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Stories for Boys [Window In The Skies Sequel]

im Adge, if you dont know me all ready,, i wrote the edge of reason and decided to write this one...
its the sequel to Amber's window in the skies.
Hopefully it can live up to that story.
Sorry if there are typos or anything!!


"Was Larry careful with Rory?" I asked anyone who cared to answer.
"Of course he was, miss princess." Adam replied with a sly smile.
I threw Adam an obscene gesture and sat in front of my bed so i could lean on the post.
"Adam just doesn't understand." Edge said with a sigh. He put down my latest issue of Guitar World and decided on helping me out with taming Mr. Adam Clayton. "Aids has one of the most unique Fenders I have ever seen."
"So..Why name it though?" Adam said with a sneer.
"Because Rory is my favorite guitarist...besides Edge." I smiled at him.
He blushed profusely and sat beside me with a look of content in his eyes.
"And she's my princess." Edge said putting his arm around me.
"Talk about corny." Adam snorted.
"Lighten up." Amber said walking into my room. "I'm here, Ad'."
His face lit up as she sat down and leaned up against him.
"So what were you guys talking about?" Amber asked conversationally.
Larry and Bono walked in and greeted everyone quickly. Both took seats to complete our semi-circle.
"We were talking about Rory Gallagher." Edge replied politely.
"We all ready know you and Aids love him." Larry said dryly. "And that we should all learn to appreciate his skill with the guitar. This isn't new knowledge, Edge."
"Enough of the mocking, Lar." Bono interjected. "Tell me, Adge."
Red and I glanced at each other. Everyone loved that nickname, except Bono.
"What records did you pack?" He smiled not breaking our eye contact.
I owned the most albums out of everybody. All of my money went to something music related.
"Weelll...I packed something for all of you." I smiled sweetly. "Adam, Bob Marley and The Boomtown Rats. Red, The Beatles. Larry, Led Zeppelin and The Eagles. As for Edge and I, Taste, The Clash, and The Kinks."
Edge smiled approvingly.
"Bono, Sex Pistols, some Frank Sinatra," I changed the tone of my voice to sound innocent. "And I could borrow a Moody Blues album from my grandda' if you'd like."
Everyone laughed at this but Bono kept a cool nonchalent grin upon his face.
"Sure. Nights in White Satin is my favorite. But there's one person who I think could appreciate nights in white satin too. They're just too afraid to admit certain things such as that." He winked at me as I gulped soundly. I don't think anyone got it but I understood the inuendo perfectly. To put it simple, he wanted me in bed with him. Maybe in white satin, I don't know Bono's preferences.
A car outside had been honking their horn quite a number of times but Bono's words were still going through my brain. I was still trying to process that information.
"Is that your mum?" Amber asked.
"Yeah, I guess we should leave."
Everyone got up and stretched as I took one lat look at my room. It was completely empty, like no one had ever lived there.
Edge, Bono, and I tried going down the narrow staircase all at once. We were laughing happily as we reached my living room until all of us noticed my father. My mom gave us hugs and wished us well.
"You better not come back here for any fucking money or any other shit. Understand me, girl?" My father said in a loud pissed-off manner.
I nodded quickly hoping that's all he'd say. Quite frankly I was embarassed. I didn't want Edge or Bono to feel bad for me just because I had a lousy dad.
He was now screaming at the top of his lungs, enough to make someone emotionally breakdown.
I grabbed my jacket and messenger bag as he called me more names. All I wanted to do was slap him now. I tried as hard as I could to fight back the tears. Bono looked like he was going to kill him and Edge seemed frightened.
"Sir, please. Stop. Can't you see it's hurting her?" Edge said in soft, calm voice.
Bono glared at him.
"Fuck off, boy." He replied.
I rushed forward and immediately began throwing punches left and right. I don't know what got into me. He insulted Edge, someone I cared deeply for.
Bono ran to my side and punched my dad square in the face.
"You feckin' bastard!! STOP!" Edge screamed as loud as voice could muster.
Red and Adam had now walked in seeing a huge fight. Adam pryed Bono off of my dad while Edge and Amber escorted me out the door.
"WANKER!!!" Bono yelled.
Adam shut the door of my house as we made our way to Mrs. Evans' car. I looked back knowing that I had the best friends in the world that cared so much about me.

On the way to the airport we talked about my dad, in a derogatory manner of course. Everyone was just trying to cheer me up and it worked. Before we left to go inside the terminal I said goodbye to Mrs. Evans.
"And you're positive you're okay that all of my records and all of my other posessions I'm taking can stay in Edge's room?"
"Of course, honey."
"Thanks, Mrs. Evans."
"No problem at all. And please call me Gweneth. After all you're my daughter-in-law...almost." She smiled warmly. "I'm so happy Edge managed to muster up some courage and asked you to be his girlfriend in the first place. Oh it's just so lovely!"
"Mum, please. We'll miss the plane." Edge's face was reddening slightly.
She finally let us go and we ran to the terminal, scared and nervous.
We had a nice six hour plane ride to New York City. Red and I planned on sitting next to each other but then we forgot about the Bono problem. Without Edge there he'd surely bother me. So when I asked him to sit next to me he all ready had a plan up his sleeve. I don't know Edge's logic in it but he thought if Bono and I had six straight hours together that maybe everything could be worked out. I finally agreed to it after a little "convincing".
"I'll be two rows over so if he tries anything funny which he won't, you can always switch seats with Adam."
Edge kissed my cheek and left. Red glanced at me from the next row. She was sitting next to a pouting Larry. I giggled. Those two just couldn't get along. Adam and Edge must have pre-planned this together.
As we took off Bono insisted on holding my hand saying that I might be frightened since it was my first plane ride. I obliged only so he would shut his mouth.
Red and larry seemed to be keeping to themselves and only talking if it was absolutely necessary.
I curled up to the side of the window with my blanket. I shivered for a while until I fell asleep.
A couple hours later I woke up feeling warm and as comfortable as you can get on a plane. I reached over for Edge and held onto him. He squeezed me closer to him. I opened my eyes and saw Red leaning on Larry who was awake. He was stroking her hair and smiling. Looks like Larry is finally becoming a compassionate friend. Edge kept kissing the top of my head and playing with my hair. I mumbled 'I love you' a few times and then glanced around the space around me, a little bored with the atmosphere. Red and Larry, two random strangers, Edge and Adam sleeping......EDGE! SLEEPING! OTHER ROW!
I brought my arms back to myself and sat up immediately.
"Here's your blanket, Bono. Thank you." I mumbled quietly.
"No problem." He replied with a smile.
"And erm sorry about that," I blushed slightly.
"I enjoyed it, immensely." He winked.
"B..I..I..I thought you were," I wanted to tell him that I thought he was Edge but I couldn't. I didn't have the heart to. "Never mind." I sighed.
He looked confused for a second but just shrugged it off.
"I saved you a drink and a snack. The attendent came around while you were sleeping."
"That was very thoughtful of you, thanks." I smiled.
"Your welcome, love." He looked quite pleased with himself. It was really cute. But then again, I shouldn't think that.
A few more hours passed by and finally Bono excused himself to go to the loo.
Edge immediately took his seat.
"Are you okay?" he asked.
"Is he getting any better with you?"
"Yeah." I lied.
"Shit. I thought maybe this would help." He didn't buy my lie. I should have known. Edge and I practically have ESP when it comes to each other. "You know I would have rather much sat next to you then Adam....He drooled on me!"
I laughed. "Thanks Edge. Just because you think I wouldn't drool on you, I'd be the better choice? I feel so loved!"
"Yeah right, Edge." Amber intervened. "You just wanted to suck face!!"
Edge and I laughed. "Nothing wrong with that," I grinned.
I laid my head on his lap as we continued to talk.
"Adge, you know I can't live without you." He smiled charmingly. "And of course we would have been snogging the entire time. Or maybe even more than just that."
My eyes widened. What was Edge saying!?!
"Love, you're so beautiful."
He leaned over and kissed me.
"What the fuck, Edge?" I grinned after he came up for a breath.
He laughed madly. "Like my Bono impression?"
I nodded.
"But seriously...I know I don't always tell you things like that and I keep to myself but truthfully....I'm always thinking about you. Even when we're together. I just want you to know that."
I smiled and didn't get a word in because Edge and I were back to making out.
"Edge?" Bono said quietly. "Erm, Edge?"
After a few more minutes he looked up at Bono.
"Can I have my seat back, mate?"
Edge kissed me a few more times, got up, and then nodded in Bono's direction.
"What's with him?" Bono asked me.
"Dude, are you joking?" I looked at Bono. "You've got to give Edge alot of credit. He's on the road to forgiving you. Bono, you madeout with me. You passionately madeout with me and professed your love."
"I know. And it was the best moment of my life." His blue eyes glistened.
I opened my mouth but no words came out. "It was?" I squeaked.
"Yes, I've never felt so close and connected with anyone before. I wanted that night to last forever." He said seriously.
I broke eye contact with him and saw Amber staring at us with her mouth slightly agape. Thank God Larry was asleep.
"And don't forget, it takes to people to kiss, Aids." Bono smiled softly.
"I-I know."
"You have to admit there is something between us." He shifted in his seat in order to get closer to me.
"Adrienne." I looked into his eyes wondering why he was using my 'proper name'. He began talking in a soft calm voice. "Just tell me you felt something. I know you enjoyed it."
"Bono, I was so wasted. I don't remem--"
He looked away disappointed. "I wanted to kiss you when you were sober so you'd know...."
"Okay, B." I gave in. "I do remember." I sighed.
His eyes flew back to me.
"The next morning I did remember...I really did like...being with you and everything." It was hard for me to get the words out. It was painful since I loved Edge so much. "There is something between us. You're one of my best friends. And I do love you."
"Adge, you're one of my best friends too. But I want us to be more than that. That's the problem."
"I know, B. But what about Edge? He's your best mate and mine too. And he's my fiancee! I don't want to hurt him and I Really really don't want to hurt you either." I squeezed his hand.
Bono looked contemplative and then let out a breath of air. "You're right. And I'm..I'm..happy for you both. I'm going to try really hard. But I can't promise I'm going to stop loving you."
I gave Bono a brief kiss on the lips and thanked him. (And don't worry the kiss was completely harmless and innocent.)
We landed shortly afterwards with Bono practically in my lap. According to him he couldn't see much out of the window from where he was previously.
After getting out luggage we made plans. Amber and I went to a cafe near our hotel while the boys took our stuff to the room. We ordered lots of coffee and bagles for everyone.
"Dude! I can't believe we're here!" I exclaimed as we waited for the band. As soon as they'd arrive we could make our way into the city and then prepare for their gig.
"I know! But uh I'd rather talk about what you and Bono were doing on the plane."
"Well I'd rather much talk about you and our Larry." I grinned. "ugh fine. To keep it short B is going to try to stop loving me."
She laughed, "I'm just kidding. Believe me, I didn't miss a word of that conversation."
I rolled my eyes. "So...LARRY!"
"Nothing happened. He just admitted to me he wants to start acting a bit more kinder to us that's all...well me in particular. Larry said you and him get along perfectly fine which I had no clue about!"
"Yeah. Me and him play pranks on people all the time. We did alot before the whole snogging incident and started hanging out more after we got over each other too." I explained.
"Oh right," She concealed her laugh.
"So why is he so mean to you?" I asked curiously.
"We're practically polar opposites. He said my cheerfulness gets on his nerves as much as Bono does." She snorted.
"What a douchebag."
"Well he's working on it. And he admitted to being scared of loosing me as a friend so I think that's why he's doing this."
"Aww! Larry does have a heart!" I sarcastically remarked.
"Yeah. I'm just so happy to be here with everyone! It's just so fucking awesome!"
"You took the words right out of my mouth."
Paul M. and U2 walked in and grabbed their food and drinks. We all hurried out of the cafe, extremely ready to begin our New York City adventure.

For a couple hours we walked around aimlessly around New York City. Edge and I snapped lots of pictures of our surroundings and of everyone. I got a few good shots of Red and Adam holding hands and walking together. This could go in their wedding album. I laughed to myself. I was really planning ahead wasn't I? I mean, Edge and I don't even have our wedding planned out and I'm assuming Adam will propose to Red.
Finally Paul admitted that we were semi-lost. They handed the map over to Edge who studied it over. With a cute puzzled look on his face he analyzed the map. A smile formed on his face as if he just discovered the secrets of the universe.
I giggled as well as Amber.
"What?" He asked with that same adorable smile as we walked to the bar.
"You looked cute, that's all." I grinned.
He turned slightly pink.
"Edge, we're getting married and you still can't take a compliment from me?"
"I can so!" He pouted adorably. "Speaking of, we should start to plan everything when we get a chance."
"Yeah, I agree. First off you should wear an all black tux. You'll look so hot." I thought.
"You think so?"
"I know so."
"Anything for you, love." He smiled charmingly.
We walked back to the hotel to take showers and change. I wore a short jean skirt that had pins and patches on it with a black tank top. A true rocker. I was slipping my Converse on when Bono walked in wearing his leather pants and black shirt from the 'I Will Follow' video. He looked gorgeous.
"Having trouble with your shoes?" He grinned flirtaously.
I obviously wasn't paying any attention to them because the laces were crisscrossed and in a knot. Why did you have to distract me Bono??
He bent down and began fixing them. I groaned. What happened to the Bono on the plane ride? Red walked in and stared at him She was wearing a jean skirt too with a blue shirt.
"I really like your shirt, Red." I tried making conversation attempting to avoid Bono. He was being really gentle with me and holding onto my feet like they were sacred.
"Oh thanks. I love your skirt did you do all that to it?" She pointed to the safety pins and band patches.
I pointed to one specific patch and said, "Yeah, I stole this Sex Pistols patch from Sara. She never even listened to them. She only bought it so Bono would talk to her." I snorted.
"All done," He smiled letting his hand run over my leg. "And I never did talk to Sara, if you care. She wasn't very interesting." He shrugged. "Love, you look fantastic by the way."
"Thanks, do you." He beamed at me and then winked at Red.
The rest of the band emerged and we all left for soundcheck.
Paul Mcguiness, Red, and I were sitting at a table backstage discussing the gig tonight.
"It's completely sold out." Paul smiled.
"Wow. That's great!"
"Well U2 is really popular in the underground music scene especially since "Out of Control" and "I Will Follow"." I said
"God, Aids you're such a music freak." Amber grinned.
"It's what I do," I shrugged.
"Bono's even written songs for the next album." Paul stated excitedly. "But to tell you the truth they're a bit depressing some of them."
"Why?" Amber questioned him.
"Some of them are sad and others are fast paced but the lyrics are a bit heavier. I dunno, it just sound as though Bono is going through a rough spot in his life." He paused and then sighed. "Is he in love?"
Red and I looked at each other and then became silent.
"He is." Red looked at her drink. "But he can't be with her because her heart belongs to someone else."
"Oh no." Paul shook his head.
"What?" I asked hoping he didn't figure out it was me.
"'s just. I've heard of this before. Bands have started off well with lots of potential and then collapsed because the lead singer becomes distracted and of course then the music he creates changes and....I think you get it."
"Then there's no band." Red finished softly.
"Well...we're his friends and I bet we can keep his spirits up." I said quietly.
"You're completely right, Adge." Paul smiled.
No way was I going to let this happen to Bono. U2 had so many high hopes and a bright future. They were all so talented! There had to be something I could do.

People began arriving as soon as soundcheck ended. The gig was to start in a matter of minutes.
"Okay, so you're using the Explorer until the encore. It's tuned down a half step. The Gibson is tuned down half a step in case anything would happen to the Explorer. And then for the encore you're using my Strat and I all ready made sure it's in standard tuning. The pedals are all set for the right time and I put them close by in case you need me to change it or if you want to change it quickly. Amps are good. And I made sure Adam's gear was all ready too." I smiled.
He laughed, "I love it when you talk guitar."
I laughed and said, "So where do you want me tonight? Backstage so between guitar changes we can snog orr?"
"That sounds perfect, actually." He grinned. "Well since I don't switch until the encore why don't you just hang with Red and watch the show?"
"Sure, I'd love that." I checked the clock and saw it was all ready seven. "Looks like you'll be going on soon..good luck." I gave him a long kiss in his arms and afterwards I noticed how much happier he looked. I laughed.
"Good luck tonight, B." I shouted.
"How about a good luck kiss?" He walked up to me.
I was about to say no until I rememberd what Paul had said. Why did he have to complicate the matter?
I was leaning in to kiss Bono's cheek when he turned a the last second. His soft lips met mine as I felt Bono pull me closer towards him. I tried to jerk away but he was holding the back of my head.
"BONO!" I yelled.
The intro to "Out of Control" was playing.
He grinned playfully. "Aids, you're a wonderful kisser."
I looked at him like he was crazy but he just lead me out onto the stage. I jumped off when Bono took to the mic. What was he doing!? Making me kiss him. How could he do this to Edge? Friends mean the world to him! He'd rather die than betray them. It was love. Bono was so love sick over me he'd do anything to win me over.
"Hey!" Red shouted. She pulled me right next to her so we were centered in front of the stage.
They had an amazing set that night including "I Will Follow", "A Day Without Me", "The Fool", "Cartoon World", "Electric Co", "Street Missions", "Twilight", "Stories for Boys", and they came back for one encore song.
Adam was the first one back on the stage and started a beat. Amber and I exchanged looks. That bass part I knew all ready. It was "Two Hearts Beat As One".
Bono jumped to the mic as the crowd screamed. He beamed.
We began bouncing up and down like previously. I couldn't let Bono know it affected me. But then I looked up. Edge was watching me with a smile on his face. He was practically hanging over the edge (no pun intended) of the stage with his back facing Bono. I grinned seeing him. Then I peeked over at Bono. His eyes were directly on me and he was reaching out singing to me. PERFECT! Both of them were thinking about me during this son. Adam seemed to have been doing the same....WITH AMBER OF COURSE! God, that's all I would need. Bono, Edge, and Adam. HA! I don't even have to worry about that. He was so in love with Red. Plus Adam and I never really seemed to get along all that well.
During the solo Bono surprisingly jumped into the crowd and fully grinned at me. I smiled back not knowing what to do. I knew I lvoed Edge. He was my everything. To loose him would mean to loose the world. But for Christ's sake, Bono! He was gorgeous! Although his personality was opposite of Edge's I still found him attractive in that sense.
The gig had ended and I felt Red tapping me lightly.
"I said the guys are going to meet us at this outdoor Rockefeller Center. Let's go!"
We began walking outside when I realized something.
"How the hell are we going to afford this? I mean everything in New York City is expensive."
"Paul met some A & R men. They wanted U2 to dine at this resteraunt. They know the owners so it's free," She explained.
"Oh I see. It's a little perk or bribe."
"Yeah, but they don't realize that we're using them for a free meal, that's it."
I laughed. "Dumbasses."
Once we arrived at the quaint resteraunt we grabbed smoothies and headed to the outdoor eating area. We looked over the balcony and admired the city.
"Thinking about Edge?" Red asked as we faded into a comfortable silence.
"Of course....He's so cute." Her eyes widened and she slapped a hand over her mouth.
I turned to look at her with an eyebrow arched. "Please, don't kill me!"
I bursted out laughing. "With all of these witnesses, are you kidding? I was actually just going to agree with you."
She smiled and took a sip of her drink.
"Adam looked so good tonight without his glasses." I cracked a smile.
"Don't get any ideas, Adge."
"Believe me I don't have ANY. Plus Adam and me together is a joke. We're like...peanut butter and pickles."
She laughed, "Great analogy. Which would make you and Edge peanut butter and jelly?"
"Oh yes. Perfect example." Adam said cooly.
The band was sitting a few tables away. How did they sneak up on us like that?
"How--How long have you been there?" Red's face turned to pale.
"Long enough." Edge grinned ear to ear.
"No, not that long." Bono argued. "We didn't get to hear you fine lasses talk about my handsome self."
His eyes met mine but I looked away quickly. However, that didn't change anything with Bono. He continued to watch me.
"So, Adge. You don't think we get along?" Adam asked.
"Well you never really make the effort," I mumbled.
Red and I joined them at the table.
"Well....I'd like to start then." Adam said. He took my empty glass and Amber's. As he was walking my napkin feel out of my hand. "Allow me." He bent over with his butt in front of my face. I looked away as soon as he set my napkin back onto the table. "Like what you see?"
I kept my sarcastic remark inside of me and instead Amber answered, "I sure did."
After that little episode I couldn't help but blushing.
Edge leaned back into his chair and winked at Red. She blushed and smiled weakly back at him.
"Seriously though...Adam?" Bono said to me. "I'm not feeling the love!" He pouted. "And Red I'm shocked you didn't say anything about me either."
"Shutup Bono!" Red and I said in unison.
He looked taken back for a moment but then grinned, "You can just tell me in private."
Adam came back and sat in between Larry and Red. "I just told the DJ to play two songs. Especially for you and Edge!" He smirked.
"Thanks, Ad'." I smiled. "I asked you to be kinder, you don't have to get all Miss America on me now."
Everyone laughed lightly except for Bono. He kept laughing hysterically after everyone stopped.
"Miss...." He paused in between bouts of laughter. "America.....Good one!!"
Before an awkward silence could occur the familiar drum beat and guitar riff sounded.
"TRAIN IN VAIN!" Edge and I looked at each other. He grabbed my hand and we left to stand on the dance floor by the DJ.
I swore I heard Adam whisper to Red, "And here's our entertainment for the night."
So what if Edge and I weren't the best dancers. We were both so goofy it didn't bother us.
Edge and I sang the lyrics to each other while dancing like nobody was watching. I glanced back seeing everyone laughing except Bono. He was watching me with a dazed look and smile upon his face.
The song changed to "Destroyer" by the Kinks. We had fun with this one bopping up and down while going crazy during the piano parts. Edge spun me around as he and I laughed. When I returned to the table Bono was whispering to Red and she was trying to ignore him. But he stopped once I sat down.
"The dancing was superb as always." His comment was directed more to me but Edge didn't notice. He was busy eating.
We ate our food and decided to request some more songs to dance to.
All of us got up during "Rock the Casbah". Although it was semi-difficult to get Larry to dance but we managed.
The Bay City Rollers ended the night with "Bye, Bye, Baby." It was a lame song but it was sort of my guilty pleasure. Before Bono or anyone else could get a slow song I made the suggestion we go back to the hotel and maybe pull out a case of ale to celebrate. After all tomorrow we'd be packing up and going into that shit of a van for a ride to the next city. This is the life.

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love this story.

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Yes fab story, it really draws you into the plot - I kept reading it faster and faster!!

Can`t wait for the next chapter.
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more, more, more!!!!
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Heres some more

Since Paul was sober and everyone was wide awake we decided what the hell let's leave now! It was a four hour drive to the part of New Jersey we were going to. This way we wouldn't hit traffic. I changed into a comfortable pair of shorts and shirt and loaded my stuff onto the abnormally large van. All of the seats had been taken so we were all forced to sit on the floor.
I dozed off for a while and woke up in a pile of people which included Edge, Adam, Red, and Larry. Bono was talking Paul's head off up in the front.
"Paul," I said in a tired voice. "Can we stop somewhere?"
"Yeah, we're a few minutes away from a nice rest stop."
I ran to the bathroom as soon as we got there. I drank so much water before we left I was surprised I didn't pee myself.
"Adge, take the longer way back with me." Red said. I obliged and began walking in the warm sunlight.
"I really thought that Bono's love for you was just based on...physical attraction and because your friends but last night changed my outlook on it." She sighed.
"Why?" I asked.
"He kept whispering to me about how cute you looked when dancing. And how everytime you laugh he feels happier. Like the littlest things you do or say he loves." She looked worried.
"I wish he would just stop." I grumbled. "This is hard on me and it's going to hurt him in the future. I'M EDGE'S FIANCEE! Doesn't that mean anything to him?"
"Ugh, I dunno what's with him! I'll think of a plan. Don't worry. I mean Guggi and I almost messed up my relationship with Adam."
"Think fast, Red. I need a plan soon."
We took our places back in the van and got a deck of cards out. Adam took the front seat this time, leaving Bono to sit in the back of us. We all played War and then Bono suggested we play strip poker.
"No, thank you, I'm out." Edge declared.
"Me too."
"Me three." I said.
He was bummed when I backed out but looked at Red with hope.
"Sorry, B. That game is reserved for Adam alone." She giggled.
He was upset so he switched seats with Adam once again. For some reason we started talking about the past.
"Ad, I have a question for you." I said simply.
"Shoot, love."
"When did you start fancying, Red?" I asked curiously.
"Well I remember seeing her around at Mount temple and thought she was very pretty. Only thing was you know how much of a prick I used to be. But I started falling for her about a year before I asked her out." He explained.
Red seemed shocked by this news but I voiced it. "A YEAR!? It took YOU, ADAM CLAYTON a YEAR to ask a girl out?"
"This was different!" He whined. "Anything I felt for the other girls was just lust. When I actually realized that I loved Am' I became...scared."
"Plus it was different for us." Red finally added. "I met Adam at Mount Temple. It's not like the rest of us. We've known each other much longer than that."
"That's true." Edge nodded.
"No, I met you guys at Mount Temple too. Except I knew Adge's sister. She was as daft as you can get." Larry laughed.
"Yeah, there's no way we're actually related."
We fell into silence but then Bono came to sit with us.
" I heard what you guys were talking about. It's so weird to even think about that kind of stuff."
We all agreed.
"But out of everybody here haven't Bono and Edge known each other the longest?" Red looked at Bono.
She was trying to make him feel guilty.
He shook his head. "I don't think so."
"Well besdies Red and I who's known each other the longest?" I asked.
"Us." Bono smiled.
"No." I replied quickly. "I met you when we were twelve."
"I know. Believe me, I don't forget these things. I remember that day perfectly because after that we were inseperable."
"Yeah but..."
Bono decided to tell the tale because everyone was actually interested. We never discussed the past there were always too many crazy things happening in the present.
"So one day I was walking back to my house. And I noticed this girl with long red hair riding her bike around. I was sort of entranced by her. I smiled at her and she smiled back. When she came back around back down the hill she skidded and fell off. So I ran up to her to see if she was okay. Her knee was pretty badly cut up. I pushed her bike back to my house since it was near by and then took her to her house. The next day she came over my house and showed my her stitches and thanked me for being there for her. We hung out the rest of the day and basically got to know each other. From then on we did practically everything together."
"Right, exactly Bono. And then you met Red and all of that. But..actually Edge and I met when we were ten."
Edge nodded blushing a bit. Red took that as an opportunity to change the subject in favor of Edge.
"So when did you start fancying Adge, Edge?"
"A long time." He said softly and then got up courage to finish his sentence. "It probably started when we were thirteen. We did alot of stuff together then. We always went to get new albums together, saw gigs, and we went to the library alot too."
I held his hand and smiled at him. "I never knew about that. I fancied you back then too. I just couldn't tell you. I didn't want to get hurt."
"Awww. You guys are just so sweet together." Red smiled.
"Exactly what my mum said ever since we became friends." Edge mumbled.
"Goddd, everyone made of us! Just because we were good friends. But they were right weren't they?"
"Yeah, they were. That's what made it even more embarassing."
"WE'RE HERE!!" Paul shouted.
I looked out the window and saw the 'third world country' known as New Jersey [the home of the soon to be legendary Bruce Springsteen and Bon Jovi.]
"Who's up for the beach?" I asked excitedly.

This time we were staying at a crappy motel. We had a limited amount of money and the profits made from the gig we wanted to try to keep as long as possible. Quickly all of us changed into our bathing suits and grabbed some towels to head out onto the beach.
I went out to buy suntan lotion for everybody especially for me and Edge. We were the two out of the group that got burnt incredibly easy.
We laid out our towels and stripped off our clothes to reveal our bathing suits. Bono had been taking his time getting out of his clothes like he was doing some sort of strip tease. Larry was all ready to go into the ocean and waiting for others to join him.
Adam and Red had all ready resorted to snogging on the beach. Edge was hesitant about taking his shirt off but after a while he got hot and took it off.
"Edge, seriously. I've all ready seen you butt naked."
He laughed, "Oh believe me I know."
Leaning over me in a blue speedo Bono asked, "Are you two going in?"
Edge made no comment whatsoever but I stared.
Amber was no longer locked to Adam's mouth but was staring at Bono in disbelief as well.
"Um, yes." I replied. "What about you Edge?"
"Yup, I'll be in soon."
I walked into the water without even testing it. I was in a state of shock to see Bono like that. What was he thinking?!
Someone tackled me from behind and I went underwater. Once I got up I turned around to see Bono. Edge was still on the beach and it looked like his eyes were closed.
"Bono, what the fuck is up with the speedo?" I asked abruptly.
"I thought it was sexy. Don't you think so? I'm sorry if it bothers you."
"It's weird, okay? No matter who is wearing them I think they are disturbing."
"Even if Edge was wearing one?" He asked.
"Well that's a different case." I laughed wickedly.
He shook his head. "God, Adge."
"What?" I sat down in the water, (it was low tide).
"Nothing, let's just have a good time okay?" He smiled.
I nodded and stood up. We waded around and began scooping up sand and having a fight.
"Sooo mature, guys." Larry dove in.
"Whatever, dude."
"Aids, you have all this sand in your hair." Bono laughed. "He began sifting through my hair and helping me get it out.
"Bono, can you please call me Adge?" I asked kindly.
"Why? I like Aids better." He frowned.
"I'll start calling you Paul if you don't." I smirked.
"Fine, love." He grinned crazily. "But I'll get you back."
He started tickling me. God, he had to know all of my weakness doesn't he?
"Stop, Bono. Pleeeeeasse." I laughed.
"Bono, leave her the hell alone." Red came up to us and he immediately jumped up.
"Edge is coming in now too and I think you have some nerve flirting with Adge. Just because we didn't tell Edge that you're madly in love with her doesn't mean we won't. Do you know what will happen to U2 and all of the hard work you've all done?" She was about to go into a mad speech until Edge and Adam came running into the water.
"Hey B. Do you want an ice cream?" Edge asked politely as he put his arm around my waist. "My treat."
"Sure, Edge." He smiled. "But why don't you let me buy everyone an ice cream. Where's the vendor?"
"Right over there." Adam pointed towards a white van.
"It's okay, Bono. I'll buy."
"No, please Edge allow me." He insisted.
We all waded out of the water as Bono ran up and bought everyone something.
As I was licking my ice cream cone I noticed Bono watching me as usual. He was what?
He winked at me and began licking his popsicle violently. I gulped and stared sort of scared. I let my hand turn slightly and then I heard a, 'eewww'.
"Oh fuck. Sorry, Am'."
"That's okay." She wiped the mass of ice cream off of her leg.
"Do you want me to get you another one, Adge?" Bono asked me.
"No, I'm fine really. I like the cone the best anyway." I huffed.
Bono had gone back in the water along with the rest of U2 while Red and I soaked up the sun.
"He isn't acting himself you know..Bono." I said hiding under neath Edge's towel.
"I know. He usually isn't always like this. Of course he's charming and everything but...God I don't what to believe or do anymore!"
"Me either." I sighed. "I'm trying not to be mean to him. I have the band at heart always. I know they're going to big one day. I just have this feeling, you know? And Bono is going to get over me."
"They will be big." She agreed.
"Has Adam talked to Bono about this whole situation?"
"Yeah. Sort of. Larry has been on him mostly though. He's really good at it, but Bono keeps saying if he can't be with you he doesn't want to be with anyone." Red rolled her eyes.
"That's really sweet of him." I smiled. "But really fucking stupid."
She laughed. "What do you expect from him? Seriously."
"Oh, I know. He's one charming, irresistable, kind, fucking idiot." I grinned.
"Talking about me again, love?" Adam smiled. "I'm not wearing my glasses, Adge. Don't get too turned on."
He laid right next to Amber. "It's been a whole hour since we kissed. I think that's a record for us." He smiled and they went underneath one of the towels.
I got up leaving the two love birds and sat at the water's edge. In a couple hours we'd have to leave the beach and get ready for their next gig.
I gazed out into the ocean watching Bono and Edge body surf. They stood up after getting wiped out by a wave. Bono's speedo was now twisted to reveal things I'd rather not see. And to my pleasure Edge's trunks we're half way done. I laughed seeing his extremely pale butt.
Larry took a seat next to me and looked into my worried eyes.
"What's wrong?"
"Getting married."
"It'll be fine."
Although I barely considered that a conversation with a friend I found comfort in Larry's simple words. After all I did have some pretty awesome friends who would surely be there for me whenever I needed them.

A few weeks after touring all up and down the east coast and even heading over to the west coast for a bit we were back in New York City once again. The band was going to play at CBGB's. CBGB's was a very popular club where all the hot punk bands were playing at the time. If you were asked to play there you were cool. The Clash, The Ramones, and The Sex Pistols's careers started there. Although it was just a very tiny dingy graffitied room it was the place to be.
After the gig tonight we were leaving right away to go back to Ireland. The band had about a month to record a new CD and then they would be back on the road in Europe. After that they planned on recording again. Paul said they had to produce new songs quickly in order to keep fans and gain new ones since U2 had all ready started a fan base.
I was sitting backstage with Bono sharing a sandwich that we bought at the deli next door. Both of us became close again over the duration of the tour. It was weird knowing he loved me but he had mellowed it down a bit. And I was having fun hanging out with him so I found no wrong in it.
Adam was trying to teach Red some techniques on the bass as Edge, Bono, and I watched from afar with amusement.
"He doesn't even know how to play how can he teach someone else?" Larry grinned.
"You've got to give him credit for trying." Edge shrugged.
I sat down in Edge's lap and ran my hand through his hair. He smiled at me and kissed me.
"You have the most adorable smile I've ever seen." I said softly.
"No way. Because I've always thought that you've had the most beautiful smile I've ever see."
I held onto him and we began making out not really caring that the whole band was sitting there.
Once Edge and I finished our business I looked at Larry who looked like he was going to say something but shut his mouth and put a smile on. Boy, he really was trying to change.
"Bono, are you going to do "Show me the Way" tonight?" I asked.
"I dunno. See I know everyone is going to be looking for this punk rock band and that's not..very.." His words drowned out.
"Hmmm....just do "Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment" then. Once you start playing some Ramones they won't doubt you for a second. Although I do love Peter Frampton."
"Good point. Edge, you up for playing the same power chords over and over?" Bono smirked.
"Sure." He nodded. "Adam won't have to get techincal either."
"When does he EVER get technical?" Larry smirked.
"Hey, I'm trying!" Adam said walking over with his arm around Red.
"I don't see why you guys are all over Adam when Bono's singing isn't top notch." Red grinned.
"Ooohh pleeease. Let's not discuss this subject again. I'm getting better."
"Okay, you all fucking rock!" I shouted. "Now I want you all to go out there and put on one hell of a rock show!"
Bono jumped up excitedly as well as Larry and Adam who went out towards the stage. Edge winked at me and then left to the stage leaving Bono, Red, and I backstage.
I messed up Bono's hair and then said, "Much better. Now go out there and give it your all."
"I will, love."
He smiled at both Red and I, then turned to join his band on stage.
"Everything seems alot better between you two." Red said.
"Yeah, I know." I smiled. "He's really trying. I'm just scared on how's feeling on the inside."
"I can find that easily." She replied waving her hand. "Adam can talk to him and then I'll get the info for you."
"Perfect, Red!"
We watched some of the show from the side of the stage and then afterwards we hung out in the small dressing room waiting for the band to return. Well it wasn't just them that entered the dressing room. A bunch of girls who apparently were slutty walked in along with them.
"Adam, I have a room waiting for us. C'mon. I'll show you a real good time." A blonde had been stepping into Adam's personal boundary.
Red looked like she was going to kill that girl with her stare.
"Please, get off of me." He said pleadingly. "I have a girlfriend and I don't want to anywhere with you."
"Excuse me, bitch. But Adam doesn't need a whore like you." Red stepped in between the both of them. Those two left immediately to go to the van since there were so many girls after him.
Edge looked paler than usual and he was trying to dodge every single girl to get to me. Bono was being charming to every single girl that was around him but even he looked a bit haggard.
"Look, I'm sorry ladies...but see there's this girl I love and I can't be with anyone at the moment. She just means the world to me." He said to all of them.
I looked at him with sad eyes.
"Really? Then how come she isn't here with you now?" One groupie asked loudly.
"Because....." He was speechless.
"Because I couldn't find him!" I piped up. Bono looked at me with joy practically pouring out of his eyes. "What the hell do all of you fucking whores think you're doing with my man?" They all looked at me like I was a savage animal. I grabbed Bono by the hand and lead him off.
"Thank you so much, Adge." He truly looked relieved.
"It was nothing. You know you're my best mate, B." I grinned.
I realized looking back that I left Larry and Edge all by themselves totally helpless. Oh, shit.
"OKAY EVERYONE U2 HAS TO LEAVE NOW! BUT IF YOU WANT TO SPEND A SPECIAL NIGHT WITH THEM MEET US AT THE....THE ROSEMONT HOTEL!" I screamed. All the dumbass groupies ran out of the room probably trying to find a cab to take them there.
Edge ran over to me quickly took my hand and all four of us ran out to the van to meet up with Paul, Adam, and Red.
Red and Adam were snogging in the back of the van once all of us jumped in and locked it. We were finally safe.
"Are you guys ever not kissing?" Bono said breathing heavily.
"Yes." Red answered. "We do it just to piss you off."
"Yup. Only for you Bono."
I laughed. "I love you guys."
"And I love you, Adge....for getting me out of that fucking madhouse." Larry said distressed. "I never want that happening again."
"ME EITHER!" Edge said leaning against me.
"It's the worst thing ever when women are fawning over you isn't it?" Red said sarcastically.
"It is when we don't want them." Adam said seriously.
"Exactly." Bono replied. "None of us want to get into that sort of mess."
"Good. It's nice to know I'm traveling with a bunch of gentlemen." I smiled at ease.
A few minutes into the ride I smelt the worst thing ever.
"Okay who fucking farted?" I nearly laughed.
"Sorry." Bono grinned. "Couldn't help it."
"Ohhhh God!" Red rolled her eyes. "Everyone put down there windows this is going to be a long ride to the airport!!"
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yay So good

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Sorry for any of the typos by the way!!
I dont really have time now to re-read everything.
But look out for my MUCH better story, [the edge of reason]. i decided that im going to post the chapters up this time!

It felt like as soon as we arrived home the boys were back in the studio. It had been a month of no touring and honestly it felt strange. I had been helping Mrs. Evans around the house, helping with the production side of the album, and working at the local record store. Since all of us had been up day and night trying to make sense of the new album it was almost finished. Edge and I had literally no time to talk about the wedding because of our hectic schedules. The only time we had together was in the studio making rash decisions and when we would stay up together in his room. I would be on Dik's old bed turned to my side and he would be on his looking over at me. Sometimes I'd wake up in the morning and have him snuggled against me. But Mrs. Evans insisted we slept on seperate beds. To quote her, "You both remained chaste for all of your lives, you might as well loose your virginity on the proper night." Aka after the wedding. She knew so little about our relationship, obviously.
Although not a single detail of our wedding was planned out yet we finally set a date. It was to be on October 17th at my church. We had the band over that night to celebrate. [Plus October had been released the week before] Which resulted in us blasting records for hours until the neighbors complained. Mr. and Mrs. Evans were gone (thank God) all weekend. Gil was at her friends and Dik was in college. So we planned the classic spin the bottle. Everyone was in, even Larry. That was of course because we were all drinking beforehand.
"On one condition," He said. "If we want privacy we can go in that closet instead of doing it in front of everybody."
Red started us off in a dull fashion. She spun it four times, each one landing on Adam. And when they madeout it was for quite a long time.
Edge spinned it next and the Guiness bottle landed on Bono. We all bursted out into laughter as Edge blushed. Bono placed a kiss on his cheek.
"I love ya, mate!" Bono exclaimed. He took his turn as he watched the bottle hungrily. I was keeping an eye on it too, scared it was going to land on me.
"Edge again?" Bono said with disappointment.
"Just skip it." Larry mumbled.
Edge was up and this time the bottle pointed towards me.
"YES!" He grinned. I leaned across from where I was sitting and Edge did as well. He collapsed on top of me but we kept at it.
"This is getting dirty." Red laughed.
I smiled at Edge as we both got up to get back to where we were sitting. I spun the bottle hoping it would land on Edge again so I wouldn't have to deal with anything awkward. ADAM. It landed on ADAM. Both of us looked at Amber.
"Well..if you must."
"Closet, please." I blushed.
Edge had the smallest closet EVER! Or at least it felt that way. I looked up at Adam.
"I feel weird doing this." I admitted.
"I know me too. But we're just friends. And there's nothing really between us besides that."
"Yeah I know. Plus I've snogged everybody else out there. Why not you, Ad'?"
"Because we hate each other, remember?"
I laughed. "Okay so that was an exaggeration! I know I dont hate you and you don't hate me. Especially since you carried me up to Red's room that night I was wasted. I never thanked you for that."
"It was no problem. You know I love you, a sisterly kind of way."
"Of course!" I smiled.
We walked out of the closet smiling.
"Did you guys even kiss? I swore I heard voices." Bono said.
I shook my head.
"LAME!" Larry shouted. "Why play if you're scared to kiss anyone else besides your fiancee?"
Adam rolled his eyes and then we both looked at each other innocently. I leaned up and Adam put his arm around me. We kissed for a while. It was odd, but nice I guess.
"Spin it, Larry." I said as I sat back down. HAHAHA! It landed on Red.
They left to go to the closet as we all snickered.
"Damn, Ad'. Aren't you jealous?"
"Naaw, it's only Larry." He waved a hand. "I bet Edge was though when we kissed."
"No, not really. I could tell she didn't really kiss you like she means it."
"REALLY? Tell me about that edge." Adam laughed.
Red and Larry walked out a couple minutes later looking like Adam and I.
"Lemme guess." Bono smirked. "You two didnt't kiss either."
Larry and Red looked at each other and then decided just to do it right in front of us. Larry had his hand lost in her hair and Red looked like she was going to die.
I looked at Edge who was on the verge of laughter and I had no idea why.
"Can I go once more before we end this?" Bono asked pleadingly.
We all agreed.
I watched the bottle spin round and round. I felt comfortable in Edge's arms. There was no way it would stop in front of me. The bottle lost momentum near Red. I turned my head to kiss Edge but then I heard Larry say, "Adge."
The God forsaken bottle was directly pointing at me! NO! Bono's eyes practically popped out of his face. I paled. Everyone remained silent.
"I'll--I'll spin it again." Bono said quietly. His hand went to turn it once more.
"No." Edge spoke. "It's okay, B. I trust you." He said slowly and carefully.
I felt myself wander off to the closet almost like a ghost floating to it's destination.
"B! WAIT! Take me instead...I--I want to." Red said before Bono closed the door.
"Sorry, love. It didn't land on you." He shrugged, closed, and locked the door.
At least you tried, Red.
"Bono, we can't do this." I said firmly.
"I knew you would say that. But hear me out!" He took my hands into his. "All I want is this last kiss from you. You're getting married to Edge, I understand that. And I know you guys are going to be really happy together. I was a real selfish wanker for trying to break you guys up. I realize that you two are made for each other. I mean what I did probably would have broken up anybody else point is I'm begging you to do this for me. I'm trying so hard to get over you. I know it sounds weird but I think this will help me. Staying away from you and not being at all intimate with each other kills me."
I began crying and Bono overtook the little personal space I had and wiped away my tears.
"B, I didn't want to tell you this. I thought it'd just make matters worse. I..I have feelings for you but compared to how I feel about Edge..."
"It's nothing." He finished my setence.
I nodded.
"Bono, I don't want to hurt you. And I really don't see how this is going to help."
He was now up against me. I was practically talking into his mouth. His warm body against mine reassured me.
"I know you don't love, and.." He sighed. "I know I have hurt you...non-intentionally of course."
"B, it was a crush. I'm over the past, really. I have Edge now and that's all that counts. Fuck the past. Kiss the future."
He laughed, "Look I know this makes no sense whatsoever won't be cheating on Edge and it seriously will help whether you will ever understand the madness in it."
"Okay." I sighed nervously.
"thank you. thank you so much."
I didn't move an inch as Bono hovered over me. He first started kiss my neck and I could feel him starting to suck it. Omg! This isn't what I bargained for! He felt me stifen and then his lips finally met mine. It was exactly what I remembered from the night I was wasted. His kiss was tender yet passionate. I could feel how much he wanted this. His hands were on my waist while mine were around his neck. We madeout for what felt like hours but I really don't know how long it was.
"I love you, Adge." Bono said as we walked out of the closet. I looked at him wide-eyed. "As a friend that is."
"I love you too a friend." I laughed. " i guess I wasn't that great of a kisser since I'm ONLY a friend now."
He laughed and put his arm around me. Nobody was in Edge's room anymore. What the fuck?
Bono and I ran out to the backyard and sure enough there everybody was.
Adam and Red were laying in the grass next to each other. Larry was sitting in a chair looking up at the moon and Edge was by himself laying in the high grass. I slid right next to him.
"Why did you guys leave?" I asked.
"We heard you talking. Well only mumbles and stuff." Edge replied.
"I love you so fucking much."
"I love you too, babe."
We held onto each other and stared up into the sky.


The next morning I woke up in Edge's bed in the middle of Bono and him. They both had their arms around me. In my bed was Adam, Amber, and Larry (in that exact order).
Her head popped up. "I can't even move! They're both holding me!"
"Me too!" I whispered back.
I couldn't believe I was even up. Edge wasn't a morning person, like myself, so I decided to wake up Bono.
"B." I shook his shoulder.
"Mmm." He smiled with his eyes closed. His arm moved up towards my shoulders as he pulled me away from Edge. He squeezed the life out of me.
"Bono. I'm not a stuffed animal." I hissed. He only held me tighter. "I swear if you're awake I'm going to kill you."
He chuckled softly. "I love my little Adge."
I had one free arm while the other was buried. What do I do? I slapped him on his side but he just smiled. Then I slapped his butt. Bono's eyes popped open and he grinned.
"You evil little--"
Bono let go of me and Edge had taken me closer to him.
"You don't want to finish that sentence, love."
"Don't fuck with me. You know I'm a witch in the morning."
"Sorry. It was just too easy." He smirked. "So where's my morning kiss?"
"Sorry, love. Don't want you getting the virus."
"But I want the virus, Adge." He pouted.
I placed a kiss on his forehead.
"GAH! Why is ADAM in the bed?" Larry shouted.
I heard moans from both Edge and Adam who were obviously awoken by this.
"Come on guys! Brighten up! It's a beautiful day! Let's not let it get away!" Bono stood up smiling.
"Two hours!" Edge mumbled. "It's too early for me...and Adge." He added.
"I don't want to get up either, love." I said softly. "But for once Bono is right. I need to go dress shopping and you need your tux."
He nodded.
A couple hours later we all made it out of the house to go shopping.
It was easy to find what I wanted. The one that caught my eye was a strapless white dress with some sequins lining the top and bottom portions.
" you see yourself getting married to Adam soon?" I asked as we watched them from across the room.
"I dunno." She sighed. "I love him and everything but I don't think we're ready. I mean..."
"Really? I actually thought you two would be married before any of us."
She laughed. "Well everyone knew you and Edge would end up together and be the first ones married."
"What?" I laughed.
"Oh please! Like you didn't know! It was obvious from the beginning!"
Apparently the boys had found their sizes and we were ready to get going. Bono suggested to go to a local cafe we normally ate at. We chose the four cushiony couches to sit on and enjoy our meal.
"Remember when we came here when Red started to date Gavin?" I asked.
Red snorted as Adam nodded stiffly.
"How long did you two even last?" Larry asked with a smirk.
"A couple months." Red replied with dignity.
"But it was so bloody awkward!" Edge exclaimed. "I mean you guys were the first to date out of our least I think that's right."
"You know what's even more bloody awkward?" Red said ignoring Edge. "When two people fancy each other so much but they're both blind to it and everyone can see it. AND even though they're friends tell them that they like each other both people still are too shy to approach each other."
"Edge and Adge?" Adam said with a laugh.
Both of us blushed profusely as Edge waved me over.
"How was I to know?" He said with a frown.
I sat on his lap and put my arm around him. "Well....I thought I made it pretty obvious. I didn't think you liked me that way at all. It was hard to tell."
"In Edge's defense, I don't think it was." Bono said leaning back into his chair comfortably. "He only blushed every two seconds around you."
"Well, what the hell was I supposed to say?'re red around the face, do you fancy me?" I said in a stupid voice.
Edge laughed.
"And it's not really anyone's fault." I pondered. "I mean at one point I thought I was going to possibly get over you, plus I found out some guy liked me."
"Oh're invisible man." Larry grinned.
I smiled back. "You call yourself invisible?"
Everyone looked completely shocked except Red.
"You and you?" Bono said.
"Wow. I knew Lardence faniced you..but..I..didn't..."
"Who cares though?" I shrugged.
Larry nodded slowly. "I'm actually quite sorry though."
"It's okay, Larr."
There was dead silence for a while besides the few kissing noises. But everyone was used to that by now. Adam was to blame there. Edge wrapped his arms around my waist as I played with his hair.
"How did you meet Adge?" Bono asked seeking to end the silence.
"I met her and Edge in the fifth grade." Amber replied. "They were both sitting next to each other talking and they invited me to sit with them during lunch."
"The best story I've heard was when Bono met Edge." Adam laughed.
"Oh! I've never heard that one before!" I moved around to get a little more comfortable.
"Well the first day of school I decided that I wanted to ditch Irish. So right when I got to the door a teacher spotted me," Bono began. "I bolted back in the opposite direction and ran into the library. I hid underneath a table for a while and then sat up. Edge didn't even notice me. He had a book open and was watching Adge. She was obviously searching for some book. I started talking to Edge and he was pretty quiet. He kept looking away from me to see what Adge was doing. Then I asked him is that your girlfriend over there? And Edge said yes."
Everyone laughed including Edge.
"You're so sweet. That's okay. I told red you were boyfriend at one point." I admitted.
"I remember that." Red nodded.
"Do tell." Larry said.
I started becoming friends with Edge about three years after I met Adge so we were...thirteen? And one day we were talking about boys. I mentioned Edge and how they were really close. I asked if that was her boyfriends and she immediately said yes."
"I said that because I was scared Red liked Edge!"
"That's why I said that to Bono! I thought he was interested in you!" Edge said with a chuckle.
"It's funny how close we are now." Adam said smiling.
"Yeah..compared to we lied to each other." I laughed.
Everyone stood up and got ready to leave. Tomorrow began the start of the short October Tour. Red was worrying because she wanted to start college but didn't know how to tell Adam. I suggested she wait until the end of this tour, after all it was just going to be a European tour.
Nobody was home once Edge and I returned.
"Hello?" We said in unison.
No answer.
Edge picked me up and I put my arm around his neck, both of us laughing. He carried me up the steps and proceded to snogging with me.
"Mmm. Edge."
He kicked open the door and then with some hesitation stopped kissing me.
"I think we have time for a quickie." He grinned.
I was about to say, 'I'm up for it.' But then I looked over at "my bed".
Dik was sitting with his legs crossed while holding a copy of the latest Rolling Stone.
"Just don't let mum and dad find out." He said with a smirk.


I laid on Edge's bed all curled up in his arms. Today's embarassing tribulations were enough for the both of us. Dik had ruined our moment in which we decided to wait for the honeymoon to do that sort of thing again. We had the room to ourselves though. Dik only came for dinner that night.
"Adge." He sighed into my hair. "I can't help but wonder about Bono."
"What about him?" I asked.
"It's been a little while but I have to tell you that...I know."
"Know what?" I turned towards him. We were so close now that our noses almost touched.
"I figured there had to be a reason behind all the know..why Bono madeout with you." The words itself stung. "I know..Bono loves..or loved you."
"Edge..don't..don't get mad at Bono, okay?" I asked searching his eyes.
He sighed as our foreheads touched. "I'm not..anymore. I forgave him. You don't choose who you fall in love with. And I know he felt bad."
"He did. I didn't say anything to you either because I didn't want to ruin your relationship."
"I know. You did what was best." He smiled softly.
"I just don't want to hurt either of you. And I'm glad you're not angry."
"I was...but I realized that you're both my best mates. And we're in love with each other. We're getting married. If it wasn't supposed to be like this then we would have known weeks ago."
"Yeah. And Bono is going to be okay. I just know it."
"He will. Bono is so lucky he fell in love with you instead of Red." Edge smirked.
"Uh why?"
We both laughed and then slowly drifted off to sleep in each other's arms.
The next morning began our two week tour of Ireland. The familiar scent of the old van returned to my memory quickly as did everything else. The band still has groupies chasing them and the only way they were stopped was between Red and I. Edge had a Rickenbacker now so there was no need for my guitar to be on the road. There wasn't enough room for a fourth guitar anyway. Red seemed like there was something on her mind and she just didn't feel like sharing it just yet.
Bono kept singing to me at concerts so nothing really changed drastically there.
Today however was beyond dull. For hours all of us were crammed around the TV. We were in Belfast that night bored to death. The last gig was tomorrow night and we had no planes at all. But suddenly I thought of a brilliant idea.
"Let's go out on dates!"
"Well seeing as we're all short on money I really don't think that's an option." Adam sighed.
"No, I mean just hanging out around the city but like with someone here you don't talk to often." I explained.
"That's actually a pretty good idea!" Red exclaimed.
Everyone mumbled incoherently and then it was settled.
We all had worked together to develop a schedule on who would be with who at what times. My order went like this: Adam, Larry, and Bono.
Adam and I walked down to the local park silently. He had his hands in his pockets and was walking with me like it was Doomsday.
" and Edge?" He said with a smirk.
"You say it as if we just started dating." I laughed.
"Well, what else are we supposed to talk about? I mean that's the big news now." He shrugged.
"Let's talk about you and Red for a change then."
"Okay. Well, for starters we had the best makeout session like an hour ago..."
"ADAM!" I playfully shoved him.
"Seriously?" He looked at me. I nodded. "I love her. My heart belongs to her. There's no other way of putting it. I don't want to be with anyone else. She's my soul mate."
I started to tear up. "So...marry her?"
"I want to. But I want to be able to support her financially. She deserves the best."
"Yeah, I know you do. I'm not trying to rush you. But Edge and I arent financially succesful."
He nodded. "But Edge is so smart. If the band didnt work he could go straight to college and get a degree and then start a real job and support you."
"You could too, Ad." I smiled.
"Thanks, but it's not for me."
We stopped near the river where there was a cement guard. Both of us leaned up against it.
"I guess Larry is meeting me here." I said softly. "But we still got time."
"......This is nice, you know." Adam said standing next to me.
"Oh, yes. The dead silence is amazing." I replied sarcastically.
"Why do you do that?"
"Do what?"
"The sarcasm!"
"Give me a break, Ad." I rubbed my head.
"Sorry! Look..I'm a little stressed that's all..with the band. Friends?" He managed a smile. I nodded and looked away.
Across the river Edge and Amber were holding hands and walking.
"I'm sorry if I come off as a bitch towards you. We always kind of teased each other and at one point I thought you truly disliked me and only put up with me because of Red." I sighed.
Adam looked at me like I was nuts. "Love, I teased you when we were like fourteen and that's because I was such a prick...for several reasons. One being you were Red's best friend. I thought I could get her to notice me that way. And I also saw you as a....erm...challenge."
"A challenge as in...?"
"Think the obvious, Adge."
"Ooooh." I frowned. "You perv!"
"That was me back then!" He said loudly. "You were playing hard to get and it was quite attractive."
"You semi-fancied me just because I wasn't drooling over you?"
"That's not the whole of it! What's important now is that I changed and I'm with the most amazing girl ever."
I nodded. "Anything in the past is done with."
I hugged Adam as I saw that Larry was walking towards us.
"Bye, Ad." I kissed him on his cheek and waved.
"Bye, love."
Larry was attempting a smile once I was standing right next to him.
"So...where are we off to?"
"I dunno I was just going to walk into the main street area...I guess Bono is meeting you at some food place." He shrugged.
"All right."
We walked silently down the cobbled streets. I could feel Larry looking at me every so often, apparently feeling as awkward as I was. Finally I said something.
"God, Larry. What happened to us?"
He stopped and looked at me. "Everything seemed fine to me."
"If everything was fine then how come we're not poking fun at Bono or at least talking?"
"There's nothing to say?" He suggested.
"Oh come on Larry! Theres always something to say when it comes to Bono!" I said helplessly.
"Usually, yes. But i dunno it's just...lately I've been thinking about...about."
"Just tell me." I said softly.
"Us." He said looking me in the eyes. "I mean I don't have those feelings anymore." He said quickly. "it's just...I was wondering what would have happened if...we actually dated. Ever since you mentioned me and you..and how you thought we might have ended up together for a while it made me think...that's all."
Wow. That was the longest thing I've ever heard Larry say.
"I understand. But we're still friends and you've got to admit we're pretty good at that." I smiled.
"Yeah. You're right. And I never told you this but...I'm very happy for you annd Edge. You're really perfect together." He smiled squeezing my hand.
"Thanks, Larr." I hugged him tightly and then heard footsteps...
"Hello Bono." Larry and I said in unison.
All three of us began walking with no real destination.
"So I saw this awesome Clash poster, Adge. And I thought of you right away." Bono grinned and pulled out a bag.
"B, you didn't have to." I beamed.
"Yes, I did."
I gave him a kiss on the cheek as he smiled.
"Thanks. So..I heard they played here a couple days ago and when they started playing This is Radio Clash someone threw a bottle at Mick Jones but it missed him and hit---Oh MY GOD!" I pointed at two people sitting on a bench completely wrapped up in each other. The girl had curly auburn hair and the boy had brown shaggy hair. I couldn't see their faces because they were sucking each other's faces madly.
"That..that can't be." Larry stuttered. "No."
"Yes." I said in a small voice. "That's the boy I'm supposed to be marrying. But..Edge..he wouldn't.. no...he."
My eyes started watering up. Edge would never do this to me! Nor would Red! But....why? It's them. My legs were stuck to the ground and I felt Larry's arm around me. Bono looked furious.
"No." Bono said angrily. "This is fucking not happening."
He walked up to them and pulled them apart aggressively. "WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK...You're...doing."
The couple looked at him horrifically.
"What the fuck do you think you're doing?" The boy repeated Bono's words and put his arm around his girlfriend and walked away.
Larry and I started cracking up while Bono looked flushed.
"Very funny, you two."
"IT IS!!!!" Larry laughed.
Bono loosened up and cracked a smile. "Okay so it's a bit funny." I held onto Bono and could not stop laughing.
"She didn't look like me at all!" Red said coming out of nowhere.
"And we wouldn't be so daft as to do it so openly." Edge said grinning.
"Hey, it did so look like you two. It scared the shit out of me." I said still smiling.
"Love, you know I'd never ever cheat on you." Edge pulled me over to him for a long kiss as I heard Larry moan in displeasure.
We departed from each other and went with our last person to catch a bite to eat. In this case for me it was Bono. This couldn't go bad, after all we were just friends. Friends that DO NOT whatsoever snog with each other.

Bono had chosen a semi-nice place to eat and it really got me worried. First off I had little money. I had some life-savings that I was using and whatever money we made off the gig we all divided, including me. I was the official guitar tech anyhow.
"B, not to be rude. But how the hell are we going to pay for this?" I asked.
"I have money."
"I'm paying for myself and I don't think this is the place to eat at." I said glancing around.
"Love, don't worry about it." He leaned back into his chair. "Let me handle it."
"I'm trusting you." I said seriously.
"Good." He smiled charmingly.
"So Bono my dear friend, how are you?" I asked leaning over the table.
"Could be better, but I'm hangin' in. But I have a question for you, what are you doing for your bachelorette party?" He beamed.
"No clue. Red is planning that. Dont you have to plan Edge a bachelor party?" I asked.
"Yeah, I guess so. Actually I'm leaving that up to Adam. He's good at that sort of thing." Bono winked.
I laughed.
"So...have you talked to Ali lately?" Bono said with a serious expression upon his face.
"Um, no actually. But I did send her an invitation to the wedding so maybe she called Mrs.Evans."
"Are you guys not friends anymore?" He asked.
"She's been avoiding me, B. Because...of you...fancying me."
Bono sat back in his chair and shook his head. "First off that's daft. Second, how many times do I have to say to everyone that I don't fancy you. I love you, for Christ's sake!"
I held his hand from across the table and said in a soft voice, "Bono, I know you do..but I thought you were getting..better."
"Adge, let me tell you this. You and Edge are perfect together. I agree with everyone on that. I'm so happy and excited that my two best mates are getting married. Part of me is hurt, I won't hide that. I feel that we could have been good together. Really good together...but the other part of me is overtaking that side. You're two of my favorite people in the whole entire world. And as a couple you're brilliant. There is no me in that. I have to let go. I just have to...walk on."
I kissed him from across the table and smiled. "Bono, do you know how much I love you?"
"Quite alot. Boy, if there was no Edge in the picture." He grinned bearing all of his cute teeth.
"We'd be snogging like that night on the Ferris wheel." I said grinning back.
"Damn it, Edge. Why does he have to be so charming?" Bono said sarcastically.
"Oh, its more than that." I said laughing.
We ordered our meal after sharing a few laughs between what we like best about Edge, which in my case was everything.
I sat back feeling good after eating quite a bit with Bono and then realized once again, how are we going to pay for this?
"Bono, I hope you have a genius idea."
"Oh, I do. We're leaving now."
"Sshhh." He grabbed my hand. "Not so loud, love."
"B, we can't! Someone is going to have to pay for our mistake."
"Look, that douchebag waitor we just had stole my money yesterday."
"What? You have proof?"
"Um yeah I saw his face when he mugged me and I'm not going to let him get away with it. We're leaving."
I shrugged and thought instant karma is a bitch and followed Bono out the door.
"GET BACK HERE!" The waitor had ran outside and began chasing us.
"Oh god, hes right behind us!" I yelled. He began making attacks on me trying to grab my shirt.
"Stupid bastard!" Bono screamed. He grabbed me away and then we jumped off the bridge...into the semi-deep river.
I thought I was going to die as my head bobbed in and out of the water. The current was pretty strong as it held me down for a few seconds. I felt a hand grab onto me and life me up.
He grinned at me. "We made it."
"Barely." I mumbled.
I looked down at my feet and saw no shoes. "What the hell." They were floating down the river and there was no way I was going back in to get them.
"Come on, get on my back." He leaned over. "Come on."
I jumped onto Bono's back and pressed my cheek up against his. "Thank you, my little pony."
He laughed. "Anything for a friend."
Bono carried me all the way back to our hotel with a smile upon his face the entire time.
"There you two are!" Red said from the couch.
"You're soaked! What happened?" Adam after taking his eyes off of Red.
"We had a bit of an accident." Bono replied.
"I'll say." Larry concealed a laugh.
Edge had walked in the room obviously just finishing his shower. "You must be cold, come on I'll get you guys towels."
"Actually, I'd prefer if you could help me get my clothes off." I said grinning.
"Well what are we standing around talking for?" Edge put his arm around me. "Come on, B. I'll help you two."
"I have fucked up friends." Larry mumbled.

The gig was still ringing in my ears and almost three days had passed. Tonight was my bachelorette party, Red was throwing it for me. Tomorrow was the wedding. I stared at the mirror looking at myself and how much I changed. My once bright red hair dulled down a bit but it was alot lighter from being in the sun. My freckles still quite apparent another feature that the sun had made more noticeable. My faded jeans were fringed and ripped at the ends from frequently stepping on them and I had my Talking Heads shirt on. It's just a small party with a few friends that are...girls. Girls. The word made me cringe. I had grown up with guys my entire life! With the exception of Red and Ali. Most girls around here were very pretty and concerned with the stupid things in life. Thats why I didnt bother with them.
I waited in the exact bar like they told me to and they still werent here! All of a sudden I heard kind of music. I turned around towards the little stage and saw Bono and Adam in suits walking off the stage. My eyes bulged out of my head to see them taking there coats off and throwing them to random girls. Before I knew it Bono's ass was in my face and Adam was slowly stripping in front of me. I gulped nervously and stared at them. What the hell was I supposed to do?!?!
Out of the corner of my eye I saw Red standing there laughing her ass off as well as Larry. Adam was standing in front of me with his white briefs on and shaking his butt. TORTURE!
"Spank me!" Bono cried. "Do it Adge! DO IT!"
I looked around at all of the people that were staring and pointing.
I slapped his ass and actually enjoyed it so much I did it a few times and heard Bono moan in pleasure. Why did he have to do that? That made it quite embarassing. Adam placed a wet kiss on my cheek then Bono grabbed my face and gave me the kiss of a lifetime. [Although truthfully nothing with Bono could beat our Ferris wheel makeout session;; but this was quite good]
I was left sitting there with my Guiness staring out towards the stage once more. Larry and Red took a seat next to me and ordered drinks.
"So how was that?" Amber asked with a smile growing on her face.
"VERY good!"
"So I was thinking we'd just get pretty wasted tonight and then go back to my house."
"Works for me."
And so Red and I drank the night away alone. Meanwhile Larry, Adam, Bono, Edge, Gavin, and Guggi partied it up at Adam's, with no strippers to my pleasure. Plus Edge made them swear on their graves they wouldnt put him through that torture and embarassment. God, I loved Edge.


I breathed nervously. Edge was waiting for me at the altar. I, was getting ready to walk down the aisle. The bridesmaids and others had all ready left me. My father was nowhere to be seen. I began walking slowly hoping that the bastard would show up soon. My mother sitting on the pew shook her head sadly.
I felt an arm take mine at once.
"hello, love." Bono smiled sweetly.
I smiled thankfully. "Thank you."
"No problem. We probably look quite sexy together."
I laughed.
"Sorry about your wanker of a father."
"S' okay."
Edge was was watching me with his signature cute smile. We both didn't take our eyes off of each other until I gave Bono a kiss and then took Edge's arm for the rest of the way.
The ceremony was like a blur to me. All I remember is repeating words, looking into Edge's eyes, and knowing this it. This was the guy I wanted to be with forever.
After our little Catholic ceremony was over with Edge and I ran out the door holding hands not caring the slightest bit that we sort of disrupted the calmness and serenity of it all.
Bono, Larry, Adam, Red, Guggi, and Gavin were outside shouting and screaming happily.
Edge and I stuck our heads out from the sunroof of the limo and shouted back. We'd see them in a few minutes anyway at the reception. As for now it was time for snogging. Edge and I went at it tossing and turning along with the many bumps our limo encountered.
We both entered the little resteraunt place right away to check out the view of the sea. We had a nice back porch type thing mainly for us couple to go out there if we needed some alone time.
"I'M MRS THE EDGE!" I screamed as people began arriving and looking up at us. Edge was laughing hysterically as I repeated myself for each guest. He put his arm around my waist as we walked back inside to our table. All of our friends had arrived including a teary-looking Amber.
"What's wrong?" I asked.
"The..ceremony..was just so beautiful." She said smiling.
" was all right." I said laughing a little.
We got to eating after all the announcements and what not. But Edge and I didn't have much time to finish our meals. Mr. and Mrs. Evans were congratulating us and both almost on the verge of crying saying how happy they were. After talking to all of our families and everything I snuck out to meet Red for a walk.
"Do you feel any different?" She asked.
"Not really. I just feel closer to Edge and I love it." I smiled.
"That's so sweet."
"But I've been meaning to ask you...What's up with you and Adam?"
"What do you mean? Everything is great." She said managing a smile.
"Red. Please. I know theres been something on your mind and I really want to know. I dont care if its a major thing. My wedding night has been amazing and nothing can ruin it."
"Ugh, fine. I knew that I couldnt keep it from you much longer.....I'm going to break up with Adam." She heard my sharp intake of air and then put up a hand. "Wait let me finish. I want to go to college and I dont want Adam all tied up with a girl who he cant see. Itll just drive him and me crazy. I love him to death and I dont want him to go through that. We'll get back together as soon Im done with college..thats if he wants to. And if he doesnt that means he never loved me in the first place."
"I dunno what to say..But if you think thats best than go with it. I can see where youre going with this. You dont have any experience or anything to get a job. But..I took mangement classes at a local college when we were back at Mount Temple so..I'm set." I said thinking it all through. "Adam will wait for you. its as simple as that."
"I hope so..." She said. "but its going to be so hard. I cant break up with him. I just cant."
"When the time comes, youer going to have to. Its not going to be easy but you gotta explain that youre future is on stake here and you cant just gallavant with him the rest of your life not knowing if the band is going to be successful. Adam loves you and I know he'll be understanding." I replied.
"Yeah." She said looking out towards the resteraunt. "Let's go back inside. I want to see you and Edge dance."
"God, we're just so damn entertaining arent we?" I said with a smirk.
"Of course."
As soon as I stepped back in Edge and I had to do our first dance together anyway. We chose the song "Streets of Love" By the Rolling Stones. It was actually the first song we danced together before Edge asked me out. Bono had gotten him to get some courage and finally make a move on me.
"Remember when we.."
"Yeah." I said close to his face.
"I can't believe that I said nothing to you that whole time." He whispered.
"Me either. I was close to telling you but...I was so scared of rejection. Who knew we'd end up marrying each other?"
"Everyone but us." We laughed.
I madeout with him until the song changed to our personal favorite, "Destroyer" by The Kinks.
Edge turned towards our friends. "You guys have to join us too."
We all took turns spinning each other around during the piano parts. It really reminded me of that night in New York.
The next song that someone requested was "Psycho Killer" which was amazing to sing along with.
I danced with Bono, Larry, Adam, Gavin, and Guggi as well throughout the night. Finally Ali came up and sat next to me with a drink in her hand.
"I'm so happy for you and Edge." She said with a smile. "And also I'm sorry."
"For what?" I asked.
"For ...avoiding your phone calls and everything. It was really childish of me."
"Well, I'm sorry too, Ali." I gave her a hug.
"It was stupid of me though. I mean it's not like you made Bono fall in love with you. I just thought that he....well....I thought we were going to be together for a while or at least end up together. But it turns out that were not and truthfully I am quite happy with Guggi." She explained.
"I'm glad youre happy with Guggi. i was just worried that our friendship was going down the drain because of this whole Bono issue. And I worked it out with him and hes ...better." I smiled widely at Bono getting all groovy on the dance floor.
"Yeah." She giggled.
Edge came up from behind me and grabbed me to go outside. Everyone was going to take a walk into the field that was across the street.
Adam had his arm around Red while Bono and Larry walked beside them. I was on Edge's back with no shoes. My feet hurt way too much!
We all ran in the field laughing and tackling each other into the high grass. My white dress now had green stains on it.
I laid down looking up at the stars along with everybody else.
"U2 is going to make it big." I said interrupting the silence.
"We are." Bono agreed. "We've got all the potential in the world."
"I hope so." Edge said leaning his head on mine.
"You know that band, The Police? They're so brilliant but they havent made it in America yet." Larry said.
"Yeah they are but Larr, their sound is so different from yours. They're"
Everyone laughed.
"Well its true! I really do love their music. I mean they started off punk but theyre even better now!" I exclaimed
"Thats making me feel so much better." Adam said sarcastically.
"I WANNA RUUUNN!" Bono shouted. He got up and began sprinting. I laughed and followed him.
"I WANT TO HIDE!" He fell down and laid back down into the grass. I plopped myself right next to him.
"Did you see Ali inside?" I asked turning on my side.
"Yes. She looked nice." He said turning towards me.
"Wow B," I smiled happily.
"But you look nicer."
My smile turned into a frown. Bono laughed hysterically and held onto his stomach.
"I'm sorry love. It was just too easy!"
I pushed him gently and grinned. "I Love you, B."
"What happened to loving me?" Adam said hovering over us. "I get it, you just say I love you to anyone with a p--"
"ADAM!" I grinned.
"She told me that too and promised to love me no what!" Edge pouted. "C'mon love we gotta go cut the cake."
I hopped onto his back once more and left. I put my arms around Edge and kissed him.
"I love you, Edgy."
"I love you more."
We stopped by a tree to makeout for a while until I remembered something.
"Edge, we have to wait." I said.
"I know, do you actually think we were going to do it right here?"
I laughed hysterically. "Not THAT! I promised Red I'd be there for her when she...when she...dumped Adam." I said with some hesitation.
"Yeah..she.." I took Edge's hand and jumped over the bush. "Someone is coming."
"In The Evening is a better song." Bono insisted.
"No, When The Levee Breaks is!" Larry argued.
I sighed in relief, it was only them. I popped up. "I'd have to agree with Bono."
"AAAAAAAAAAH!" Bono jumped into Larry's arms.
"You two get behind here now." I pulled them behind the bush too. I explained in a soft voice, "Look, red is going to break up with Adam so we have to stay quiet."
"What if I dont want to be here when--?"
"Shutup." We hushed Larry.
Two figures emerged from the field holding hands.
"Adam, can we talk?" Red asked.
"Sure. I think we got our normal number of makeout sessions in." He laughed.
They stopped conviently right in front of where we were hiding.
"I've been thinking about college and I decided on going into culinary." She said as he held her hands.
"That's fantastic!" He grinned.
"Ad, I've been accepted into Trinity." She said sadly.
"CONGRADULATIONS! We have to celebrate!" He picked her up and swung her around obviously quite happy for her.
"We cant....we...wont be able to see each other for a while. I mean youll be touring and working on new albums while I'll be trying to focus on my studies..It just wont work." She said with haste. "If there was a way..Id do anything..for this to work."
"I'm not loosing you, Am'." Adam sounded scared.
"If you want to work..."
"I know we can work this out."
She nodded. "I dont want to give you up. But I dont want you to hurt when we're apart either."
"I'm willing to take that chance." He said firmly.
I looked at Edge who nodded taking my hand. We had to get back inside before they did other wise it would look suspicious. Everyone apparently had been searching for us to cut the cake. Edge and I were shoved forward to this huge white monstrosity.
He cut a piece first and carefully slipt a little into my mouth. I nearly choked on it because I was on the verge of laughing. I cut a piece for Edge but 'accidentally' let it smear on his face.
"Oops." I smiled innocently.
He smiled and said, "Looks like youre going to have to help me clean it up."
Edge gave me a wet sloppy kiss in which slobber and cake was exchanged. I didnt mind at all though.
The next ritual was the throwing of the bouquet. Bono caught the garter previously so he was eagerly waiting who would catch the flowers.
I threw it back hoping Red or Ali would catch it but to my dismay I turned around to see my sister grinning ear to ear and staring at Bono.
Before they did it, Edge and I had to. I sat down and looked into his embarassed face.
"I wish my mum didnt have to see this!"
"Oh believe me I feel the same way." I blushed and then cupped his face with my hand. "Just pretend we're alone."
Edge grinned wickedly. "You got it, love."
Bono wolf-whistled along with Adam and Red screamed. Edge slowly slithered his hand up my thigh and touched the garter.
"What are you doing?" I laughed. He winked at me and then grabbed it with his teeth and slipped it off.
"YOU GO EDGE! BE THAT NASTY--" Adam shouted but was shutup by a disgruntled Larry.
I kissed his face and then leaned into him as we walked away to the side.
"Those two obviously are going to have an amazing honeymoon." Guggi said loudly.
Edge nodded. "We're going sight seeiing, guitar shopping, and running around the city."
"And in between those things he forgot to mention the passionate sex they're going to have." Gavin smirked.
Edge and I grinned at each other and didnt deny anything although Mrs. Evans was standing near us.
Moments later Bono was looking thoroughly disappointed and my sister was pushing the garter further up her leg.
"Poor Bono." Red frowned.
Bono took a plastic spoon from his pocket and maneuvered the garter off of my sister's leg. She was absolutely furious he did that and stomped away.
"Did I tell you how gorgeous you look tonight?" Bono asked smiling, obviously trying to erase the past five minutes.
"Thanks, B." I turned slightly pink.
"Are you hitting on my wife?" Edge asked placing his arm around me. "I love how that sounds." He smiled with excitement in his eyes.
I put my arm around his waist and beamed.
"Yes, sir. I am." Bono replied boldly. "One dance, Adge?" He asked kindly.
"If Mr. The Edge says he's cool with it." I said sarcastically.
Edge nodded. "As long as I can dance with Red."
"Be careful though..she still thinks you're cute." I giggled.
Bono led me out onto the dance floor and then placed his hands on my waist as I wrapped mine around his neck.
"No more gallavanting around with other men now." Bono smirked.
"I'm not dropping you guys as friends if that's what you think. You cant get rid of me that easily."
"I'd never let that happen." He said pushing away a stray curl from my face. "God, you two are going to grow old together."
I laughed. "We all are going to."
"I hope so. I really want to know if Larry will age." Bono glanced over at Larry who was sitting with Adam.
"He will." I nodded. "And so will you, B. But I guarentee you're charm with keep you the same."
"What about Edge?" We both glanced at him.
"He'll just keep looking wonderful."
Edge smiled at us not knowing what we were talking about.
"Adam will change..I bet..I hope in a way." I smiled a little. "Red...I dunno..she's a mystery to me."
"She'll change." Bono said seriously. "In a good way of course...maybe she wont change at all. Shes quite puzzling."
I nodded. "Who knows?"
"And you'll still be the same girl, no doubt." Bono smiled. "Maybe get a little cuter..."
"Bono!" I could feel my face warm up.
"You never know." He shrugged.
We danced (and drank) the night away, happy to be alive and together.
And of course we were excited and anticipated what the future had in store for all of us.
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