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out of control pt 13

I had the second half of this chapter written a while back but couldnt figure how to start it.. its a bit choppy but if I didn't get it done now it would never be done.. so sorry about the delay but better late than never as they say


The following months had been busy for Bono with him and the other spending most of their time in the studio trying to record their next album which they were determined would be better than their previous one, for a while the outside world seem to be forgotten for him including Christine and Angie.

By the time the album was starting to take shape and they were planning their next move to start promoting it, it was decided they would be conquering America next to widen their fan base
And increase their popularity to sell more albums

Bono and the others were up for the challenge, but there were other things they still had to sort out that took them back to England, it was only whilst they were in London Bono took it upon himself to go and find out how Angie was doing, he had some news from home that she might have a personal interest in.

Getting to Manchester he sought her out in her workplace at the pub, to discover she no longer worked there, it seemed she had gotten the sack after getting into a fight with one of the male customers, Bono was not overly surprised to discover this but a little disappointed that it had happened.

He then found his way to her bed sit where she lived grinning as he remembered the night outside the Chinese take way

But as he knocked on the door a few times and no one answered he realised she wasn’t in
It was getting late in the evening and he was pondering on what he should do next. And was about to leave When Angie turned up.

She looked startled to see him standing there.

“Nice timing I was about to leave” he told her

“Oh yeah?” Angie replied guardedly “And what brings you knocking on my door?”

“Nice to know you are pleased to see me Angie” Bono retorted dryly

“You just caught me of guard” Angie replied, now she was nearer as she opened the door he could smell the alcohol from her.

“I was in England so thought I would call by and surprise you… and, well em… there is something else I think you should know about” he then informed her looking more serious

“Oh what is that?” Angie asked

“Why don’t we wait till we get inside your place” Bono replied.

“Sure” she shrugged and turned the lock in the door to open it and stood aside inviting him to enter.

The place was just as much a mess than ever, but Bono wasn’t paying too much attention

“Look I know things were bad between you and your parents, I don’t know what was going on, but I thought you should know my dad was talking to one of our old neighbours the other week and he told me your mum had a slight heart attack… nothing to serious she was in hospital for a few days.. but I think she is out again”

“I see” Angie replied her expression remaining unreadable she started hunting in her bag for her cigarettes.

“Well I just thought you should know anyway” Bono replied scrutinising her as she lit up a cigarette

“That’s good of you, still the considerate Bono I see” she smiled her mocking smile.

“Do you wanna drink or something,” she then asked, “I got a few tins of beer in my fridge”

“Yeah sure” Bono replied

He pushed some of the clothes aside and sat on the sofa bed whilst she went over to the fridge to get the beers

Opening the cans she handed him one, and sat next to him.

“So how’s it been going still at the music business?”

“Yeah, sorry I haven’t been in touch before but things have been pretty hectic with trying to get the new album done,” Bono replied then took a sip of the beer

“But I wanted to see you while I could we will be of to America soon”

“Oh its alright for some” Angie retorted, then shook her head “Nah I didn’t mean to sound bitchy, I wish you all the best you deserve it, just make sure you send me a personal copy of your new album and make sure its autographed so I can sell it in a few years time and make money out of it” she grinned

“I will” Bono promised with a smile.

“I am glad things are going well for you… I bet you do great in America”

Bono got the feeling she was keeping the subject on him to avoid talking about herself as usual.

“I heard you, lost your job at the pub… I went there first in case you might be working” Bono informed her.

Angie shrugged “It was a lousy job anyway; I didn’t need to take the crap from the punters”

She reached out and crushed her cigarette out in the ashtray already overfilled with butts and ash.

“And how’s things at college?” Bono enquired

“Its Ok” came her curt reply

She took a gulp from the beer can

Bono sighed, “You can talk to me Ang, I mean I thought we were friends… maybe more than that I would like to know what is going on with you and if there is anything I can do”

Angie laughed “Still trying to get inside my head Bono, not a good idea… look I appreciate you coming here and seeing me, its great seeing you again and everything, but don’t expect me to start opening up and spilling my guts and telling you how I feel, you are not my shrink, so lets just have this drink and catch up as old mates should do, and leave the physiology stuff at the door”

“Ok if that’s how you want it” Bono replied resigningly

“Yes it is, so tell me more about your new album and going to America”

As they drunk the beer Bono humoured her, keeping the subject safely on himself and the band. But then she asked about Christine

“Actually I am not with her any more” Bono informed her, she got kindda pissed with me when I told her about me spending the night with you”

Angie blinked in the gaped in disbelief… “You told her about it? What the hell for?”

“Because it wasn’t right, I felt I had to be honest with her, deceit doesn’t come easy to me and she knew there was something wrong… so I told her in the end, She wasn’t too happy about it and finished with me” Bono explained

Angie laughed, “That’s just feckin crazy. Why did you go and open your big gob for about what happened between us? It wasn’t even like it meant anything,” she pointed out scornfully

“Because that’s not how it was at all Angie” Bono replied quietly, his blue eyes looking directly into hers, “At least I don’t believe it was like that, for either of us”

He could see her shift, she shook her head and went on the defensive behind her usual, ‘couldn’t give a shite’ mask and trying and dismiss him… he had come to recognise the signs well, they had played this game so often whenever he started closing in on her slightest vulnerability that showed she did care and had feelings.

“Some things never change about you Bono, you are still feckin nuts, with the craziest notions y’know that?” she retorted, and tried to escape his piercing gaze by getting up, but he grabbed her wrist in a firm hold, he wasn’t letting her of so easy this time

“You are not going to run away on me this time Angie

“Bono don’t you”- Angie started to protest but did not get any further as his lips clamped over hers in a fierce demanding kiss.

He wasn’t sure if it was just his male ego, which had taken many a battering and bruising from her sharp tongue and actions previously, but it had once more rubbed raw when she claimed he meant nothing to her that sex between them meant nothing to her.

He wanted to prove once and for all she was not immune to have feelings for him, that the night between them was more than a quick shag, and that she was capable of giving more if she wanted, if he tried hard enough he could reach her on an emotional level. This time he would not be fobbed off.

At first indignant with him, she tried to pull away, but his arms clamped around her, he released her mouth briefly, his blue eyes staring into her almost tauntingly

“What’s wrong Angie? Scared you are going to actually feel like you might care about me a little? What is so wrong with that eh?” he queried challengingly, his blue eyes intense as they bore into hers deciding to play her at her own game, she was always mocking him, now it was his turn

“You Cocky Bas-“ she started shakily seeming pissed a little by his audacity, but was once more silenced by his lips covering hers

“Its ok babe” he then murmured against her lips, his kiss becoming gentler and persuasive “It’s ok to feel and to care,” he told her, feeling her body loosen the tension, and give up the struggle to hold back on him and he knew he was winning, but even doing so their was still a note of defiance in her voice as she told him breathlessly,

“You got it wrong Bono y’know… I don’t care about you, not the way you think… you shoulda stuck to Christine…”

“Shut up Angie” Bono ordered her and as he kissed her, she kissed him back and responded this time with just as much ferocity and much to his satisfaction she seem to totally forget she was suppose to be immune to his touch.......

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I love it!! Glad your back annj!

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Oh Bono...

Glad to see ya 'round Annj!
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I'm so glad your back! Hope you are feeling OK!
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I am doing good Bono's doll, go back on the 23rd to hospital to get the dressing of my ear and hopefully I will be able to hear ok, well at least a lot better than I am doing now *lol*
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Cool story!!!!

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