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Out of Control pt 1

OK here is my first stab at this... hope you like it.. though it is all not true at all

“I wanna hold her; wanna hold her tight… get teenage kicks right through the night… oh yee-ah!” Angie McCracken sang loudly punching her fist in the air

“Oi!, keep that bloody racket down and clear of. People are in bed at this time of the night ya know trying to get some sleep” A male voice chastised angrily from an upstairs window from one of the row of terraced houses.

Angie’s response was to swing around to the general direction where the voice was coming from above her head and give them the finger gesture.

“Cheeky little git, if I come down there I know what I will do with you” The male voice responded warningly

“Oh yeah? Come on down here big man and do your worse” Angie challenged standing legs apart her arms akimbo

“For chissake Angie, will you shut up and get a move on I have to get home before my Da locks me out” Bono tugged her arm in exasperation.

He was beginning to wonder had he had pulled the short straw with the girls that night… that would teach him to let his ego rule his brain because he was flattered by her attention and flirting
for most of the night.

But then he had found himself intrigued by her for quite a while, she was different from any of the other girls he knew… and he knew a lot of girls.

Angie shot him an indignant frown “I am not going to let him talk to me like that… some help you are, he insults me and all you care about is if your Da is waiting up for you”

Bono lowered his head feeling his face heat up, wanting to kick himself. Realising she probably considering him a bit of a wimp right now; that had not been his intention

In truth he wasn’t in the least concerned about his father locking him out of the house, it had been the only excuse he could come up with to try and get Angie to move, he had not went out of his way to walk with her just to get into fights with the local residents. His mind, typical of most red blooded young males, was on other things he would have much preferred doing with her.

He looked up at her again deciding on another tactic

“Look he isn’t worth the hassle; why waste time arguing with the ol’ fart eh?” he put his arm around her shoulder and started to walk the reluctant Angie along the street.

“I wasn’t doing any harm only singing” Angie pointed out defensively “Bloody miserable ol’ git” she swung her last parting shot up at the window again, much to Bono’s relief the person’s response was to slam the bedroom window shut.

“Gawd I hate living in Dublin y’know that… they are so behind the times so boring and dull… if I had the money I would be of tomorrow… our feckin ancestors where lucky shites escaping to America… wish I could” Angie stated and seem to inwardly shudder

“I hate the streets hate the smell of decay the grime the dirt… everything about it I just want to escape… don’t you?” she turned her brown eyes on Bono, though they were slightly dull due to her intake of several lagers and encased in several layers of black Kohl eyeliner, there was something about them captivated him.

Bono, not quite understanding where Angie’s hatred of their home city came from and not sharing it, shot her a speculative glance then just shrugged diplomatically “It’s like every where else, has its good and bad points”

Angie threw her head back, guffawing scornfully before returning to stare at him challengingly, “Ok then, go on, name these good points” she demanded

Bono had to take a few minutes to let his brain think up something that would make an impact on her and make his argument convincing, Then he suddenly hit on something and smiled

“Well, y’know how the song goes… ‘In Dublin’s fair city, where the girls are so pretty’…. I have to agree with that, you being the case in point he finished huskily in her ear, squeezing her closer
to him.

She looked up at him, seeming to find it amusing, “So you think I am pretty huh?”

“Yeah and why shouldn’t I?” Bono enquired in mock offence that she wasn’t taking him seriously but secretly pleased he was at last getting her full attention

“Oh I dunno” she replied looking thoughtful, “There’s me thinking the only reason you hooked up with me tonight cos you heard I was easy and wanted to get laid”

“Well there is that too” Bono conceded with a grin “But it helps that you’re pretty as well”

“Yer a cheeky shite Paul Hewson” Angie exclaimed good-humouredly taking a friendly swipe at him, “But you are lucky I like you a lot” she added warmly sliding her arm around his waist and slipping her hand under his leather jacket to feel the body heat through the thin material of his shirt.

“I am glad to hear that” Bono replied drawing them both to a halt and turning to face her so they could kiss, his mouth and tongue taking their time exploring the taste and feel of her mouth on his

“Mmm!” Angie pulled away from him “You sure know how to kiss a girl, such a shame your ol’ man is waiting up for you… we could have had some fun” she finished regretfully.

“Well” Bono peered at the watch on his wrist, “Actually my ol’ man will have gone to bed a while since”

“Does that mean you are locked out for the night?” Angie enquired.

“Um… not really, I have a key” Bono replied.

“Hey that’s not what you said earlier” Angie protested taking another swipe at him “There is me starting to feel feckin guilty thinking you were not going to be able to get into your house”

“I forgot” Bono lied

“Forgot my arse!” Angie exclaimed, but didn’t get any further as Bono pulled her into his arms again, deciding they had wasted enough time and resume kissing her until she forgot to be angry with him and wrapped her arms around him kissing him hungrily back.


“Shhh, whatever you do watch the third stair it always creaks when you stand on it” Bono whispered as he ushered Angie through the front door of his house into the hallway”

“Maybe you can gimme a piggy back up your stairs that would save the trouble” Angie whispered back unable to stop tittering at Bono’s efforts to get her up to his bedroom without waking up his father,

For badness she jumped on his back and nearly send him crashing into the hallway table, only he manage to save himself in time by gripping it with his outstretched hand.

“What the hell do ya think your playing at” he hissed furiously as she slid of his back again still giggling

“Sorry she apologised, thought not sounding in the least remorseful, “Just trying to save your da hearing two pairs of feet on the stairs”

“Yeah, well I don’t want my back broke in the process” Bono retorted, which send her into another fit of giggles

“Will you shush” he warned again starting to panic at the thought of his father appearing at the top of the stairs and turning on the light and finding them.

“Sorry” Angie apologised again forcing back any further giggles, taking his hand she let him lead her carefully up the stairs, making sure she skipped the third one as he had told her.

Once in his bedroom with the door closed and no sign of his father stirring did Bono feel more at ease.

“Nice room” Angie remarked, “quite cosy” she sat on his unmade bed bouncing on it, making it creak a little.

Bono realised it was a mess, his clothes lying around the floor and hanging out of half opened drawers, magazines and books scattered about, a few empty beer tins beside the bed he had forgot to clear away.. But Angie didn’t seem to mind or care

Then she spotted the guitar in the corner with a stray tee shirt hanging onto it.

“Oh great” she exclaimed going over to pick it up flinging the tee shirt in the corner, “can you play this?”

“Yeah, a bit, but not right now” Bono replied dismissively, feeling his anxiety rising again

“I always wanted to play guitar” Angie confessed, “Hey Maybe you could teach me”

“Yeah sure maybe when I get the time” Bono replied anxiously running a hand through his mop of unruly dark hair,

“But not right now, eh? “

“Guess not” Angie slowly relinquished the guitar into Bono’s hands and watched as he set it aside

“So am I the first girl you ever had sneaked up in your bedroom?” she enquired and much to her amusement watched his face redden,

“Well, um yeah I guess so…actually you are the first girl who has wanted to be in my bedroom” he confessed sheepishly having trouble looking her in the eye “If you know what I mean”

“Well aren’t you lucky I am not a good little catholic girl scared to burn in hell for my sins” she mocked going over to him and playfully running her fingers lightly down the front of his chest

“I guess so” Bono replied grinning, but then he froze as he heard the familiar noise of a door opening across the room

“Shit!” my old man” he hissed

“He isn’t going to come in here is he?” Angie enquired in alarm, but at the same time couldn’t help giggling at scared expression on Bono’s face

“He will if you don’t shut up” Bono warned put his finger to her lips, and almost jumped out of his skin when he heard his fathers voice at his door

“Bono are you finally in at last?” he demanded

“Ah yes Da, just getting into my bed now” Bono replied, praying hard his dad wouldn’t come through the door to check

“About bloody time, too” there was a pause then his father spoke up again, sounding slightly suspicious, you talking to some one in there?” he then demanded

Bono found himself breaking out in a cold sweat…”Ah… no Da, was just trying out some lyrics I was writing out loud” he lied and hastily covering Angie’s mouth to smother her giggles which had started up again

“Well it’s the early hours of the morning turn out that light and let us all get some sleep will ye” His dad grumbled

“Doing it now da” Bono replied sending Angie a pleading look with his blue eyes to be quiet, she just about manage to oblige, he hurriedly went over and turned out the light, and remained by his bedroom door just in case his father opened it.

He listened and waited as his father made his way to the bathroom down the hall. It was only ten minutes later when he knew his father had returned to his bedroom hearing the door close, did Bono dare to breath easy again,

Angie was getting impatient, her eyes used to the darkness in the room she made her way over to him, sliding her arms around his waist and pulling her towards him,

He could feel her warm breath against his neck, could smell her perfume, the heat of her body pressing against his, and as his arms went around her, and his lips found hers in a slow searching kiss, the earlier anxiety over his father faded away and was forgotten as his senses stirred under her kisses and caresses that finally led them to fall in a tangled heap together onto his bed…..

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More, please.
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