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Out Of Control - Chapter 7

**The following is a work of fiction. No offense intended to anyone, it’s all meant in good fun.

Chapter Seven

Holly could not help but smile to herself as she pushed the amp onto the stage, easily going through the routine she had memorized in the very first week on the job. There were muscles in her body that screamed for relief, having been strained desperately the night before and again this morning. Every ache reminded her of the intimate scene and made her heart seem swell. She hummed to herself as she sat up the proper guitar racks in order for Edge’s use.

Her smile faltered slightly as she thought of him. She hadn’t thought about the fact that she’d be putting him out of his room. She hadn’t thought of him at all, until she’d heard his voice at the door. He’d been the first, and best friend she’d made since starting this job. She worried about what he might think of her, knowing she’d spent the night with Adam.

Then she thought of the way Adam had made her laugh at the incident with Edge at the door. She thought of the way he had looked at her as if he’d never get enough of her. Even though they’d already made love, and some guys might’ve been wishing she would leave. She thought of the way she’d been drawn out of her sleep that morning by his gentle caresses. She felt the blood rush to her face as she remembered the way he’d pressed himself against her, spooning her.

“Someone wakes up happy.” She had giggled, her eyes still closed. Adam’s breathy chuckle in her ear had been as lovely as any song, his breath against her skin smoother and more sensual than silk. His hands had begun to explore her body more aggressively, his mouth massaging her neck as he set their hips to moving in a slow, deep rhythm. Memories of holding tightly on to the headboard as the entire world seemed to turn fluid and move with them made her heart race.


The sound of someone calling her name drew her out of her reflections with a start. She nearly dropped the acoustic guitar she had been distractedly tuning.

“We’d like to have the stage set up with at least a little time for a rehearsal and sound check. At the rate you’re going, we’ll be lucky to have everything ready for show time.” Randy barked as he wheeled the cart with the drums on stage and started to arrange the drumkit.

“Sorry.” She mumbled, blushing and turning back to her task.

“Don’t be sorry, just get your head out of your ass.” He grumbled behind her and she bit her lip nervously.

“There’s no reason to speak to her like that.” She heard a soft, sweet voice say, and instinctively she smiled.

“You want to open late tonight?” Randy replied gruffly.

“She apologized and was already working. You might as well have just kicked her as cursed at her, there was no more reason behind it than you were irritated.” Edge said, an unsettling undertone in his voice. Holly turned to glance at him and could see immediately that he was in a foul mood. He might as well have a little black cloud hovering over his head.

“Alright, alright.” Randy mumbled, turning his back to the young man as he worked on assembling the drumkit.

“Hey.” Holly said. It was a lame greeting, but it was the only thing she could think to say at the moment.

“Hey.” Edge replied sourly. He picked up a guitar which she had not yet tuned and set in it’s stand and began tuning it by ear. She watched him for a moment, wondering what to say.

“Um… about last night…” She started, but words failed her. She chewed nervously on her lower lip and searched her mind for something, anything to say.

“Don’t worry about it. I stole Bono’s bed.” Edge finally replied, his eyes remained focused on the guitar in his hands as he spoke, his words short and his tone cold.

“So, where’d he end up?” She asked, her voice full of desperation. She had been hoping it would just sound like amusement, but she knew when Edge glanced up from the strings that he had heard it.

“Look, I don’t care about last night.” He told her, his sea green eyes shimmering in the light before he looked back down at the strings.

“You don’t?” She asked, breathing an audible sigh of relief.

“No. It’s nothing new, Adam does it all the fucking time.” He told her, immediately wishing he could take back the words he knew would hurt her. He had lashed out at her, exactly the same way he had just scolded Randy for. He was hurting, and part of him wanted her to hurt, too.

His words cut straight through her, and Holly felt as if all the blood in her body had suddenly spilled out of her. Suddenly dizzy and sick to her stomach, she placed the guitar on its stand and hurried off without saying a word. She needed to sit down, get some fresh air, splash some cold water on her face… something to interrupt the sick feeling which was threatening to overwhelm her.


“What the fuck are you even playing?” Edge demanded, nudging Adam hard on the shoulder about halfway through the concert. Adam blinked at his friend in surprise and confusion and Edge scowled right back at him. Bono did his best to keep the audience focused on himself as Larry stood up behind the drums and hissed at Edge.

“Not the time or place for this!”

“What the fuck is …?” Adam asked, frowning as Edge turned and stomped off toward his side of the stage once more.

“Just watch me to keep your time right.” Larry ordered Adam, who gaped at him in confusion for a moment before returning to the play list.

As soon as they had finished their encore and had stepped off stage, Adam stepped in front of Edge and blocked his escape.

“Care to tell me, now, what that was about?” he asked, withdrawing a pack of cigarettes from his pocket and closing his lips around one of them.

“Your timing was complete shite out there tonight.”

“No, it wasn’t. I may not be you, but I know when I’m playing like shite. You’ve been acting like this all day. Is this because of me taking the room last night? I looked for you to tell you, but I couldn’t find you.” Adam replied as he lit his cigarette and drew in a deep puff.

“I don’t give a fuck about the room!” Edge replied, stepping close enough to make Adam nervous.

“What then?” Adam asked, more wondering aloud than expecting an answer from Edge.

“It’s… everything about you right now! Everything we’ve promised each other we weren’t going to do, you’re going to burn out and drag us all down with you.” He replied, pushing past Adam into the green room to flop down onto the couch.

“What? I’m not doing anything different from what I’ve always done!” Adam argued.

“Maybe that’s the problem.” Edge retorted, engaging Adam in a stare down which might’ve lasted a long while, if Bono had not spoken.

“Look, we have to live together in pretty fucking close quarters, and it’s obviously not always going to be easy. Privacy is not an option, really. And kicking Edge out of your room isn’t either, anymore. It’s just about respect.” He said. “And Edge, Adam’s right. As long as whatever he chooses to do doesn’t interfere with the band, we’ve promised him we weren’t going to complain.”

Adam nodded tensely at Bono, acknowledging his mediation, and Edge sighed and rubbed his tired eyes. Bono glanced across the room at Larry who only scowled in response. It was going to be a long tour.


Holly showered and changed into her pajamas, taking her time in the bathroom. She wasn’t sure what to say to Natalie. She had gotten to know her well enough to know she did not approve of Holly’s amorous decisions. She braided her damp hair and stared into her own green eyes in the mirror, Edge’s words echoing in her mind.

She had known she wasn’t the love of Adam’s life. She had seen with her own eyes that he liked to flirt and had seen clues that he had spent the night with other women in the time that she had known him. She had turned a blind eye to it, needing to fulfill the hunger she felt for his touch. It hurt more, however, that Edge had been the one to make her see it.

He had been the friend whom she turned to when she needed to feel safe. When she got homesick, he had been the one to talk her through it. When she had caught a cold, he had made sure she had chicken noodle soup and tissues. More than once, she had taken the seat next to him on the tour bus and fallen asleep with her head on his shoulder. He stood up for her, when people like Randy were rude.

Her defenses were down, when it came to Edge. She’d been blindsided by the cruelty of his words. Not that she blamed him. He was only telling the truth. She didn’t know if he even realized he’d hurt her. He often seemed to live inside his own little world, unaware of anything but his own thoughts and the sound of the music he was channeling through his guitar.

The possibility that he had been aware of how much his words would sting was too awful to consider. She felt foolish and lonely enough tonight, without the possibility that she had lost him as a friend. She let her hands fall idly to the sink as she stared at her reflection without really looking. She might as well have been asleep, standing there. She was shaken from her trance by a rap on the door.

“Holly?” Natalie’s voice asked.

“Yeah, I’m almost done.” She replied, turning on the faucet and splashing her face with water.

“You have a visitor. I’m going to step out for a bite to eat, I’ll be back in an hour or so.” Natalie informed her. Holly’s heart jumped at the news. Her mind immediately searched for the most likely candidates to visit her, and surprisingly, she realized she most hoped it would be Edge. She felt the need to talk to him tonight even more than usual.

Of course, she would be happy to see Adam, if it were him. She worried her lower lip as she wondered what he might have to say. It could be very good news, or very sad. She heard the door open and close behind Natalie as she dried her hands and face. She paused, her hand on the doorknob, her palms growing damp with sweat as she anticipated the visitor waiting for her on the other side.

She opened the door and stepped out, knowing it was Adam even before her eyes focused on him. She recognized the smell of his cologne and his brand of cigarette smoke. She smiled when her eyes found him resting casually on her bed, one hand behind his head, the other holding the burning cigarette.

“Hey, you.” She said, the words streaming out on a breath. When he smiled at her, she felt it in her breasts and belly and thighs. Her body reacted to his presence instinctively, and against her will.

“I didn’t see you after the show.” He said, stating the obvious. She had been too nervous to go looking for him, and when he didn’t come looking for her, she had come straight to the hotel.

“I needed a shower.” She said, setting on the bed beside him, her heartbeat racing even faster the closer she got to him. When he leaned over to kiss her, all the nervous tension left her body and she felt a bit like a balloon deflating. She slid one hand around the back of his neck, up into the curls at the nape. Her other hand rested against his chest, feeling his heartbeat beneath it.

She ran the tip of her tongue along the outside of that sexy lower lip and felt him moan against her mouth. His hands slid around to warm her back, one of them running up and down her spine gently, the other firm against the small of her back.

“I thought maybe you were avoiding me.” He told her.

“What? Why?” She asked, hoping he didn’t hear her voice crack.

“I don’t know.” He sighed, sitting back against the headboard and picking his cigarette back up from the ashtray. He held out his other arm for her and she snuggled up against his chest, her head in the crook of his arm and one of her legs sliding up over his.

“I guess I thought … it might be weird. Working together, spending so much time together, after everything.” He elaborated after sucking out the last of the cigarettes smoke and smashing the remnants in the ashtray.

“Oh.” Was all she could say, a wave of cold fear washing over her. This, she thought, was where he told her they were ‘just friends’. Adam sighed and ran a hand over his face, rubbing his bloodshot eyes.

“You don’t wish you could take it back?” He asked, catching her off guard.

“What? No. Not at all!” She replied instantly and honestly. She wished for a moment that she could take that back. “Why would you think that?” She asked as the awkward silence dragged on.

“I just… I’m sick of feeling like the red-headed stepchild with the other guys. I don’t believe in a lot of the shite they live by, but I don’t judge them for it. They’ve been on me a lot lately about things I do that they don’t like.” He replied, and Holly frowned at the thought. “Don’t get me wrong, it’s not all the time or anything, but sometimes I can feel their disapproval. I worry occasionally that they’re going to want to go in a direction with the group that I won’t go. Leave me behind.”

“That would be stupid, if they did. They need you, Adam.” Holly told him seriously. “I mean, for all of Edge and Bono’s poetic lyrics and Larry’s ability to put a serious drum beat behind any song, they would just be another band without you.”

Adam shook his head in disbelief, but Holly continued.

“You keep them in touch with the reality of the business. The you keep the songs grounded with the bass line, and you make sure they don’t get away from what works. I mean, the music you guys make walks a fine line. Just a bit this way and you’re just another rock band. Just a little that way and you’re one of those groups that people laugh at for venturing into unfamiliar musical territory.”

He looked at her, taking in her words like a desert landscape receiving rain. It didn’t penetrate his defenses at first, but once it started to sink in it was quickly and gratefully absorbed.

“You refuse to fit into any category people might want to put you in, refuse to lose your unique identity. Not for the audience or the record company. Not even for your friends. You know who you are, and you stay true to that. You keep the band true to its roots, too.” She concluded. She smiled softly at him, reaching out to graze his stubbled chin with her knuckles.

Without a word, he leaned forward and claimed her mouth with a kiss that said more than any words could have. It was the gentlest, most tentative kiss they had shared. Far more appropriate as a first kiss than one shared between two people who had been together as they had recently.

With a soft sigh, Holly sank into the kiss, her chest resting against Adams. His tongue traced her lips, then all the curves of her mouth, taking the time to taste her skin and to tease the spots that made her gasp. Their breath intermingled as they took shallow breaths when their lips parted slightly, never long enough to interrupt the kiss.

“Thank you.” He finally whispered to her, his forehead resting against hers and his eyelashes tickling her cheek when he blinked. Holly chuckled in surprise at his words, leaning in to kiss him softly on the cheek.

“For what? All I did was tell you the truth.”

“You’d be surprised how rare that virtue is in people.” He told her with a smile before kissing her softly again. This was so very different than the experience they’d shared the night before. That had been aggressive, raw desire. This was more intimate in many ways, and Holly realized she was trembling.

“I should go.” He told her softly. “Otherwise we might end up in an embarrassing position when Natalie returns.” Her body shook with silent laughter as she hugged him. He was right, they were headed in a dangerous direction with these kisses. She wasn’t sure her body was ready for another round of lovemaking so soon, even if they did have the room to themselves. She walked him to the door, and after another long round of slow, probing kisses they bid each other good night.

“Adam?” She said, making him turn around and walk away backwards. “They won’t leave you behind.” She reassured him, and he smiled and nodded, not having the right words to tell her how much that meant to him.

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Aww I don't know who to root for, Edge or Ads.

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I just got caught up.
This is a really great story SG
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Originally posted by greeneyedgirl
This is a really great story SG
^What she said. You really are quite a talented writer - looking forward to the next part!
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amazing chapter as ever
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Love it SG!
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Great chapter SG
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I feel sorry for poor Edge!!!
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Wonderful chapter, as always!
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I absolutely the entire story! Poor Edge Hopefully better times are coming for him
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Love it! Neeeed more..
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I have to say even though I am an Edge girl, I'm backing Adam here, lol! It's so sweet!
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great writing SG

like labell said, I don't know who to root for, Edge or Ads
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The suspense SG, no words to describe it sister-you rule.Cannot wait to see what developes.

Adam spooning
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I want to hug poor Edgey

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