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PLEBA Mansion Presents....The Switch

It was early Friday morning as Clarity, Bluey, AM and MG woke up at a hotel. A Hotel??? *checks script* Eh that's what it says..ok.

Clarity:*yawns opening her eyes* What the...where am I? *looks around and shakes the girls* Girls! Wake up!

MG:*swats at Clarity's hand* 5 more minutes mommy...*turns the other way*

Bluey: Leave me alone don't you know that I need my beauty sleep?

AM:*opens her eyes* Hey! Where the hell are we???

MG: What? *opens eyes* Whoa, how did we get here?

Bluey: Huh?

Clarity: I'm trying to figure that out! IT looks like we all slept in this hotel but where are we?

AM:*walks to the window and opens the curtains* We seem to be in downtown Dublin, if i'm not mistaken we're in the Clarence hotel.

MG: Clarence?!?!?! What the hell are we doing in the Clarence?

Bluey: I don't know but it looks like we have the poshest room in the building.

Clarity: Well i'm going to go downstairs to figure this out!

MG: I'm coming with you twin!

Bluey&AM: We're coming too!

*The girls fix themselves up a bit and head downstairs.*

Bellboy: Good morning ladies can I get you anything? anything at all?

Bluey: Eh well not really we're just going to be heading downstairs right now.

Bellboy: Yes ma'm! *takes out walkie talkie and says into it* Yes the ladies are coming downstairs...yes I asked them but they said nothing....ok yes sir..*looks at the girls* Ok you're cleared to go downstairs.

Clarity: uhh, ok

MG: Well that's bloody odd, why do we need clearance to get downstairs?

AM: Well maybe there's some fighting going on or something?

Bluey: Well I don't know but this is very weird!

*The girls get into the elevator and stops at the 2nd floor for some people to get on. When they do get on they start to look excitedly at the girls.*

MG:*looks at Clarity confused-like*


Girl1:*turns around nervously* Hi, um...i'm a big fan of yours...I love your songs..and you girls rock!

Bluey: Um, ok thanks. *whispers to AM* What are they talking about?

AM:*shrugs and smiles*

*The girls get off the Elevator and are escorted into the tea room quickly by the hotel manager.*

AM: What the? Where are you taking us??

HM: Well we have breakfast served already! Everything that we know you like to eat.

MG: Ooh free breakfast! *walks in quickly*

Clarity: Mmmm well nobody can tell me to give up free food.

*The girls sit down at the table and are served their food. They each have one waiter standing behind them waiting for the girls to give them any order of anything they need*

Bluey: Eh you guys can relax we're fine..

Waiter: Alright but just hollar if you need anything. *walks off*

AM: This is very odd, it's like we were the owners of the hotel or something.

MG: I know, I'm scared and I can't figure out what is going on!

Clarity: Well let's eat breakfast first, then we'll figure out what is going on!

*The girls finish their breakfast and head out of the tea room into the lobby of the hotel.*

Bluey: Hey, can I ask you a question?

Clerk: Of course.

Bluey: What the hell are we doing here?

Clerk: Well you came in last night pretty late from partying and stayed here.

Bluey: EH ok, well where's the bill?

Clerk: Bill? What do you mean bill? You don't have a bill.

Bluey: No bill?

Clerk: No, the owners of the hotel never have a bill m'am. Are you feeling alright?

Bluey: Eh, not really, will you please excuse me? *walks over to the girls* You're not going to believe this!

MG: what is it girlie?

Bluey: That guy over there said that we OWN the hotel.

Clarity: OWN?!?!?! What the hell? Ok this is really creeping me out now.

AM: Let's get out of here.

Clerk: Oh hey! We have the keys to your cars over here!

Bluey: Cars?

Clerk: Yes! Here's yours *hands bluey keys to a Mercedes* and yours *hands Clarity keys to another mercedes* and yours *hands MG keys to a Harley* and of course yours *hands AM keys to another mercedes*

*The girls look confused like at the keys then grin*

Clarity: Hey! Might as well take advantage of this!

MG: I agree! Let's go!

*The girls leave the hotel and go to their respective vehicle*

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*The girls drive to PLEBA Mansion and get off their cars and motorcycle*

Bluey: What the hell happened to PLEBA Mansion??

AM: Eh it looks so different and there's gates and cameras around.

MG: Yeah, hey look I have a gate opener! *opens the gate and the girls walk inside*

Clarity: Wow!!!! Look at this place it's bloody huge!

Bluey: This is unbelieveable let's go inside!

*The girls walk in and look around*

Lemonboy: Good afternoon girls. I hope you rested well.

Clarity: Hey thanks Lemonboy, now what is going on? Why did we stay at the Clarence and why the bloody hell do we have this huge mansion?

Lemonboy:*looks at the girls confusedly* Well you're in a band called U2.

Bluey: U2!?!?!?! No, we're U2's fans if anything.

Lemonboy:*laughs* Oh Bluey you're always making jokes.

AM: You're serious aren't you Lemonboy?

Lemonboy: Of course why would I lie?


MG:*goes over to her twin and fans her* Wake up girlie!

Bluey: We're U2??? What am I the lead singer?

Lemonboy: Of course, MG is the drummer, AM is the bassist and Clarity is the guitar player.

Clarity: Guitar?!?!? I play bass not guitar!!

Lemonboy:*hands Clarity a guitar* well why don't you check it yourself?

Clarity:*grabs the guitar and plays bullet the blue sky* WHOA!!!! I can actually play this!!

MG: GO twin!! Wow that's incredible.

*Meanwhile outside the girls' Mansion*

Bono:*pressing a button* Hey the gate opener isn't working! ARgh first they say I don't own a mercedes then I find the house and I can't get in!

Larry:*comes out from behind a bush* I see you're having the same problems as all of us.

Bono: What are you guys doing behind the bushes?!?!

Edge: Some security guard came out and said if he saw us here in 20 mins he'd all the gardai.

Adam: It seems as if we've ceased to exist as U2, they said that U2 is a girl rock band.

Bono:*screams out* NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

Larry: Yeah and this is U2! *pulls out a picture and shows the guys*

Edge: Wait! No it can't be! It's Clarity, Bluey, MG and AM?!?!?!

Bono: This is just a bad dream, This is just a bad dream!

Adam:*pinches Bono*

Bono: Ouuuuuch!

Adam: See not a dream, it's real!

Edge: What are we going to do?!?!?!

Larry: I dont' know but we have to figure this out fast.

*Inside the Mansion*

Bluey:*answers cell* Hello?.....Mr McG??...yes....I have an interview when? What???'re ok i'll be there in 20 mins....bye *hangs up*

AM: What was that about?

Bluey: McG says that i have an interview with Time magazine.

MG: Time?!?!?! Whoa this is getting out of hand, first we need to sit down and figure out how this happened.

Clarity: Well I did find a note next to my pillow..*pulls it out* It reads: Dear girls, last night you made a wish to be u2 for a day and your wish has come true. XOXO. And that's all it says.

Bluey: Oh shite, well when I said the wish I never thought it would come true.

AM: What happened to the guys?!?!?!

MG: I bet they have to be like us now, like fans.

Clarity: Oooooh so you mean they'll be drooling for us instead of the other way around?

Bluey: I guess.

All:*look at eachother* WOOO HOOO!!!

Lemonboy: Here are your clothes for tonight's gig *hands girls the clothes*

Clarity: GIG?!?!

Lemonboy: Yeah you're playing Slane castle tonight.

MG: SLANE?!?! Oh my God!

Bluey: Well I better head off to the interview. I'll meet up with you girls at Slane castle later.

All: Ok!

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Great Idea MG. It sounds like this story is going to be a good one!!!

Good luck at your gig girls

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*The girls head off to Slane Castle, as they go on their way lots of cars stop beside theirs and honk waving madly and screaming*

AM: Wow this is mindblowing, we're going to actually play Slane??

Clarity: Well for some strange reason I know how to play every single U2 song.

MG: Tell me about it all I can think of is banging the drooms and how bad I hate bullshite.

MrMcG: You girls are acting strange tonight, I hope you'll be ready for the show.

Clarity: OH we'll be ready, I guess.

MrMcG: Good cos you go on in 1 hour. I just hope Bluey makes it on time, you know how she is getting late to gigs sometimes.

AM: Of course. *giggles nervously*

MG:*whispers to AM* I hope she's not late.

*The girls arrive at Slane and Bluey is already there waiting for them.*

Bluey:*whew* I thought I was going to be late actually.

Clarity: Must be the genes.

MrMcG: Alright girls there's your dressing room so be ready in 45 mins ok?

All: OK!

*The girls start getting ready, meanwhile in the Slane crowd*

Bono: Wow this is how it feels to be at one of our shows eh?

Larry: Ack! Somebody grabbed me arse! *snarls*

Adam: Well somebody is stepping on my feet.

Edge: I want to go home *cries*

Bono:*hugs Edge* There there Reg, I just hope this'll be over soon.

*Night falls on Slane as the girls get ready to go on stage*

Bluey: Wow I feel so pumped up!

Clarity: I feel the same way!

MrMcG: Alright girls take it away!

*The girls go onstage, Clarity is given a guitar by Dallas Schoo, MG sits behind the drumkit, AM takes the bass and Bluey stands infront of the mic. They sound exactly like U2 except for Bluey who is singing in a higher voice. They play their hearts out and the crowd is loving it. They play for 2 hours and when it's all over with they run offstage*

MrMcG: Great show girls! Let's go and party now!

MG: WOOO Party!!!

*The girls head to the Kitchen where they party, the time is getting close to midnight.*

Bluey: Hey maybe we should get going what if it's one of these midnight spells?

Clarity: Yeah Bluey's right let's get out of here.

*The clock strikes midnight as the girls are leaving the club*

Bouncer: Hey what were you doing in there? Don't you know this is a private party?!?!

Clarity: Yay! we're back to our normal selves!!!

MG: Wow I can't believe I feel relieved, I mean I had fun but it's hard work.

Bluey: No kidding.

AM: Well i'm never going to forget this!

*The girls head back to PLEBA Mansion, and tell their friends about what had happened to them knowing that they were never going to forget it.*

The End
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LMFAO.......oh lardy, what will MG think of next!
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OMG - this was hilarious!!!!!

Girls - we played Slane! And the lads were at our gig

I'm a bass player. That's a "singer" question. Lord Adam Clayton

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THAT ROCKED!!!!!!!!!! I'm the lead singer!? sweet!

You know what's freaky? I wrote a story for Mrs Edge that was almost EXACTLY like this but longer. I wrote it back in like October!!! Wow...I don't have it anymore, I wonder if jtree or Mrs Edge still have their copies so you can read it.


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Originally posted by Mullen-Girl:
MG: Well that's bloody odd, why do we need clearance to get downstairs?
DUH! you always need clearance in the clarence!

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BTW- fab tale!!! i loved it!!!

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OMD! I LOOOVE this!!
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Cristy that was soo cool!

Poor Larry! Who wouldn't pinch his ass!
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Bono: Wow this is how it feels to be at one of our shows eh?
Larry: Ack! Somebody grabbed me arse! *snarls*
Adam: Well somebody is stepping on my feet.
Edge: I want to go home *cries*
Bono:*hugs Edge* There there Reg, I just hope this'll be over soon.

LMFAO!! That's gotta be the best part right there!!! Great story !!

Fear Not..For I'll Be Watching You. And I know what you're all thinking. FOR SHAME!!

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