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Surrender Chapter 7

Disclaimer: Totally untrue, don't know the band although I wish I did. etc, etc.....


Bono & Larry @ The Lyceum 01 feb 1981

End Of Chapter 6

Then it happened, as if fate & destiny conspired. The sea of thousands of bodies parted and Sadie had a direct uninterrupted view of the stage. Her heart stopped as she slid off the stool

“KISA!!” she whispered.

“Kiss her? Kiss who?? “Michael looked on bewildered as Sadie weaved her way into the thong of bodies. Maybe she was hinting at a threesome, he thought. Now with that scenario in his brain, Michael wanted.


Kim stood, waiting for the main men to take the stage; every inch of her being tingling with estrogen propelled pulses of pure adulterated wanton lust. What on earth was going on, she was only at a concert. Kim felt someone trying to muscle their way into her spot, she gave him a “don’t even think about it Mister” look and he pulled back.

A cheer went up and there they were; on stage right in front of her emerging to a roar of acclaim that took her aback; she tried to remain cool and swallowed her girlie scream, raising her arms to clap. Then Kim realized she had unwittingly positioned herself right in front of the Edge and he’d seen her; he smiled down at her and she smiled back as he began to twang his guitar as the set subtly opened with The Ocean.

Kim abandoned all decorum as the band launched into 11 O’clock Tick Tock, jumping along with the crowd. Then it happened, as the band moved seamlessly into Touch, Bono spotted Kim; she looked away embarrassed that he’d caught her staring at him.

Thank you
Don't mention it
I'm pleased to meet you
Don't think I'm very good at this
Let me show you

Bono sang as he exchanged glances with Edge.

I don't wanna know
I just wanna go

He looked at Kim as he sang removing the microphone from it’s stand, walking directly towards her, looking extremely hunky in his tight tartan pants and white shirt, with the long sleeves casually rolled up to his elbows. Dropping to his knees, Bono beckoned her to give him her hand.


The world is by your side
Did you find a place to hide?

I just wanna know
I just wanna go

T-t-touching you
T-t-touching you
T-t-touching you

He had stayed there holding her hand stroking it gently, it may have only been for a minute but to her it had felt as if time had frozen, her head had to tell her to remember to breathe; as Bono rose he winked at her making her swoon momentarily into a guy arms.

Kim looked at the guy and blushed, it was the guy she’d had pushed earlier. He smiled at her, supporting her until she’s regained her composure then he disappeared into the sea of bodies. Kim refocused on the band, Edge caught her eye, and he mouthed the words “Are you ok?” Kim nodded; he smiled refocusing on his performance.

The gig continued, there was no doubt that the band were in the zone tonight. The power coming from all four elements Bono's singing, Adam Clayton's bass, Larry's drumming, and The Edge's guitar added up to a performance of epic dimensions.

Kim looked at Bono as he took a breather; she saw a sudden change in his demeanor, his poise turned into a frenzied passionate pursuit of something he obviously wanted. She looked to see what had got his attention, she saw Sadie trying to get up onto the stage, Bono seemingly struggling to pull her up. Then suddenly he let go and moved away, cursing under his breathe. What the hell had gone on there? Kim wondered.


Bono knew tonight would be one of their awesome gigs. The crowd’s reception as they walked onto the stage had insured that; both the audience and he were up for it.

Bono powered his way through Ocean & Tick Tock. He glanced down at the set list as he finished his vocals, his memory falling to recall the next song, ahh yeah, Touch. He looked at the front row and smiled as he spotted Edge’s girl, who on realizing she been caught looking at him, blushed and turned her head.

.Thank you
Don't mention it
I'm pleased to meet you
Don't think I'm very good at this
Let me show you

Bono sang as he exchanged glances with Edge

Edge knew that look; it meant Bono was up to something devious

I don't wanna know
I just wanna go

Bono glanced at her, singing as he removed the microphone from its stand, walking directly over to her. He dropped to his knees and pleaded to her to give him her hand, as if hypnotized she handed it over willingly.


The world is by your side
Did you find a place to hide?

I just wanna know
I just wanna go

T-t-touching you
T-t-touching you
T-t-touching you

He stayed there holding her hand, gently stroking it with his thumb. He could tell she was charmed by his gesture, he loved the power he had over women; as he rose he winked at her and watched her nearly faint, luckily into Paul’s arms.

The gig continued, an amazing An Cat Dubh, gracefully moving to Into The Heart. Bono signaled for a pause,

“Tonight is the end of a complete stage for U2, with regards. A year ago when we came over here we played in support at some very small places; there were 700 people that were left outside tonight.” Bono spoke, his voice low and husky.

“We thank you. This is for Matt, the greatest barman in London Town, cheers Mate. This is Another Time, Another Place”, he turned to the boys as they launched back into an astoundingly powerful set.

Bono knew this was one of those performances where the audience moved in empathy with him; becoming enraptured and infatuated with the sways and currents running through the music. This was great as there were executives from Island records here tonight.

After an energetic Electric Co, Bono was thankful for the brief breather as the boys played “Things to Make and Do”. Suddenly he felt his soul’s essence being pulled stage left, he felt all spiritual and then he saw why, it explained all tonight’s feelings, there right in front of his eyes was Sadie.


“Feckin’ Mingin’ slag” Michael cursed under his breath. He had been just grand sitting there listening to U2 and drinking his whiskey. Now he was amongst the sweaty drunk limeys to fetch her back: she’d get a slap later for his trouble. No one disobeyed his orders or walked away without his say so.

He hadn’t thought she’d be that quick, her lack of height an advantage for once as she weaved her way to the stage. He just pushed people out of his path, he didn’t care: he stopped just behind her and accessed the situation. Bono was trying to pull Sadie on stage, he obviously wanted her, Michael knew that look; the glint an Irishman got in their eyes when they wanted a woman. Sadie was reciprocating, Michael could see that a mile off. Michael grabbed her jacket, so Bono was unable to pull her up onto the stage. Then he placed his hand on Sadie shoulder so Bono could see him. Bono looked at Michael and immediately let go of Sadie’s hand. He knew what the tattoo meant. No one got to play with Michael’s woman except him.


Bono rushed to her, his eyes weren’t deceiving him it really was Sadie. He reached for her hand put she couldn’t grasp it, again he tried and failed. On the third try he grabbed her, this time he wasn’t letting go of her, he wrapped his fingers around her tiny hand to strengthen his grasp. As he tried to pull her up, he found himself struggling, it wasn’t as if she weighed a lot, some force was stopping her. Then he saw a hand placed onto her shoulder. He looked at it then up at the man, he knew that tattoo anywhere; a green shamrock with a black heart in its middle, this fecker was an ó Murchadha. He quickly let go of Sadie’s hand, seeing the look of disbelief and bewilderment in her eyes as the man caught her. He turned his back, tears in his eyes as he walked away, every inch of his body aching to go back and grab her; his heart shattering into a thousand pieces. There’s nothing he could do now, if he did he knew he could endanger Sadie. How on earth had she ended up with one of them? He mouthed his obscenities and tried to refocus on the show, he continued ever the professional although inside his heart was breaking.


As Electric Co finished Sadie made it to the stage. She hadn’t a clue how to attract his attention, what if he’d forgotten her. She looked at him and wished with all her being that he would look her way. As if hearing her command he looked straight at her, Bono looked at her initially in disbelief and then rushed over to her, he knew who she was and he reached for her hand, missing on the first few attempts before grabbing her tiny hand so firmly with his big fingers he was hurting her. As Bono tried to pull her into his willing arms she sensed a presence holding her back.


She could smell his cologne, but she was mystified why he would stop her. She didn’t care she had finally got to KISA, destiny had handed her Michael to bring her back to Bono. Then she felt Michael’s hand on her shoulder, looking into Bono’s eyes she saw a look of angst and desperation as he released his grip on her hand, relinquishing her to Michael. Bono turned away from her, but not before she saw his tears, she just couldn’t understand why. What on earth had turned his obvious yearning for her so quickly, that he’d let her go?


The boys continued their set, Bono’s passion and anger taking his performance to another level. He needed to somehow convey to Sadie that he wasn’t leaving her, not totally anyway. The intensity of the feeling towards her had only got stronger on second sight confirming to him that they were soul mates. He had to make her understand that he’d find her again and then they’d be together.
As Edge powered into I Will Follow, Bono had a moment of inspiration, he hoped Sadie would understand his message...

On reaching the moment in the song he needed, he looked towards her, still standing there, with that brute’s arm now firmly around her waist as if she was his possession.

I was on the inside
When they pulled the four walls down
I was looking through the window, I was lost
I am found

Walkaway, walkaway
And you walkaway, walkaway-I will follow

If you walkaway, walkaway
I'll walkaway, walkaway-I will follow
(I will follow)

Your eyes make a circle
I see you when I go in there
Your eyes, your eyes
Your eyes, your, your, your eyes

He knew Sadie got the meaning, her eyes brightening with renewed hope, her lips curling into a slight smile but Bono sensed she was too petrified to signal her acknowledgement.


They were used to Bono needing time and space after a gig but tonight his behavior was perturbing to say the least. He locked the door and no one could get to him, and god only knew what he was up to in there.

“What is wrong with him? “ Edge’s voice full of concern

“I could see nothing behind my drums” Larry interjected.

“Sadie was here, he had hold of her and then he let go. She had a bloke with her but that doesn’t normally stop him pulling a girl onstage.” Adam looked at Edge.

“We’re going to have to break the door down” Edge looked at the others.


Ever since he’d let go of Sadie’s hand, the anger had built up within him, on stage he’d channel it into his performance but without that outlet it was now escalating rapidly to a crescendo of rage. As he reached the safety of the dressing room he locked the door, he’s breathing deep and heavy as adrenaline bumped through every vein, preparing his muscles for a brawl. Bono’s pupils dilated sharpening his vision, his awareness intensified; his rational mind was detached, his thoughts distorted he was ready to do battle but there was no one to fight. He looked around the room.

He charged at the refreshment table grabbing its edge, flipping it over. Glass smashed against the wall and floor, food scattered everywhere. Bono shrieked every swear word he knew, trying to get rid of this hatred he felt towards that brute. He carried on around the room with the bands bags and cases getting a good kick. Then he saw the mirror and picked up a chair, his intention to smash it: he saw his reflection; it horrified him, he looked no better than that brute that had Sadie, he put the chair down collapsing next to it, his head in his hands, tears on his cheeks.

“Shit” Bono sighed as he looked up surveying the mess he’d caused. He could hear the others outside trying to get in. He rose to his feet and walked to the door, the anger still inside him but subsiding as the seconds passed. He pulled the door wide and saw a flash run past him. Bono turned around to see Edge & Adam in a heap on the floor covered in the discarded food, neither of them looking too pleased.

Larry casually walked in and surveyed the scene and broke into hysterical laughter,

“Don’t you boys know by now, you’re meant to eat it not wear it”, his own joke making him laugh even more.

Edge lifted himself off the floor, and brushed himself down the best he could. He was more concerned with Bono than the stains on his clothes.

Adam tried to get up, but lost his footing and slipped on a muffin. He went tumbling back to the floor much to the others delights. He looked at Bono, his friend was laughing, so Adam started laughing too.

“Hey guys, you know I can’t resist slipping on a bit of muff” He joked trying to hide his bruised arse and ego.


The air could be cut with a knife. Sadie and Michael sat in stony silence as the Limo drove towards North London..

A solitary tear trickled down Sadie’s cheek, as she tried not to break down. She couldn’t comprehend what had happened tonight. She seen KISA or as she now knew him Bono, he’d reached for her then fled: then told her that he’ll find her again. She was totally confused. Now how would she explain her actions to Michael?

“You were out of order you know, “Michael’s grumpiness setting the tone

“I was? All I wanted to do was have a bit of fun! What was your problem?” Sadie responded trying to remain calm.

“My problem? What was my problem?? I tell you shall I, no one and I mean no one walks away from me, or ignore my requests. I was having a drink and then you walked off, and I had to go and rescue you, from all those sweaty men

“Sorry? You had to come and rescue me? “Sadie laughed meekly” I can look after myself Michael Murphy and don’t you forget it!! What is wrong with me wanting a little fun? I nearly got on stage tonight and you spoilt it by frightening Bono off.”

Michael turned and glared at her “It wasn’t me he had to get back to the mike to start the next song!! “

He knew he had to tell her something, when Bono had seen the tattoo on Michael’s hand he’d known instantly what it meant; Michael had been counting on it. No one touched his woman. Not even Bono.

“Bono was desperate to get you on stage wasn’t he? It was as if he knew you. I could tell that look in an Irishman’s eyes anywhere” Michael’s voice softened.

“What look? “ Sadie was interested in what Michael made of the situation

“The look of pure adulterated want, total lust, he wanted to shag you”

“He did? He must have good taste then, I obviously have what an Irishman wants” Sadie smiled at him

The last thing she needed was for Michael to know what Bono was to her and she was to Bono; well hoped she was. She hadn’t told him anything about that “incident”, she didn’t want to either.

Michael looked thoughtful

“True Sadie, Bono obviously has impeccable taste, wanting MY woman other any other woman there” he sounded almost proud of this fact.” Of course he can’t have you because your mine aren’t you Sadie”

“Yes Michael, I’m yours” Sadie heard the words but her heart and soul were miles away with Bono.

“Well then now, show your man just how much you love him” Michael winked at her glancing down as she heard him unzip his pants.


Paul walked into the dressing room

“What on earth has happened here?” he looked sternly around the room, looking at each of the boys in turn looking for an explanation.


“On second thoughts, I really don’t want to know. Bono I need you now, NME want an interview”

Bono walked across the room to Paul.

“The rest of you; tidy up this mess.” Paul gestured to the carnage as he shut the door.

“That’s bloody typical, Bono makes a bullocks of the buffet and we have to clear it up” Larry retorted

Edge looked at Larry “Lars we still don’t know why Bono done this. You and I both know about his temper, but this? “Edge gestured around the room.” This isn’t Bono’s style.”

“All I know is it’s something to do with that Sadie, Bono had her than he let go as if she was scolding him?” Adam rooted in his pocket, finding his lighter he sparked up, the joint dangling from his mouth, “What we need to find out is why, cos he hasn’t shut up about her and when he finds her, he loses her again, it just doesn’t make sense.”

“So who’s going to talk to him?” Edge knew the response before he’d finished the question

“You”; Larry and Adam responded in unison.

“Might have guessed Rhythm section united would volunteer me!” Edge poked his tongue out at Larry. “Come on the sooner we get started on this mess the sooner we get home.”


The limo pulled up outside Sadie’s flat.

Michael leaned over and kissed her on the cheek, “I can’t be bothered to come in tonight.”

“Sure, whatever you want is fine by me” Sadie was relieved that she would be alone; the last time she wanted tonight was Michael slobbering all over her.

“Make sure you’re ready at 8am, sharp, we need to get there in time, and the flights have cost me a fortune.” Michael making his demands clear.

“Yeah 8am, I know.” Sadie just wanted to get out now, wanted to run away from Michael and back to Bono’s arms.

Gloomy opened the door, helping Sadie out.

“Thanks Martin, you’re a true gentleman” Sadie smiled at him and touched his arm

“Thank you Miss Murray”. Gloomy loved the fact she called him Martin, she was such a sweet girl. He’d had to bite his tongue a couple of times tonight. Michael had cut it too close to the mark, making that poor girl feel guilty for something she didn’t do. He made a pact with himself that he’d make sure she’d come to no harm.

They waited until Sadie closed the door then drove off.


Sadie closed the door and heaved a huge sigh of relief. She waited a few minutes, and opened the door, just to make sure Michael had gone. Good he had. She shut the door, flicking the locks so she felt safe. She trudged to the cupboard taking a glass and the whiskey bottle. She paused, “Sod the glass” she muttered and put it away. She swigged from the bottle as she made her way to the bedroom, she sat on the edge of the bed removing her boots and clothing and headed to the shower, she needed to feel clean she felt so dirty.

Sadie finished her shower making her way to the bedroom, she felt better but so confused. She lay on her bed, naked not that anyone could see her; if they could she wouldn’t care. She took another mouthful of Jamieson. She lifted the hand that Bono had held; the one he’d squeezed so tightly, and placed it on her breast. Her tears started, turning into sobs of pain as the reality hit her. Bono was further away now than ever. He promised he would come for her but how long would she have to wait. And how would she explain it to Michael. As she fell asleep, the tears stopped and she dreamt of being with Bono.


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I feel so sad fo Sadie. Coulld you imagine Touching Bono, nowing that he wanted you, and then being pulled away from him....especially by that evil Michael

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i like it.
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Okay, I'm waiting for Bono to beat the out of Michael at some point!!
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Bloody Brilliant!!!

I could that Michael into yesterday!!
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Protecting my eyes ARRRR!!!
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Originally posted by bonoishot

Write faster. I need to know what happens in chapter 7.

That was fast. ^

On my way out but not i have some bedtime reading.

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Originally posted by Alisaura
Okay, I'm waiting for Bono to beat the out of Michael at some point!!
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More please! i love this story, Michael is such a
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More More!! Yes Yes!!

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