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PLEBA Mansion Presents: The Night Out

Ok...i'm back..thanks for waiting and being patient. to all
(Ok as I started writing this Pride came on the Launchcast radio hehe)

It was a cold Friday in November. The girls were getting ready to go out with the boys.

Bluey: Ugh this mascara! *throws it on the floor* FS can I borrow yours?

FS: *hands Bluey her mascara* Sure!

Nini: *walks in* Does this dress make me look fat?

Bluey & FS: *look at her*

Bluey: Of course not darling! You look smashing! *grins and goes back to putting on her mascara*

MG: *yells down the hallway* Everybody almost ready???

Flaming June: *peeks out* I can't pick what to weeeeeear!!

Moonlit Angel: I told you! You should wear the black one!

Flamine June: *pouts* But I wanted to wear the blue one.

Schmeg: *rolls her eyes* Wear what you want! But let's get going!

Bonochick: *peers at SoulNation* Hey isn't that my skirt?!?!?!

SoulNation: *grins innocently* I don't think so...I think we bought the same one remember?

Bonochick: *ponders* Well maybe...

MikeSt: *Yells from downstairs* You know any day would be nice!

Everyone: SHUTUP!!!!

MikeSt: Geez! Touchy!

Lemonboy: So what do you do while they're out having fun?

MikeSt: Eh, I usually run to a pub nearby. Hey why don't you come with me and maybe we can have a few pints?

Lemonboy: *smiles and claps* Ok! Let me go change really quick.

*Everyone finally comes out and gets on the Discoboooos. They're heading to the Spy Bar*

Bouncer: *eyes the girls* Please come in. Have a great time!

Moonlit Angel: *bats eyelashes* Thank you.

*The girls walk in and are taken by what they see. The club is very dark. Lit by nothing but candles, they see that there's a place to go upstairs and downstairs.*

Schmeg: Where the hell do we go?

MG: Upstairs and to the right. There's a velvet rope where it leads to the VIP room. That's where they said they would meet us.

FS: mmmmmmmmmmm Velvet Rope

*THe girls walk in and are greated by the boys*

Bono: *kisses each one on the cheek* Wow! You girls look beautiful!

Flaming June: Oh we know *giggles*

Bonochick: *goes up to Edge and hugs him* Why don't you look so handsome tonight.

Edge: *blushes*

Nini: Hey where's Larry?

Adam: He's downstairs playing pool.

Bluey: *sits on Bono's lap* How are ya dear?

Bono: *grins* I'm doing great now!

Adam: *calls the waiter over* These girls need some drinks.

*Meanwhile downstairs*

Larry: *snarls* *pop*

Guy: Hey that Button is interfering!!


Guy: *whispers* Geez what a wanker.

MG: *sneaks up behind Larry and hugs him*

Larry: What THE???..*turns around* Oh hello there honey!

MG: Playing some pool eh?

Larry: Yeah this guy just left cos he couldn't put up with my bootins *pout*

Flaming June: That's alright. Me and MG will play against you!

Larry: *claps* YAAAAAAAAAAY!!!


Bonochick: Where's the loo here?

Bono: If you'd like I can take you. I have to go too.

Bluey: Oh you'll love the loo here.

FS: Why's that?

Bluey: *grins* Oh you'll see!!

*Bono and Bonochick head downstairs to the loo. Next to the loo is the pool table*

Larry: *nods at Bono* What's up man?

Bono: Ah just taking Bonochick here to the loo.

Bonochick: Bono where is it? I have to go bad!

MG: It's in there *points*

Bonochick: Thanks MG! *runs in and runs back out quickly*

Flaming June: What happened?

Bonochick: There's guys in there!!!!! That's the guys bathroom!!!

Larry: *snarls and laughs hard*

Bono: It's a unisex loo!

Bonochick: Ohhhhhhhhh...ok *walks back in*

Flaming June: Unisex????

MG: Yeah. Believe me the first time I came here it took me at least an hour to figure that out. Only after having a bottle of wine did I get the courage to just walk in there, then I found out it was Unisex cos the attendant opened a loo for me (Author's note: A true story at Spy Bar in Dublin LOL)

Schmeg: Hey guys what's going on?

Flaming June: Not much. Just talking about the loo that's Unisex!

SoulNation: No Way!!! That's feckin kewl!!!

Adam: I decided to bring the girls down here so I can take them dancing on the lower level.

Bluey: Yeah can't wait to get my groove on!!!! Let's go!

*Meanwhile at a pub down the road*

Lemonboy: *takes a swig of his pint* Ahhhh Guinness! It's so gooooooood

MikeSt: Yeah man! It's black gold!

Lemonboy: I have to warn you tho..

MikeSt: What?

Lemonboy: I tend to get a little crazy when I get buckled!

MikeSt: Great!!!! Like what have you done?

Lemonboy: *ponders* Hmm...I've danced on tables, know

MikeSt: *laughs* This is going to be funny

*back at Spy Bar*

Bono: *gettin his groove on*

Nini: *goes behind Bono and slaps his bum* Yeah shake it baby!!!!!

Moonlit Angel: Man this place is great!

Schmeg: Yeah! We'll definitely have to come here more often!

Adam: *dances with the girls*

SoulNation: Man Adam! You can surely dance!

Adam: *grins* Why thank you

Edge: *does the Edge shuffle*

Bonochick: *follows Edge*

*Time passes and the gang continue to drink and have fun. Finally it's 4 AM and the club is closing.*

MG: *dials MikeSt* Hmm...that's odd.

Larry: What's odd?

MG: Well he's not answering! But that's unlike him....I wonder what happened.

*Meanwhile on Grafton St*

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MikeSt: *sings* Whiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiskey in the Jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar!

Lemonboy: *does a jig*

*People walk by and throw money at them*

MikeSt: Man this was an awesome idea!!! Great way to make easy money!!!!

Lemonboy: What's that ringing??? It's coming from your pants!!

MikeSt: Must be my willie!!!!

Lemonboy: *laughs so hard he falls on the ground*

MG: *to Bluey* He's not answering! I dunno what to do!!

Bouncer: You girls need to leave now. We're closed!

Bono: Hey man! You leave those girls alone!!! We're trying to find their ride!!

Bouncer: Well it'll have to be outside!

Larry: *snarls at bouncer*

Bouncer: *snarls back but more than Larry*

Larry: *wimpers*

Moonlit Angel: Well we can't stay here all night.

Bluey: Why don't we go to the Burger King on Grafton St? It's just a block away and once we get a hold of Mike then we'll tell him to pick us up by the Green.

Nini: Sounds like an idea! I'm hungry!

Adam: Well girls...have a lovely evening!

FS: You guys are leaving??

Larry: Well we kinda have to *points at Bono*

Bono: *skipping down the street by himself singing* I'm the queeeeeeeeeeeeen of England

FS: Ohhhh I see. *laughs*

Edge: *chases after Bono*

MG: Alright everyone..To Burger King!!!

*The girls walk down Grafton street looking at the late night acts when suddenly*

Lemonboy: *runs around MikeSt* Wheeeeeeeeeee

MikeSt: Dirty oooooooooold tooooooooooooooooooownnn

Bluey: *storms up to Lemonboy and grabs him by the ear* What the hell are you two doing???

Lemonboy: Owwwwwwwwwwwww!!! Stop it mommy! *laughs*

Nini: *to MikeSt* I don't think you can drive

MikeSt: *to Nini* Look both of you! I can drive!

SoulNation: I'm driving!!!! *snatches key's from Mike's hand*

MG: Alright load em up everyone!!! Let's get home!

*The gang head home, some of the girls have to help MikeSt and Lemonboy into their beds*

The End.

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Bono showing me where the loo is? It's a dream come true!!!!
"Knight in shining Zubaz."

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HAHAHAHAAA! So like me to be the last one to get ready! Ahhh... I've had so many thoughts involving me, Larry and a pool table... not necessarily playing.

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Lemonboy: *laughs so hard he falls on the ground*

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"Bono: *skipping down the street by himself singing* I'm the queeeeeeeeeeeeen of England"

Hahaha! !


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