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Out Of Control - Chapter 30

**The following is a work of fiction. No offense intended to anyone, it’s all meant in good fun. Strong language, semi-adult themes

Chapter Thirty

Leaving Edge to spend the day alone with the beautiful singer they’d met the night before, Bono hurried down the hall to Natalie’s room. He slipped his hands into the pockets of his jeans and frowned, searching first the front and then the back to discover that he had left the key to Natalie’s room (as well as the key to his own room) on the night table beside his bed.

He muttered a string of curses and ran a thick hand through his shaggy hair. He had hoped to surprise Natalie by slipping into bed beside her, but now to get into her room he would have to knock. He wanted to go straight there despite the hour, then thought better of it. He had learned the hard way that she was not fond of being woken up.

So instead, he turned back and caught the lift down to the lobby and asked the older woman behind the desk for help finding a couple of places in the neighborhood. She directed him to the businesses he wanted with a sort of natural efficiency which reminded him so much of Natalie that he stayed awhile longer just to chat with her. After a few moments he thanked her with a wink and a smile which brought a rush of color into the woman’s cheeks, and was on his way.

It made him feel good when he could make someone smile; it fueled him, really. Each friendly encounter helping to propel him through his days. He stopped at the florist first, buying a dozen incredibly fragrant roses of the deepest red he had ever seen. The young woman behind the counter stumbled all over herself while she was trying to wrap and box the flowers for him, and after giving him his change she finally found the courage to ask him for an autograph.

He laughed and hugged her, and she clung to him like a long lost friend. He signed one of the cards which went along with the flowers for her, kissing her quickly on the lips as he gently lifted the box of roses and left her standing there with a shocked smile on her face. He couldn’t help grinning, himself. Some days he really loved his job.

After that he made his way to a local bakery which the woman at the hotel had assured him was not only one of the best in the city, but one of the best in the world. The elderly man behind the counter recommended the French Almond Croissant’s; which were filled with vanilla cream and then topped with
French almond cream and sliced almonds. They were the sort of rich, flaky pastry which might’ve been better suited for dessert than breakfast. Bono bought half a dozen of them.

Once he was back at the hotel, he ordered tea and orange juice to be brought up to her room and then hopped on the elevator. He’d given her plenty of time to sleep in, by now, and he was bringing breakfast. How could she not be happy to see him?

The elevator doors had no sooner closed behind him than he saw Adam coming down the hall toward him. He felt like the proverbial deer in the headlights. He sensed the danger in the situation, but his mind and body froze rather than taking evasive action.

“Good morning.” Adam greeted him, waving a hand at him with a cigarette between two fingers.

“Morning.” Bono replied, trying to act casual despite the large, impossible to mistake flower box tucked under one arm and the box of croissants in the other.

“What’s this?” Adam asked, lifting one corner of the lid to the croissants and peeking in. His eyes lit up at the sight of the fancy pastries and he quickly snatched one for himself. “Breakfast. Thanks.” He said before taking an enthusiastic bite.

“Help yourself.” Bono quipped. “Really Adam you don’t have to be so shy where food is concerned.” Adam grinned in response and eyed the flower box. He chewed thoughtfully and swallowed quickly so he could ask.

“And where’d you get those?”

“Huh? Oh. A fan.” Bono lied. “They were just being delivered when I came back from getting these.”

“Nice.” Adam commented, not even having to see the flowers inside to guess that they were roses. Bono had a way of charming women he’d never even met. They had a tendency to give him the sort of gifts they might not even give their own boyfriends.

“Did I miss Edge, then?” he asked, between bites.

“Yeah, he’s already been off to meet her.” Bono replied, shifting the boxes uncomfortably. His room was in one direction, Natalie’s was in the other. He wanted Adam to simply get on the lift so he could go straight there, but Adam didn’t seem to be in any hurry to do so. Adam sighed in disappointment.

“Alright, I suppose I’ll have to find my own way around then.” He finally concluded, wishing Bono a good day as he boarded the elevator finally. Bono wished him the same and waited for the doors to close, breathing a sigh of relief. He was growing tired of having to constantly hide his relationship to Natalie. He hoped her resolve would falter soon.


Natalie was drifting in the hazy state of consciousness somewhere between dream and wakefulness, her mind on Bono as usual. She let her mind run over flash cards of her favorite memories in no particular order, and was so enrapt in her own thoughts that it took her awhile to recognize the sound of a knock at her door.

“Just a minute!” She called, pulling herself up out of the bed and out of her daydreams. She wrapped a robe around herself and ran a hand through her hair, hurrying to the door. She frowned when she saw Bono, wondering what time it was. It was late for him to be knocking at her door. Someone could very well be in the hallway and see him.

She opened the door quickly and stepped aside motioning for him to enter. She poked her head out and glanced this way and that to make sure the coast was clear before closing the door and turning to face him.

“What are you thinking?” She asked, the scowl on her face fading at the site of the roses he was withdrawing from the box. Her heart fluttered despite her determination to be strong and she bit her lower lip to keep from smiling. He certainly didn’t seem to need her encouragement.

“I’m thinking that the woman I love deserves roses and breakfast in bed.” He told her, stepping forward and wrapping an arm around her waist. He guided her back toward the bed and she followed his lead, sitting beside the flowers. She instinctively leaned down to sniff them, their scent filling her nose and lungs. She frowned, though, when another knock sounded.

“Room service.” Bono explained, answering the door and accepting the cart with tea and juice. She didn’t have to see what he had given the young man to know that it was a generous tip. She could hear it in his voice. Besides, she knew Bono well enough to expect it from him.

“Bono – this really is sweet of you…” She started, pausing to gaze at the rich looking pastries with interest as he opened the box. “…but you shouldn’t have. How many times do I have to ask you not to come to my room during the day?”

“How many times do I have to ask you to marry me?” He retorted, taking a bite of a croissant and then giving her a quick peck on the mouth to ease the slight bitterness in his voice. She licked her lips and tasted the sweetness of the pastry, her stomach rumbling in response. She decided to keep her silence on that issue and help herself to breakfast instead. It didn’t seem to do any good anyway, explaining to him that she was not ready for anything like that.

“Thank you.” She said after they passed a few moments in silence except for the sound of their chewing. He smiled at her, and she knew he felt as if he had somehow won. She wondered if she even stood a chance, with a man like him. He was smart, not just for his age but in general. He went on about how intelligent Edge was all the time, but the fact was Bono himself was just as smart.

Maybe not as together, she thought, watching him lick his fingers before reaching for a second croissant. He was scatterbrained, but so smart. It could fool a person who wasn’t paying attention. He was the sort you had to keep a close eye on. You never knew just what he would come up with next.

“Why didn’t you use your key?” She asked, only halfway through her first pastry. Bono glanced at her as he took a bite of his second and then proceeded to chew rapidly, holding up a finger to tell her to wait one second. She felt the urge to giggle bubbling up from in her chest and pursed her lips against it, but it escaped her throat anyway.

“I locked it in my room.”

“Why didn’t you go back and get it?”

“My key is in there as well.” He explained and she laughed out loud, rolling her eyes.

“I should’ve known.” She replied, picking up her copy of it from the nightstand. He had started to give her one now that they each had their own rooms, but so far she had not made use of it. They had only had three shows since that change had come about, he reasoned. She would eventually come around. “I think you do it on purpose.” She teased.

“Any excuse what gets me into your room.” He replied with a wink and a cheeky grin. “So what are you about today?” he asked, dusting his hands of crumbs and leaning back casually against the pillows.

“I actually haven’t got that much to do.” She admitted.

“Good.” He said quickly, before she could take it back. “Then you and I are going to play the tourist.”


“Oh come on, now, there’s no reason we can’t do that as friends and colleagues. I could have done the same with anyone else in the crew or band.” He told her, his argument already prepared long ago. He wanted to spend the whole day with her, not just a few stolen moments. She felt a tug of warning on her better sense, but it was so slight compared to the desire to be with him that she consented.

She moved to take the room service cart out into the hallway once they were done eating, but Bono grabbed her by the waist and tugged her back down onto the bed. She didn’t need to ask what he was doing, she knew the look in his eye. Her heart began to race at the sight, and blood rushed to her pulse points making them throb. Her breath became quicker and shallower even before their mouths met.

He kissed her languidly, deeply… as if he had all day. She moaned against his kiss when she realized he did. His thick hand in her hair made her gasp, and the heat of his body beneath the palms of her hands brought a sheen of sweat to her skin even before the first button was undone. It was going to be a long day. She shivered expectantly at the thought.

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seriously, I've no words for this one..

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Queen SG

The best discription of Bono EVER>

He was smart, not just for his age but in general. He went on about how intelligent Edge was all the time, but the fact was Bono himself was just as smart.
Maybe not as together, she thought, watching him lick his fingers before reaching for a second croissant. He was scatterbrained, but so smart. It could fool a person who wasn’t paying attention. He was the sort you had to keep a close eye on. You never knew just what he would come up with next.
Excellent chapter, but you always deliver the good stuff
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I love Bono and Natalie together.
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another great chapter
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Wonderful as always!

Like Carmel said, I loved your description of Bono!
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absolutely fantastic SG
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Just read the last two chapters, and still am loving it!!

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Meowww! Bono Lovin'
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My name is Natalie
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SG Bono and Natalie.

6 countries,11 shows. AMAZING FRIENDS AND MEMORIES = Jem's priceless 360 Tour
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bono and natalie are so cute

SG, brilliant chapter once again
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I agree with Carmel: This chapter has excellent descriptions of Bono's type of intelligence and how he could fool someone into thinking he's not as smart as he is. And probably does.

Loved the ending.
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What more can i say but awesome as always
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How do I love thee?
Let me count the ways...

Actually, there are more than I can count on my fingers an toes...so you'll just have to trust me.

Amazing chapter, amazing story.
And I'll have to chime in with the others regarding how much I adore the descriptions of B. Exactly how I imagine him.

PS. Loved the last chapter too!

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