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Surrender Chapter 5

Disclaimer: Totally untrue, don't know the band although I wish I did. etc, etc.....


End Of Chapter 4

As the girls walked to the door to leave, Sadie wiggled her way to tease Michael, he watched her every move, she turned to blow him as kiss as Julie opened the door, and he smiled and winked at them both.

He smiled as he overheard her say to her friend outside, “God he is so hot. I’m wet just thinking about what I’ll get tomorrow night.”

God he was good. Michael Murphy was god’s gift to women, there was no doubting that. And he’d show her just what getting Irish into you meant.

Michael walked up to the bar, “Right then Paddy, where’s your protection money? “


“Bloody typical”, Sadie sighed as she opened her front door. It had started raining and she had to walk to the Dublin Castle to meet Michael. It wasn’t as if she was normally vain, but she didn’t want to give him any excuse to say no to “coffee” later. She grabbed an umbrella and locked the door.

As she walked up Cherry Tree Lane she wondered for the 100th time if she was doing the right thing. As Jules had said, it wasn’t as if she and KISA had been together, they didn’t even know each other. Maybe she was being childish, living in a fantasy world of knights and damsels in distress when really she should be living in the now and going out with a man as fine as Michael. It was just for some reason her heart wouldn’t let KISA go. She wished she could talk to her dad, he always knew what to say and do to comfort her: how she missed him, he was her security blanket, her comfort zone. Sadie was in no doubt that her fixation with Irishmen came from wanting to feel like that again, the man she would marry would be Thomas Murray cloned.

She reached the Castle, and looked down straightening herself out whilst holding the umbrella with the other hand. She wished there was away of getting to the ladies to check herself before walking in. Then it dawned on her, walk around the back and ring the bell, Molly or Paddy wouldn’t mind. She toddled around to the side door, she must look her best, she just must….


“Right, so Molly knows that she “offered” to cook” Michael looked at Paddy

“Yes, I said that I thought it would be romantic if SHE cooked for you both, a good old fashioned hearty Irish meal” Paddy answered nervously. He hated lying to his wife but he couldn’t endanger her, himself or Sadie.

“And if she finds out about our “arrangement” or anything I don’t want her to know, and I find out she got it from you, you know the consequences?” Michael demanded.

“Yes Mr. Murphy, I fully understand.” Paddy bowed his head, not in reverence to Michael but in shame

“That’ll be all for now, Sullivan. I’ll have a refill now, if you please” Michael surveyed his surroundings. No sign of Sadie yet but it wasn’t quite 7 o’clock yet. If there’s one thing he didn’t like it was lateness.

Paddy came back with a perfectly pulled pint, with a shamrock on top. “That’ll be….”

“Oh thank you, Paddy. You’re a fine man so you are, giving me a pint on the house!! ” Michael interrupted Paddy, staring right into his eyes daring him to ask for his money now.

“My pleasure, Michael”, sheepishly Paddy walked around the bar to collect the empty glasses

Paddy felt so weak not being able to stand up to Michael Murphy but how could he fight the ó Murchadha alone. And if he did they would undoubtedly take all he had worked hard for and they wouldn’t think twice about hurting him, Molly or even Sadie. Somehow he had to get Sadie away from this brute, but how? He prayed to the merciful Jesus to help him get them through this saga safely.

The door hinges squeaked as it opened. Michael looked over, hoping that hot babe was finally here. It was someone for him alright but not Sadie, a yuppie bloke obviously looking for more some goods. He hated the pompous eejits but hey they brought the goods and kept him in business. Michael gestured towards the corner where his boys were seated and walked over to deal with his client.


Sadie waited for what seemed like ages. Then the door opened with a bemused Molly standing there as it was unusual for anyone to ring the bell.

“Oh be Jesus, Sadie!! You scared the shite out of me” Molly panted holding her hand to her chest “I thought it was the garda”

“Sorry”, Sadie felt guilty for scaring her. “I need to just check everything is in place”

“ Ahh yes, the big date. He’s a fine catch that Michael. If I was 20 years younger you’d have competition” Molly expression softened. Sadie was like a daughter to her.” But there really was no need, you look divine, a gift sent from the good lord himself”

Sadie felt herself blush “You’re biased Molly.” She looked in the mirror and rung her fingers through her hair.
“There perfect. Wish me luck”

“Just be yourself sweetie, he won’t be able to resist” Molly called after her as Sadie walked through to the bar. Molly sighed, “oh to be young again” she sighed. She loved Paddy and she knew he loved her but just recently he’d seemed different and she hadn’t a clue why.


“Hi Paddy”, Sadie smiled as she planted a kiss on his cheek and toddled through to the other side of the bar..

“Where the hell did you come from?” Paddy felt his cheeks redden. Damn that girl she always made him blush

“shhh!! I had to do a few checks before I came in. Is Michael Here?” Sadie scanned the bar for her date. “It’s ok, I see him, and there’s George??”

“George!! George!! “

George turned around to see who was calling his name, “Shit that’s my girlfriend’s best friend!” the look of panic etched on his face,

Michael looked up, my god Sadie was looking hot, and he’d picked a winner yet again. “Just act cool. As if you’re asking for a light, I’ll head her off so you can clear off quick, understand”. Michael rose to walk in her direction

“Thanks, yeah, I owe you man.” George hurriedly pocketed his purchases and ran out the door without looking back.

“That you do, yuppie that you do” Michael smirked, another gopher for his empire.

Michael strutted proudly over to Sadie, “My god woman what are you trying to do to me? You look ace, babe!”
It took a lot to impress a man like Michael, he liked her individuality. Her stunning figure was perfection in a tight mini skirt and an even tighter top. Her legs looked toned and long in her fishnet stockings and her 6 inch black stilettos. He could just glimpse a tiny moment of flesh at her stocking top as she walked.

“Thanks, you’re not looking too bad yourself. Was that George with you a moment ago? ” Sadie looked puzzled.

“Haven’t a clue never seen the bloke before, he just asked us for a light” Michael casually responded

“Strange, he doesn’t even smoke” Sadie really was confused now.

Michael placed a kiss on her lips, more passionate than then the night before, he could feel the familiar stir in his loins.

“Sadie, forget about him, this times about us. I have arranged a meal at an awesome restaurant and then we’ll see where the evening takes us. “

“I’m sorry Michael” Sadie placed her delicate hand on his big rough hands.” So when are you taking me?”

“Wow, who’s the cheeky one now then? Michael grinned; it was obvious what Sadie had on her mind. Not that that was a problem. He could take her right now but he wanted her to be swept away on a torrent of Irish romance, well at least in her eyes anyway.

Sadie looked at him with a horrified look on her face, “What did I say?”

“You asked WHEN I was taking you. You don’t waste time do you? If you really want to skip dinner” Michael teased her; she was so easy to wind up.

“Oh my god, I meant where you are taking me, for dinner”. He must think I’m a total bimbette now, she thought.

“Well I had me a think about where I’d like to take you,” he looked straight into her eyes , the glint in his obvious, “and I’m a man likes good old fashioned Irish cooking. So we’re off to Molly’s fine establishment, otherwise known as upstairs.”

“Oh my, Michael Murphy you really know how to spoil a girl” Sadie chuckled.

“Shall we?” Michael offered Sadie his arm.

“Let’s” Sadie took his arm and let herself be lead away.

Michael turned to his boys. He nodded to them, they had a job to do and he trusted that it would be done.


Molly smiled as the couple walked into the lounge. She had tried her best to make a romantic setting, getting candles and digging out her old vinyl of Irish love songs.

“Oh Molly, its lovely” Sadie smiled. “Have I got time to powder my nose?”

“Sure, pet” Molly beamed.” I’ll look after Michael whilst you’ve gone.”

Sadie walked along the landing, and closed the bathroom door behind making sure she’d turned the lock. Powdering her nose, where on earth had she got that from? She didn’t even wear makeup!! Well she couldn’t have asked if there was time to compose herself, the butterfly’s in her tummy were more like elephants tumbling over each other, she could hardly breath. She had been so sure that he wouldn’t turn up and now he had, oh god. She straightened her clothing took a deep breath and walked out of the bathroom.

“There you are now, “Molly smiled as Sadie reentered the room. “ Now you be settling down and I’ll go get your supper, both of you must be famished”.

Molly left the room, Michael turned to Sadie, “Shall we sit down?” he pulled a chair out and beckoned Sadie to come and sit.

Sadie settled in her chair, Michael bent forward, “kiss me please kiss me” she pleaded in her mind; he reached for the candle and lit it, then walked around to his seat and sat down.

“So tell me something about yourself Miss Murray? “

“Well there isn’t really a lot to tell, to be honest. I was born in Ireland, lived there until I was 3, moved to London blah blah blah, my dad passed away, my mum moved back to Ireland and here I am,” Sadie looked at him apologetically.

“So no siblings then? No boyfriends? No job?”

“I did have a brother Conor, but he passed from some genetic condition just hours after being born. That’s why we moved to London, my mum was never the same after that. We never were close as I wasn’t her baby boy. I was closer to my dad so I must admit I haven’t seen mum for over a year.”

“Oh that’s terrible. We Irish seem to attract tragedy, don’t we? Michael looked at her sweetly

“What about you Michael, have you any family?” Sadie tried to lighten the mood.

“Where do I begin? “, he chuckled.” I’m one of 10 kids, my mum just couldn’t say no!! “

“You’re mum had 10 kids? Wow she must be one courageous woman! “Sadie was flabbergasted.

“Well there’s Daniel, James, Liam, me self, Matthew, Paul, Patrick & Thomas they’re twins, Conor and finally our baby sister Sinead”. Michael using his fingers to make sure he didn’t miss anyone out.

“Oh my, good job your parents didn’t have any more you’d have to use your toes!! How does you parents cope all those boys? Are they all as gorgeous as you?” Sadie teased

“Pardon me kids, here’s your Dublin Boxty. I know you love it Sadie.” Molly put the serving dish on the table.
” Now help yourself, don’t worry I can give any left over to his lordship for supper. I’ll be leaving you in peace now. If you need me for anything I’ll be in the kitchen.”

“Thanks Molly, you’re an angel!” Michael called after the shadow of Molly.

“Shall I be mother?” Sadie picked up the dish cloth and lifted the top of the dish

“And I’ll be father” Michael replying whilst twisting the cap off the Jamieson bottle and pouring a extra large measure into Sadie’s glass

“Wow, anyone would think you’re trying to get me drunk, Michael Murphy!! Shame, on you!”

They sat down, they ate, and they drank. Michael talked about his favorite subject, Michael. Sadie was quite happy to listen to him, she didn’t notice he’s self obsession, she just noticed his sexy thick Dublin accent.

“Do you want dessert?” Sadie asked

“Yeah, I’m sure I could slip something in”, Michael said patting his stomach.

As Sadie stood to go to the kitchen, Molly came around the corner with Apple Pie in one hand and a jar of thick cream in the other. “Here you go, pets. Enjoying yourselves?” as she single handedly picked up the dinner wear and disappeared back into the kitchen like an Irish whirlwind.

Michael & Sadie looked at each other in bewilderment.

“Do you think she was eaves dropping?” Sadie laughed

“She had to be!” Michael chuckled, “I reckon glass to the wall job”

Sadie put her spoon into the cream, raised it to her mouth and started to lick it suggestively.“mmmmmmmmm, it’s soooooooo creamy and thick”

Michael chuckled, “oh yeah Sadie, god that looks so good. Oh dear I dropped my spoon, I better go and find it.”

Next thing Sadie knew she could feel Michael teeth tucking her skirt up, the hotness of his breath hitting her naked skin at the top of her stockings…

“Michael!!! Sadie sounded as if she was scolding him. Sadie took a sharp intake of air, “ Ohhhhh Michael”


Sadie’s feet were killing her. As much as she loved her stilettos they were crippling her feet, no doubt somewhere in the world woman were made to wear them 24/7 as some sort of weird punishment.

“Michael, can I stop?” she pleaded

“Why what’s a matter?” He just wanted to get to her flat and give her what she wanted, he could still taste her and he wanted more.

“My shoes are killing me” she sighed with relief as she removed her shoes and the pain relented.” Michael!!”, she squealed as in one swoop Michael picked her up into his strong arms. Sadie rested her head on his broad shoulder looking up into his face and smiled, she felt so safe. Her beloved shoes forgotten.

He looked down into her eyes, planting a gentle kiss on her lips, “well I couldn’t have my girl walking the cold wet pavements, scraping her delicate gorgeous feet, now could I?

“So I’m your girl now am I? What makes you presume that Mr. Murphy?” Sadie was intrigued, how did he know? She wanted to be his girl alright but how did he know?

“I know because I want to be YOUR man” Michael looked into her eyes for her response. There it was no doubt about it. He’d got his desire.

“Oh Michael “Sadie sighed looking into his baby blue eyes. . . “Next gate is my house”

Michael carefully placed her down, so she could open the door. “After you my baby”

As Sadie walked in, Michael looked behind him. Great his boys were there. He nodded, car headlights flashed, and they would wait.

“Welcome to my humble abode, please excuse the mess,” Sadie looked embarrassed that her place wasn’t a housewife’s pride.

“It looks great. You should see my place!” Michael laughed.

“Would you like a coffee or something harder?” Sadie asked.

“It should be me offering you something harder, but I’ll take another whiskey if you have any.” Michael taunted

“Michael you are so rude, does your mother know you're a pervert?” Sadie teased him

“In my mammy’s eyes I’ll be standing next to St Patrick and the good lord himself when he decides to take me.” Michael grinned. His mammy did honestly believe that of him. St Michael she called him.

Sadie walked to the kitchen to fetch the whiskey and glasses. Michael saw her record collection and quickly scanned the vinyl. Ramones, Clash, Sex Pistols, Stranglers, Who, Led Zeppelin, Bowie and Beatles.

“Want me to put something on?” Sadie smiled as she placed a half full glass into Michael’s hand.

“No, I was just looking. That’s a cool collection, most of it I have to. You’re not one of those gothic types are you?”

“No, I may dress in black but I’m not, Give me rock n roll any day! ”

“Do you go to many gigs? “ Michael raised his glass to his lips sipping as he intently waited her response.

“Yeah, love it especially if mosh pits are there! I haven’t been to one for a while though. None of my mates appreciate my tastes”

“I don’t know if you interested but I got tickets for this Irish band next week, they’re from Dublin so I’ve seen them a few times. They called U2 and they’re awesome.”

“U2? Not heard any of their stuff, but yeah if you say there’re “awesome” I’ll tag along.”

“Here,” he pulled out a tape from his jacket surrounded with her panties, which he’d shoved in his pocket earlier.

“I wondered why I’d left them” giggled Sadie, taking her panties and the tape, placing them on the record deck
“I’ll listen to that tomorrow”.

Michael removed his jacket and placed it on the chair. “Sadie I have something else for you!”

Sadie turned around, and looked at Michael. Well the huge hand theory was true “So I can see, well I’m sure I can make use of that”

“I have one request. I’m not weird and it won’t hurt but it is something I really enjoy” Michael looked at her.

“And that something is?” Please don’t let it be too kinky Sadie prayed.

“Can I blindfold you? “ Michael’s puppy dog expression, made him look so young

“Sure, I’ve done that before” Sadie had done all that before, it wasn’t a problem

Michael felt the rage of jealousy inside him, the thought of Sadie with another man, made his blood boil.

“Great” he smirked pulling a long black silk scarf from his pocket


When Sadie awoke, she couldn’t believe how tender she felt. She pulled on her bathrobe and walked to the kitchen. As the kettle boiled she noticed a note on the table

Sadie, you’re wonderful. I'll see you again, tomorrow same time same place. Make sure you listen to the tape we'll be seeing them in concert next week. Love Michael x

She looked at the tape, U2 "Boy" , she put it in the tape deck, and press down the play button. She was sure she’d left her panties on her last night, maybe she’d imagined it.

I will follow

I was on the outside when you said
You said you needed me
I was looking at myself, I was blind
I could not see

A boy tries hard to be a man
His mother takes him by his hand
If he stops to think he starts to cry
Oh why?

If you walk away, walk away
I'll walk away, walk away-I will follow

If you walk away, walk away
I'll walk away, walk away-I will follow
(I will follow)

She sat on the sofa as she drank her coffee and didn't move until the A side had finished this was awesome stuff, just the sort of music she liked, she was looking forward to seeing this U2 live. She walked into the shower singing "If you walk away......."

Sadie made her way back to the sofa, she really needed to get a new hairdryer, as towel or natural drying took so long. She remembered the tape, getting up she changed it onto the b side, “I wonder what they look like?” she thought. Picking up the cassette case she saw a boy on a black & white cover, looking at the liner notes just information of the track listing, and copyright warning. “So U2, you want to remain anonymous do you?”

There's a place I go
When I am far away
There's a TV show
And I can grow

Sometimes the hero takes me
Sometimes I don't let go
Hello hello

The b side had started. There was something alluring about this band, she was intrigued by the way the music was making her feel, she had never had music that filled her with such intense passion, it was as if she knew them, which she obviously didn’t. The lead singer’s voice, wow, it reached down into the further recesses of her soul, his fluent gauzy surreal lyrics sang with such a strong resound. Boy was U2’s voyage from adolescence into manhood, its rich imagery presenting the tussle between wonder, awareness, strength and acceptance: An exciting, original sound that retained an ingenious humanistic touch.

She couldn’t wait for next week; see these guys in the flesh

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OMG this is getting sooooooo good!!

That Michael is an evil man......RUN SADIE!!!

Can't WAIT for the next chapter!!!


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Thanks Gluey

Glad you're enjoying it

PS There's an UNedited chapter available
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Bono and Sadie...those two always getting into trouble...
Un-edited please, pamccully at hotmail dot com Great story!
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cough cough ,,, i mean good chap !
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just finished the unedited. and yes he is a very very BAD MAN .
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Can I have the unedited version, too, please?

zypresse28 at

Interesting story! I'm curious about how it will continue.
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im so glad there is another chapter!
can i have the unedited too please?
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There's an unedited version to this chapter? I'm interested,please send to Thanks.
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i like it.
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Havent' gotten the unedited yet

pamccully at hotmail dot com

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Hurry up KISO! Save the day!

ehrm, unedited version please! PM or

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I'd love the unedited version too....
Upcoming gigs: U2-Moncton-07/31/11 OMG I had so much fun! So sad it's over though.

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Originally posted by Bono Mot
Hurry up KISO! Save the day!

ehrm, unedited version please! PM or

Yeah, get her to send it to me too.

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I'll take this unedited version til we get unedited Bono in future chapters, please

Thank you Wild Honey
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I'd like to have the unedited version too, please.

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emails sent girls

Mot you have a PM

RThanks for all the kind comments
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I can't wait to see how she reacts when she sees the band...
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got it, thanks!
Can't wait to read it!
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Thanks for the PM Wild! *fans self*

I'm really intrigued with what's going to happen next...hmmmmmmm. Soon please!


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