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Originally Posted by domo-kun View Post
Its hard to get a decent fulltime job in anything right now in Holland , dishwasher to doctor, it doesn't matter which job or education you have.
Except for when you're going to be an IT/Business consultant... Jobs everywhere!

I don't know zilch about Photobucket so can't help you with that Heartland.

Originally Posted by GraceRyan View Post
And if U2 EVER did Hawkmoon live....and the version from the Lovetown Tour, my uterus would leave my body and fling itself at Bono - for realz.
Don't worry baby, it's gonna be all right. Uncertainty can be a guiding light...
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New thread time!

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Originally Posted by jeevey View Post
Aw, Happy Christmas, Domo. Tell them all to burn in hell from me! : D

I just got new speakers in my kitchen and have had SOI on rotation... I'm liking it better and better. How many of these songs do you think will get played live?
BOO on them, domo!

OTH ....

New Speakers?

Originally Posted by U217 View Post
Domo I just moved out of an apartment with loud insane drunk neighbors. I wish I'd done it years ago; best $1000 I ever spent. I had the advantage of just getting another unit in my complex. It's worth the money to salvage my mental health.

Sent from my iPad using U2 Interference
17 sss what a relief!!!

this lovely lady was one of my big text helpers as I struggled w rehab for a nasty ankle fracture (s) back in spring/summer '12

Originally Posted by Teta040 View Post
Was late checking my email, but found this little gem in my Inbox from the past week. There's a poster on the Wire mailing list who has a friend in Dublin, who just ran into someone special. She said:

"Thought you'd be interested to know who I met yesterday while having Xmas lunch with my girlfriends. It was our annual get-together and as you can imagine a bunch of Dublin mums, let loose from the kiddies for a day, we all tend to get a bit rowdy! Well, after about an hour of us all howling, sharing our stories, a waitress came over with 2 bottles of champagne "from the gentleman in the corner."We were obviously chuffed and thanked him from afar. As he was leaving he came over--and he said--it's seldom he got out, so he wanted to share the joy and hence the champers, and wished us a merry Christmas."
She added as a postscript: "I must admit--now I think he's tops!"

(A true Dubliner, LOL.) She said she had a blurry attached pic to share but hasn't put it up. We'd all love to see it of course, but if B requested no images online, I'd honor his privacy and understand..)

When I read this I just *MELTED*. I'm sorry, but I just want to.... :hug :hug :hug :hug :hug hug: hug: hug:

This shows you what kind of guy he always has been and still is. Thinking of others even though he feels like crap. And I just see his face as he said that.

I'm sorry....fangirl sigh....I just....
Wow great story teta
I do think I remember your username from way back

bc it was unusual and made me think of liketetrahydron

Originally Posted by Galeongirl View Post
Perhaps during the storm there could be accidentally some bricks flying around...landing on their house.. Or rooftiles or somethin'... or a tree...
oops we left untended loose brick out in the storm oh...dear....


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