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Out Of Control - Chapter 28

**The following is a work of fiction. No offense intended to anyone, it’s all meant in good fun. Strong language, semi-adult themes

Chapter Twenty-eight

“What are you guys doing sitting here staring at the bloody television? We’re in New Orleans! A city so rich with music and culture you can breathe it in.” Paul demanded upon discovering all four of the band mates in his suite, gathered around the TV.

“We’re waiting for something, apparently.” Bono replied. “We don’t know what it is yet, but Adam assures us we don’t want to miss it.”

“We’re all very excited.” Larry added with a yawn. Adam smirked at his friends and drew in a deep puff of smoke from his cigarette.

“It won’t be long now.” He told them, gesturing for Paul to sit as well. He sighed and then gave in to curiosity, settling in to join the others. The phone rang and Adam answered it before it had a chance to ring again.

“No, not yet.” He said, after exchanging hello’s with whoever was on the other end of the line.

As a set of commercials ended, Kurt Loder appeared on the TV screen and announced the debut of a brand new video by one of the most popular American rock bands.

“This is it.” Adam said, gesturing to the screen. The other men exchanged glances of confusion, then turned their attention to the video for answers. Within moments, they knew what Adam’s interest had been in. There were four scantily clad young ladies featured in different scenes with the band, a concert scene, in the back of a limo, at a party and that sort of thing. The glamorous side of the life which most people seemed to believe in. The girl who was getting most of the attention from the camera and the lead singer was a familiar face. Holly.

“Wow, you look incredible.” Adam was saying into the phone. Bono directed his attention toward Edge, who was frowning at the screen.

“You alright?” He asked softly. It had only been a couple of months since he and Holly had broken up, and Bono knew that Edge had deep feelings for her.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” He sighed, shaking his head slightly. “Disappointed, I guess. There was more to her than the way she looks. I just wish she would see that.”

“Yeah, I know. I’ll see you New York, though, right? It’s just over a month.” Adam was saying into the phone.

“You need to realize that not everyone is looking for something deeper. Something more meaningful. I think Holly is just one of those people.” Bono told Edge. Glancing past his friend and smirking at Larry, making Edge turn to see his friend staring at the TV screen blankly.

“Would you like us to leave you alone with the video?” Bono teased, making Larry glance away from the screen, his face reddening.

“No. I was just wondering why other bands get sexy, half dressed girls in their videos and we have you bopping around like a cheerleader.” Larry complained, making reference to Bono’s performance in their very first video ‘I will follow’. It had been a fairly common source of teasing from him. They had a good chuckle over the familiar old joke while Adam said good-bye to Holly and hung up the phone.

“How did this even happen?” Larry asked.

“How’d Holly end up in a video?” Adam asked, smacking his lips and settling back in his seat. He had a smug grin on his face that betrayed any coolness he tried to maintain. “Well, one of her uncle’s associates is with a modeling agency. She saw Holly over the holidays and asked her if she would be interested. She’s been keeping busy. Head shots and a few days working with an ex-model who now just trains girls about holding a pose and walking the right way and such… she’s a natural.”

“So this isn’t the only thing she’s done?” Edge wondered.

“No, she’s done a swimsuit calendar. She promised to send me a copy as soon as they go to press.” He replied, obviously happy with his girlfriends career choice. “She has a contract with a hair care company or something of that sort, too.”

“You really don’t mind her posing in clothes like that? Hanging all over guys like in the video there?” Edge asked, obviously baffled. Hell, he and Holly were no longer together and he had gotten jealous at the sight.

“Why would I mind? I’m dating a successful model; the sort of girl most guys only ever dream about? Yeah, that’s a fate worse than death.” Adam chuckled. “Besides we already arranged it so that we can see other people. We spend most of our time apart, meeting a lot of different people, going to parties and whatever. We’re together when we can manage it, no pressure.”

Edge stared in disbelief at his friend, and Bono could tell that if he didn’t intervene there would most likely be a fight between the two. They had always been as far opposite of one another as he could imagine, and that had only become more and more evident since Holly had come into the picture.

“Let’s go have a walk. We can check out Bourbon street, see if it’s all that it’s cracked up to be?” He suggested, patting Edge on the shoulder and rising from his seat. He stretched his arms and legs and then gave Edge a nod toward the door, indicating that he wanted him to come along. He was grateful when Edge stood and followed without another word to Adam.


When they had started their exploration of the night life of New Orleans, Edge had been less than enthusiastic. In the month that had passed since he had helped to reunite Adam and Holly, he had wondered frequently if it had been the right thing. At the very least, it only served to remind him that he was the only one of the young men who wasn’t involved with a woman.

Adam was with Holly, Larry and Alyx were now sharing a home, and Bono was in his secret love affair with Natalie. Edge was lonelier, sometimes, when he was with his friends than when he was by himself.
It was only nine o’clock that night, when he first announced his intention to simply go back to the hotel and call it a night.

Larry had been concerned that he was getting sick with whatever virus Alyx had which had prevented her from joining them. Bono objected and argued with Edge until he agreed to come to just one more nightclub with them. They had barely settled in their seats at a table near the stage, and Edge was wondering how long he had to stay. Then the soft blue and white lights came up on the stage and the spotlight shone warmly on a woman in a royal blue velvet dress which fit like a second skin.

His interest was captured the minute he saw her, all soft curves and sleek lines. She had flawless caramel toned skin, full lips and big brown eyes. He couldn’t guess at her age, standing there under the spotlight, both hands on the microphone, waiting through the piano introduction. If he hadn’t been enchanted already, when she opened her mouth and began to sing, he forgot all about his desire to leave.

“Now you say you're lonely; You cried the long night through. Well, you can cry me a river,
Cry me a river! I cried a river over you!”
She sang out, the strength of her voice surprising coming from a relatively little body and a woman who had seemed downright shy seconds earlier. She had the vocal skill of one of the Jazz greats like Ella Fitzgerald or Billie Holiday. She moved smoothly from one song to another, taking the Mic from its stand and starting to move around the stage and look out into the audience.

“Wow.” Adam breathed, releasing a long stream of smoke.

“She’s good, isn’t she?” Bono agreed, nodding his head emphatically. Edge frowned at Adam’s interest but decided to ignore it. He would much rather give his attention to the lovely woman on stage than Adam, at this point. And now, he realized with a start, she was smiling at him.

She introduced herself to the audience as A’marie Deniaud, told them that if they had any requests they could write them down, bring them up to the piano and put them in the basket there. The young man at the piano nodded at the audience when he was introduced, and made a joke about the size of the tip left in his tip jar being related to the likelihood of having their request performed. Immediately the other guys began tossing around possible songs to request, and when Bono stood to take it up to the piano, Edge caught him by the wrist.

“I’ll take it.” He said, springing from his seat with a sudden enthusiasm which took his friends by surprise. He slipped the paper into the basket and turned to return to his seat quietly, but was surprised himself when he heard the beautiful singer speak to him.

“Thank you, baby.” She told him with a warm smile, and when he looked at her, he felt as if he were falling into the depths of her bottomless brown eyes. He stopped in his tracks, swaying slightly on his feet from one or two drinks more than he should’ve had, and he felt himself smiling back at her dumbly. She asked him what he wanted to hear, but his reply was so soft that she had to ask him again, this time offering him the microphone to speak into.

Edge cleared his throat and informed her that they (‘they’ being he and his friends at that table, he added, pointing to three rather amused Irishmen) wanted to hear her sing ‘Rainy night in Georgia’.

“Ooh, listen to that voice. Where you from, honey?” She asked, her interest in him causing his cheeks to burn. He informed her he was from Ireland and she asked him his name. He introduced himself to her as Dave, which was something he hadn’t called himself in years now. At least not in a social situation. The only people who still called him that were lawyers and bankers. And his grandmother.

“Well, Dave from Dublin, I’ll be happy to sing your song for you, baby. First I have got to tell you, I have never seen a set of eyes quite like yours.” He beamed at her compliment, rubbing the back of his neck awkwardly as he tried to think of the sort of smooth response Adam or Bono would give. He couldn’t think of anything at all to say, though a melody was forming in his mind.

“They remind me of another song.” She added, transitioning back to the show. She lowered the Mic and told him to enjoy the show, and he thanked her before returning to his seat. She spoke briefly to the man at the piano, telling him what to play. The music started as Edge settled back into his seat, trying to play it cool as his friends teased him.

“ I fell in love with you first time I looked into Them there eyes. You’ve got a certain lil cute way of flirtin with Them there eyes…” She sang, keeping the tempo upbeat to keep the mood more active in the club. ” No stallin’! I’m fallin’! Going in a big way for sweet little you. My heart is jumpin, Sure started somethin’ with Them there eyes.”

“Still feel like going back to the hotel early?” Bono asked, leaning in toward Edge conspiratorially. Edge simply shook his head and smiled at his friend. There was no need to try and make excuses or explain the way he was feeling. If there was one person who knew the high of a moment like that, it was Bono.


“What are you doing up already?” Larry asked when he ran into Edge and Bono in the hallway the next morning. Beyond the fact that they’d stayed out late the night before, and even beyond the amount of alcohol they’d consumed which should’ve left them bedridden for most of the day, Edge in particular was notoriously not a morning person.

“A’marie volunteered to show us around the city today.” Edge informed him, and Larry couldn’t help but notice the spark in his eyes.

“Us? Or you?” He teased gently.

“You can come along if you want to.” Bono replied with a yawn, raking a thick hand through his hair. Larry glanced at Edge knowingly and smirked.

“That’s ok. I was just getting something to try and help settle Alyx’s stomach.” He explained, gesturing toward the small paper bag he was carrying.

“She’s still not feeling well?” Edge asked with sincere concern.

“I’m sure it’s nothing too serious.” Larry replied, playing it off with a shrug. “You have fun today.” He told them, moving around them to get to the room he was sharing with Alyx. The truth was, he was nervous about Alyx’s not feeling well. He did have some plain, dry crackers and ginger ale in the bag to settle her stomach.

He also had the other thing she had asked him to get. The thing which had taken him nearly an hour and a half to get his courage up to buy. The thing which made his stomach twist into tight knots of conflicting emotion. He had been glad to be in a city where he didn’t know anyone, that he wouldn’t have to face the cashier at the drug store again, after having to ask her for help finding the home pregnancy tests.

He slipped into the room as quietly as he could, but Alyx was already awake and waiting for him. She was sitting up in the bed, her hair messy and her face a bit too pale. He didn’t like seeing her sick, didn’t like the helpless feeling it gave him.

“Hey. Did you have trouble?” She asked, her eyes widening in concern.

“No.” He told her, shaking his head slightly and setting on the bed beside her. “But I’m never going to buy something like that again.” He joked, and Alyx chuckled.

“I am sorry. I had every intention of getting it myself.” She told him. He nodded dismissively. They both knew she had been too sick to go out that morning. Waiting hadn’t been an option, either. Ever since she had mentioned to him that she thought she could be pregnant, they had both been anxious to know.

She kissed him on the cheek and took the kit out of its box and began to read the directions, examining the contents. It looked like a small chemistry set, and a complicated process. She chewed nervously on her lower lip as she read the instructions over. When she finally retreated into the bathroom, Larry paced the floor, smoking a chain of cigarettes which would’ve put Adam to shame.

“Well?” He asked as soon as the door swung open and Alyx reappeared. She sighed and sank on to the bed, pulling the covers up over her.

“Now we wait.” She told him. Larry scowled. They both felt as if they’d been waiting for a long time already.

“How long?”

“Two hours.” She informed him.

“What are we supposed to do for two hours?” He grumbled, smashing out the latest of his only half smoked cigarettes.

“I don’t know.” Alyx replied, reaching out to take his hand and pull him down onto the bed. “I might suggest a shag, but chances are if I’m not already pregnant you’d do the job this time. Your sperm are as stubborn and single minded as you are.” She teased, making him grin at her.

“It’s not a bad thing, if you are. It’s just a little sooner than we’d thought.” He told her, smoothing a hand over her hair.

“A lot sooner.” She said, settling into his arms and resting her head against his chest. “You know what’s strange?” She told him sleepily. “I’m not nearly as scared as I would’ve thought I would be.”

“That’s good.” Larry told her, kissing the top of her head. “Because I’m scared absolutely shitless.” Her surprised laughter was contagious, and soon he couldn’t help but chuckle, too. No matter how hard a person tried to plan and control their life, it always managed to change when you least expected it.


“You don’t mind if I leave you to tour the city alone with A’marie, do you The Edge?” Bono asked as soon as Larry was out of ear shot.

“What are you going to do?” Edge asked, both excited and terrified at the thought of spending the day alone with her.

“I’m going to kidnap Natalie for the day.” He replied with a lopsided grin.

“She still hadn’t changed her mind about keeping things secret?”

“Not yet.” Bono said, shaking his head. “She will, though.” He added with a wink. Edge smiled and wished his friend luck as they parted ways; Bono moving off toward Natalie’s room and Edge toward the lifts.

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I spy with me little eye something blue and exciting...

The ocean *again*, Jack?

No, SG's new chapter!

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Great chapter SG!

I like where you're taking the characters - it looks like they all have something interesting happening soon!
Insert something interesting here
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What a great story.... Again, I love the chapter

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aww good thing Edge isn't unhappy anymore..

still love this story SG
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Love it!

Can't wait until the next chapter
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new love for edge.. I knew you couldn't disappoint us love it as usual
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DAYUMMM Adam and Holly have a typical Rockstar/Supermodel relationship! Edge is SOOOO adorable in this chapter, I cannot wait to see how his date goes. SG, Out of Control is better than any daytime soap on TV...I kid you not, girl you are good!

cannot wait untill the next chapter
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^ haha I agree with every word Carmel said

you're an incredible writer SG
another unbelievable chapter
can't wait for the next

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