then I should get in trouble more often.
I don't want to talk about the rest of the day because I can describe it in one word: boredom. There was even more tension at home then there was at school. I just went to my room, did my homework, and started to pack. I managed to put all my DVDs, books, notebooks, and any toys I wanted into a box. Then all my magazines, newspaper articles, posters, and pictures that were in my room were organized into another separate box. At dinner I didn't say much the whole procedure of me leaving was discussed. I all ready knew about everything that was going to happen. So that was my day. I was glad to be going to Ireland. You know why? This year my cell phone didn't ring as much, Friday nights seemed dull and friendless; I was growing apart from my friends, and didn't have hope. Freshman year was gone and I just wanted it back. My mom seemed like she was never home anymore and always at work. Hitler aka my "father" was the only one home. There wasn't much to do around here so I went to bed how exciting! My dream took place in the 90s and I was as old as the U2 band members. I was walking down a street in New York City when a car pulled up next to me. The limo's window rolled down and a lovely man greeted me. "Hello love."
"Need a ride?"
"Sure." He got out of the limo and kept the door opened for me. "You're some gentleman Bono." He took my hand and kissed it which reminded me of a previous ecounter with a fake Bono.
"For you I would be anything." I kind of wanted to laugh but instead blushed and smiled at the same time. When I entered the limo I was surprised to see the rest of the band. Usually they had their own separate limos. Edge and Larry were next to each other while there was an open seat next to Adam. When I sat next to Adam he put his arm around me. Beaming at me he said, "Well I'm sure glad to see you again." This must have been a sequel to my last dream except it was a decade later.
That would be the only way it could make sense to me. Embarrassed and excited I said, "You know how much you attract me when you smile." "Why do you have your hands on my girl?" Bono asked.
Before Adam could answer Edge said, "Come on Bono! Can't we share?"
Bono looked quite serious, a little too serious I found it funny. "Well since the holidays are close." I think this was just their witty humor coming out again. Adam kept his arm around me while Bono sat with his arms folded like a child who just had a tantrum. It was so adorable so cute and hard not to give in. We stopped at a restaurant and Larry, Edge, and Bono got out of the limo.
"We'll be right there," Adam shouted. "Thanks for staying with me for the ride."
There was some awkward silence and then he said, "Maybe if I'm lucky I'll able to snatch you again." He kissed me on my cheek. I blushed and said, "Did I mention you have really nice eyes?"
"No," Adam replied and beamed. He was obviously enjoying the compliments. He took my hand, got out of the limo and that's when I kissed him back. I saw Adam Clayton blush for the first time. "Too cute," I said.
We all got seated in a little private area located in the restaurant. Bono pulled my seat out for me to sit before Adam could. Edge and Larry were next to me so Bono and Adam wouldn't quarrel. Before Bono left he asked Larry, "Can I trust you with her?" Larry nodded and then turned to face me.
"I thought he would never leave. I'm Larry, the drummer and also the sneaky one."
I laughed. "No need to introduce yourself I know who you are Larry."
"Good," he replied." You should also know me as the one who almost got you. I've been meaning to do something though." Before I knew it I was making out with Larry, this was obviously a dream. Okay five minutes….ten minutes. Who cares about time?!
"Wow great I stopped and they aren't back yet! We could have had at least another five minutes!" With a dreamy look on my face I nodded and smiled. "We both waited too long for that," Larry said with a wink. Two seconds later they all returned from the bathroom. We ate, drank, and basically just had a really great time. Walking out I got to hold hands with Bono Vox. He made sure he got a seat next to me this time. In the limo Bono pulled me so close to him and I couldn't have been happier. He could tell. Accidentally I fell asleep on Bono's lap and by the time I woke up I noticed the band had vanished.
"I want to show you something ok?" How could I say no? As the ride went on Bono still held me close. He kept giving me little pecks on my lips. Why did he have to tease me? Bono flashed a smile at me while I melted in his arms.
"I love you Bono."
"I love you too Evie." Why did he just call me Evie? Bono and I stopped at the Empire State Building where we raced to the top.
"Were you ever here before?" he asked. "Yes but not during the night." All of New York City was beautifully lit up, it was just so breathtaking. I looked over at Bono who was smiling contently and admiring the view. He turned towards me, still with that same smile. Why did he have to be so adorable? He took my chin and kissed me once more. We smiled and looked down awkwardly as if we were both too shy to do anything. Bono took my hand and began to hum "One". I joined in a little later once we were nearing the limo. It's pretty rare for you to be the only one with Bono so I took the time to appreciate his little humming he had going on. We walked back into the limo and I leaned my head onto his shoulder. I was kind of getting tired but I wasn't going to tell Bono that. After a few minutes I decided I really needed to look a bit more lively. Bono and I were suddenly making out. There was nothing leading up to it, somehow it just happened. My dreams never made sense but right now I didn't care about that.
"Wow you boys have been after me all night! Except for Edge. I want him." Bono chuckled. "Because that's what Edge does. He stays in the shadow and gets the girl. For me I just work my charm."
"It works all the time. You're just so charming."
" And you're beautiful."
"So are you." The dream became blurry and Bono became distant. No, no! Why did it have to end right now?!
A loud pounding noise was coming from downstairs, someone was at the door.
"Somebody get the door!" I yelled hoping someone would hear me. Nobody was home, I just remembered that everyone had errands to run. Cursing them under my breath I opened the door. It was Jess, what did she want this early?
"Morning," I said grumpily.
"Sorry did I wake you up?"
"Yeah and in the middle of a great dream too!" Jess had been my next-door neighbor for a number of years now. This wasn't the same Jess I went to school with though. She was nineteen yr old college student at Temple who was majoring in Journalism and Music.
"Well I wanted to see how you were doing," she said casually. "AND have you see the Enquirer lately?" she asked aggressively.
"Umm, no I don't read that stupid tabloid. In fact I don't read any tabloids." I answered. We walked into my kitchen and I sat down at the table to yawn and rub my eyes. Crap, I forgot to tell her about Edge. I didn't really have an opportunity before so I spilled out the last past two days now.
"What are the chances? An obsessed U2 fan and it turns out their father is the lead guitarist! But this makes a little more sense to me now," she said.
Jess slapped down The Enquirer. There on the front page was Edge and I. Suddenly I became more awake and alert. The title said, U2's lead guitarist The Edge and mistress. Mistress? I'm The Edge's mistress? My friends and I may have joked about me being U2's mistress or home wrecker as my friend Kavita calls me but this was just ridiculous.
"No one will believe this I mean this article is next to Elvis is still alive!" I said trying to convince myself.
"Just read the article," she replied gloomy.
I've heard of this magazine it was the same one that stated the apocalypse was near, aliens have landed in the US, and a real batboy was discovered. There was so many stupid stories in it. But now that I thought about it, The Edge knew something like this would happen. I was still wondering if he saw this yet. The cover all ready made me want to read more about the lies hidden in it. The picture wasn't exactly helpful either. We were in the guitar store and I was taking Edge by the hand to show him a guitar I liked. I was unnerved by how perfect that picture was so they could call me The Edge's mistress. I guess we would have to make it a public matter about who I was. But that's exactly what Edge didn't want. Was he embarrassed of me? Is that the reason he didn't want it to be public? I tried to put those thoughts out of my mind. So I turned to the main article about us.
There were many pictures: one of them was inside the store when we were laughing, another was when he grabbed my hand to run, one when we were running outside, and the last one was when I jumped into the car. After I felt sick from the pictures I read the article.

Dave Evans aka The Edge is the lead guitarist of U2. On Thursday, November 24th he was spotted in Guitar Center in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. A young girl (whom we suspect to be around the ages of 14-17) was seen with him. Between shows The Edge has been spending time with his young mistress. The Edge is not only cheating on his wife but is a pedophile too. The two were seen holding hands, laughing, and obviously flaunting their relationship. We luckily got a brief interview with the young mistress.
What's your name?
Do you have a romantic relationship with The Edge?
Do you realize he is a married man and being with you makes him a pedophile?
Yes, but that doesn't bother him and I don't care either.
So you find no wrong in it whatsoever?
No. How could you say it's wrong? We're in love.
And nobody else knows about your affair?
No, not that I know of.
We got to talk to her for a brief moment but we were able to research other facts about her. The two met at a U2 concert in fact she is a guitarist herself so we figure that's how they hit it off. This mysterious girl is just as bad as Edge himself. As for being a pedophile he covers it up by doing charity work like music rising. She is known for being a sweet quiet girl but now what we know of her people will think differently of her. As for how long they have been having their affair we think it started during the beginning of their Vertigo tour in America. Another sad fact is that Edge has children of his own. What his family thinks of this we don't know. Be sure to look for more information in our next issue.
Taylor S.

After I was done reading I wanted to cry. How could they write that about The Edge? He was the kindest man I knew and he was the farthest thing to a pedophile. To get my anger out I started yelling and venting, "They don't even know him! I may have only been with him for a couple days but I know he
the nicest man alive! Stupid tabloids! I need to do something about this! It isn't fair to The Edge! This is ridiculous only the fans won't believe this."
"It's okay calm down," she said trying to reassure me. "The first step would be to call Edge. Maybe his publicist can do something I don't know. But seriously how did this tabloid get these pictures? I mean either you two were holding hands or they did a great job using Photoshop. Explain."
"I grabbed his hand because I was pulling him away from the basses to show him the guitar he had that was so cliché. The other picture we were about to get swarmed by fans so he grabbed my hand to run. He didn't want to loose me to the fans. We weren't holding hands," I explained.
"They were just at the right place at the right time."
I shook my head and replied, "Yeah. I can't believe people. He's a really generous, kind soul. It seems like we're always trying to get rid of the good people by making lies about them to make ourselves look better." I felt my eyes watering with anger. There was silence for a little bit and then I said, "I'm going to get dressed and call Edge. But I don't think I'll even be able to tell him."
Even though I had so much fury inside myself I was able to get ready calmly for the day. After I was done getting ready I went back downstairs to find Jess was watching TV. Extra was showing something on Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson's separation, and then unfortunately they showed me. Edge and I were on the show, another bad thing.
"The Enquirer made a startling discovery about U2's lead guitarist, The Edge. More information on this article was passed on to us. The teen mistress seen with The Edge in these pictures is now pregnant with his child. From what we know she will deliver the baby and raise her or him. More information will come as we receive it."
My mouth was hanging open completely shocked. How much further did they want to take this? Now supposedly I'm pregnant? What next the baby is an alien? They were taking this way out of proportion. I got myself together and quickly dialed The Edge's cell phone.
"Hello!" I said slightly angry.
"Hello?" It wasn't Edge. Great.
"Is The Edge there?"
"No, he's not here right now."
"Fine, bye," I replied. Frustrated I hung up.
For some reason it just reminded of me of the VH1 special when Larry picked up Bono's cell phone to tell some random person that he was not there at the moment. Five seconds later I realized something.
"Oh my god, Jess! I just talked to Larry! It was Larry who answered Edge's cell phone." I started talking uncontrollably. "My first words to Larry and I sounded mean. Did I sound mean? I didn't really do it on purpose. I'm just really frustrated. Oh wow Larry Mullen Jr! I hope he didn't know it was me because I don't want him getting the wrong impression. But how would he know it was me? Unless Edge has me on his phone and has caller id. Most standard phone do have caller ID so I suppose Larry knows. But there is a chance he didn't look before he picked it up. Please stop me from talking to myself anymore!"
"You're just so excited that you got what? Five words out of Larry?"
"It was more than five words it was like ten." My phone started ringing and I quickly answered it hoping that Larry was calling me back to make sure everything was okay.
"Edge thank god!"
"I saw someone called and Larry told me you were looking for me."
"Larry! So he did know it was me! Tell him I'm so sorry for him having to deal with me. I love him!"
"Okay I will."
"Edge did you see The Enquirer or Extra?"
"No, why?"
I sighed and explained every detail of the paper, which I read to him and about Extra.
"This is worse than what I thought would happen."
"So what are we going to do about this?"
"We're not going to make a big deal out of it and we'll lie low for a while."
"Why can't we just tell the truth? Then everything will stop. I can't stand how they're saying lies about you. Especially how they think it's a cover up for all the good you do."
"Because then it will be a public matter and I don't think it should be. Don't worry what they say about me."
"Are you embarrassed of me?" I had to ask because curiosity killed the cat.
"No why would you say that? My life and everything going on shouldn't be known to the world it should be private. That's the only reason."
"I think you should go back to your sound check."
"I have some time."
"You know what the great thing about a phone is?" I hung up. My eyes were stinging with tears pouring down from them.
"What's going on?" Jess asked.
"He doesn't want to make it a public matter. I don't either but the lies are so hurtful. I don't care about myself."
"You mean Edge? I don't think he knows how much you really care about him."
"Well he should now."

Chapter 5
"That guy Bono"
An hour passed and we flipped through every TV channel. Mainly because I wanted to know if there were anymore new lies made up.
"Okay let's do something besides watch TV." Jess said sounding tired.
"Let's go to the mall. I need a new outfit for my concert and of course you want something new too for when you meet U2."
I agreed and told her I needed to take my dog out first. Since she was ready and didn't need anything from her house she waited inside mine. My dog took a good ten minutes of my time, which annoyed me. When I got back inside Jess handed me my cell phone.
"Okay you need to answer your phone when a celebrity calls for you." So that's how she greets me.
"Bono called."
My jaw dropped and I tried to comprehend what Jess just said.
"I missed a call from THE Bono Vox?"
"Um, yeah how may people have the name Bono?"
"Talk! Tell me everything!"
"He called and told me that Edge wasn't himself for the rest of the sound check. He doesn't blame you but hopes you can knock some sense into him. And for some reason he never gets to talk to you personally so to quote him, "I love you."
"Bono said I love you to me?"
I squealed with excitement. Bono said 'I love you' to me! Well not directly but he wants to!
My phone began going crazy on the couch between the vibrating and the ringtone blasting through it's little speaker.
"Hullo." He sounded a bit depressed.
"Yeah look about before, you were being logical. We're going to tell the truth and I want people to know you're my daughter. I'm not the slightest bit embarrassed of you. I'm proud of you and of course I want to show you off."
"Did Bono talk to you?"
"Good old Bono."
"So this is what we're going to do. Paul is going to stop all these rumors. He's always so reliable. Then the way we're going to get the message out that you're my daughter is going to be on TV. Quite soon we're shooting a song to be shown on the Johnny Cash tribute on TV. So it won't be live. Before we play you can say whatever you want or I'll introduce you. It's entirely up to you."
"Do you still want to come live in Ireland with me?"
"Of course. I just don't want people talking about you in that manner. It doesn't matter what they say about me."
"You're really selfless. Did you know that?"
"No…no. That's you. I have a long way to go before I'm like you. I'm more of a selfish brat."
Then before anyone of us could say anything Jess interrupted.
"Oh my god it's Bono!" How stupid was I? I scanned the room while she stole my phone.
"Look Mr. Edge Adrienne just cares for you so much, she loves you. Obviously you don't see it."
I took my phone back so it was just me and Edge again.
"Don't mind Jess she only meant good."
"I know and you can let her know of course I see how much you care for me. I hope you know that too. But more importantly do you forgive me?"
"The Edge that's not the question, the real question is do you forgive me? I think that Irish temper of mine is getting a little out of hand. I'm sorry I hung up on you. That was rude."
"You were just mad I'll definitely make it up to you in New York."
"I knew I loved you for a reason. Until Thursday?"
With a laugh Edge replied, "Until Thursday."
"Oh wait! Tell Bono the day will come when we'll be able to talk to each other. And I love you more."
"Okay not even going to ask love."
With a smile on my face I said happily, "Let's go to the mall."
Jessica's car was parked just outside of her house. We took off without letting anyone know where we were going, typical us.
"So what stores do you want to hit?" she asked me.
"Waldenbooks is a given, Suncoast, PacSun, and maybe Deliah's."
"Okay, I was thinking of looking in Wet Seal for something."
"All right. I don't care because I'm in a great mood right now."
"Then let's put some Panic at the Disco in!"
"Or maybe U2?"
"Well since you're leaving soon we can listen to some U2."
"Yes! So who are you going to see in concert anyway?"
"Fallout Boy."
"Oh um that's great but Fallout Boy sucks."
Jess ignored what I said and babbled on, "Yeah it's going to be awesome. Pete Wentz is so hot! He's a great bassist." Then I stopped paying attention because it seemed like hours of driving and her talking about Peter Wentz. We finally arrived at the mall. Our first stop was Waldenbooks where I picked up a Jeffrey Sachs book. Then we went into Wet Seal where Jess found what she wanted. PacSun had what I wanted which was a green long sleeve shirt that had black target signs on it. I then picked out a pair of jeans to go with it.
"And why couldn't I just wear my U2 shirt?"
"Because they'll be expecting it and you want to use the element of surprise."
"Oh yeah…'You know I love the element of surprise'. In "Until the End of the World" Bono says that."
"FREAK!" she yelled in her usual tone of voice. For some reason Jess always said that.
"Jess, I'll miss you saying that."
"I know and I'll miss saying that to you. It's gonna be so different when you leave. And do you actually think you'll want to come back and visit? This is your dream."
"I won't forget about anybody, I promise. I'm not gonna lie I know I'll probably get all caught up in Ireland but I will come back some time."
"I trust you to do that," she said as we entered FYE.
I picked up the best of The Cars, Poison, and Miles Davis and bought them quickly. Jess had purchased a few CDs too but they probably weren't as good as mine. When I was going to leave the store someone tapped me on my shoulder. As soon as I turned around I was blinded by a flash of light.
I ran with my eyes closed half way into JC Penny's mens' section. We put some random suits on top of our clothes to disguise ourselves. No one from FYE seemed to have followed us so we took the suits ofd and ran to Jess' car.
I sunk into the seat and tried to calm down. My breathing was so heavy I thought I was going to have an asthma attack. Even though I don't even have asthma.
"How do people actually notice me? I mean how many really read tabloids?"
"I hate to tell you this but I think the local newspapers had an article about you too."
"But I'm not a celebrity!"
"You know a celebrity."
I nodded knowing that much. "Well if this is the price of knowing Edge then I'll accept it."
"Pssh. You'd do anything to know him, face it."
"Pretty much so."
We rode home listening to the Best of 1990-2000 of U2. Jess actually bought that CD, I didn't need it since I owned every bloody U2 song ever made. By the time we got back home my parents' cars were parked in the driveway.
"Do you want to stay for dinner? I don't have much time left here so…"
"Yeah, sure. As long as I can talk about Fall Out Boy for hours."
"You better be kidding. But of course I'll be talking about U2 for hours."
"Okay deal. I'm going back to tell my parents not to make any dinner for me. Luckily yesterday I finished my report."
"K, I'll tell everyone that you're coming over."
Back inside my house everyone was doing their own thing when I was bombarded by my sister.
"Where were you?" Logayn asked demandingly. I rolled my eyes in annoyance. Did she have to be such a bitch all the time?
"Why do you have to know everything?" I asked nastily.
"Because. You just do whatever you want to."
I shrugged it off and found my foster parents in the basement.
"Jess is coming over for and dinner and you better tell Logayn she needs an attitude adjustment."
My dad replied unkindly, "You're the one who needs an attitude adjustment."
"Why do you both have to make me feel bad? It's just because I'm leaving too! Can't you just be happy for me? I found my real family. If Edge never came and gave me this opportunity I would be really miserable."
I ran up the steps before they could apologize. We normally get into an argument, and then right away they say 'sorry'. It's stupid, why get into the dispute in the first place? After ten minutes of playing video games, as I predicted, my foster parents entered the room.
"Look Evie we're upset, of course, and I know we're being irrational about the entire matter, especially your father. And of course you know its because he's jealous of Edge," my mom said.
"Because you have a new father and I'm being replaced. I want to say I'm sorry about your mother too. Plus you like The Edge better, and I guess I would too. I didn't treat you as an equal now that I think about it," my dad said trying to apologize. It sounded forced but sincere.
"I think everyone is being irrational including myself. I don't know why either," I replied agreeing.
The doorbell rang and since I had psychic powers I knew it was Jess. Being lazy I let someone else answer the door.
"Okay let's have dinner," my mom said.
Dinner was lackluster as accustomed, no real conversation. I went to my room and decided to pack some more as Jess went back home. This box was being shipped straight off to The Edge's place. I placed my stuffed animals in one, then my trophies in another, and little knick-knacks in a box. My softball trophies made me want to cry. Memories were being thrown into a box like they meant nothing at all. For being on a crappy softball team I still tried to win even though it seemed hopeless. First place in the spelling bee, a mini sculpture my foster parents bought me, and more of that sort. Bad and good memories flooded into my mind. Every item had some sort of history or past time. I was going to Leave It All Behind but how was I really going to do that? I wanted to go to bed, so, the last thing I did was pack my movies. Friends seasons, Jim Carrey movies, and all of my U2 concerts on DVD. My books also got piled into there; everything from A Series of Unfortunate Events to political books. I decided I would even send my pile of magazines except for one. My sister had been begging me for the issue of EW with Green Day on the cover so I set that one aside.
. My room was starting to look empty and it felt that way too. I still had my alarm clock, a money sorting machine, my camera, jewelry boxes, and my radio left. Of course there was still my clothes to pack but that could wait. I put my pajamas on and went to bed. Dreams had been coming more often these days. U2 dreams used to be rare but they were quickly becoming quite common. This one was different from all the rest I had. My viewpoint was from a baby that I guess was supposed to be me. U2 was there including their wives or girlfriends.
"Oh Edge she's beautiful!" Bono commented.
"Yeah she doesn't look too much like me that's why. She looks like Aislinn," Edge explained. Awesome! He was weaing his Zooropa beanie!
"Would you like to hold her Bono?" my mother asked.
"I would love to," Bono answered. He took me into his arms gently and held me close.
"Hello little Evie. I'm Paul but I call myself Bono. You're so beautiful and someday you're going to be like your daddy. You'll be sitting there with a six string perhaps a les Paul." Bono was going to go on but Ali interrupted.
"Bono!" Ali exclaimed. "Are you trying to plan her future? She's just a baby!"
"It's never to early to start!"
Bono kissed me and then passed me off to a patiently waiting Ali. Her motherly touch was familiar to me somehow. She wasn't talking to me about guitars but just how muched everyone loved me.
"Adam I believe it's your turn."
Adam Clayton had blonde hair and looked as he did in Achtung Baby. He smiled at me and since I was a baby I couldn't tell him how much I loved his smile. So I did what a baby does. I let out a cute giggle and made a grab for him. His girlfriend Naomi said, "Aw! I think Evie likes you Adam!" Adam blushed and looked at me fondly.
"Yeah she does but don't get any ideas Adam Clayton," Edge said jokingly.
Adam kept me for a while but then Naomi came up to him.
"Dear do you think it's time you gave her up for a little?" Naomi took me without Adam's consent. Naomi was different I don't think she cared much for me because she handed me over to Larry right away.
"Let's see what the big fuss is about you…Well you are cute...yeah. One day you are going to be a great drummer." Larry walked over towards Bono who wanted to give me something.
A little white box with a green ribbon attached to it was pulled out.
"Oh Ali, Bono you didn't have to." Aislinn, my mother smiled.
"It's just something small," Ali replied. The Edge opened it and started to laugh at the little gift.
"Bono do the honors," Edge said still chortling.
He took the mini black skullcap and put it on my head. "With the power vested in me, Bono Vox I dub thee little Edge," he said seriously as everyone else around him was laughing uncontrollably. I wondered how Bono was keeping a straight face.
It was time for a toast. "If anyone wants a drink come upstairs," Aislinn said.
"I'll stay down here with Evie," Adam offered.
"It's okay Adam I'll do it," Larry said.
"I don't know if I really need that shot you guys go ahead. Evie and I have things to discuss anyway," Bono chimed in.
"Please U2 go ahead," Adam said as he pushed Bono and Larry up the steps. Adam held me and sat down on the leather couch. "You know how many people love you? I sure do. You're going to be a really great bassist and maybe I could help you on the way." Adam paused and smiled gently at me. "Edge is going to care for you and never let anything bad happen to you. And I'll always be there if he ever needs help."
Naomi was the first one down with two drinks in her hand. "Here I brought something for you." I think she was going to curse me and then tell Adam off for not paying enough attention to her. But everybody came downstairs again so Naomi didn't have the chance to say anything.
"Hey Adam!" Bono said. "Do you think I could hold Evie again? I want to teach her "All I want is You"." Adam looked at him oddly but gave me up unwillingly. Bono was humming and I felt myself drifting off in his arms.

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I love this!
So glad you decided to post it!

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Interesting idea, but are you sure you're not taking this a bit too far?? I mean, might be just me but the relationship you seem to have with Edge in your story isn't exactly the relationship a girl would have with a father she hasn't seen in 14 years... it's a bit too... close... and it sounds a bit too far to the pedo side... just like those dreams... you made it sound like the guys all fancy you

perhaps you wanna watch out with that a bit, I'm not entirely sure if it's all according the FAQs here...

this was not meant to stop you from writing ofcourse, just to make you think about what you're writing there and if it could hurt others who might read this..
Originally Posted by GraceRyan View Post
And if U2 EVER did Hawkmoon live....and the version from the Lovetown Tour, my uterus would leave my body and fling itself at Bono - for realz.
Don't worry baby, it's gonna be all right. Uncertainty can be a guiding light...
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I agree with you GG :

I'd encourage you to continue writing Adge but keep within the Fan Fiction Forum guidelines
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Okay, I wrote the beginning about two years ago and I tried rewriting but I couldnt get into it. Ill admit I guess there was a little flirting between Edge and Evie because I was putting my own emotions into the story but I really tried not to. As for the dreams, I dont really see the harm in that I mean its not actually happening.
And the flirting with the band is just one huge joke although I havent even posted that part of the story.
Once you get past the beginning of the story it gets better since I writed more towards last year.
But now I feel a little uneasy about posting anymore of it. I didnt mean anything by the flirting at all. Of course I know our guys arent pedophiles or anything close to it.
I've seen other fanfics and the characters are romantically involved with them. I really saw no harm in it.
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Hi Adge!

Ok first off forgive me because I'm not too familiar with 'fanfic speak' but I'll try

I think maybe what may be bothering people the most is the pedophile part. Even though I know it was supposedly just the 'tabloid' thing, it stil might feel as if it is violating the FAQs in regards to getting a little too personal (there's a sticky here at the top of this forum with the basic rules). Also in regards to the interaction between Evie and Edge, being romantically involved with them is fine as long as it doesnt get too graphic, but I think the fact that you are 'related' to each other in the story may be what people may be having a problem with.

By all means feel free to continue the story, I would just keep these few points in mind
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Thanks Sicy!
Oh yeah I know the related thing, very creepy. But she just sees him as The Edge, not her father. Its not like that at all through the story, theyre just friends until the last couple chapters. The tabloid thing was supposed to put even more space between them.
I'll post some more and ill try looking it over to spot anything!
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and the whole thing with bono is just one huge joke is that still okay to keep in? Because it takes up a large portion of the beginning
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You mean about kissing and such with Bono?
I personally dont see a problem with it........ as long as you're not related
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Hi Adge

Maybe a good thing would be to put a disclaimer at the top of your story outlining the theme behind your story. Not all stories appeal to all people, and this is something quite different to a lot of other fanfic posted.

The very close relationship of a young, virtual stranger with the band is something a bit different. As Sicy says the kissing etc is within the rules, but it's probably the age difference between characters and intense closeness (no matter whether its a dream/story etc) that makes it perceived in a different light.

It's not that people are taking it seriously etc, it's just being aware of how even the most innocent of stories can be perceived. People know it's a story/fanfic, they know there are dreams in's just being aware that's all.

Don't take peoples criticism personally or as an attack, listen to it and grow from it. That's the beauty of this place, there's a lot of experience in writing on this board and people only want to help.

People are here because they love the band and respect their families. I've read a lot of this story via email from you. Just between you and me, and in the most respectful way, (and when you get to posting it ), the portrayal of some of the bands family in the version I read may want to be tweaked, or a really big disclaimer for the appropriate chapters may be the best thing.

Please don't take it the wrong way or get upset. It's not intended that way. I can see how much you love writing, and it's something you should keep working with.

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love, blood, life
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yea thats a good idea, thanks ^
btw do u want me to send uthe end?
i dont have ur email anymore
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Please continue your story Edgeistoosexy
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love, blood, life
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idk if i should because the flirting only continues and i cant rewrite the entire story
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The Fly
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its so good you have to keep writing some of teh dreams ar a bit wierd but its awesome all teh same.

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