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PLEBA Mansion Presents: Lemonboy and MikeSt's Adventure

Alright gals. This adventure will be focusing on our favourite bootler and driver. Enjoy!

It was a cold fall day. The PLEBA girls were off in the city.

Lemonboy: *whistling while cleaning*

MikeSt: *sneaks behind Lemonboy and yells* WHAT'S UP??

Lemonboy: *drops duster* ACK! Geez you scared me man!

MikeSt: *laughs* Ahhhhhhh sorry had to have a little fun with ya!

Lemonboy: I have an idea, why don't we go out on the town and hang out? I mean the girls aren't going to be back all day!

MikeSt: Ya know, that's a great idea! I mean why should they have all the fun.

Lemonboy: Well let me just put this away and we'll head into town.

*The guys get ready and head off on the Discoboooooos*

MikeSt: So where should we head off to?

Lemonboy: I dunno but maybe we should head to a costume store first.

MikeSt: Costume store?? Why?? Halloween was 2 months ago!

Lemonboy: Well remember the girls are out on the town! What if we run into them and they're going to get mad that i'm not cleaning the house.

MikeSt: Yeah you have a point. But what are we going to dress up as?

Lemonboy: Well I dunno. We could buy fake moustaches and beards or we could just dress in drag.

MikeSt: *sighs* Well that's the best costume I guess.

Lemonboy: It's settled then. You'll call me Lemona and i'll call you Michelle.

*The guys stop off at a costume store. They get their outfits and head for the city centre*

MikeSt: *in a girly voice* Alright Lemona let's head to Temple Bar Square.

Lemonboy: *in girly voice* Yes Michelle.

*Temple Bar Square*

Bluey: Ahhhhhhh this is the life. Just sitting in the middle of the square, drinking hot chocolate and enjoying the view.

FS: Yeah. *starts laughing*

Nini: What's so funny?

FS: *points at Lemonboy and MikeSt* Man those girls are real europeans aren't they? I mean they didn't shave their legs.

Bluey: *stares at Lemonboy* Hmm..That girl looks familiar to me for some reason.

Lemonboy: *to Mike* There's 3 of the girls. I hope they didn't recognize us. Bluey just keeps staring at me.

MikeSt: *looks at the girls out of the corner of his eye and says loudly in a girly voice* Oh yes me and Bobby went out last night! He was such a gentleman.

Bluey: *shakes her head* Nah.

*The boys head down towards the Clarence Hotel*

Lemonboy: Hey we should head to all the places we would think the girls would be to see if anybody recognizes us!

MikeSt: Yeah that would be fun. Let's head to the Clarence Hotel. I know some of the girls hang out there.

*The guys spot MG, SoulNation, Moonlit Angel, and Flaming June sitting at a table. They sit at the bar.*

Moonlit Angel: *sips drink* I love the Octagon Bar.

MG: *munches on crisps* Yeah tell me about it! You get free crisps. I could eat 20 bowls of them. Especially these barbeque kind.

Flaming June: *eyes the guys* That girl keeps staring at me.

Soulnation: Yeah I know. They seem a bit nosey.

Moonlit Angel: Well maybe they're U2 fans. We should invite them over!

MG: Great idea! I always love meeting new U2 fans. *goes over to MikeSt* Hi! I noticed that you were looking at our table and we were just wondering if you girls were U2 fans.

MikeSt: *in a nervous girly voice* Oh yes! We're huge U2 fans!

MG: *smiles* Well great! Why don't you girls join us for a drink?

Lemonboy: Oh yes certainly!

Flaming June: Hi! I'm flaming June! This is Moonlit Angel, SoulNation and you already met MG. What are your names?

MikeSt: My name is Michelle.

Lemonboy: *smiles and bats eyelashes* My name is Lemona.

SoulNation: Lemona? That's an odd name where are you from?

Lemonboy: Oh i'm from the Netherlands.

MG: Well we're glad to meet new U2 people!

MikeSt: Oh yes. My favourite member is Bono! Oh he's soooooooo dreamy *bats eyelashes*

Moonlit Angel: *mumbles* I haven't heard dreamy in ages.

Lemonboy: Well it was nice chatting with you girls but we have to run!

Flaming June: Yeah very nice to meet you two. *smiles*

MikeSt: *waves as they walk away*

Lemonboy: *laughs* Man I can't believe they didn't know it was us!!! This is so much fun.

MG: What an odd pair.

SoulNation: Yeah tell me about it. They had hair sticking out of their pantyhose *giggles*

MikeSt: Let's go to Turk's Head! We might see some more girls there!!!

Bonochick: Mmmmmmmmmmmm alcohol *drools*

Schmeg: yeah tell me about it! But i'm drooling at the bartender *smiles innocently*

*Mike and Lemonboy walk in and spot the girls. They take a seat next to them*

Bonochick: *peers at both of them*

Lemonboy: *smiles* Hi! My name is Lemona.

Schmeg: *looks at the two girls and excuses herself* I'll be back. *bursts out laughing on her way to the loo*

Bonochick: Do I know you? You seem oddly familiar.

MikeSt: Oh we get that all the time!

Schmeg: *comes back and takes a seat* So you girls live around here?

Lemonboy: No! Um...we're just visiting...yeah!

MikeSt: We're here on holiday *smiles*

Bonochick: *suddenly realizes who it is but decides to play along* you like the PLEBA Mansion?

Lemonboy: *in regular voice* Of course! I'm the....oh crap.

Bonochick: I knew it!!!!! What are you doing here?!?! Aren't you supposed to be at home cleaning?

MikeSt: *takes wig off* Well we thought we'd just have some fun while you girls were out.

Schmeg: *dials all the girls and tells them*

*Everybody gathers outside Turk's Head*

Bluey: I KNEW it! You looked kinda manly for a girl!

Moonlit Angel: I do have to admit you had us ALL fooled!

Flaming June: Well why don't you guys just put your wigs back on and we go out as a group of girls? *giggles*

Lemonboy: That sounds like fun to me! *says in his girly voice*

The girls laugh and head out to some more pubs with their "new" friends Lemona and Michelle.

The End


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Re: PLEBA Mansion Presents: Lemonboy and MikeSt's Adventure

Originally posted by Mullen-Girl
MG: Well we're glad to meet new U2 people!

MikeSt: Oh yes. My favourite member is Bono! Oh he's soooooooo dreamy *bats eyelashes*

This was good! Very funny. .


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Lemona... I'm gonna call my daughter that someday.
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