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PLEBA Mansion takes a trip to...Laser Quest?

It was late thursday afternoon as the girls were bored at PLEBA Mansion. Since it was the first day of spring some girls did their spring cleaning. Others were just lazing about.

Clarity:*throwing stuff out of her room into the hallway* Hmm...Junk, Junk, Junk, Junk...Good. Junk Junk...

MG:*mumbles* argh I hate spring cleaning. Well no I hate any cleaning at all. Fook it I say.

Ana:*walks into MG's room* Hey girlie what are you doing?

MG: I'm supposedly cleaning but I dont' want to throw anything out.

Ana: I have an idea. Why don't we call the boys and invite them to play laser tag.

MG: Laser tag with U2? *bursts out laughing* You must be kidding me!

Ana: No I think it would be fun!

MG: Well yeah i'm sure it would be intresting to watch. I say we go for it. *Screams* HEY TWIN!

Clarity:*walks into MG's room* Yeah twin?

MG: Ana says we should invite the guys to go to Laser Quest.

Clarity: Laser Quest?!?!?! BWAHAHAHAHA yeah!! we should!

Ana: Well i'm going to call Bono and tell the rest of the girls to see who wants to go.

MG: OK good idea. I'll finish cleaning up here.

Ana:*goes back to her room and grabs the phone dialing* Hello Bono?...hey it's me Ana...i'm lovely thanks...hey we wanted to know if you guys wanted to go play laser tag with i'm not i'm not crazy....ok meet us here in an hour...ok bye. *hangs up* Yay! They're going to come with us!

Bono:*hangs up and laughs* Man what will these girls think of next?

Larry: What was that all about?

Bono: Well y'see Ana said that they wanted to go to Laser Quest and invited us.

Edge: Ooooooooooooooh Laser Quest! I love that game!

Adam: Of course you do nerdy boy.

Larry: Well i've never played it before, so i'm sure it will be intresting.

Bono: That's what I said, we have to meet them there in 1 hour.

Edge: I have to go put on my camo suit.

Adam: Oh boy *rolls eyes*

*Meanwhile back at PLEBA Mansion, Spinny, Ana, Clarity, JemEvans, AM, Bluey and MG are gathered in the living room.*

JemEvans: So we're the ones that are going to be going?

MG: I guess so. Everybody else was too busy cleaning.

Bluey: Cleaning? Oh well that's why at Mackie's mansion we have maids. I never have to lift a finger.

Spinny: Lucky! All we have is Lemonboy and well he can't clean the whole place by himself.

AM: Well the guys are about to arrive. Is everybody ready to go?

All: Yes!

Ana: I can't wait to shoot them with lasers!

*The boys arrive at PLEBA Mansion and ring the doorbell*

Lemonboy:*opens the door* ACK! IT's the army! Please pleeeeeeeease don't kill me.

Larry:*snarl* It's us Lemonboy.

Lemonboy: Ohhh..I thought it was the IRA taking me away or something.

Bono: Nah, we're going to steal your girls tho.

Ana: Come in guys! We're ready!

*The guys walk in. All are wearing camo and wearing caps. The girls start laughing*

MG: Man you guys going to combat or something?

Bono: Reg here suggested that we wear camo.

Clarity: Why? We're playing laser tag not fighting in a war.

Edge: Well y'see since there are black lights inside the warehouse when you wear camo you can't be spotted.

Bluey: Uh huh. Well if you were as smart as you say you are, you'd think of just wearing black. That would have been sufficient enough.

Edge: Oooooooh yeaaaaaaaah!

Adam: Great, I had to dig out my camo pants from the tour for nothing.

Ana: Ok ok enough! Let's head off to Laser Quest!

*The gang hop on the boos and head to Laser Quest.*

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*The gang arrive at Laser Quest*

Edge: Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay we're here!!!!!!!

Bono: Ok Reg don't over excite yourself there.

AM: Is he always like that?

Larry: Only when he does experiments or plays this game yes.

MG: Alright well let's get started!

Clarity: Hey twin what are you going to get as a code name?

MG: Hey why don't we use the Foad Twin names?

JemEvans: oh no. Not the Foad Twins.

Clarity: Yeaaaaah! That's a good idea.

*The gang walk up to the counter and get their code names: Edge: MR. The Edge, Bono: The Fly, Larry: Snarl (well he didn't say he wanted that name but he made that noise and face so the guy thought that would be good for him), Adam: Madam, Bluey: Bluephisto, Ana: Bono Girl, AM: Adam's love, Clarity: Foad Twin1, MG: Foad Twin2, Spinny: Bonolover, JemEvans: Queen Vamp.*

Guy: Ok is everybody ready?

All: Yeah!

Guy: Ok walk into this room and i'm going to explain how it works....

MG: Oooooooh Twin look at your eyes!! You look eeeeeeeevil!

Clarity: Oh yeah! The black light makes your eyes look weird!

Guy: Ok when we walk into the other room, only put on the vests with the blinking lights and activate your name. *Leads the gang into the other room*

*The gang put on their vests, Bono puts it on backwards but is then helped out by Ana*

Dallas:*runs up to Edge* Here's your vest and gun ready to go sir!

Edge: Thanks Dallas.

Bluey: Oh gawd *rolls her eyes* You use Dallas for Laser Quest tech? That's sad.

Guy: OK everybody ready to go in? When you get into the room you have 30 seconds to hide before you can start shooting eachother so go!

*The gang run into the warehouse, which consists of 2 levels full of different passageways and all lit up with black lights.*

Bono: Muahahahahahahaha! Nobody will be able to shoot me cos i'm too fast for them!

MG: Ok twin we should buddy up that way you can watch my back and I watch yours.

Clarity: Good idea twin!

Edge:*runs up into the second level and hides*

Bluey: Ugh this vest and gun are so unfashionable! And they weigh too much.

JemEvans: Ooooh I like the dark, I'm going to find everybody and shoot them now *grins*

Ana: I bet shooting Bono is going to be the easiest!

Spinny: Nobody will find me cos I am the queen of laser tag!

Adam:*stands in a dark corner and lights up a ciggy* I'll just wait till AM comes around, i'm sure she'll find me.

AM:*mumbles* must. Find. Adam.

*The gang start to play the game, the guys and girls run around shooting eachother.*

Edge:*shoots* HA! Got you again! I'm too good for you!

Bono:*runs down a ramp but doesn't stop so he runs into the wall* OUUUUUUUUCH!!!! *lies on the floor twitching*

MG: Hey you ok Bono?

Bono: No, I think I broke my nose.

MG: Awww well that's too bad! *shoots Bono* HEHEHEHE.

Clarity:*shoots Bono too* Hey maybe we should shoot him until he can get up! That's more points for us!

Bluey:*walks around and is shot* Oh great i'm shot. Bang bang i'm dead.

JemEvans: Oh c'mon Bluey! You have to admit it's fun.

Bluey: Yeah I guess *shoots Jem* Now it is! *laughs and runs off*

Ana: I must find Bono! *shot from behind* Crap who shot me?!?!?!

Spinny:*giggles* Not me! *runs in the other direction*

Adam:*stands in the corner shooting anybody that walks by* Bang you're dead *puffs his ciggy* Have you seen AM?

Ana: Nope. *shoots adam* Bye now!

AM:*creeps around the upper level and is grabbed from behind and her mouth is covered and the gun is aimed at her head*

Larry: Shhhhhhh If you don't move then I won't kill you *giggles madly*

AM: What the....

Larry: I'm going to kill you if you make a noise. *moves backwards still holding on to AM*

AM: Larry! This is a game! What are you doing?

Larry: That's what you think it is?? A game??

AM:*swallows hard* HELP MEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

MG: What the hell was that?

Clarity: It sounds like AM crying for help!

AM: Larry is trying to kill meeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

Edge: Larry?!?!?! What the...

Larry: Shhhhhhhhhh I told you to shut up!

AM: He's gone psychoooooooooooooo!

Bluey: I knew one day he was going to break.

JemEvans: Where are you?!?!?!?!

AM: The Seco..*mouth is covered by Larry*

Bono: Oh shite sounds serious...Guys everybody get together!!!!!!

*The gang find eachother except for Larry and AM.*


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Edge: We have to find them quickly. I mean I know these aren't real guns or anything but still he can hurt her.

Adam: Good point. We should split up into teams.

Clarity: From what I heard I think the sound came from that side of the warehouse. *points* i'm sure they're on the second floor.

Ana: Yeah that's what I thought too.

Bono: Ok, Ana, Spinny and Bluey come with me. Edge you take Jem, Clarity and MG, Adam you keep a look out for anything that happens if he comes downstairs.

All: OK!

*Bono, Ana, Spinny and Bluey go up one of the ramps. Bono is leading with the 3 girls following behind.*

Larry: I can hear you guys coming up the ramp so watch out cos i've got a guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun!

*Edge, Jem, Clarity and MG are coming up the other ramp. Edge is leading this group*

Clarity: Hey twin how about you grab Larry and I defile him?

MG:*pouts* Why don't I get to defile him?

JemEvans: Ok if you girls don't keep quiet i'm going to slap the both of you.

Clarity&MG: Fine!

*Both teams creep around the top level when in one of the mirrors Edge spots Larry*

Edge:*whispers* There he is. On my signal we run towards him. I'll grab AM and twins you can take Larry and do what you please.

Clarity&MG:*look at eachother* WOO HOO!

Bono: I see him i'm going to go behind. You girls stay here.

Ana: Ok, be careful!

*Edge runs towards Larry and grabs AM out of his hands. Clarity and MG run towards Larry and tackle him, taking off his vest, and ripping his shirt appart, defiling him.*

Edge:*to AM* Are you ok?!?!?!?!

AM: Yes! *hugs Edge* Thanks! I don't know what got into Larry

MG: Wooooooooo you sexy mofo of a beast evil boy you! *defiles*

Clarity: You think you're bad huh?!?! *defiles*

Larry: I"m soooooooooorryyyyyyyyyy!

Spinny: Well that looks like it's over. Let's get out of here.

Bluey: I agree. Let's go!

*The gang head out the door and put their vests back where they found them exiting the warehouse. They all stand in a group looking at Larry*

Edge: What the hell got into you?

Larry: I don't know it's just that when I had the gun it felt so real. I thought I was in a real war.

AM: Well at least you didn't hurt me.

MG: Well next time you know that it's just a game eh?

Larry: Yeah I learned my lesson.

Ana: We're glad to hear that. Now let's head home.

Spinny: Yeah I think we've had a long enough day.

Adam: Finally we get to go home.

*The gang get on the boos but meanwhile back in the warehouse*

Bono: Guys???????? Hey guuuuuuuuyssssssss anybody here?!?!?! *walks around* Come out come out whereever you aaaaaaaaare! Guys? Hello? *starts to wimper* Guys this isn't funny anymore! *The lights turn off* Oh shite! Eh well I guess I should get comfy, looks like i'm going to be stuck here for awhile.

The End
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Larry kidnapped me????

thanks for saving me MG and Clarity, I owe you one

hey, another great story!!!

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OMG!! That ws funny MG. I think that we are too in love with the boys that they can try to kill us and we don't even get mad!!

Poor Bono !!

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Bono: Guys???????? Hey guuuuuuuuyssssssss anybody here?!?!?! *walks around* Come out come out whereever you aaaaaaaaare! Guys? Hello? *starts to wimper* Guys this isn't funny anymore! *The lights turn off* Oh shite! Eh well I guess I should get comfy, looks like i'm going to be stuck here for awhile.

ROTFLMFAO!!!! OH MY GOD!!! We forgot Bono!! Don't ya just hate KNOW you forgot something but think if it's important u'll remember later on
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BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! LOL Cristy this was so funny! HAHA Larry went Psycho and Poor Bono LOL AWWWWW Can't help but laugh And Dallas... LMAO

Great Job Mullencita!

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