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Out of control pt 3

Bono forced himself to start concentrating on what he and the band were suppose to be doing, Whatever Angie was getting up to with Mickey didn’t seem much, because after ten minutes he was gone and she made her way back up to where he was, standing leaning against the nearby wall listening to them whilst smoking a cigarette.

When they finally wrapped up for the night, Angie strolled over to them.

“Not bad” she remarked “So, what are your plans? Are you going to be the next big thing like the Clash or the Sex Pistols?”

“Nah” Larry came out from behind his drum kit, “Actually we are going to be bigger and better than them” he stated in a matter of fact voice

“Cocky shites aren’t you” Angie retorted with a chuckle

“Yeah, well from we heard, you’re right and forward yourself when you wanna be” Edge drawled looking up at her from his guitar smirking mischievously, “Isn’t that right Bono?”

Bono just grinned to hide his embarrassment as Angie’s eyes turned on him, a little twisted smile of amusement on her lips, “Oh so you have been talking about me to your mates have you? Now there’s a surprise” she didn’t seem much put out learning this information as she went over to him and slid her arm around his waist before addressing the others “Been boasting has he? About the great night we had, the fun sneaking up to his bedroom so his ol’ man couldn’t hear us”

She started to laugh as she remembered, telling it from her side which varied a little to Bono’s version, making it sound a bit farcical especially when she described the look on Bono’s face when his father woke up and stood outside the bedroom door, making them all chuckle and grin
as they imagined it.

Bono laughed along with them trying to keep his cool laid back demeanour, in front of them all, despite getting the acute feeling Angie sounded like she was making out what had happened between them was one big joke, which she was just getting a good laugh from.

His sensitive side pondering if that’s what she considered him, a joke.

Sure it had been slightly amusing, but not as hysterically funny as she was making out, that it made her doubled over laughing at one point

But his ego was soothed by the way she continued to drape herself around him possessively, and kissed him, not in the least shy in front of all the others.

And when someone suggested they should head across to the local pub her voice was the loudest amongst those who agreed


Because of lack of funds, and the fact that Bono was ‘skint’ after the second round of drinks, He and Angie departed the pub earlier than the others, Not that Bono really minded, he wanted to have Angie all to himself for a while.

Bono stepped out into the cool night air, it was starting to drizzle, but after the stuffiness of the small pub, it was refreshing and he welcomed it.

“I don’t want to go home yet, it’s too early” Angie remarked as she hooked herself onto his arm.

“I wasn’t planning on walking you home quite yet anyway” Bono grinned, “But seeing I am broke and can’t afford to take you anywhere, why don’t we take a walk down by the quay” he suggested

“Sure thing” Angie replied easily, as they to walked down the street arm in arm she started to giggle

“What’s so funny? Bono asked

“I dunno, everything… you and me” she replied airily “especially you and me” she giggled again.

“I am glad I am amusing you” Bono drawled, not quite sure himself what the joke was.

“Well C’mon!” she exclaimed, “They never thought I could hook you, and now they are really pissed” she chuckled.

“Who?” Bono frowned in bewilderment

“Your little gang of female wannabe groupies in the Rec hall tonight, I can just picture them all gaggled together, wondering what you are doing going out with me? What do you see in me? After all I am the local slut according to them; my poor ol’ ears should be burning well by now”

“I see” Bono grinned, “Well who cares what they think or say, I don’t”

“Yeah one reason why I took a liking to you, you are not judgemental as the rest of the small minded assholes around here” Angie hugged into his arm.

“Actually you intrigue me” Bono confessed, “You are different, I think I would really like to get to know you better, to know what makes you tick”

“Are you serious?” Angie looked up at him and laughed again, “usually all guys care about is getting into my knickers”

“Well maybe I am not like other guys” Bono replied

“Nah, I am beginning to believe you are not” Angie realised a little soberly, “But, you don’t want to get to know me too well… you might find out I am seriously screwed” she informed him keeping her eyes on the pavement in front of her

“Why don’t I decide that” Bono replied

“Yeah why don’t you” Angie replied,

They were walking by the river now, and she suddenly squeezed his arm, “So you wanna see how screwed I really am?” she enquired, there was a strange manic light in her eyes, that made Bono a little uneasy, but before he could even reply, she broke away from him and ran across the path going over to the stone bridge clamouring up on the narrow wall. Then standing up and stretching out her arms to keep her balance as she started to unsteadily walk along it.

Bono’s heart was in his mouth as he watched her, if she dropped on the wrong side she would plunge into the river and more likely her death… he hurried over to her

“Angie what the hell do you think you doing?” he demanded trying not to sound overly concerned

“Taking a walk on the wild side” Angie laughed, “Have you ever tried this? There is lovely view up here”

“Yeah I can imagine, but I prefer the view from here if it’s all the same to you, why don’t you join me down here eh?” Bono suggested.

“Spoilsport” Angie taunted “And there I was thinking you were a free spirit like me, taking risks, not scared to take chances, even with death”

Bono’s uneasiness grew as he listened to her

“Ok Angie, enough fecking around, you got me worried if that’s what you want to prove, I admit it, so you can come on down now” he told her his tone getting more serious.

“I am not trying to prove anything Bono” Angie stopped to look down at him standing directly below her

“You want to get to know me better… this is who I am, do you still like me? Still want to get to know me better? Will you be there to catch me if I fall?” she demanded

“I am here now aren’t I” Bono replied softly and stretched out his arms towards her, “Just come down”

She remained where she was, glancing around behind her at the dark river down below her seeming lost in her own thoughts

“Angie” Bono spoke up getting her attention, “Please come down” his hands were still stretched up towards her

She stared down into his eyes for a moment then sighed. She lowered herself into a sitting position, sliding of the wall and into the relieved Bono’s arms.

He held her, and they stood for a moment facing each other with only a few inches between them. Her eyes were now making direct contact with his there was a strange haunted look about her it made him realised there was something going on with her, he just couldn’t figure out what.

“Told you I was screwed” she then said softly and pulled away from him to walk away

“Angie, wait!” Bono called after her and hurried to catch to with her “Look I don’t know what is going on with you… but you can talk to me, y’know” he told her

She looked at him, not quite believing he was addressing her still

“And what makes you think I want to talk to you?” she demanded scathingly, “I thought you wanted to be a musician, not a bloody shrink”

“Why are you being like this, I wanna help you?” Bono was bewildered by her attitude, she was delibertly trying to antagonise him now

“I don’t want your help… I don’t want anyone’s help” Angie replied

“And does that include Mickey Black?” Bono demanded sharply

“What’s he got to do with anything?” Angie frowned.

“I seen you going over to him earlier tonight in the Rec hall… he is not the kind of company you want to be keeping in with, he’s trouble”

Angie just laughed in derision “I dunno how to tell you this Bono, just because you shagged me for one night does not mean you can tell me what to do… so just back of, ok”

“Fine… I am getting the message loud and clear” Bono replied feeling his own irritation rising with her he could only take so much, she seemed determined to go out of her way to piss him of… He didn’t need the hassle, he’d had enough for one night

“Cya around sometime” he told her gruffly and turned and walked away.

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Poor B--he's only trying to help. (Love your story!)

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love the story too.
poor bono
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