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Old 10-05-2001, 07:52 AM   #21
The Fly
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Originally posted by u2utah:
Hmmmm. I see quite a bit of room between Bono and Larry. I could just squeeze in there....

FOrget squeezing in!!!!!
Hell I`ll just make myself comfortable ON Edge! plenty of room there....comfortable
AND the man is good with his hands!!!

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Rock n' Roll Doggie
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Well ya'll can sit between Bono and Larry...I'll just sit on Larry's lap

You know that pic where bono's giving the piece sign that's scary cos he is driving and there he goes turning around to look at the backseat while the car is still in motion eeky...

Oh and btw I agree with ya'll in Bono screaming at his kids...

Jordan: Oh God dad change this old music what is this stuff?
Bono: It's rock and roll baby
Jordan: It sucks dad
Bono: Now now stop complaining about my music or I'll throw all your Britney spears, Backseat boys or n'stuck out the window
Jordan: Make ME!
Bono:*turns around while still driving* I told you to stop complaining about this or....
Jordan: *looks out the front window in fear*
Bono: Don't interrupt me while i'm speaking to you now...
Jordan: *eyes getting wider* DAD!!!!
Bono: Didn't I tell you...
Jordan: *screaming* The bus dad the bus!!!
Bono: wha? *looks to the front and slams on the breaks just a few inches from the bus*
Jordan *screams*
Bono: *whew* that was a close one honey, now what were you saying?
Jordan *in shock* ....nothing dad
Bono: *grins* Good, now it's settled.

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The Fly
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Originally posted by madzia:
I'm sorry girls, but I'm afraid that all the seats are taken...

I'll get in if Adam's Drivin'!!! And I'll just sit between Adam and Edge in the front ...I don't THINK that one's taken!!

"you know we got a stormy kind of love..."

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