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Out Of Control - Chapter 12

**The following is a work of fiction. No offense intended to anyone, it’s all meant in good fun. Strong language, semi-adult themes

Chapter Twelve

Holly’s first response was to try and run. She looked all around her for a way out that wouldn’t make it obvious that she was trying to avoid him. There wasn’t one. She chewed her lower lip nervously, her tongue running over the dry patches and making her wish she were wearing lip balm. If Adam was going to see her, she at least wanted to look so good that he wished he hadn’t let her get away.

“Hey.” He greeted her with a slight nod of his head, his voice almost hidden behind the click of his lighter as he started a new cigarette.

“Hey.” She replied, not looking at him but studying the broken tip of a fingernail with feigned interest.

“Look, about… you know, last night…” He started, then paused to exhale a billowing cloud of smoke from his lungs. “I’m not, y’know, upset or anything.”

“You’re not …?” She gasped, her eyes widening and her jaw falling slack, leaving her mouth gaping in shock. The awkwardness of the moment was lost on a wave of righteous anger. “You’re not mad at me? Well, what a relief! I can look at myself in the mirror again!” She exclaimed, tossing her hands in the air in a sarcastic gesture of relief.

Adam’s murky blue eyes widened, a gleam of interest flashing through them which was soon replaced with confusion. Holly laughed bitterly.

“What the fuck did I do that I should be worried you were pissed off at me?” She demanded, her hands on her hips. Adam fought the insane urge to smile at her, hiding his smirk behind his hand as he took another drag off his cigarette.

“He wasn’t particularly memorable, then?” He finally quipped, the smoke escaping from his mouth in short bursts of laughter as he stared right into her glare.

“You are such a bastard.” She hissed, spinning on her heel and intending to march away in a huff. Adam’s big, warm hand caught her elbow, though, stopping her in her tracks.

“You’re right, ok?” He told her softly, smacking his lips in the way she had come to love. She tried not to let his cute little mannerisms break through the shield of anger and betrayal around her heart. “We never said we were anything special to each other. Never said we weren’t seeing other people or whatever. I just… the last thing I ever expected to see was you and Edge…”

Holly thought about it for a moment, realizing that even though he had been fooling around with some nameless faceless woman at a party, she had been making out with one of his closest friends. Hers did seem to be the greater of two evils. The realization that it had mattered to him hit her like a ton of bricks. He certainly hadn’t seemed to care the night before.

“Right.” She said, relaxing under his grip. She ran her free hand through her blonde hair, fluffing up the feathering around her face. “I’m sorry it happened like that.” She told him after a long moments consideration.

“Like I said, no harm done.” He replied, letting go of her arm to fish around in his pocket for something.
“I didn’t realize you wanted that kind of thing.” He told her off hand.

“What kind of thing?”

“You know, a serious relationship or whatever. Love, marriage, kids…”

“Whoa! Where did that come from?”

“Well, that’s just the kind of guy Edge is. You know him well enough. He’s not the love the one you’re with sort of guy.” He laughed. Holly frowned at the thought. Adam wasn’t telling her anything she didn’t know; she just hadn’t had time to think about it from her new perspective.

“Look, I don’t know about you, but I need something to help me relax. You interested?” Adam asked, pulling a couple of joints out of his pocket.

“You have no idea how much I need that right now.” She laughed. The stage was set up, there was nothing else for her to do now but wait for the show and think. Her head hurt from all the thinking she’d done already that day, and now there was so much more to consider. Adam’s offering could not have come at a better time.


“Where’s Adam?” Paul asked as he bounded up the stairs onto the stage. Bono, Larry and Edge all exchanged glances and finally Bono shrugged and admitted they had not seen their bass player in more than an hour.

“That’s just grand, isn’t it? What the hell set him off? He’s not usually this irresponsible.” Paul complained. “The shows to start at eight, it’s nearly seven and I’m guessing you haven’t had a chance to rehearse so much as one bloody song, have you?”

“…Unless you count last nights show as a rehearsal.” Bono suggested, grinning from ear to ear as Larry muffled a snicker with one hand.

“Let’s go see if we can find our wayward bassist, shall we?” Paul suggested dryly. Larry slipped the drumsticks into his back pocket and decided to check the dressing room first. It wasn’t unheard of for Adam to be somewhere very close to where he was supposed to be, simply waiting for the others to find him.

Edge slipped his guitar strap off over his shoulder and followed Larry; trusting his younger friends instinct. Paul slipped out the stage door into the back parking lot to check the bus, and Bono remained on the stage. He moved to the front of the stage and sat down, his legs hanging over the edge, swinging back and forth in a way which made him seem much younger than he was.

“So is this silent treatment because of last night, then?” He asked Natalie, who glanced around quickly to see that they were alone except for two older women with large cleaning carts who were moving in and out of the bathrooms for soaps and tissue to restock for a busy evening.

“No silent treatment.” She told him coolly. “We just haven’t been anywhere alone long enough to say much of anything.” Bono smiled crookedly at her and cocked an eyebrow.

“You are still upset.” He deduced, hopping down from the stage and sauntering over to the table which was covered with her paperwork.

“I’m not…” She started to deny it again, but now he was kneeling beside her, those immeasurably deep blue eyes peering straight into her soul. “I just think… I don’t think it’s a good idea for us to try and be … anything more than co-workers. Last night was a reminder of that.” She told him, nervously brushing her brown hair out of her eyes.

“Last night was me being an eejit and losing track of time.” He said. “You told me not to follow you right off, so no one thought to suspect anything. I started talking and…” he shrugged his shoulders and let his words trail off. She already knew the rest, he didn’t need to say it. He took both of her hands in his own, his thumbs stroking her knuckles as he spoke.

“I can’t stop thinking about you, Natalie. I won’t stop telling you how I feel; and if you keep pushing me away, I'm just going to get louder about it." He threatened her playfully. “One of these days I’m going to be up there on stage singing ‘An Cat Dubh’ and I’m going to tell everyone that I always picture you when I sing it.”

“Bono!” Natalie gasped, her lips pursed together to keep from smiling at the thought. It might hold some humor to picture him acting that way, but the reality would be terrifying.

“An’ I’m going to jump off the stage and come and find you. Then I’ll kiss you the way you need to be kissed, right there in front of everyone.” He teased, leaning in until their noses brushed against one another, his lips still twitching up in a smirk.

“That is unless you let me do it when no one else is around, so’s I can get myself under control.” He whispered, leaning in and brushing a whispery kiss over her lips. Her heart was pounding, her breath had caught in her throat and it seemed the world had stopped spinning around them completely.

“Bono…” she whispered his name, though she didn’t know what she would say after it. It didn’t matter, as it turned out, because he closed his mouth over hers before his name had fully passed her lips. His heat was overwhelming; shooting through her like a wildfire. His tongue was as thick, like his fingers and hands, filling her mouth as he licked every curve desperately.

One of those thick hands was in her hair, the other stroked the side of her neck; his thumb rubbing her cheek as she yielded her mouth to him. She tried to return his kiss but every move she made spurred him on, drove him to a higher level of desire, and she was afraid they would both completely lose themselves if she did.

When he finally pulled back, her lips were red and swollen and her hair was nearly as wild as her eyes. She panted desperately for a moment, closing her eyes and letting out a long breath which ended in a chuckle.

“You should be a politician or a lawyer, with persuasive skills like those.” She told him, making him laugh.

“Does that mean I’m forgiven?” He asked, settling into a chair across the table from her and watching her fuss with her hair. She blushed furiously and flashed a smile at him that told him he was.

“I think I’ll be calling it a night early, tonight.” He told her, stretching his arms and legs, nearly tipping his chair over he did so with such a dramatic flare. “How about you?”

“Oh, I suspect it’s going to be a late night for me.” She told him, shooting him a look so full of seductive promise he grinned openly at her, opening his mouth to say something more but pausing when he heard the door open. Paul marched back in, looked around to see Bono and Natalie were the only ones present, and asked Bono if he’d even bothered looking for Adam.

“I have all the confidence in the world that you and the others will find him.” Bono replied, making Paul roll his eyes and sigh.


Edge didn’t see them first, but actually heard them. He stepped around Larry to see Adam and Holly laying on the couch, head to head, each of their legs hanging over the arm at the opposite ends. Their blonde hair was intermingled, and the tops of their heads touched.

“What the….” Larry mumbled as he stepped into the green room, crossing his arms over his chest and taking in the strange scene. When the pair looked up at the expression on Larry’s face, both of them started laughing hysterically.

“Uh-oh. I think you’re in trouble.” Holly managed to say to Adam in between broken gasps for breath as she laughed. When Edge stepped around Larry into the room, Adam replied, laughing equally as hard.

“I think we’re both in trouble!” Holly clutched her stomach because she laughed so hard it ached, and Adam wiped away a tear from laughing so hard. He looked over at Edge and added, “It isn’t what it looks like. I wasn’t trying to edge you out.” Once he spoke the word ‘edge’ his voice broke and both he and Holly were overtaken again by hysterical laughter.

Larry shook his head at Edge and rolled his eyes.

“You’re completely wasted.” Edge sighed, and the duo continued to laugh. “C’mon, Adam, Paul’s looking for you.” He said, helping Adam to stand. Once he was on his feet Adam flashed him a smile in thanks and with a deep breath managed to compose himself. Once they were on stage, Edge realized that Holly was as much the reason for Adam’s high as the dope they’d been smoking.

He hadn’t considered the possibility that Adam had any real attachment to her, before. Adam went through women nearly as fast as he went through cigarettes. The scene Larry had described to him of Adam’s return the night before and the way he and Holly had acted together just now made him wonder if he’d made a critical oversight. As he picked his guitar up, he knew that the situation was more complicated by far than he had first suspected.

Paul was relieved to see Adam return with them, but kept any comments to himself. There wasn’t one person in the room who didn’t feel the tension between the men.

“Edge, play that song you were working on the other day.” Bono said as he crawled back up onto the stage without bothering to use the stairs. Edge began to strum, playing something other than what Bono had in mind, apparently.

“No, no! You know the one that went sort of ‘waa bop a do bop a do waa doom ba..”

Edge nodded and played a tune which mimicked Bono’s singsong, then continued with the rest of the song as it had developed.

“Start it over, The Edge. Start with that part… keep it simple there… yeah.” Bono instructed, nodding and taking the mic in hand. ”I know a girl, a girl called party. Party girl! I know she wants more than a party, Party girl!” he sang, making Edge look up suspiciously at him. Larry started playing a basic rhythm and moved along with them now, and the song began to take shape. Adam joined in, rounding it off with a simple bass line that brought the song an important dimension.

Natalie and Paul found themselves tapping their feet and watching intently as the pieces started to come together and suddenly, there was a song. Rough around the edges, but definitely a song worth continuing to develop. Alyx slipped in through the stage door and joined them, equally interested in the new music as it unfolded.

“I know a boy, a boy called trash, trash can. I know he does all that he can! Wham bam!” Bono continued, turning and pointing at Adam and winking. Adam smirked at him and nodded, understanding that Bono was going somewhere with his new lyrics. He was patient enough to see where they led before he got offended.

“Ok, right there, The Edge, go to the ‘waa bop a do bop a do waa doom ba..” Bono ad-libbed, dancing to Edge’s masterful playing. “When I was three I thought the world revolved around me, I was wrong!”

‘I know a boy called trampoline you know what I mean… I think I know what he wants…’ Edge scowled at his friend here and stopped playing, the others slowing to a halt once the guitar was gone.

“Let’s stick to the set list.” Edge told Bono through clenched teeth. He had too many confusing emotions rolling around inside of him at the moment, and Bono’s lyrics struck far too close to his heart. Bono conceded and they ran through a quick rehearsal before they had to leave the stage because the doors were opening to the club. Edge did his best not to brood about Bono’s infuriating ability to know far more about what was going on around him than he let on.

For some reason everyone seemed to want to talk to Natalie after the show that night. Normally, she was one of the first people to retire, and no one really complained. She kept everything closed in, not joining in on the joking and drinking. She considered the guys to be friendly, though not exactly friends. So why tonight, of all nights, did they all have something to ask her or suggest to her or point out to her?

By the time she had managed to say goodbye to everyone, it was after midnight. She hurried back to her room and slipped her key into the lock, mentally rushing through her next few steps. Brush her teeth, comb her hair, and slip back into that satin nightie… she scowled at the door when it stopped after opening only a few inches.

The chain lock was engaged from inside.

“Bono?” she called, keeping her voice low and glancing around to make sure she was alone in the hallway.

“Took your time getting here.” He teased, peeking out of the slit of doorway at her. She felt her mouth twisting up into a smile, her heart jumping at the surprise of him waiting for her.

“Open the door!” She demanded with a whisper.

“Say please.” Bono teased, a broad boyish grin lighting up his face.

“Bono!” She laughed, and he stepped back, closing the door between them for a moment as he slid the chain off the door. The door swung open and Natalie felt herself being swept forward into the room, her chest immediately pressed up against his, his arm curving around her waist. His mouth found hers before the door had even closed, his heat engulfing her.

The first few moments were nothing but lips, tongues, teeth, hands, hair, heat, breath… finally she managed to get her bearing and pull back for a moment.

“What are you doing already here?” She asked, her eyes scanning the room to discover the bed covered in rose petals, and a bottle of champagne chilling on the nightstand.

“Waiting for you.” He told her with a smile, moving in for a kiss, his open lips finding her cheek and then nibbled his way down her jaw line to her chin. A series of chills shot through her from the attention he was giving to places which had never been kissed.

if you want the extended version of this scene, check your inbox or just let me know you'd like it

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Finally found the time to read this from the beginning (took a couple of weeks off work and broke my wrist, so have lots of downtime), and my god. I feel badly about the triangle, but you've made it so real. Holly's not quick to figure out what she wants, and neither man is backing down, so it's not going to be neat and clean. I appreacite the way you're handling it.

<i>"Then I’ll kiss you the way you need to be kissed"</i>

How very Rhett Butler. I knew Bono had it in him Of course he's the one who knows how!

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Great chapter, SG! I was so glad to see you'd updated. Bono and Natalie - wow! I'm off to go read the extended part now. Looking forward to your next chapter.
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love it SG, the love triangle is developing really, really well. and thanks for the extended scene, it was just what i needed to take my mind off the fact that i'm extreamly sick.
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Another great chapter Sad_Girl!!! I wouldn't mind reading the extended version though . Would you mind mailing it?
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Sad_Girl your story is one of my two favorites going on right now.

could i also be provided with the "director's cut" ?
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SG, could you send me the extended version? You have my e-mail.
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Can't wait for the next chapter!
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YAY new chapter
I really like the edge-holly-adam thing... it's something different... and ofcourse Bono's boyish charms.. you characterize the boys so perfectly! could be suspicious tho, you sure you don't know them

can I get the extended version aswell? i_haan@hotmail.com
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great chapter
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What an excellent chapter...Some of my favorite parts-the band practicing "Party Girl!!! "He told her softly, smacking his lips in the way she had come to love “Look, I don’t know about you, but I need something to help me relax. You interested?” Adam asked, pulling a couple of joints out of his pocket.

SG you are the bomb! Keep it up
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Uh, YES I want the extended scene! From now on, you don't even have to ask me, lol!!

bonoffee@gmail.com *waits by inbox*
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Great chapter, as always!
I'm getting a bit mad with myself though, can't decide whether to hope that Adam or Edge ends up with the girl... They're both so nice, and gorgeous, and everything!
Oh, and I'd like the extended scene too! If you don't mind...
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So, I just stopped by the fan fic forum and decided to read your entire story you've got going on here, and i have to say...it's amazing! you're such a good writer, keep up the great work!
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as always, i love your work!
can i have the extra stuff too?

thanks SG
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another great chapter SG

thanks so much for the update
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extended chapter please.

oochiegoochie at yahoo dot com.

Great story!
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just read it over at u2-fanfiction and it seems to be the extended version lol

I really liked the bit with Party Girl ! That is one of my favorite songs and it just went perfectly with the situation

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