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Out of control pt 9

trying to get as much of this done as I can before going into hospital on wednsday


Bono tentively knocked on the front door where Angie lived, when there was no reply at first he knocked again.

Just when he thought no one was going to answer, he heard someone at the other side of the door opening it… he was glad to see it was Angie

“Bono what are you doing here?” she demanded in a low voice, not looking overly pleased to see him, and pulling the door over behind her, and keeping him standing on the doorstep

“I came to check how things are going, it’s been nearly a week from you went home with your Da, and I haven’t seen you around,” Bono replied “Was just wanting to know if you are ok”

“Well you can see I am fine, so you can go away happy now” she replied starting to step back into her hallway to close the door in his face

“Angie C’mon” Bono pleaded, “Don’t be like that”

“Bono I am just not in the mood for you right now” Angie replied in exasperation, “Especially not here, with my Ma probably trying to listen in to every word,” she hissed.

Bono frowned, “Why would she do that?”

“Because she would,” Angie replied, “Afraid I might say something to you I shouldn’t”

“Oh yeah?” Bono’s eyebrows rose questioningly

Angie shook her head not trusting herself to say anymore, “I think you should just go”

“Look Angie I don’t know what is going on, but I just want you to know it was not my idea for my Da to go to your ol’ man and get him to bring you home... I knew nothing about it… but saying that my Da only done it cos he thought it was what was best for you”

“Forget it Bono” Angie replied, “I do understand, you thought you could help me, wanted to see me safe, I couldn’t go cluttering up your sofa every night, and I don’t blame your Da for sorting out a way to get rid of me. Now you can wipe your hands clean, you have done your good deed for the day returning me to my loving family and give yourself a pat on the back”. She finished mockingly

“For chissake Angie, that’s not how it was at all, I am still concerned about you,” Bono protested

“I will survive Bono” Angie replied, “If that’s all you want or need to know, so you can go home and sleep in your bed more easy tonight, you don’t have to worry about me any more, just do yourself a favour, forget about me, I never asked you to take on my battles you have done enough… go and find some other deserving case” she finished tiredly

“Angie I”- Bono started but she interrupted him

“I really have to go now Bono, I think it’s for the best, goodbye,” she said firmly. And before he could say another word she hurriedly backed into the hallway and closed the door, leaving him standing feeling more perplexed than ever


I am telling you, there is something not right… I just can’t put my finger on it,” Bono said later as he stood with Edge Larry and Adam during one of their practice sessions

“I thought the song sounded fine” Adam shrugged

Bono frowned “Yeah, I know that I am not talking about the song, I am talking about Angie”

“Edge rolled his eyes “here we go again”

“No seriously guys” Bono spoke up “I have been thinking about it, if you had seen her when her Da came that night to collect her... I was getting strange vibes”

“You sure you were not you helping yourself to some of her drugs?” Larry quipped

Bono chose to ignore him

“You know what she is like all mouthy and full of it, when her dad showed up she acted completely different, she went all quiet and strange… I think there is something going on there, I just don’t know what” Bono insisted

“Bono” Edge finally snapped in irritation “Will you feckin forget about Angie O’Neill and her Da, and start thinking about what we are doing here with the band, you gotta get your priorities right.

“Yeah Bono, Angie is back with her parents, she will be ok, just let it drop now, you are starting to sound obsessed” Adam said in a more reasonable tone

Bono was silent as he glanced around at his band mates, then realised they had a point, and he had come to a point he had to let it go there was no more he could do, it was not his problem anymore, and he had other things to get on with.

“Sorry guys, I will give over now and concentrate on the music and being the best rock band in the universe.

“Yeah” Larry replied, “I think that was our plan in the beginning, so let’s stick to it… are we agreed?”

They all nodded in agreement


Bono never mentioned Angie in front of the others again, and tried to put the whole thing behind him, but then a few evening later his father came in frowning and shaking his head
“Bloody kids today, they are a pain; they just bring you heartache and trouble!”

Bono looked up from the TV show he had been watching, “What did I do now?” he demanded in bewilderment

“Well I am not talking about you for a change… I am referring to that young gal, that you had staying here Sean O’Neill’s daughter, whatsername? Angie”

Bono perked up in interest “Angie? Why, what has happened?”

“She has only cleared of, disappeared again, and stolen three hundred quid belonging to her Da into the bargain, after us thinking we were doing her Da a favour reuniting them and she turns around and does this… I am telling you don’t you be bringing any more of your stray friends to this house, you can’t trust any of them” his dad ranted

“Wait a minute how do you know all this?” Bono demanded

“I got it straight from the horses mouth, Sean O’Neill himself, I met with him on the way home and asked how things were going, and he told me what the little bitch done to him.. I dunno what kids are coming to these days” he continued to grumble

But Bono had stopped listening to his father’s griping, still too shocked learning what Angie had done.

Perhaps everyone had been right about her after all.

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Bono will go after her. Good luck with your ear surgery--I hope you get well quickly.

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Thanks for thinking about us and writing the story. Hope your surgery goes well and you recover quickly.
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thanks for the update on the story
hope your surgery goes well and I hope you get better soon!
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Thanks for another great chapter! Good luck, I hope it goes well. I'll be praying for you.
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