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Out Of Control - Chapter 27

Time has been very very short lately (As is this chapter, for which I am truly sorry) but I wanted to let you know I haven't forgotten about the story!

**The following is a work of fiction. No offense intended to anyone, it’s all meant in good fun. Strong language, semi-adult themes

Chapter Twenty-seven

“What are you doing here?” Holly asked, her forehead pressed to Adam’s, their noses touching. He smiled broadly, his blue eyes shining.

“I was in the neighborhood.” He teased. Holly chuckled and brushed another series of kisses over his lips and cheek, trailing down past his earlobe to the base of his neck. She held on so tightly that he had some trouble drawing a deep breath. Not that he was holding her any less tightly. “Mmm. Holly? Holly, luv, why don’t go somewhere that we can talk?”

Blushing as she realized everyone on the dance floor was staring at the lovers reunion, Holly nodded and let Adam lead her away, their arms wrapped around each other’s waists. Lisa was standing next to the doorway, grinning at the pair. She flashed Holly the ‘thumb’s up’ before they slipped into the slightly less crowded kitchen.

“I can’t believe you’re here!” Holly said, her green eyes shimmering as she stared at him in disbelief. Adam laughed and ran a hand through his hair.

“I can hardly believe it myself.” He admitted, leaning against the cupboard casually.

“Seriously, what… why are you here?” She asked, not wanting to assume he was here to see her only to have her hopes dashed.

“I missed you.” He told her, gesturing for her to come to him. She gladly closed the distance, standing directly in front of him, leaning against him, their bellies pressed to one another, his arms around her waist and hers on his shoulders.

“You never told me goodbye.” He sighed, the sadness in his voice breaking Holly’s voice all over again.

“Oh, Adam! I’m sorry.” She told him, cupping his cheeks in her hands and making him look her in the eyes. She stroked his cheek with her hand , and he pressed a kiss into her palm. “I couldn’t. I didn’t know how to tell you…” she explained, chewing on her lower lip nervously.

“I know.” He told her, forcing himself to smile and shake of the old hurt feelings at the memory. He hadn’t expected them to be so strong. He ran one massive hand up along the back of her neck until his fingers were buried in her soft hair.

“I can’t make the promises he could, you know.” He told her softly, and Holly blinked at him in surprise.

“What?” She asked, confused by this sudden change. Adam had been all passion, lust and heat before. Now, there was something different, something deeper. Something gentler.

“I can’t promise you the things he could.” He repeated, one hand sliding up and down her back. His touch was tender, erotic even, but the urgency was gone.

“Edge?” She asked, her brain finally deciphering his strange statement. Adam nodded sadly.

“Adam, I never asked either of you for any of those things. I don’t know what tomorrow will be like, and I don’t expect you to know.” She told him. “The truth is, I never wanted what he was promising.” She told him softly, leaning up to kiss the spot on the base of his neck she knew usually drove him crazy with lust. He groaned and let his head fall backwards a bit, his blue eyes vanishing as his eyelids drooped.

“All I want…” She whispered in his ear, nipping the lobe and then soothing it with the thick of her tongue, “Is you.”

He sighed and turned his face to kiss her with everything he had, and she sank into that kiss eagerly.

“I do love you, Holly.” He murmured, and she sighed, her entire body shuddering. He opened his eyes in concern and she smiled at him.

“I love you too.” She told him, wiping a tear out of the corner of her eye. He was surprised by the warmth her words caused to spread through him. They’d never meant so much to him before.


“Alyx, it’s seven. They’ll be here any minute.” Larry told her, peeking into the small room which she had claimed for a studio. The extra room Larry had suggested they should have for ‘the baby’. She still felt her blood run cold at the thought. A baby. She didn’t know how to be a mother. She liked the idea of someday maybe having children when it was an abstract possibility. The thought of bearing and raising a child soon was terrifying.

“I know, I know!” She replied, having been reminded every ten minutes for the last hour that they were having guests over to see their new flat. “I’ll be out soon, I promise.” She told him, never looking away from the canvas.

“You said that half an hour ago.” He complained, frowning as he stepped inside and peered over her shoulder.

“Don’t!” She ordered, turning and pushing him back so he couldn’t see what she was working on.

“What?” He demanded, holding out his arms in a gesture of confusion.

“I don’t like people to look at my paintings before they’re done.” She explained, and he smiled mischievously at her. Her eyebrows drew together in concern, wondering what he was thinking, but before she could ask he stepped around her to see the painting.

“You shit!” She yelled, slapping a hand against his chest with no real force at all. She was only half angry with him. When he smiled, it was impossible to be mad. He grinned at her, his silver eyes twinkling, and then looked at the painting. His lips parted, the smile fading. Alyx’s heart felt cold and tight in her chest. He didn’t like it.

“Where did you…” He murmured, staring at the canvas as if mesmerized. He reached out as if to touch it and Alyx caught his hand. “How did you do this? It looks just like her!”

“I saw the photo at your fathers. He told me I could borrow it for a bit.” She explained, wondering if he was angry with her for doing so in secret. “I didn’t mean to upset you.” She offered, and he seemed to come out of his daze.

“No, no… it’s beautiful.” He told her, and when he looked at her, she saw that tears were swelling in his eyes. “I just wish you could’ve met her.” He said, pulling her close.

“I know.” Alyx told him, holding him tight. “I know how much you miss her.” They stood together that way for a long moment, clinging to each other and studying the portrait of the mysterious woman who would always hold her place in Larry’s heart. His mother had been a lovely woman, with kind eyes. Alyx wished she could’ve met her as well.

“Thank you.” Larry told her softly, kissing her hair. Alyx smiled and held him close, listening to the steady rhythm of his heart beat, her ear pressed against his chest. “I miss having a family.” He told her. “I mean, you know… a real family. A place you call home where the people closest to you are. A place full of music and laughter and…” He sighed and let his words trail off.

“I never had a place like that.” Alyx admitted. “Even when I was just little, Da was gone a lot, working or looking for work. Ma was half lost in a bottle by lunchtime. Jimmy and I were close, once. We used to entertain each other with silly jokes and things. He was the one who explained a lot of things to me. Things my folks should’ve taught me, I suppose. Like where babies come from.” She chuckled a bit at the memory. “Not that he was particularly clear or accurate about it.” She added with a sad smile.

Larry smiled softly at the story, his heart aching to give the little girl that she had once been a better lot in life. His childhood wasn’t exactly idealistic, there had been plenty of sorrow and trouble to overcome. His father had been strict and never particularly expressive. He’d learned about death at a young age, the scars of loss would always be with him. That was how Alyx described it; scars off loss. Scars on his soul. He’d been impressed by the metaphor because for the first time, words had come close to capturing that aspect of his personality.

“I don’t think I can be the kind of wife and mother you want, Larry.” She admitted, and Larry frowned at her, leaning back so he could see her face.


“You want something I’ve never been a part of. How am I supposed to give you that?” She asked seriously.

“Don’t be daft, you’ve already given me what I want.”

“For now, yes, but… a baby? I don’t…”

“I didn’t say we should start manufacturing children right off, Alyx.” He laughed, making her scowl at him. Her sour expression just made him chuckle more. “When we move in here, did I jump on you and tell you it was time to get to work producing babies?” He asked, his silver eyes dancing with mischief.

“Well, no…”

“I want to be prepared, Alyx. You know things happen without being planned for or intended. I just thought if we found ourselves with a child we should be prepared. You know, that thing we did last night? And yesterday afternoon? Sometimes, even with birth control, sometimes, that’s how babies are made.” He teased, making her blush. “In case you’re still confused from what your brother said.” He added, and she could not help laughing out loud.

“Ok. Ok, you’ve made your point.” She told him, still chuckling. “I was worrying too much.”

“I forget, I guess, to make my way of thinking clear. In things which involve you like that, I suppose I should be more careful about that.” He conceded, kissing her softly to reassure her.

A knock sounded on the front door, and Alyx groaned in disappointment. Larry smiled devilishly at her, a promise in his eyes that they would have plenty of time without interruption later. Right now, Bono, Edge, Adam and Paul were coming over to celebrate their first home with them.

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aww Adam and Holly back together..

short, but sweet SG!

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Adam said "I love you"

Larry and Alyx complete each other They will now have the family life they always wanted. I find myslef being able to relate to Alyx the most in this chapter.

Wonderful job SG
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Aww, I loved this chapter, SG! I know I always say that, and I'm sure you're bored of hearing it, but it's the truth, and I'm not all that great with words. Your writing is so genuine and real, and I love it when you give us an update.

I'm really loving the storyline between Adam and Holly. I'm glad they finally told each other they loved each other.
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I just love this story.
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Thanks so much for the update!
I adore your Adam. So
And I really, really like Larry and Alyx together.
And I can't wait to see what will become of Edge, the poor lad
And you know I just love this story.

So, now when I've told you all the good things, may I be so bold as to point out what I think might be a typo?
Or will you be horribly offended?

Originally posted by Sad_Girl
[B That was how Alyx described it; scars off loss. [/B]
It's supposed to be scars of loss, isn't it?
Well, it was the only negative I could come up with
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Originally posted by JezSnape

So, now when I've told you all the good things, may I be so bold as to point out what I think might be a typo?
Or will you be horribly offended?

It's supposed to be scars of loss, isn't it?
Well, it was the only negative I could come up with
Yes, it was supposed to be of

and no, I'm not offended I make plenty of typo-s and little grammatical errors, and I try to catch them but there are usually a couple left in by the time I post
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Thanks for updating!!! I love this story so much, keep up with the great work. Can't wait until next chapter
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great update

i love this story SG, keep up the wonderful writing
can't wait for the next chapter
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Awesome as always, especially with a open log fire in a cold wet Ireland
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This is just so great

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