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return of Caught By The Heel

lol: here it is in all its unbetaed glory. This is shorter than usual I but makes up with TEH DRAMA OMGCLIFFHANGERWTFBBQ. Never fear for I have all day tomorrow and the next day to work on the next chapter.

Disclaimer which should really be posted in this Fan Fiction forum and stickied: not true, I have no idea what I'm talking about, and I'm not profiting from this. Also, this story is turning "darker" than it was previously (and oh the two or three F words! woe). If you want to refresh yourself or nitpick for inconsistencies, here are the previous chapters.

Well. Off with the horns, on w... sorry.


Chapter 8: Distance Between


So maybe he deserved it, Bono thought. Maybe he deserved that slap and maybe he deserved Miranda walking out of the hotel. Maybe the hand on her thigh kept sliding up because Bono wanted it to and not because it wanted to. Maybe it was for the best that she didn't seem about to ever talk to him again. Or maybe not.

They'd been talking quite innocently on the sofa, sitting next to each other and relaxing after a delicious lunch. And suddenly Bono noticed that his hand was between her legs and crawling upwards completely of its own volition. She'd slapped it, riled, and walked away. He found her on the balcony, and proceeded to say that he really, really didn't know what he had been doing. Then she had lost her temper somewhat, called him a liar, and he responded hotly and the next thing she knew she was shutting the elevator door in his face.

Maybe she was just upset because she'd almost given in to what she wanted. Yeah. No, Bono's mind retorted, you heard what she said this morning. She wasn't interested. Oh, how he'd wanted her then, how he'd loved it when she told him no. "No" was not often a good sound, but Bono's rock star ears had heard it so seldom that he found himself impressed and fascinated. But she wasn't interested, and having been so close to the person who made him feel complete, now he was bereft and leaning against the balcony railing completely, completely alone. She was another person who he loved and left him anyway. Bono slapped himself mentally and told himself to get over it. It was a good thing, too, because at that moment the sliding glass door whispered open and Bono felt the Adam Presence behind him.

"You look like you've lost your best friend," came Adam's dry comment before he actually looked at Bono. Adam could read body language like few others. Bono nodded and looked down at his hands. He told his hands they could behave or go to hell this instant. And louder he told Adam what he'd done while Adam soothed the tension and the hurt from him, massaging his shoulders and the back of his neck. Adam's hands were slow and bruisingly firm and just what Bono needed.

"Perhaps she was more upset at her reaction to you, and merely taking out her anger on you," Adam suggested as Bono groaned and squirmed.

"I'd already- yes, oh, right th... God. I'd already thought of that and no."

"I suppose the best thing to do at the moment would be to go and find her and do what you can to make up. Offer yourself half naked on her petal-strewn bed with your hands tied securely behind your back. You know, something romantic."

Bono's chuckle sounded more like a sigh, but Adam could tell the difference. "Why does everything come down to nudity with you, Ads?"

"Clothes were a part of the fall, we're they? Two and a half decades of your preaching and I learnt that man was meant to run naked." Bono just now detected the lisp that meant Adam had a cigarette in his mouth.

"Bah. And I told you she's just not interested."


"Well, not that interested. Thank you, that was amazing. You should give up the bass and become a masseuse."

Adam chuckled and leaned against the railing beside Bono, blowing a stream of smoke into the air. "I'll handcuff you and you should go to her with your apologies."

Bono was about to agree before he gave Adam a strange look. "And just how would I call the taxi or ring her doorbell?"

Adam gave him the giggle that showed Bono had just fallen for his purposely ridiculous proposal. Bono punched his arm weakly, finding his muscles entirely too relaxed for it. "I'm serious, Adam. I just think I've somehow fucked up majorly. Did you ever feel like you wanted something more than anything and it was just close enough to touch if you just reached- and then it's gone altogether and you realise how much it hurts to not have it?"

"Yes," Adam said quietly. "I guess we all have our unfulfillable..." He didn't meet Bono's eyes. "Dreams."

Bono sighed deeply, nodded, and they both jumped when Edge leaned his head through the door. "Hey, we've had a phone call."

Bono matched Edge's troubled look. "What? Who?"

"A female voice said most of your name and then it just cut off."

Adam looked at Bono. "Think that's her, trying to make up?"

Edge cut in. "Whoever it was she sounded frantic. I have a bad feeling about it..."

"Thank you, Edge. Always trust a woman's intuition." As Bono breezed into the room his kiss just missed Edge's mouth and landed somewhere on his cheek. He found Larry and Gwen sitting together on the couch and spoke hurriedly to them as he donned his glasses. "Do you think Miranda is at your place, Gail?"

"Yeah, I should be getting back there," Gwen said, getting up. "I guess that was Miranda calling a minute ago?"

"It was," Bono said. "I'll grab my dress," said Gwen as she dashed into the other room. "I'll come," Larry chimed.

They found Gwen's window broken. Walking in, there was a smashed lamp and phone. Miranda was missing.

Gwen sagged against Miranda's abandoned car down in the garage. "I can't believe it."

Bono wanted to panic. "What happened?"

"I'll bet you anything he's gone and taken her home. He can't have been happy. Oh, no."

"What should we do?" Asked Larry.

Gwen suddenly looked up at them. "Hop in the car. We have to find her."


Miranda wiped her eyes with a soapy hand and tried to focus on her chores. It had all happened so quickly.

She had let herself in not noticing the broken window, she was so absorbed in her awful thoughts about what she'd done to Bono. She found her father waiting there wielding the flashlight, snarling that the dishes were piling up and she'd been gone for over a week. How did he find Gwen's address? Why, in the book in Miranda's drawer. And now he was going to take her home or beat her to unconsciousness with the flashlight and carry her home in his trunk.

She didn't believe he was capable of that but she didn't want to find out. "Let me get my purse," she lied, fleeing into the guest room to call Bono. But her father wanted her now, so threw the phone against the wall and reached for her. All the way home he'd berated her about leaving him and his wife alone for much longer than she was "supposed" to. And now here she was, doing her chores as her parents watched television. Home sweet fucking home, she thought angrily.

And then the doorbell rang.


A man opened the door and took his time looking over Bono, Gwen, and Larry. (He took longer looking over Gwen.) He was dark-haired and with a face like gravel, but he had Miranda's nose and jaw. He was the sort of man who might have been dashingly attractive twenty years ago. "Can I help you?" he stated in the most unhelpful tone imaginable.

"Yes, I would like to speak to Miranda." Bono tried not to shudder at the glare he got from the man.


"Miranda Taylor," Bono replied, glancing over his shoulder and seeing nothing but a wall.

"I think you've got the wrong house, kids."

Gwen spoke up desperately. "I know this is her house! Please let us in."

His lip curled at her. "Not a chance."

The door shut in their faces.

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rawr damn cliffhanger. more s'il vous plait.

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can't wait for more!
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God, it's SOOOO sad!!!! Please an upadate...a little happier...more drools !!!!

You're REALLY good...keep it up girl, I will follow!!!
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Wow...that was a bit frighting...yet good at the same time!

Can't wait for the next chapter!
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this is sooo good. I just re-read all the previous chapters. what a gripper!
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Can't wait till the next chapter!

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