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Shadows and Tall Trees chap 13

She ran as hard as she could back to her house and when she got there she instantly stopped. Her dad’s ugly green truck was still there. Why didn’t mom kick him out? And what about Monique and Miles? She tried to look in the window and there was her mom and real dad screaming at each other. Monique and Miles don’t need to hear this

Mariah snuck to the back of her house. She looked up to see that her bedroom window was wide open. It wasn’t hard to climb up to her room. The roof of her back yard patio was short enough for Mariah to get on, and it led up to the small balcony by Mariah’s window.

Mariah carefully shut her bed room window when she was inside. Monique wasn’t there, but a note was on her bed. Whispering, Mariah read it out loud, “Mariah, when we came to your house with our stuff, your mom said that your real dad was here. Instantly I worried for you. Miles and I came up and dropped off our stuff. Your mother sent Miles to one of his friends and I’m over at Adam’s. Please stay safe and come get me as soon as you get back.

Well at least Monique and Mile’s are away from all this… Mariah shut her eyes as she heard her mothers voice screaming at her real dad. I can’t take this. Not again. Folding Monique’s note and putting it in her pocket Mariah made her way out of her window. Once again she ran away from her house, from her mother, from all her problems.

She stopped running when she reached town. She leaned against a wall as she caught her breath. An asthma attack was not what she needed right now. She scoped around to see if any of the people walking around was someone she knew. Wait, is it.....?

She looked closer at the blonde headed guy walking toward her. It was, ironically, Larry.

She waved at him, “Hey!” she said. Larry looked up from the ground at her.

“Oh, Mariah! Hi!” he said smiling.

“It’s been a while, huh?” Mariah said starting to walk with him.

“Did you run all the way here?” Larry patted her on the back a bit as she was still out of breathe.

Mariah rolled her eyes. “My parents we’re fighting, so I came out here for a break. I can't believe I made it here alive! What about you?”

“Well, actually….I had an idea I wanted to run by you.” He said holding his voice back a bit.

“Really? Me?” she laughed, “What is it?” Mariah needed a good distraction right now.

“Well, remember how I told you I play the drums? Well,” he sighed “I was thinking about posting a flyer at Temple about starting a band. Do you think it would work?” He bit his lower lip after saying this.

Mariah grinned, "Well at the risk of sounding like my mother, I think it's a wonderful idea. I'm sure there are lots of other musical people at Temple. And if it's something that you really want to do, I think that you should do it! What prompted you to do this?"

“Actually it was my dad’s idea. Funny because he’s never really been too happy about the fact that I’m into drumming. Well that’s parents for you.” He said shaking his head.“Anyways, if you know anybody who might be interested, could you let them know?”

“Sure! In fact there’s a guy my friend is dating and he has a bass guitar, I dunno if he can play but I’m sure he wouldn’t mind coming.” Of course, Mariah was talking about Adam.

“At this point I don’t care if he can play or not, just as long as he has a bass.”

This was it. Nicole had done it. She had become something she thought she never would. Another one of Paul’s girls.

Paul draped his arm around Nicole's shoulders. He seamed to do that alot. Especially when other guys looked at Nicole. But she didn't mind. She was used to it now.

"What should we do today my dear?" he said, grinning.

"How about you stop covering me up every time we walk by anybody of the male sex?"Nicole said with a laugh.

Paul smiled and hugged Nicole closer. "No can do. I went though hell to get you to out with me and I don't want to loose you." He planted a kiss on Nicole's forehead.

Nicole's forehead started to tingle. The tingling slow spread through Nicole's whole body. That happened anytime he kissed, or touched her.

Nicole was surprised. She had heard so much about Paul Hewson from other girls. Most of who were his ex-girlfriends. And everything she heard was a lie.

Some girls told her that he just wanted to get in her pants. Others said he would ignore you and flirt with other girls. Everything they knew was wrong.

Paul was sweet. Sure he needed to be the center of attention, but he still was sweet. And his charm seemed to have no end.

He still was affected by his mother’s death, and when he went into depression mode, Nicole would take in a place as temporary mother. She'd hold him, like her own mother would when she was upset. She'd even sing softly to him.

He made her happy, and as far as she knew, she made him happy.

When they were a good deal away from Mount Temple, Paul finally took his arm off of Nicole's shoulder. Instead he grabbed her hand.

"How'd you get to be so beautiful?" Paul said to her smiling.

Nicole smiled back. She returned his question with a kiss.
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