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R rated fic by meee

This was posted a long time ago...if anyone wants to read it again, be my guest. It gets pretty steamy at the end..and yeah, the girl character is based on me.

In the Hands of Love

The girl stood with a quiet energy that she didn’t let out. In the darkness and flashing lights of the club, her black tube dress outlined every curve of her tall body. Her hair was a little longer than shoulder length, and covered her eyes. She wore tall, clunky black boots that made her even taller, and accented her long, pale legs.
No one noticed her there, standing alone, except me. I’m drawn to those kinds of people, the ones who don’t stand out, yet have the power to. As much as I was condemned to stare at her body, it was her face that made me look. Her eyes were green, like mine, but they were icy, like she was drowning under a frozen river. She had a small nose that was dotted with light freckles, and full dark red lips. She stared out so angrily at the world that it made me shrink back from fear, although she was at the other side of the room.
Whenever the lights hit her, I watched her eyes glitter. Then she moved her arms slightly, and I did a double take. Her upper arms were built, and her lower arms had that muscle that always stands out when you are a drummer. She suddenly, like a black cat, walked towards the bar. She didn’t walk confidently, more like purposefully. Every move she made reminded me of Larry. She was like the feminine version of him, body and soul. Ordering her drink, she scowled when the bartender wouldn’t take his eyes off her chest. He got her the drink, which was Guinness. I began to wonder if she was Larry’s twin sister. Suddenly, she slammed down the glass, and began walking towards me. I knew I hadn’t taken my eyes off her, so she had never looked at me before. Then I realized that she was just heading for the door. I was standing a few feet away from the door, and when she got close, my heart started to pound.
She turned, and our eyes met. Her mouth parted slightly and we just stared at each other. Without warning, a huge, clear teardrop slipped from her left eye and cascaded slowly down her cheek. She turned and ran from the club. I couldn’t believe what had just happened. Did I make her cry? And if so, why? I followed her out the door after my brief thought process had finished befuddling me. I was immediately swallowed into the huge world of New York City’s Friday night. I knew I would never find her now. My first thought when I ran outside was to comfort her, to protect her. But protect her from what? I shook my head, thinking I was crazy. Instead of heading back into the club, I hailed a cab back to the hotel. I’m not good at clubbing by myself. I’m shy, but a people person, so I need someone with me. If Bono or Adam, or even Larry had been with me, I would have definitely confronted the beautiful girl.

Back at the hotel, I told Larry, (who was practicing on his silent snare drum) about the girl.
“She was like the feminine version of you Lawrence,” I said, after I told him the story. “I just couldn’t understand why she cried when she saw me.”
“Everyone has problems of his or her own,” he said. “You probably just reminded her of some ex-boyfriend.” But Larry couldn’t help being interested in a girl Edge said was just like him.

Meanwhile, not far away, the girl sat crouched behind dumpsters and trash barrels in a dark alley. Silent tears poured from her eyes. She didn’t make a sound. She had learned to cry that way from many years of experience. All around her, shouts, leers, and curses included her name. She curled into a tight ball, squeezed her eyes shut, and tried to think of the young man she had seen today with the gorgeous green eyes that radiated love.
As Bono tried to remember where the hotel was, he heard shouts coming from the alley that loomed in front of him. He was slightly drunk from the night out, but amazingly not trashed. He knew how to handle this, because of his gang experience at home in Ireland. He pressed his back flat against the wall, and then slowly slid down and looked into the alley.
Guys dressed in black were everywhere. They were cursing and yelling, all the while stalking the long alley. From where he was crouched, Bono could see a girl crouched down behind dumpers. Her legs were long and pale, and folded under her. Her hair fell over her face, but in the dim light he could see the tears falling one by one to the ground. Suddenly the obvious leader of the gang, shouted.
“Shut up!”
It became silent. He spoke again.
“We know you are there. But we will leave you for now. When we find you, bitch, you are going to work for the pleasure of every single man here until you bear a thousand devil children inside of you and are thrown on the street bloody and broken.”
Bono couldn’t believe the words that were spoken. In Ireland, the women, even the women in gangs, were treated with more respect than that. Much more. The guys filed out, shouting their last comments that Bono could hardly stand to listen to.
When they were all gone, Bono stood quickly and went to the girl. He crouched besides her so not to scare her.
She threw her arms over her face and stood with lightning speed. Bono rose slowly.
“Who are you?” Her voice was horse as she ran a fist across her face.
“That doesn’t matter. Are you okay?”
“I’m fine, who are you?” she answered roughly.
“Listen,” he said, not responding to her repeated question, “You are in danger. Why don’t you come with me.”
She stared at him, her icy eyes boreing into his soul. She looked him up and down, taking in his faded jeans, black boots, and black tank top. Her eyes rested on the delicate cross he wore on a silver chain around his neck. She warily met his intense blue eyes.
“Look, I don’t know what world you’re living in, but this isn’t one where people just take off with strangers.”
She turned and began to walk away. He saw scratches on her pale back that leaked dark red blood.
“Wait!” he called.
She turned.
“You’re bleeding!”
“I am and I always will be,” she replied. Then she walked out of the alley.
Bono stared after her, and then slowly walked back to the hotel.

As soon as he entered the room, Bono told the Edge his story.
“Wait, Bono, what did you say she looked like?” Edge asked.
“She had long reddish hair that covered her eyes, she was tall and pale, and she had very intense eyes. Like every time she cried the tears never left her.”
Edge was stunned. He quickly told Bono his experience, and Bono was equally surprised.
“The weirdest thing though, was that everything she did reminded me of Larry,” Edge said thoughtfully.
“You know, she did have that bull headed, I can do it myself attitude.”
Larry overhears, and once again wonders about this girl his two mates have been talking about.
“What do you mean, bull headed?” he demanded.
“Never mind, Lawrence.” Bono said, thinking more and more about how much she really WAS like him.
The guys get a call from Adam, who has just returned with a posse of girls. They head down to a private hot tub and sauna room, where they pretty much forget about the girl.
Larry goes in the sauna alone, to sweat some pounds off his already perfect body. He wonders again about the girl, but his thoughts get interrupted but 3 beautiful women who weave around him like snakes waiting to strike and pump him with their venom. Their hands brush him as they lean in closely, a flowering intoxicating scent filling his nostrils. Larry looks for somewhere to escape. After a minute he mumbles that he has to go, and walks out through the wall of scent. He slips quietly out of the room unnoticed.

Two weeks later, U2 is getting ready for a concert in a small arena. Larry sits transferring his arms and hands from ice to hot water, and back again. He has to do this to loosen up the bruised tendons and get them ready for an intense workout. Edge is sitting in a corner softly strumming his guitar, and Bono is leaping around, drinking spiked apple juice and looking for a shirt to wear. Adam is nowhere in sight, but there’s no doubt he is close by taking a smoke or chatting with some ladies.
The crowd starts to pour into the arena, making Bono’s heart start to pound in anticipation. Larry stands swiftly and a plush towel is handed to him to dry his arms. He grabs a black tight fitting tank top and slips it on. Edge remains in his corner, and Adam comes in with a gaggle of women following him.
Outside, the ones who are unfortunate wave posters and flags, hoping U2 will come out and greet them before playing the concert. In the shadows of the building, a pale figure with virgin U2 ears presses her ear to the wall.
As the concert ends, the figure crouches, tears hovering in her eyes. But these tears are not tears of sorrow, they are of joy. Halfway through the concert she slipped around to a back door to see if she could hear better. She did. Now she bends over, trying to stop the tears. Suddenly, the door opens and Larry steps out, taking a deep breath of cool air. He rubbed his aching arms and ran a hand through his sweat-dampened hair. A small flash like fire caught his attention. He gasped lightly, realizing that there was a girl crouched there. How did a fan get back here? He soon realized that she wasn’t a fan.
He stood there for a moment watching a single crystal tear fall from her eyes, and then crouched down by her.
“Are you all right?” he spoke quietly, as not to startle her. She looked up, her silken looking hair falling off her face. Larry’s heart started to pound. Her eyes were wide and the most amazing…no, it wasn’t color…it was emotion, or something like that. They were surrounded by black and gold eyeliner. She looked like a black cat caught in headlights. Her skin was pale, especially in the dim, ghostly light, but her lips were dark and full.
“I’m fine,” she responded slightly roughly, standing. Larry rose also. She swiped at the corners of her eyes, but in her haste, it didn’t do much good.
“Here, let me.” Larry reached out with extreme gentleness, but she shrunk away from his touch like he had burned her. Her eyes were wide as she regarded him, and then she lowered her head, her hair falling over her face.
“Well, are you sure you’re okay?” Larry glanced cautiously at her. She was silent a moment, then opened her mouth to reply.
The door swung open, and Bono stepped out.
“I’m here.”
“I’ve been loo-,” he trailed off when he saw the girl.
“Oh….hey…,” Bono stuttered.
He reached over and pulled Larry towards him.
“That’s the girl!”
“What girl?”
“The girl who’s just like you!”
Larry’s head whipped around to see the girl staring at Bono.
“ Hey, hon, are you okay?” Bono stepped over to her. She shrank back.
“ Baby don’t be afraid, what’s wrong?”
Suddenly, she whipped around. Three men in black stood there, scowls and mocking grins on their faces. She pushed back her hair, and put her hands on her hips.
“Okay, you’ve found me you bastards. Do your duty. I’m done,” she spoke in a deadly quiet voice.
As one man reached out triumphantly, Bono and Larry simultaneously stepped in front of her. She began to fall forward in a faint, and Larry caught her tightly and pulled her up against him.
“Who the fuck are you?” the man said menacingly. “She’s ours and you have to right to take her.”
“I don’t see your name on her big man,” hissed Larry. The three guys stepped closer until they were nose to nose with Larry.
“Give her to us you bastard pretty boy, or you’re gonna die.”
Cold steel was pressed into Larry’s forehead, and he held the girl tighter.

Bono stared at the cold looking metal pressed up against his mates head. He froze, knowing that these guys were probably way stronger than him. All the times that Larry had saved his soul began flashing in front of him. He knew that Larry would die for him. Bono squeezed his eyes shut, trying to think back to the days when he was in a gang.
“Hey,” Bono said in a dangerous voice.
“What do you want, you girl?” The guy smirked at Bono’s beautiful long hair.
Bono suddenly swung with the power of a million gang guys, and a swift uppercut had the guy reeling on the ground. The gun flew into the darkness. Bono spun and planted a booted foot into another guy’s crotch. The guy flew back moaning. Meanwhile, Larry had run and put the unconscious girl right inside the doorway. Then he had run back seeing Bono deliver the spinning kick. Quickly, he took the other guy out with a swift jab in the stomach and another in the nose.
“Don’t get fucking near that girl again, any of you,” Larry said, not even short of breath.
Bono was breathing hard, he was less in shape. The two Irishmen watched the moaning guys for a moment, and then slowly turned and walked into the building.
Larry pulled his friend into a hug, his eyes wide with gratitude and still a bit of fear. Bono didn’t speak; he just met Larry’s eyes with a thanks of his own.
“Well, we better get this baby some attention,” Bono observed.
He went to find U2’s medical staff, and also security to see if the gang was gone. Larry kneeled down next to the girl. He gently picked up her left arm and ran a finger across the muscle that stood out. He looked at his own arms, and then held hers to his. He was amazed at their similarity, although hers seemed to be incredibly delicate. Cobalt blue veins lay just beneath the pale skin. He looked at her face, where her closed eyes were still accented by inch long feathery lashes. He shivered, wondering why he wanted to hold her and protect her from the world. I don’t even know her, he thought. Why, why do I feel like this?
Suddenly seven guys in black coats with guns gleaming on the waistbands came up. Larry stood, and with relief saw the gold U2 icon stenciled on the coats. He pointed to the door, and they went out immediately. Then Bono came up with the medical staff, who put the girl onto a white stretcher, and covered her whole body with white sheets. Bono quickly explained to Larry that he wanted no one to know of her. Larry nodded in agreement, wondering if Bono felt that need to protect her also.
The two guys followed the meds to a small room where they put her on an IV, and put ice all around her face. The meds said that everyone had to leave so that she gets complete silence. Bono headed backstage to continue the after show chaos. Larry quietly snuck back into the room and sat next to her, alone in the silent room. Her long eyelashes fluttered, and opened.

The beautiful green-blue eyes that stared at me made my heart jump. I tried to sit up to see where I was, but my head was filled with fuzz. A warm hand gently pushed my shoulder down onto the stretcher. I stared down at the stretcher, trying to remember what had happened.
“You don’t remember, do you? A gang was about to take you.”
Larry spoke quietly but very to the point.
I remembered slowly and took a shuddering breath.
“I think it’s about time you tell me at least your name,” Larry said.
“My name is lost in the folds of life, but before I was called Alanna.”
“Thank you, Alanna. My name is Larry.”
I stared at him, testing his name in my head. He had soft looking blond hair, and was wearing a black tank top. His arms were muscled and damp with a thin sheen of sweat. He wore faded jeans that made my mouth water. This man was gorgeous, even if he got on my nerves a bit. After all, I seemed to be doing incredibly embarrassing things whenever I saw him, crying or fainting. And he was just so nonchalant, precise, and calm. Everything she wasn’t, and longed to be.
The door opened and Bono stepped in. That man I had seen before, appealing, yet too straight-forward and dirty looking for my taste.
“Bono,” Larry said, “This is Alanna. She just woke up and told me her name.”
The man called Bono walked over and looked at her with kind, yet intense blue eyes.
“Alanna, you are in some serious trouble. I don’t know exactly what, but I have been in a gang before, and this is bad shit baby.”
“Yes I know.”
“Therefore, I see you have made friends with Larry. That’s good, because you and him are going to be sharing a hotel room for a while.”
“What the fuck are you talking about, Bono?” Larry asked.
“I’m saying that we are not letting her back outside until we know for sure this gang will never hurt her again. And YOU are the one with the empty suite this tour.”
I stared at them, not understanding. But Bono’s words keep ringing in my ears. You and him are going to be sharing a hotel room….

“Excuse us,” Larry muttered. He pulled Bono outside of the room.
“What the hell are you trying to do?” he demanded.
“Listen Lars. This girl is in incredible danger. I’m not proud to admit it, but I know SO well what could happen to her if she gets put on the streets again.”
“Sure, I know! But why MY room?”
“You have the open suite. Plus, it’s the penthouse, so it’s the safest.”
“What about putting her with Bill Flanagan?”
“We can’t one hundred percent trust him. He could tell Paul.”
Larry sighed. Bono had a point. But he was afraid of what would happen if Alanna stayed there.
“Thanks Lars. You’re always so agreeable!”
Bono bounded back into the room, letting Larry catch his slight victory smile, something that Larry had seen one too many times.

Bono walked into the room and sat down on the chair Larry had vacated.
“Alanna baby, listen for a bit. I’m Bono, which you probably already have heard. Larry and I, along with two others, Edge and Adam, are in a band called U2. We played a concert tonight, and then Larry found you.”
Alanna’s eyes filled with tears as she realized that the music she had heard was them.
“What’s wrong?”
“You have beautiful music.”
Surprised, Bono gave her a heart-melting smile.
“Thanks! Anyway, we’re not letting you back outside until we know for sure that this gang will NEVER hurt you again. So, you’re going to share Larry’s hotel suite. It’s going to be a really weird experience for you. But we will have security there for you all the time. You will never be completely alone. When security isn’t there, Larry or one of us will. Alanna, you are safe.”
Alanna was quiet for a moment.
“Bono, that’s really sweet, but I can survive. I’ve managed my whole life, why should it be different now?”
“Have you ever been in a situation this bad?”
Two nurses came in at Bono’s call, and checked her blood pressure. She was okay. They all helped her sit up. She was a bit dizzy. Bono got her a glass of water and it slowly cleared her head. She slipped on her black lace-up boots and Bono helped her to the door. Stepping outside, Larry stood waiting. He had changed clothes, now wearing a long sleeved black satin shirt. It was unbuttoned halfway down.
Alanna tried not to drool or stare, but it was hard. Larry held a cloak about the same color as her hair. It had light tan flowers on it. He stepped up behind her and wrapped it around her shoulders. Alanna shivered at the feel of his warm rough hands on her bare shoulders. He gently fastened the clasp under her breasts, and then stepped back behind her. Suddenly she had the feeling of being surrounded. Men in black coats were coming out from the shadows. Her heart pounded, and then her eyes caught the flashy gold U2 stencil on their coats.
Larry watched Alanna as the security came up. Her whole body tensed, and then relaxed. She wrapped the cloak around her tightly, her cold eyes taking everything in. She looked like a porcelain doll. Larry wanted to hold her so much. He shook his head in confusion. Never had he felt this strongly about a girl.
Alanna wrapped the cloak around her tightly. It smelled strongly like a deep mysterious spiciness, a slight shower clean smell, and underneath a bit of smoke and sweat. She knew it was Larry’s smell.
A guy stood silently behind Bono, one behind Larry, and two other guys looking a bit uncertain off to the side.
“Alanna,” Bono said, “This is Dave the Brave and Pete. They will guard you. They’re really sweet guys trying to be tough.” Bono smiled. “Follow Larry.”
The two guys stepped on either side of her. Larry began walking down the hall. She followed, Bono bringing up the rear. The guys moved in perfect sync with her. She watched Larry walking. His guard was walking a ways off; giving Larry his space, while Bono’s was talking to him and walking at his side. They approached some double-doors where 5 more guards were waiting.
“Is it clear?” Dave asked.
“Pretty much, just wait a minute,” one of the new guards answered.
The guards suddenly surrounded her, Larry, and Bono, forming a protective circle. Fear echoed in her eyes. What was going to happen? Larry saw and cautiously out his arm around her waist.
“We’re going to have to run a bit, but you’re safe,” he said.
Alanna still flinched a bit at his unexpected touches, but she was beginning to take comfort in them.
“All right, let’s move, move!” the guard at the door shouted.
The double doors swung open and she felt the guards push her and surge forward in one motion. Cold air hit her along with deafening screams. Fans, thought Alanna, but she was still terrified. Suddenly, a huge black limo loomed in front of them and Larry slipped in, pulling her in with him. Bono came in quickly and pulled the door shut. The screams were muted.
“Big crowd out there tonight huh guys?” Bono asked.
“Utter chaos. Hope it wasn’t too bad for ya Alanna,” a strange voice spoke.
She turned to see a two men sitting behind them. The one who had spoken had a little cotton hat covering his head and gorgeous green eyes that sparkled with merriment.
“I’ve seen you somewhere….” She trailed off, trying to remember.
“Yes, I believe we’ve met somewhere. I’m Edge.” Edge smiled charmingly at her. Alanna wondered if Edge was really his name, like Bono. Weird names. The other guy spoke up with a strong Brit accent.
“And I’m Adam. Hope you’re okay sweetheart.” He took her hand and kissed it elegantly.
She couldn’t help being charmed by these sweet guys, no matter how weird their names were, and how weird their clothes were. (That was about Adam’s yellow and orange striped pants and green shirt) Alanna smiled at them then turned around. Bono and the other guys began talking about the show. She tried to listen, but her head spun and she felt a bit dizzy. As she fell asleep, her head slipped onto Larry’s shoulder. He looked down at the auburn hair spilling across his shirt. With an angel’s touch, he brushed her hair from her forehead.

As they approached the hotel, the guards followed Larry, carrying Alanna.
At the door Larry stopped the guards.
“I can take her. You guys are dismissed for now.”
The guards laid her in his arms and went off. Larry stood for a moment holding her like a doll, fighting the urge to kiss her soft looking lips. Then he opened the door and carried her to the couch, where he covered her with a velvet blanket. Not able to walk away, he kneeled and played with the edges of the blanket, tucking them around her. Then he brushed another stand of hair away. Her eyes opened. She smiled at him and snuggled under the blanket. Then she opened it and motioned to him. Hesitantly, he sat, their eyes never leaving each other’s.
“Larry…I…” Larry leaned down and softly touched his lips to hers, silencing her. The kiss was passionate in the second that it happened, and Larry was gone before Alanna could speak. She stared after him, a sudden urging in her to have him, to be safe in his strong arms and to be his.

Larry sunk into the crisp hotel sheets, the taste of Alanna’s lips lingering on his. Why the hell did I do that? He was usually more of a person to watch and listen than to take action. But when he did take action, it was drastic and unexpected. When he spoke out, people listened. He knew that was the trick. Bono was always talking, jabbering, socializing, and Larry thought that to be why people paid less attention when he had something to say.
Now he lay in the darkness, thinking whether he had done a good thing or not. He had felt the desire for Alanna almost as soon as he met her. She was like a doll, to be cradled and held; yet she had a soul of ice. Obviously her heart was good; she had returned his kiss with equal pressure.
There was a knock at his bedroom door. He froze, then slowly went and opened it. Alanna stood there, her eyes looking at the ground.
My heart froze still when I saw him. His hair was tousled and his eyes looked haunted. He wore no shirt, just a pair of soft black pants. When I got the nerve to speak, my voice was soft and lustful.
“Ah, I was wondering if I could get something a bit more…comfortable to wear.”
Larry’s eyes swept my body, which was still encased in the slinky black thing I had been wearing a long time now. He reached out and took my wrist, pulling me inside. He shut the door, which made hot chills run up my spine.
“I should have something you could wear for sleeping,” he said, walking to the closet. He pulled out a pair of black drawstring pants.
“Do you want a tank top or a T-shirt?”
“Ah…a tank top if it’s not too big.”
“I’ll find one that’s tight on me.”
He found a thin black one that made my mouth water to think how good he would look in something that tight. He handed me the clothes. I walked to the bathroom and shut the door. His things were laid out on the counter, some deodorant, a hairbrush, cologne, and a toothbrush. I slipped out of my dress and put on the pants and top. The pants were a bit baggy, but the top clung nicely to my skin. I washed my face and ran his brush through my hair, careful to pick the auburn strands out afterwards. The clothes smelled like the cloak he had given me, and I pressed the shirt to my face.
When I walked out, he was sitting on the bed watching me, that haunted look in his eyes. I smiled softly and thanked him, and then went over to the window, which glowed with lights from the city. After a minute, I felt him come up behind me. When I turned, he was staring out at the city, his eyes glowing black in the darkness and reflection from the lights outside.
“It’s so beautiful when you don’t know what’s really out there,” I said quietly.
“I think everything is like that.”
“No, not everything. Some things are worth getting to know the inside of.”
Larry’s hands went on my waist and pulled me up against him. By now I was used to his touches, but my muscles flexed like I was ready to jump, and Larry laughed softly in my ear, his warm breath ruffling my hair and tickling my cheek. He gently turned me in his arms and spoke quietly, making my whole body flame up with heat.
“Alanna, I barely know you. Yet I feel like I have forever. You interest me, and you have from the second I met you. I’m not one to be so fast, but I need you.”
He wrapped his arms tightly around me and spoke against my lips.
“What do you say, doll?”
“Larry, I’m scared. I don’t really know you either, but it doesn’t matter. The only time I feel safe is when I’m near you. I could have slept in my dress! I just wanted to be near you, to learn about you. Why?”
“Sometimes it’s better not to ask why,” he replied.
His lips were on mine before I had a chance to speak again. First he was gentle, and then pressed harder, licking my lips and parting them with his tongue. I bit his lower lip softly making him moan and the heat from his body enveloping me. The skin of his bare chest was burning hot and I pressed my lower body against him harder, pushing him to the limit. His hands were running through my hair, then down my shoulders and back. He grabbed my hips and pulled me hard against him. I could feel him hardening beneath me, and then I needed him. Our clothes dropped and he pushed me down on the bed, the weight of his body incredibly welcome. He teased me back with his tongue and the finally pushed into me, not hard like the guys in my gang, but gentle yet passionate and urgent. When it was over we lay tangled together and talked the night away about everything and nothing. My heart soared and a calm sugary feeling spread through my body. I shivered and he asked if I was cold. I said no, I was happy. He pulled me closer anyway, and we continued talking softly.
As he spoke about what it was like being in a band, I realized what that feeling was. For the first time in my life, I was loved.

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This was a really good story. I like how you had the band so concerned and so sweet like that and everything. And I liked how you showed the reactions of Bono, Edge, and Larry when they all met her at those different times (and yay to Bono for knocking out those jerks from that gang!).

This was very well-written. Great job.


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Thanks, I liked it, especially the Larrylicious ending!
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ooooooo that was good!
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Good story Foadie! You're a good writer!
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