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Out Of Control - Chapter 11

**The following is a work of fiction. No offense intended to anyone, it’s all meant in good fun. Strong language, semi-adult themes

Chapter Eleven

Adam woke with the worst hangover he’d ever suffered; and that was saying a lot. His stomach churned, his intestines gurgled, and judging by the taste in his mouth he would guess he’d been drinking petrol the night before. He tried to lift his head off the pillow but quickly gave up. It was too heavy for his aching neck and back to lift; and the shooting pain behind his eyes warned him it was going to be a very long day. He started to groan, but even that hurt.

He settled into the mattress and concentrated on taking deep, even breaths. He had no wish to see what remained of whatever he had been drinking make a reappearance. It was as he concentrated on centering himself; assessing the various symptoms he suffered, that he became aware of the fact that he was not alone.

He searched his alcohol pickled memory for an answer, but soon realized that he could not remember going to bed. He sifted through what he could recall of the night before, starting at the concert itself. He remembered that quite well. Then he had gone on to the party, where he had met several people from the record label. He’d talked business with them for a while.

Then he’d been introduced to Katie. She was a backup singer, she had informed him. She’d worked with Prince, and he’d been impressed with her stories. She’d been enchanted by his accent. She had been drinking hard, and so had he in order to keep up with her. She was exotically beautiful, with thick black hair and the deepest brown eyes Adam had ever seen; and she had known he wanted her right away. She teased him openly about it, but then she had whispered in his ear that she liked it.

She liked the fact that he wanted her. She’d sat beside him, her hands roaming everywhere and anywhere, reaching around him, brushing against him. Teasing him. Torturing him. It hadn’t taken long before they were making out in a dark corner, taking it considerably farther than they should have in such a public place.

He hadn’t been surprised when Paul had approached them to interrupt. He’d already been telling himself they needed to find somewhere more private if this was going to continue.

“Adam!” He’d heard Paul addressing him, and he was surprised that there was no humor in his friends voice. Usually Paul and he understood each other much better than any of the others. Paul watched out for all of them, though, and if he saw something that could be a real problem he would call them on it. Adam had pulled himself away from Katie, turning to face his friend.

“I think you’d better get yourself together and go after her.” Paul informed him, gesturing across the room as Holly pushed her way through people, practically running for the door. A rush of alarm had gone through his body, adrenaline flooding the alcohol numbed senses he hadn’t been using.

It had taken him much longer than he liked to untangle himself from the very irritated Katie and put himself back together. He had seen Edge go after her, he hoped that he had caught her and stopped her. When he stepped out into the hallway and saw them, his mind didn’t quite understand what he was seeing. The reality was just too far from anything he’d thought possible.

“Whoops!” he’d said, stopping in his tracks and feeling like an animal caught in the headlights. He just wanted to get out of there, but he didn’t know how. His mind was reeling with shock. “Didn’t mean to interrupt.” He told them, starting to move around them as if he were a total stranger.

“Adam!” He looked up at the sound of her voice, panic making his chest grow tight.

“Oh.” He said, blinking and looking back and forth at the pair. Pretending he didn’t know it was them hadn’t worked, but he couldn’t stand to let his bruised ego show. “Hey, this is obviously none of my business.” He told them, starting to walk away. “I’ll, uh… I’ll see if I can crash in Lar and Bono’s room.” He said finally before turning on his heel and hurrying off.

He didn’t like the way his chest felt, or the way his stomach had twisted into a knot. He felt a heat building behind his nose and eyes but refused to recognize it’s meaning. He told himself he hadn’t been lying; it really wasn’t a big deal. It wasn’t like he and Holly had made any promises to one another. They were just having fun.

They’d spent three whole nights together, on the first leg of the tour. Then there was that one night, in the back of the tour bus when everyone else but the driver had been asleep. He had thought to shock her, with his suggestion, but she had been the one to shock him by going along with it. They were a great pair, but just because they’d had a few intimate encounters, that didn’t mean they were anything to one another. There had never been any expectation of commitment.

That had certainly seemed true enough to him when he’d been wrapped up in Katie’s arms.

Of course, he had never expected her to be going at it with one of his mates from the band, either. He lit a cigarette and kept walking. Bono and Larry were both still back at the party, he realized, and he wasn’t about to walk back there and risk seeing Edge and Holly again.

He had reached the lift and taken it down to the lobby, and then he just kept walking. It was cold out, being late fall in upstate New York, and Adam wasn’t dressed for the weather. He had shoved his hands in his pockets and hunched his shoulders against the cold, his ears and nose turning pink from the cold air. He’d found a dark, quiet bar where he could warm up, and he could remember talking a little with a friendly bartender.

Rick? Mike? He couldn’t remember his name, but he knew how to mix drinks perfectly and hadn’t asked a lot of questions. Adam thought maybe he’d bummed a few cigarettes for him, even. That was where his memories went from fuzzy to abstract, impossible to understand. How had he gotten to bed? Whose bed was it? He tried to force his memory to cooperate but all it got him was a worse headache.

Whoever it was next to him shifted in their sleep, rolling over closer to him. He could feel their body warmth radiating into him like a blast oven. He heard a sigh as they shifted again and this time he felt something brush up against the bare skin on his back. He jerked in surprise at the sensation of coarse hair tickling his shoulder blades, rolling over and finding himself face to face with his mysterious bed partner.

“Fuck!” They both exclaimed as their eyes met, each of them drawing back from the other. Adam felt himself slipping off the bed and scrambled to find his feet. Bono, however, was not quite as lucky; falling out of bed with a heavy thud and an ‘oof!’ as the wind rushed from his lungs.

“What the….?” Larry asked, the door to the bathroom swinging open and the youngest member of the band peeking out at them. His toothbrush in one hand, a towel in the other, her turned to spit in the sink before stepping out into the bedroom to smirk at them.

Adam leaned against the wall and slowly slid down to sit on the floor, holding his aching head in his hands. Bono was still struggling to free himself from the tangle of blankets on the floor on the other side of the bed.

“Good morning. Have fun last night?” Larry asked smartly, obviously amused at their confusion.

“Jesus H Christ.” Adam mumbled, reaching for his pack of cigarettes only to find them empty. He tossed the useless box aside with a huff.

“All I know is she was a lot better looking when we went to bed.” Bono replied, his disembodied voice drifting up from between the beds as he gave up the struggle and decided to simply lie on the floor.

“I was just thinking the same bloody thing.” Adam retorted.

“What the hell are you doing in my bed?” Bono asked, clambering awkwardly up onto the bed in question. He took mercy on Adam and tossed him a pack of cigarettes.

“I was just thinking the same bloody thing.” He replied drolly, clutching one of the smokes between his lips on one side and searching for a lighter.

“We got a call around two thirty that he was at some bar a few blocks from here, completely pissed and penniless.” Larry replied, stepping back into the bathroom to rinse his toothbrush and pack it once more. “The bartender let him pay short on his tab but he didn’t think Adam could get his arse back here without help, and since he couldn’t afford a cab…” he finished with a shrug, crossing his arms over his chest.

“So he called the hotel and somehow got a hold of you?” Adam asked.

“No, he reached Paul. But when Paul tried to take you back to your own room you wouldn’t go. You sat down in the bleedin’ hallway and told him you’d sleep there.” Larry explained. “That’s when he came and got me, and I told him you could stay here. We tucked you into Bono’s bed, since it was three a.m. and still unoccupied.”

“Where were you?”

“I was at the fucking party.” Bono replied, remembering his own misadventures from the night before. He chewed on his thumbnail as he wondered how angry Natalie was at him. He had never meant to be so late, but he’d gotten to chatting and the night had simply slipped away from him.

“I was sleeping when he came in. I guessed he didn’t notice you there or didn’t give a damn, when I got up and that you were both there. You looked so cozy I didn’t have the heart to wake you.” He teased, feeling a little vindicated for all the teasing Bono had been doing to him lately.

“What was wrong with your room?” Bono asked Adam, settling on flashing a rude gesture at Larry rather than going around with him on his sarcasm.

“Edge had a guest.” Adam replied shortly, sucking down what remained of his cigarette.

“Edge?” Larry wondered, scowling doubtfully at Adam.

“Holly?” Bono asked, and Larry looked back and forth between his mates in surprise.

“Oh, so you knew about them, then? Thanks for not telling me, it was a fine fucking surprise.” Adam complained, rising to unsteady feet, his hand firmly braced against the wall as he staggered into the bathroom to take a piss.

“I didn’t know about them. I knew how he felt, but I never thought…” Bono replied, glancing at Larry to see if he’d known any more but seeing his own surprise mirrored in his friends reaction.

“Is that why he’s been in such a foul mood?” Adam asked from the bathroom as he turned on the tap and splashed some cold water on his face. “He had a thing for Holly?”

“You really had no idea, did you?” Larry asked.

“No. She’s not … I mean, Edge wants the type of girl he can introduce to his mum. Holly is…. Well, she’s a party girl. Loads of fun, but…” Adam’s words cut off suddenly and they heard him moan. Seconds later he was retching, hanging on to the toilet as if it were his only friend.

Larry frowned at Bono, both of them wondering if the worst of the situation between Edge and Adam was over, now Edge’s feelings were out in the open. It might be, but they both had a feeling it had only just begun.


Holly woke wrapped up in Edge’s arms, her ear against his chest. The gentle rhythm of his heart tried to lull her back to sleep, but she slipped out of his arms gently and propped herself up on one elbow to look at him.

She had to wonder, how had she missed it all this time? It had never even occurred to her that he might want more. Maybe it was because she was so accustomed to men being aggressive. Maybe it was because she’d been so focused on Adam. Her eyes burned and her face still swollen from the tears she’d cried the night before. She had known it was likely to happen; Adam with someone else. Until she saw it with her own two eyes, she had even thought she could handle it.

Her gut tightened at the memory of the moment when her brain had recognized what she was seeing. Adam, pressed up against some woman Holly had certainly never seen. She would bet good money that Adam hadn’t known her long, either. She was so beautiful, with golden skin and shiny black hair. Adam’s hand was in her hair, his mouth against her throat. Adam’s other hand ran up the side of her leg, teasing the hem of her skirt. Her face was lifted to the ceiling, her eyes closed, her blood red lips parted slightly to allow soft moans to escape.

She shook the memory from her head and forced herself to focus past it. So much more had happened since that moment, she could hardly believe it had only been a few hours. After they got to the hotel room, they had climbed into bed, neither of them undressing. Edge had pulled her close and held her, his sweet voice in her ear.

“You deserve so much more…” He’d told her.

“I don’t want to talk about it.” She had sniffled. She could tell he was uncomfortable with the silence; he wanted to know he was doing something to make her feel better. “Will you sing to me?” She’d asked, not certain where the request had come from; it wasn’t something she had planned. “You have the most beautiful voice I’ve ever heard.”

It was true, though it was only dawning on her in that very moment. She did love to hear him sing. His voice was tentative, gentle and pure. He took a moment to decide, but soon he began singing softly.

I fell asleep down by the stream, and there I had the strangest dream. Down by Brennan's Glenn there grows a briar and a rose… She remembered the sentiment of the song more than the words themselves. Love, longing, sorrow. She fell asleep in his arms, just where she had awakened.

He stretched his arms and legs, opening one eye to peek up at her as he realized she was looking at him. She smiled shyly and he returned that smile, opening both sleepy green eyes.

“Good morning.” He mumbled, his voice still half asleep. She surprised him by leaning in to press a kiss to his lips. He ‘hmm’ed in surprise but recovered quickly, following her kiss with one of his own. She smiled at him as they settled back on their pillows, a tangled heap of arms and legs.

“I have to go.” She told him softly. He groaned in complaint, holding her tighter and making her chuckle. “I’ll see you on the bus.” She reminded him as she kissed him once more before climbing out of bed. She tried to straighten her horribly wrinkled clothes and ran a hand through her mop of hair before she stepped out into the hall to face the world.

It was strange, waking on the morning after something big had changed. It seemed as if the whole world ought to be different, but it wasn’t. In some ways, it seemed as if nothing had really changed at all.

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finally some happy part for Edge!
are adam and Edge goin to fight over her???

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That is a good question Galeongirl. That would be interesting.
Funny how Bono and Adam ended up in bed!! They both really blew it with there ladies.

Great job SG
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Wow, quick update

I really love this story, SG!
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Great chapter, as always SG! It will definitely be interesting to see what happens next.

Loved Bono and Adam ending up in bed together.

Hope to see more soon!
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Great chapter SG. I agree with everyone else that the Bono and Adam bit was just too funny
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great chapter
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Can't wait for the next chapter
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I like this story, it's really good and involving. I think I'm on Adam's side, strangely considering I'm an Edge girl! But poor Adam needs someone good.
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Another great chapter

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