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ROBONO* -> Chapter 01: The Awakening

Chapter 01: The Awakening

Edge awoke quite suddenly. The haze of sleep still shrouded the world in front of him as he tried to figure out where he was. Wanting to rub his eyes, Edge attempted to raise his hands.

Nothing happened. He tried again to raise his hands to his eyes but it was like they didn't exist. Slightly worried, Edge's heart quickened as he attempted to feel his legs. Nothing.

Now things were getting serious.


Bono walked mechanically down the hotel corridor, contemplating life and the universe. He wondered how Edge would find his new life. How things might change for the scientist of the band.

Chuckling to himself, Bono thought it irnoic that Edge was considered a scientist, especially because he would be advised of what had happened in mere moments.


Edge was quite worried as he could only see gray outlines of furniture as he raised his head. He fell back againt the pillow again.

There was a knock at the door. Edge wondered who it could be. Overcome with relief, the guitarist head, "Hey, Edge, open up, it's me," in Bono's familliar raspy Irish drawl.

"I can't," said the Edge.

"Why can't you?"

"I, I can raise my arms."

"Well then, maybe I can help you with that," Bono purred. "I still remember all those long nights on the beach when we were younger. I was a beautiful wife for you. I'd never let you come in harm's way, Edge."

That statement didn't scare Edge. The fact that he didn't blush did scare him. In fact, there was no sense of blood in him at all. No heartbeat, no warmth at all.

Bono raised his voice, "Alright I'm coming in, damn you."

The door was thrown from its hinges, and, with a hydraulic hiss, the voice from outside stepped into the room. Edge heard clanking, and, was it hissing?

"What's going on Bono," he said, still unable to see.

"Oh, there have been a few changes. I'm going to roll you over."

"Now?" said Edge, wondering why Bono was so aroused.

"Not for that, silly," said the frontman. "I have to turn you on - fully."

Edge felt himself being rolled over onto his stomach, but there was a lot of effort to it apparently, and he didn't remember having so many corners when being rolled over in the past.

Bono gripped the long shaft of the cylandar he was carrying in both hands, caressing it and staring at the red ring of LED lights around the top.

"This won't hurt a bit," he purred.

"What won't?" said Edge, worriedly.

Bono took the metallic cylandar and slowly slid it into the Edge. Into his back, no less. There was a hiss and Edge's vision began to return.

"What the fuck is going on, Bono?"

"There's been a change or two," Bono replied.

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I want more!!!!!!

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i agree more please
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Dude!! this is good stuff
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Interesting story so far.
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you win
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how interesting..
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Slash and references to slash are not allowed in this forum...even in robotic form.

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