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The Fly
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The adventures of Bono! The size of an Ant!

Not real just wrote it for fun.

It was a nice a sunny day in Dublin. People were out shopping little children were playing in the non-busy street. Than there’s Bono walking down the street. He would be driving but it was such a beautiful day. (OK he had lost his car keys but hey everyone does sometimes.) Anyway Bono walked up to The Edges house and knocked on the door. Edge answered and Bono said
“Well hello Edge lovely day out would you care to come a take a walk with me?” Bono asked
“Uh Bono I’m busy right now cleaning my lab and all since I have some time alone.” Edge said
“Oh Edge I can help you. I good at helping just ask….”
“OK OK you can help me clean just don’t start talking about all the politicians who said you were good at helping.” Edge said as he let Bono in. They walked down into Edges lab.
“All right I’ll clean here and you can clean the bathroom.” Edge said
“Ahh Edge that’s not fun.” Bono started to whine.
“If you clean the bathroom you can ride the floor buffer when its time the buff the floor.” Edge said
“You got your self a cleaned bathroom.” Bono said as he rolled up his sleeves (Nothing was more fun than riding a floor buffer.) Bono opened the bathroom door he turned on the switch.
“OMG When is the last time you cleaned in here?” Bono asked and heard Edge walking towards him Edge looked.
“Hmm looks like never well there’s cleaner in the cabinets over there.” Edge said and started picking up garbage and things. Bono walk over to the cabinet.
“What to use.” Bono looked at all the bottles all different colors.
‘That bathroom is gonna need a lot of cleaner.” HE said and grabbed an assortment of bottles went back to the bathroom.
“The toilet first” Bono hummed a tune as he poured varieties of cleaners into the toilet. The chemicals started to fizz and bubble. Edge was busy sorting out his file cabinet when he heard an explosion. Edge turned slowly hoping it didn’t come from the bathroom. It did Edge looked in the bathroom all there was a thick blue smoke every where. Edge quickly opened a window.
“What did you do? Bono… Bono.” Edge looked in to the bathroom after the smoke had cleared all Edge found was Bono sunglasses and a singe ring where his toilet use to be.
“OH no. Edge paced around he saw that Bono had used Edges experimental solutions instead of cleaners.
“Paul is gonna kill me.” Edge said than he thought who to call.
Ali was reading a book out on the patio when the phone rang.
“Hello” She answered
“Ali I have terrible news Bono came over and he wanted to walk but I didn’t so he decided to help me clean my lab and well I told him to clean the labs bathroom. Well he didn’t really use the right cleaners her use one of my experiments and well Bono’s, Bono’s” Edge started to cry
“What happened is he all right?” Ali asked
“Bono went boom he exploded the toilet and him with it!” Edge said
“HE what that’s impossible I’ll be right there call Adam Larry and Paul.” Ali said and hung up her phone.
Edge looked in the bathroom one more time thinking Bono had just played a prank on him. Nope he wasn’t there. Or was he little did The Edge know Bono may have exploded the toilet but Bono was now the size of an Ant!


Please tell me what you think.

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well it sorta makes me wanna know what happens next!

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funny !
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