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Someone Else's Dream - Chapter 18

U2, unfortunately, are not mine. They are real people who I have written about here in a fictional situation that never happened. I don’t have their permission to use their likenesses, but I make no money from the story and it really is just all meant in good fun. Remember, please, that this is just a twisting, turning story out of my imagination which should not reflect upon the band or the individuals within it. It’s only make-believe. There will be some adult themes within this story, and almost undoubtedly a lot of offensive language. Read at your own discretion.

Catalina Chronicles Book 4:

Someone else’s dream

Chapter Eighteen

Car alarm and back to sleep
you kept awake dreaming some else's dream
coffee is cold, but it will get you through
compromise, there's nothing new to you
let's see colours that have never been seen
let's go to places no one else has been
You're in my mind all of the time
I know that's not enough
if the sky can crack
there must be some way back
to love and only love
Electrical Storm
Electrical Storm
Electrical Storm
Baby don't cry

from ‘Electrical Storm’ by U2

Stepping into his house, Larry felt like a child being swept up in his mother’s arms. The safety, security and love that resonated within its walls made this more than a house; it was home. He was not about to take that feeling for granted ever again. As soon as he stepped into the kitchen he found Simone standing over the kitchen sink, washing a bowl of fresh raspberries, a favorite treat of hers. He slid up behind her on stocking feet and wrapped a wiry but strong arm around her waist, pushing her soft hair away from her neck with his other hand and setting to placing as many kisses against the warm, smooth skin as he could.

He nibbled gently with just his lips, and then with the slightest scrape of teeth up along the curve to find her pierced earlobe, which he sucked on as if it were the sweetest candy in the world. He felt the muscles in her neck tense responsively, felt her cheek bulge as she smiled at the greeting, and felt the way she sank back against his warmth and let all of the breath leave her body on a sigh.

“We’re not alone,” she told him in a conspiratorial whisper, turning her face toward his and catching his sensual lips in a kiss before letting him turn to glance over his shoulder at the trio seated at the table in the breakfast nook. Pauley covered his eyes, his head falling back against his shoulders in an exaggerated gesture of embarrassment which was softened by the way he grinned. Lorna squealed as if happy to have been caught, kicking her legs and slapping the palms of her hands against the tray on her high-chair gleefully.

Trine sat on the opposite end of the table from Pauley and had turned her head to look away, craning her neck to look out the window into the night. The pool wasn’t such an exciting view, Larry was sure, but it was better than watching the show of affection which had not been intended for her eyes. He could see her reflection in the window and was stricken for a moment by the sight of her swollen, tear-stained eyes and cheeks, her nose so red from weeping the tip of it was nearly crimson.

Then the realization that she had only recently learned that she was pregnant; that she had not told Cat or her father yet, settled into Larry’s mind and he searched his mind for what to say. In characteristic form, he opted for silence.

“Make yourself useful and get the ice cream out of the freezer,” Simone told him, kissing him once more, on the cheek this time, and returning to the task of washing the berries. Larry did as he was asked, retrieving the vanilla ice cream and scooping it into bowls. Simone sprinkled the berries over the ice cream and they each carried two bowls over to the table.

Lorna squealed and grunted, opening her mouth wide and leaning forward, eager for the late-night treat. It had been a strange, stressful day for all of them and a little comfort food was definitely in order. Larry used his spoon to mash up several of the berries and stir them into a small portion of ice cream before offering the tip of the spoon to his daughter.

She eagerly closed her little rosebud mouth around the spoon and made a gratifying ‘Mmmm!’ as the concoction melted on her tongue. Pauley also dug right in, quickly wolfing down several spoonfuls before dropping the utensil and grasping his forehead with both hands and moaning ‘brain freeze!” he complained, grimacing. His scowl quickly turned into a giggle when Lorna imitated him, though, and the pain was quickly forgotten.

Trine pushed the ice cream around and around the bowl with her spoon but never lifted any to her lips. She simply watched as the berries and ice cream began to meld into each other, first in raspberry swirls and then in a pink mush. Simone savored each bite slowly, studying the girl as closely as Trine studied the mess in her bowl. Larry looked nervously back and forth at all of the others at the table while feeding small bites to Lorna and taking an occasional taste for himself.

He felt guilty as the thought occurred to him that he would rather be licking the berry and cream concoction off Simone’s smooth belly, finding himself slightly (and totally inappropriately) stirring at the thought. It only lasted for a split second, thankfully. He should be thinking about Trine’s situation, after all; or even enjoying the simple pleasure of the family moment they were having. In his defense, it had been a long time since he had made love to his beautiful fiancée’. She had started sleeping in their bed again just a few nights ago; having opted to sleep in Lorna’s room while they took time to try and heal the emotional wounds that Larry had created with his betrayal.

Those were her words. Larry did his best not to try and think of ways to characterize what had happened at all. He didn’t try to pretend it hadn’t happened, but he wanted to look forward, rather than back. He couldn’t change things in the past, but he hoped desperately to make the future better.

They had, in their pre-marriage couples counseling at the church, vowed to put sex aside completely until after the wedding. It was supposed to be a testament to their commitment to one another; a sacrifice of the sort of instant gratification which could distract from the truly important things. At the time Larry had considered it a fine idea, but as they grew close once more; beyond the simple physical need, he wanted to express his love and admiration of her it was becoming increasingly frustrating.

He imagined dumping the icy cold treat in his lap and made himself think about as many non-sexual things as he could to quell the sudden, unwelcome arousal and was thankful when it subsided before it complicated this almost quaint moment.

“Tree?” Pauley said quietly, using Lorna’s nickname for the girl as a sign of friendly affection. Trine glanced up from her bowl at the boy, who looked in her eyes, his face set in a serious expression. “We’re family, now, right? I mean, like, blood family.”

Larry frowned and flashed a questioning glance at Simone who shook her head gently, her eyes promising that she would explain everything later.

“You’ve always been more family to me than anyone related by blood, anyway kiddo,” she told him honestly, avoiding the subject as well as she could. She didn’t know how to explain to a six year old that she didn’t know how to face the reality that there was a baby inside of her. A baby which would become a real person someday, if she let it. She had a lot of decisions to make, and not a great deal of time to make them.

“Yeah, but you know what I mean,” Pauley said with a shrug, turning back to his ice cream.

“Yeah, I know,” Trine said, standing to carry her bowl of melted ice cream and berries to the sink. She paused to kiss Pauley on top of the head which made him flash a cheesy, embarrassed grin. She smiled back, though her eyes were still sad, red and swollen. Larry stood and followed her to the sink, turning on the tap and rinsing his bowl out and taking hers from her to do the same.

“If you want to stay here, you can, y’know,” he told her softly. ‘But I think you should call and let Adam know. He’s waiting for you at the house.”

“He’s at home?” She asked, her eyebrows rising in surprise. “Is Cat there?” She asked, and he nodded silently. Simone brought the other bowls to the sink to rinse.

“They’re talking. We – actually, we waited there for her because we thought… well, we thought she was pregnant,” he admitted, and Simone nearly dropped the ceramic bowls in the sink she was so startled at the possibility. Trine looked as if Larry had just started speaking in tongues, her face went pale and her eyes were wide and round.

“She isn’t, though?” Simone asked, looking nearly as shaken. Larry shook his head, his lips pursed tight. “Why did you think that?” She asked.

“There was a – Lawry spilled the garbage can in the bathroom, and there was a test thingie in it. It was positive,” Larry replied, looking at Trine rather than Simone. He was telling her that he knew, in some part, what was going on in her life to cause her the distress which was clearly written on her face. She seemed relieved not to have to say it out loud. Then her face fell again as something occurred to her.

“Dad knows?” She asked, and Larry nodded. “How is he? Is he mad?” She asked nervously.

“He’s dealing with it. He’s worried about you, though,” Larry told her honestly. “Call him, ok? Just to tell him you’re here and you’re all right for tonight?” Trine nodded in silent agreement and walked away, toward the lounge where there was a phone and she would have some privacy.

Lorna began whining to be released from her high chair now that the ice cream was gone, and Larry hurried to oblige. Simone rounded Pauley up and they helped the kids into pajamas and tucked them into their beds. Both of them fell asleep before the lights were even turned off, they were so exhausted.

Larry slid onto the bed beside Simone and rested his head against her bosom as if it were his pillow. Simone smiled and ran her fingers through his soft hair. He had certainly made her feel loved in recent months, and it didn’t seem to be fading away in the least. Her stomach had turned somersaults at the thought of Cat being pregnant, old wounds threatening to break open and disturb the fragile peace they had found. She knew they were a long way from being healed completely, but that made her cherish the little things all the more.

They lay in each others arms that way for the better part of an hour, as she explained what had happened today with Toby. Larry was ready to go straight to Toby and make him truly regret the way he had treated the people he loved, but Simone pointed out how useless it would be. Besides, the loss was his, in the end. Not being there to see Pauley or this new child grow was a cost which he would one day realize he had paid, and he would regret it dearly.

They wondered what Trine would do, how it would affect the band and the album which was due to be released, and how Adam would react when Trine called. They each wondered in silence how Cat and Adam were working things out, now that they were finally reunited and facing up to the reality of their situation. Neither of them spoke about Cat, though. It was an unspoken rule that had been strictly imposed. Cat was a subject which was still too sore for them to deal with directly.

Larry did tell Simone about his time with Adam, the way they had talked about everything and seemed to have repaired some of the damage. He was so relieved to have earned his mates forgiveness he nearly wept. He left that part out, but she could hear it in his voice. She still hated the way it had happened, but she couldn’t help but admire the changes which were happening within the heart of her stubborn Irishman. He was seeing the world in color for the first time, instead of simple black and white.

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Re: Someone Else's Dream - Chapter 18

Wonderful, as always!

Originally posted by Sad_Girl
He was seeing the world in color for the first time, instead of simple black and white.
I epsecially love that line!

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SG you are so B-R-I-L-L-I-A-N-T dealing with all these different emotions of the characters in your story

The descriptions and actions ring quite true and believable.. thats what I love most

don't ever let your wonderful story telling talent go to waste
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SG. ANother wonderful chapter.

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I love the part Thora quoted too, because, I think Larry does think in black and white
another great one SG!

Oh one litle bad thing, the lyrics to ES...
it's Car alarm, won't let you back to sleep
Originally Posted by GraceRyan View Post
And if U2 EVER did Hawkmoon live....and the version from the Lovetown Tour, my uterus would leave my body and fling itself at Bono - for realz.
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^see, that's what I get for trying to be lazy and just copying and pasting from a general lyrics site without paying attention to what it said
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if you copypaste, always do it from, then you are never wrong except when pasting Mofo lyrics, since censored them!
Originally Posted by GraceRyan View Post
And if U2 EVER did Hawkmoon live....and the version from the Lovetown Tour, my uterus would leave my body and fling itself at Bono - for realz.
Don't worry baby, it's gonna be all right. Uncertainty can be a guiding light...
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i loved those three last paagraphs especially.

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