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Opening Act part 3

Disclamer: didn't happen, that's why it's fiction

I’m surprised how easy it is to settle into the life of touring, not that it means touring isn’t completely exhausting. We’ve been on the road just over two weeks now and I can’t wait to get up to my hotel room and sleep, given I haven’t slept in over 24 hours. It feels like I’ve just closed my eyes when suddenly someone is shaking me violently.

Blinking my eyes open I look up to see Bono leaning over me ‘How the hell did he get in here?’ I wonder.

“Come on, get up,” he says with a grin. “There’s this great Mexican restaurant with dancing and stuff that we’re going to.”

I glance at the clock, 8 o’clock, I’ve only been asleep at the most for 15 minutes. “Bono I need to sleep.”

“Come on, it’s going to be fun,” he says pulling on my arm.

“No I really need to sleep.”

He pouts. “But it won’t be any fun without you there.”

“I’m sure it’ll be fine,” I tell him. “Now would you let me sleep?”

“But we want you there. Come on, it’ll be great fun.”

I groan throwing my arm over my head. “Bono, leave me alone, I want to sleep.”

He grabs me by the leg and attempts to pull me off the bed.

“Bono! Leave me alone!”

“Come, then and I’ll never do it again, I promise.”

I groan knowing full well that he’s going to break that promise but I figure he’s not going to let me sleep anyways. “Fine, let me get my shoes.”

He grins wildly, “great, I’ll see you downstairs.”

“Jerk,” I mumble at his retreating back as I pull on my shoes and follow him.

Once at the restaurant I slide into a boot next to Adam to avoid Bono.

“Bono wake you up?” Adam asks.


He chuckles and Seb grins from where he’s sitting across from Adam.

“It’s not funny,” I tell them.

Adam drapes an arm around my shoulders, “you know most women would love to go anywhere with Bono.”

“Forgive me for not falling into the category of ‘most women’ then,” I tell him. Then a flash on inspiration hits me and I rest my head on his shoulder and close my eyes. “You’re shoulder’s comfy so I’m going back to sleep.”

Adam laughs then a moment later Seb says, “Hey Edge.”
I open my eyes to see Edge studying Adam and I questioningly. “Yes?”

He shakes his head. “Nothing.”

I give up trying to sleep a moment later when the food arrives. Suddenly Larry comes over and sticks a plate of dip under my nose.

“Try it to see that there’s no meat in it.”

I blink in surprise. “Why me?”

“Because I don’t trust Bono.”

I chuckle and try some. “Well I don’t taste any.”

“Good,” he says before going and sitting back down.

I shake my head and go back to my meal. I’ve just finished when Bono appears beside me.

“Come dance with me.”

I groan. “Not now.”

He pouts. “But I want you to.”

“Bono I’m sure there are many women here who would love to dance with you but I’m not one of them.”



“I’m not leaving until you say yes.”

“Self absorbed ass hole,” I mutter as I get up and follow him to the dance floor. “Even Daryl’s not this bad.”

Adam comes down and rescues me at the start of the next song, which also happens to be a slow number. “Let’s see if we can’t make Edge jealous,” he says pulling me close.

I gape at him, “What?”

“Well I think he has a bit of s crush on you,” he says with twinkle in his eyes.
I stare at Adam incredulously for a minute before glancing up to where Edge is sitting and sure enough he’s watching Adam and I.

Then Adam leans over and murmurs in my ear, “Just don’t break his heart.”

* * *
that's all for for now, hope everyone enjoyed it

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aww this chapter is sooo cute, espicially the end

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I'm officially hooked. Can't wait till part 4!
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Great fic!

I'm looking forward to part 4!
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Awww! Edge
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