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Out of control 10.5

Bono had to admit he was more than a little curious about Angie now that he had seen her again, wanting to know more about what had happened from the last time he saw her. He couldn’t really get a chance to talk to her properly because she was busy working and tomorrow he would be in Glasgow and he might never get the chance again

Which was why as he was on his way to the mens room he manage to catch her between customers and ask her what time she finished work

She seemed slightly surprised, and then grinned, “What do you want to know that for?

“Well you know, I thought we could meet up after, have a bit of a chat catch up on things from I last saw you”

“I see,” she replied and seemed to think it over for a moment “Ok sure, I usually leave this place about eleven forty five” she informed him “You can walk me home if ya like” she added teasingly

“I might just do that” Bono replied smiling and went back to join the others at the table.

He decided it was better not to mention his conversation with Angie, or his plans, though Larry had spotted his brief interlude with her and couldn’t help asking.

“What was that all about?”

“What?” Bono asked feigning ignorance.

“You, having a little chat with Angie?”

“Nothing just asking her if she was doing ok,” Bono lied not looking Larry directly in the eye

“Whose turn is it to buy the next round anyway?” he then demanded hoping to change the subject

“I just hope seeing Angie again hasn’t put any ideas into your head, remember you have Chrissie to think of” Larry reminded him

Bono tried not to look guilty that he had almost forgotten all about his Dublin girlfriend Chrissie whom he had been seeing this last few months their relationship was at a semi serious stage,

Chrissie liked him a lot, and he liked her, but she was not keen on the idea of him being away touring and being in a band, and didn’t want to commit to him because she didn’t want to worry about what he would be getting up to every time he was away surrounded by female fans, so they had agreed that this would be a testing time to see how it went,

He made no promises to be faithful to her, and visa versa until they were sure they could commit to each other maybe sometime in the future if things went well between them.

So far he had done a pretty good job of staying faithful to her, though there had been some temptations.

Now thinking of Angie Bono shrugged it of lightly.

Angie was just an old friend, he wasn’t planning to do anything more than talk with her find out how she had gotten along in the past few years. He wasn’t seeing her with the intention of jumping into bed with her, for all he knew Angie might already have a boyfriend at home, where ever that was.

He waited until they had the next round of drinks were almost drunk and glanced at his watch “Guess we should be getting back to the hotel now eh?”

“You want to go already?” Edge eyes widened in surprise

“Well, they do have a bar there too, remember?” Bono pointed out, “I mean that’s where y’all wanted to go in the first place”

“Well yeah sure” Adam conceded, “If you have had enough of this place”

“Yeah I think I have actually” Bono replied with a small smile glancing around him, and pushed his seat back “So let’s go eh?”

The other gulped down the rest of their drinks and got up, they all made a point of saying cheerio to Angie as they headed for the door, Bono trailed behind letting them all go out the door before him, before turning, and pointing to the watch on his wrist and mouthing to Angie, “see you in a half hour”

She smiled and gave him the thumbs up, before walking across the room to serve at one of the tables.


It was a little harder than he thought getting away from the others, but made an excuse about having a headache and enough had to drink and wanting to go to his room he finally made his escape leaving them in the hotel bar ,

Only instead of taking the elevator up to his room he done a swift right turn and was out the hotel exit door, and making his way back to the pub… he had made a mental note of its whereabouts when he had left earlier.

He was a little later than he had anticipated and just hoped Angie would still be around. He hurried as fast as he could, and arrived breathless, all the lights were out in the pub, and it was closed and locked up for the night, there was no one about.
Bono swore into himself… it seemed he was too late

“I didn’t think you were gonna show, but I waited for a bit anyway” Angie’s voice seem to come out of nowhere making him swing round to see her saunter out of the nearby alleyway.

Bono smiled in relief “I thought I had missed you, sorry I couldn’t get away sooner”

“And here was me thinking you had second thoughts” Angie replied walking over to him “Not that I would blame you”

“Well you were wrong” Bono replied, “and here I am”

“Yes so you are” Angie eyed him up and down with approval “I have to say you have improved with age, you are looking good”

“You are looking well yourself” Bono replied, “Which I am glad to discover”

Angie laughed “Still the concerned caring Bono… good in that case you won’t mind treating me to to something from the Chinese takeaway across the road, I am friggin starving” she stated

Bono chuckled, “Same ol’ Angie” he held out his hand “c’mon the takeaway is on me”

She put her hands in his and they walked across the street together

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eek im curious about what happened to angie before
thanks for the updated part!

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same here. I'm loving this story.
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I am very curious now. More soon!

(It was great as always)

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