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Out of control pt 11

There was quite a queue winding its way almost out to the door of the Chinese take way with everyone just coming out of pubs and clubs with food on their mind, and it was one of the few places still opened.

“Hope you don’t mind waiting” Bono murmured

“Hopefully the queue will move quickly” Angie replied

Bono took the opportunity to give her a better inspection under the bright lights coming from the takeaway. She had filled out, more curvy it seemed dressed in black pedal pushers and a pink low cut top covered over by a dark leather jacket, her face had filled out more too and it suited her, even though her makeup was a bit on overkill, but she always wore it heavy, almost like it was a disguise or mask, to hide the real her.

It reminded him of the last time they had spoke on her doorstep all those years ago, and what had happened after that

“I am glad you are ok and doing well for yourself, I always wondered what happened to you when you took of like that, my Da ranted on about it for weeks, it caused quite a stir” Bono remarked

“Yeah I bet it did, “ Angie grinned, “Seems like a lifetime ago now”

“There is one thing I really would like to know” Bono said, “what made you do it?”

“Well you were the one that told me to take a chance and find the opportunity and follow my dreams… so I did” Angie explained simply

“Yeah, but I didn’t mean for you to take of with your Ol’ mans savings to do it with” Bono remarked

“I know… that was my idea I take full blame for it” Angie replied, “But I don’t regret it.. I think of it as compensation money for all he put me through” she finished with a small twisted smile

“Why? What did he put you through?” Bono asked

The queue started to move and they shuffled a few steps forward and Angie took the opportunity to avoid Bono’s question as she looked up at the menu board above her head

“I really fancy some chicken fried rice, are you going to have anything?”

“No I am not very hungry” Bono replied

“Shame the food is good here, but then you are more used to eating out of fancy restaurants now I suppose”

“Now and again” Bono admitted, but he didn’t want to waste time discussing food, and tried to get back on track getting her to talk about herself.

“So how’s it going at Art College, are you enjoying it?”

“Yeah it’s good” Angie replied, “I am studying fashion design, always fancied designing my own clothes”

“That sounds good, glad you are doing something you like” he smiled

“Yeah though it’s not as exciting or glamorous as being a rock star,” Angie remarked

“But it’s good you got your life on back on track, having a job, going to college, do you have your own place?”

“Yeah it’s just a bed-sit but it does me” she replied, “Actually it’s not too far from here so it’s handy enough for work, though I have to get the bus to college”

The queue shuffled forward again, more people had queued up behind them as well.

“So did you come here straight after you left home?” Bono enquired

“No actually the first thing I done was get a train up North, and stayed in Belfast a while, stayed in a dump of a hostel, but then managed to get a job waitressing in a café. One of the girls there I befriended Brenda we shared a flat with her, then we took a mad notion to come to England to try and make our fortune about over a year ago”

“Oh,” Bono replied, “So where is this Brenda now?”

“She moved in with her boyfriend a while back, hardly see her now” Angie shrugged

Bono paused for a moment nodding his head digesting this information

“So what about you, don’t you have a boyfriend?”

Angie looked directly at him and laughed “there has been a few, but y’know me Bono, I am not the type who believes in a steady relationship, that’s not for me”

“I don’t see why” Bono remarked casually

Angie shook her head “It’s just too complicated,” she took the opportunity to swiftly change the subject again, “anyway enough about me, your life is far more exciting, I mean you are famous now… I guess your dream has come true”

“Yeah it’s certainly getting there” Bono replied proudly

“And what about your love life, suppose you got girls swarming all over ya now and you’re beatin’ them of, is there anyone special?”

“Well yes kindda” Bono replied sounding a little vague

“Oh yeah who is it?” Angie asked with open curiosity

“Do you remember Christine McKey?” Bono asked

“You mean blonde haired Chrissie who use to live at the bottom of my street?” Angie demanded

“Yeah” Bono grinned sheepishly

Angie threw back her head laughing, seeming to find it amusing “Well well, you and Chrissie, I bet she is loving every minute having her claws into you, the big prize… she hated me y’know was one of those girls that talked about me behind my back, I got into a fight with her once, almost ripped the hair out of her head”

“Yeah she told me about that” Bono replied dryly

“I always knew she fancied you, she was really pissed when you started going out with me, that time” Angie chuckled, “So is it serious between the two of you?” she then demanded

“Well-“ Bono started but didn’t get any further as the person behind him shoved into him with the knock on affect he fell against the guy in front of him who happened to be pretty drunk and standing with his two mates, he turned and glared at Bono

“Who the hell d’ya think you’re shoving?” he demanded

“Sorry mate didn’t mean to” Bono apologised

The drunk guy now peered at him harder, “Hey I recognise you, your that singer in that Irish rock band U something”

“U2” Bono informed him uneasily

“Yeah… well you are shite” he sneered provokingly, all you Irish are shite, why don’t you go back where you belong”

“Why don’t you shut your big ignorant gob” Angie butted in glaring angrily

“You stay out of it you little Irish bitch, or do you Irish men hide behind yer women?” he taunted turning his attention back to Bono.

“Suppose you think you are a big man cos you are famous, well you don’t scare me… right!” he now pushed his screwed up face into Bono’s challengingly

“”Look I don’t want any trouble, so why don’t you just back of” Bono replied taking a small step back trying to keep his cool, but finding it more difficult by the minute

“Oh yeah just make me” he challenged he attempted to head butt Bono who seen the move and quickly ducked out of the way, the guys head just grazed his chin.

“Feckin drunken loony” Angie snarled in a rage and smacked him with her handbag across the head.

He went to go for her But Bono got in between them, punching the guy in the stomach suddenly every one around them gathered to watch with interest and one of the takeaway staff came out from behind the counter demanding to know what was going on, Bono took the opportunity of the confusion to make his escape, grabbing Angie’s hand and pulling her out with him.

“I think its better we go now I don’t fancy having to take on his mates as well or the police arriving on the scene that’s going to look great for me” he pointed out hurriedly

“C’mon, this way… like I said, it’s not too far from my place” Angie replied now leading him hurriedly up the street

“Aww, shite you never even got something to eat” Bono realised in dismay as they broke into a run.

“Its ok, I have suddenly lost my appetite anyway” Angie replied breathlessly


Angie’s bed-sit consisted of a large room with small a kitchenette, tucked around the corner and it was sparsely furnished, and a bit of a mess with notebooks magazines and clothes and a few unwashed dishes scattered about

The sofa bed was still pulled out and the bed unmade, but still Bono breathed a lot easier now they were behind a closed door with no drunken yobbo’s coming after them.

“This is almost like old times” Angie grinned, “What is it when we get together; we always end up running from a punch up?”

“I am beginning to wonder myself” Bono mused

“Ah well at least this time you didn’t get your handsome face damaged” Angie remarked, she went over to inspect he was ok, her hand reaching up to touch his jaw “Wouldn’t do having you appearing on top of the pops with a bloody lip or black eye” she remarked teasingly

“I think the only thing that got damaged was his head when you hit him with your handbag” Bono replied

Angie laughed “I didn’t hit him hard enough though, the ignorant shite”

Her closeness was stirring something within him that he thought had long gone he wasn’t sure if it was the after affects of the adrenalin rush after the escapade at the take-way but he felt himself drawn towards her,

“Well I despite all that, I am glad we ran into each other again” he told her “It’s been interesting to say the least and as you said, almost like old times”

As his eyes met hers, he knew the best thing he should do is take a step back break the connection between them, but at the same time he couldn’t.

“There are some old times you don’t want to relive… and then there are others you do” Angie murmured pressing herself closer against him, sending a heated response through his body.

“Yeah” he replied huskily closing the gap between them as he slid his arm around her, “I think I know exactly what you mean”

His lips came down on hers, lightly at first, but then became more searching and insistent feeling her responding, he forgot about everything else, the fight, the band, just lost in the pleasure of rediscovering the feel and taste of Angie in his arms, and her mouth against his, at that moment nothing else mattered for either of them……

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love, blood, life
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Awe, I'm really liking this story.

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New Yorker
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great addition, keep it up!
i'm still curious about angie's past..
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War Child
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youtooellen this is a prequel to another story I wrote here called the little stranger which gives a rough idea about what exactly happened in her past.. if you want to read up to chapter four it will give you an idea what this one is dwelling on

here is the url

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New Yorker
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ah thanks alot for the url
the story is excellent
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The Fly
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I'm really enjoying this story. Can't wait to see what happens next.

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