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Opening Act part 9

sorry for the wait on this part, thanks to everyone who wished me luck on my exams, i actually passed physics, must have been because of all the good vibes you ladies were sending me

disclaimer: all fiction, every last bit

I’m on the side stage watching Troubled Offspring’s sound check having just finished an argument with Alex’s bass tech who is currently threatening to quit. I told Alex who just said, “well let him” which isn’t the most helpful opinion given I will now have to find another bass tech. Edge comes up behind me and wraps his arms around my waist while kissing my neck.

“Mumm, I can’t decide weather or not to tell you to stop because I’m trying to think.”

He chuckles softly. “Who needs to think, Bono gets by fine without doing any.”

I laugh. “Bono also doesn’t have to make all the executive decisions for a band.”

He stops nuzzling my neck. “Why, what’s wrong?”

“It looks like Alex’s bass tech is either going to quit or we’re going to have to fire him.”

“It’s just one problem after another isn’t it.”

“I’m beginning to think that’s what we should rename this tour to.”

He snorts. “It’ll work itself out.”

“You guys are so lucky that Paul puts up with you.”


“Because you’d be so lost on your own.”

“I could take offence to that you know.”

I turn my head and kiss him on the cheek.

Daryl walks over then. “Hey, Beth, can I have your attention for a few seconds before you go back to snogging the face off Edge.”

“Daryl, I’m not even going to dignify that statement with a reply.”

He gives me a lopsided grin. “Your dear mother phoned earlier.”

That puts a damper on my mood. “What did she want?”

“Well she was very upset that she couldn’t talk to you even when I explained that you we’re dealing with a member of our crew that might get fired. Actually I’m not sure she believed that’s what you were doing.”

“Daryl, get to the point.” I know very well what my mother probably assumed I was doing and I wouldn’t go near that issue with a forty-foot stick.

“She wanted to remind you that you have to be at your brother’s wedding Saturday.”

“This Saturday?”


I groan. “I’d totally forgotten it was this Saturday.”

“She wants you there in the morning to help with preparations and stuff.”

“And to interrogate me about the tour.”

“That’s probably not all she wants to interrogate you about.”

“I know.” I sigh. “I guess this means I’m missing Fridays and Saturdays shows.”

“I’m sure we can manage two days without you.”

“Could you tell her that you couldn’t so I don’t have to go?”

Daryl laughs. “Believe me, I aint getting on the wrong side of that woman.”

“Thanks a lot.”

“What’s wrong with going to your brother’s wedding?” Edge asks.

“Only the fact that my mother will be there.”

“You don’t get along well?”

“Like oil and water.”


“It doesn’t help that this is my baby brothers wedding either which now makes me the only one who’s not married. So my dear mother will be digging around in my personal life while I help her prepare for the wedding.”

“How many siblings do you have?”

“Five brother’s, all younger. Two sets of twins.”

Edge shakes his head. “That’s a huge family.”

“And I get the privilege of being the only girl which means I get my mothers undivided attention.”

He chuckles. “You sound so thrilled.”

“You haven’t met my mother yet. I fact consider yourself blessed if you never meet her.”

* * *

Friday arrives much too quickly for my liking and before I know it I’m on a flight home. I spend the night in my Toronto apartment before driving to my childhood home for the wedding preparations. Sure enough being the only girl means that I get to help my mother set up the buffet tables for later.

“So how’s the tour been?” my mother asks after a few minutes.

I grit my teeth knowing where this is going. “Generally alright. The scare with Daryl was bad and we had to fire our bass tech this week but other then that it’s been good.”

“I’ve been hearing that you found yourself a boyfriend.”

I shrug noncommittally. “Yeah.”

“And you’re sure he cares for you?”

“What kind of question is that?”

“Oh just that rock star types are normally more interested in sex then relationships.”

I glare at her. “We are not having this conversation. Find someone else to help you with the tables.” And with that I storm out of the room.

* * *

The rest of the wedding goes without a mention of Edge, my mother has the sense not to bring him up again at risk of starting an argument and my father knows to leave well enough alone. There’s some general teasing that night from my brothers about the fact that I’m dating a rock star, the same one who I had a crush on throughout high school but even they know better then to mention the subject within 50 feet of our mother.

I’m just about to leave Sunday morning to catch my flight when my mother stops me.

“I know you don’t want to listen to me,” she says. “But I think you should have a look at this.”

She hands me a tabloid newspaper and I glare at her.

“Look at it at least.”

Knowing I’ll be able to leave quicker if I do I glace down at the paper and do a double take. On the front there’s a picture of Edge at a bar with some girl sitting on his lap kissing him. The worst part is the tabloid has today’s date on it. I examine the picture closer and realise from Edge’s body posture that it was probably not a consensual kiss.

“So?” I say looking back up at my mother.

She frowns. “It doesn’t matter to you that you’re boyfriend is kissing another woman?”

“I don’t think it was consensual.”

“You are not stupid, Beth. So stop acting like it.”

I shake my head as I turn to leave. “You haven’t seen the women who jump them in the streets. Bono’s got it the worst but that kind of thing isn’t news to me.” But I pocket the article anyway to ask Edge about, because I’m not stupid enough just to ignore it.

* * *
i'm already typing the next part so it should be up tomorrow (fingers crossed). feedback please.

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ohh good waits for the next bit
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