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Old 11-22-2002, 04:54 PM   #1
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Rex Features????????

now that rex features has become a subscription service (boo hiss) where is the best place to find pics that are that current and easy to find?

not just U2 pics either...i mean all bands and solo artists like coldplay, oasis, ryan adams, the doves, etc.

Rex Features RIP

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Old 11-22-2002, 08:08 PM   #2
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I went to Rex Features a few says ago and noticed that you cant
click on the pictures anymore to make them bigger.
That really sucks

The only other place that i know of is Corbis

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Old 11-23-2002, 07:54 AM   #3
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Yeah I was shocked and pissed too. I only noticed it with this new batch of Bono pics, when did this happen? Weird thing is, when I tried something on the current news page, like Jennifer Lopez (ugh) they DID click to enlarge! So maybe it's just the archived stuff? What pisses me off is if they got the date of Bono's awards ceremony right (Nov. 18) it would've made the current news page and therefore clickable but the dumbasses labeled it Nov. 15 which dropped it off the page!

So if we know there is something current for one of our bands coming up we should look right away to get them while they still click! This does suck, greed ruins EVERYTHING!! First wireimages, then getty, now this! At least we have Charlene to get our U2 stuff from wireimages but it sucks for all the other services. WHY can't they just let us see? They had watermarks anyway!

Reuters through Yahoo has good pics (only fairly current usually) but I've noticed less and less since those services went pay- greed again- guess the photographers would rather sell to those pay services now. The internet has become increasingly less fun as more and more stuff goes pay. We already pay for our internet service but soon almost every website will want a piece of us too, and we just can't do it. Money, money, money. The fun's over. The gravy train runs slowly drier.
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Old 11-23-2002, 10:20 AM   #4
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I just need to add about what I said, I think with me, because i get criticized by those in my personal life so much for spending too much time online, having to pay for things only adds to the guilt and condemnation. At least before I could always use, it's free, my hobby doesn't cost anything, it's better than being one of those women who collects expensive stuff or hangs around stores all the time buying too much stuff. Sure, the internet is an addiction, but the more the habit is costing me the more guilty and ridiculed I become. So I'm paying for boomspeed. and this site, and alone that's not much, but think, if every site you enjoy started charging, you'd run up quite a bill- or have to give some of them up. I just didn't like to see getty, then rex, go for pay, leaving us with no real pic sources. It's a shame. I know everyone wants and needs money it's just depressing to see sites charging one by one. Someday they may mostly or all be that way, and we're not gonna be able to enjoy the net like we do now. It can become an expensive habit. It's something to think about, and worry about.

BTW, I am NOT telling my husband or many others about paying for boomspeed or this site. I will pay using someone else's credit card after I give her cash or send a money order. Good gracious, if charges from websites started showing up on my bank statemets, there'd be hell to pay. That's my problem, I know most of you don't have that kind of problem, so I'll stop moaning.
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