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The Bass player & I Part 1...... Continued

Enjoy ladies ........and thanks for the comments !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bono looked at me curiously:-

"Alexandra Stein?"

"Well finally u remember me," *I looked back at him smiling*

Bono :- "Well what can I say , it's been four years ,plus u've changed ,ur goregous, er I'm not saying u weren't before,but,"

*Edge smiled as he hugged me*

"It's nice to see u again sweetheart , u could have called tho and said u were doing alright,"

Alex :- "Yea well............. I got back to NY and u know things were moving fast for me, " *I managed to take a short glance towards Adam *

Adam :- "So what brings u to Dublin then?"

*I looked at Adam *

"As I told Bono , I'm here on vacation, "

Adam :- "On Vacation ?" *he looked at me showing his smile*

Alex:- "Yea , depends on how I feel , maybe I will extend it,"

*Bono jumped in*

"Maybe u should , u know u've missed alot since u were here,"

"Well *I smiled at Bono* I have been hearing that the band has been doing well, and ur going to be touring soon?"

Edge :-

"Well yea............. we're looking forward to the tour ,maybe u should come to one when we come to NY,"

"And make sure to bring ur friend here, *Larry said as he winked at Karen*

*Karen faned herself and she stared at Larry*

"Hmmmmmm u looking at lil hot there , come.........join me for a drink," *Larry said as he put his hand out to hers*

Karen smiled :-

"Gladly .......... *she whispered to me* sorrry babe , but this is my once in a lifetime opp to be this close to Larry, gotta take it ,just as u gotta take this chance to make
amends with Adam" *And with that she took off with Larry*

*Edge looked at Bono*

Edge :- " Bono let's go back to our table , someone could steal our seats,"

*But.....*Bono protested* I wanna talk to Alex a lil, it's been a while,"

Edge :- "Adam and Alex has alot to catch up on, now come on,"

Bono :- "But............."

Edge :- "Bono ''Paul'' Hewson do not make me call Ali, cause u know if I do, ur punishment wont be nice,"

*Bono looked at Edge*

"Alright...........Alex I hope we see u before u leave?"

"Ofcourse," *I replied* *Adam and I watched the two leave*

*Adam looked at me smiling*

"Ummmmm do u want a drink....... would u like to sit?"

*I looked back at Adam*

"No I'm fine..............just a lil surprised to see u ........again , after so many years,"

Adam :- "Yea..........Yea I know what u mean , I didnt hear from u , u didnt write , was it that bad between us?"

Alex : "After the things we said to each other Adam , I wasn;t sure if it was a good idea to call or write, it was hard and I hurt alot, only u didnt know that,"

*Adam looked at me*

"I did know.............. only when I decided to call , u had already left Dublin , how could I find u?"

*I looked back at him*

"Looked * he sighed* we both said stupid f****** up things to each other, but ur here and I'm here and I don't want u to leave again without both of us putting this behind us, hey maybe u were sent here for a reason , and maybe I was sent here for a reason,"

*I looked at him and listened to what he said*

"Wow Adam , is that from ur own mouth?" *I smiled*

*He smiled back*

"Well I cooled down ........... and changed , and u , ur still beautiful and smart and sexy as always," *he grinned*

"Ur still the charmer rnt u,"

Adam :- "Well that's one thing I cant give up,"

Alex :- "Well that's one thing that always turned me on Adam ,that and u playing ur bass every nite to me before I fell asleep," *I smiled at him*

*We both decided that it was time for that drink , so both Adam and I walked over to the bar and ordered Irish Whiskey*

"So what r u up to in NY?" *Adam asked as he sipped his drink*

"Well ," *I replied* I'm still into creating Web Sites and I started my own company,"

Adam :- "Really? congratulations,"

Alex :- "Thanks , I've done web sites for some major bands , these last few weeks has been so stressed , I needed the time off,"

Adam :- "Well u always work hard , Karen was a good friend in bringing u here,"

Alex : *I stared at him into his deep blue eyes ......... they were so beautiful , so mysterious, I always lost myself in them*

Alex : *I shaked my head* So what have u been up to bass player"?

Adam smiled at me : "Bass player?"

Alex : " What?" *I grinned*

Adam :- "U'd usually call me that when u wanted "something"," *he grinned back*

*I continued to grin uncontrollably*

"And dont think I want that ''something'' now............. although I did miss ur romance a couple of days after,"

Adam :- "Did u now?" *he smiled*

Alex :" Yea........ well u know we.....were quite wild when it came to u know.......ummmmmmmmmmm.............," *I stared at the napkin*

Adam :- Sex?" *he said as he sipped his drink*

Alex : *I looked up at him* Yea.........Yea that.......... * I quickly grabbed my glass*

*Adam looked at me evilly*

"Well u know we could re-kindle that moment.............whenever u want too,"

*I looked at him , hating myself for bringing up that subject, one half of my brain telling me to say yes , can u come over tonite? , the other half saying dont be stupid girl , this is ur ex,"*

"Ummmmmmmmmm I........umm.... er think we should talk about something else," * I poured the rest of liquor down my throat*

*Adam smiled at me*

" Well it's good to know I can still make u blush ,smile and get turned on,"

"I'm not any of those," *I quickly replied*

"Oh no??????? so why r u turning red now?" *He smiled as he brushed a strand of hair from my face*

*I looked at him*

" I'm hot..........and u know how warm Irish Whiskey makes me feel," *I replied*

"Want another drink," *he asked*

Alex : No thanks , I'm good,"

Adam :- " Well everything is good with me , still enjoy being with the band , playing the bass , still single.........,"

* I looked at him*

"U............Adam Charles sexy bass player.......who super models and girls go crazy over , is still single?"

Adam :- "That's right.......... I wanna take things slow ,and dont just rush into a relationship, and I wanna make sure the next time I do fall in love , I know how to handle it and not make stupid mistakes,"

"Wow......... so.........ummmmmmmmm u intend on falling back in love?" * I looked at him*

Adam :- "Hopefully...........u know there's always a chance...........and faith......,"

Alex :- "And how would u know if it;s meant to be?"

Adam :- "Hey.........only faith can decide that , if it is meant to be ,then so it shall be," *he looked at me*

Alex :- "So I'm guessing faith decided that we weren't meant to be together for eternity,"? *I looked at him*

*He looked back at me*

"I guess faith wanted to teach us both a lesson..........we were together stayed great for three years ,then it crashed , things rnt always meant to be........ nothing is perfect,"

Adam :- "This is good u know,"

*I looked at him*


*He replied*

"Us................talking..........not cursing or throwing things,"

*I smiled back at him*

"Life is to short for bull shit, we gotta enjoy life , have a good time , u never know when it's gonna end,"

*Soon after Larry came back with Karen*

"So looks like everything is fine," *Karen said as she smiled at me*

Adam :- "Everything is great *he looked at me* Rnt they?"

Alex :-" Very well ," *I smiled*

Larry :- "It's good to see that , I'm sorry to be so rude but Adam we gotta get going,"

Adam :- "Alright, *then he looked at me* I'm so sorry we cant talk longer,"

*I looked at him*

It's ok .........I understand,"

"Maybe we can have lunch together sometime............. just as friends , I mean,"

*I smiled back at him*

"No problem................ *I reached into my bag and handed him the hotel card with the phone no* when ever ur ready u can call,"

*He reached and took it from me*

"Ok.......I will.............dont worry,"

*He looked at me and placed a soft warm kiss on my cheek*

"It's good to see u again luv , and thanks for not hating me,"

*And with that he and Larry both said their good nites and walked away*

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