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Opening Act part 15

disclaimer: didn't happen, even if i wish it had.

I’m standing backstage after the show waiting for Edge to change out of his sweaty show clothes. Bono’s leaping around still on a high from performing and not really seeing or hearing anything. Paul’s trying to reign him in because apparently he has a phone call. I don’t envy Paul at the moment, getting Bono calmed down enough to do anything coherently after a show is next to impossible.

Edge strolls in casting an amused glance at Paul and Bono before coming over to me and placing a kiss on my lips. “We were going to head out for a bite to eat and a drink. Are you coming?”

Before I can reply my mother marches over. “Beth I want a word with you, privately.”

“What ever you have to say can be said in front of Edge,” I inform her.

She looks furious and for the first time in my life I realize I don’t even care.

“You know what I think about this relationship of yours…”

“I don’t think you realize I don’t care,” I snap. “For the first time in my life I’m in love and I’m happy with my career so I could care less if you don’t like it.”

“As long as you understand that you have no family support in this so called career of yours or in this relationship of yours,” she says with a snide look at Edge.

“Family isn’t about blood,” Daryl interjects and I jerk in surprise, I hadn’t seen him walk in. “Family is about loving someone and accepting them for who they are despite their faults. In that sense the bands a lot more of a family for Beth then you ever have been. And you know what, we’re honored to have her as a part of our family. Also if you can’t see that Edge and her are in love and that they’re good for one another then you’re more blind then I’d have ever imagined.”

“You,” she snarls, “were the problem in the first place.”

“No he wasn’t,” I interject. “I offered to manage them and then when they got signed they asked me to stay on as their manager and I agreed because I wanted to, because I enjoy it. And if you can’t understand that then maybe it’s time you better go.”

“You’d walk away from your family for this?”

“Like Daryl said, this practically is my family. I’m happy here, I don’t need you telling me how to run my life.”

“You’ll regret this,” she snaps. “Just don’t expect us to let you back in when you change your mind.” With that she spins and marches out of the room.

“Don’t count on me changing my mind,” I mutter after her retreating form.

Daryl lets out his breath with a whoosh. “I can’t believe you just did that.”

“I can’t believe it took me so long to do that.”

He chuckles wearily. “Yeah well. That was more draining then I thought it would be. I think I’ll skip the drinking tonight and just go straight back to the hotel.”

“I’m with you there,” I say feeling more emotionally drained then I have in a long time, especially after the emotional roller coaster I’ve been on today.

“I’ll come back with you,” Edge says.

I turn to face him. “You don’t have to, you can go out and have fun with the guys.”

He shakes his head. “Naw, there’ll be other nights. After all you just disowned you’re family for me so I should come with you.”

I give him a grateful smile. “Thanks, Edge.”

Daryl manages to get a hold of Bono to tell him that the three of us aren’t coming tonight, though depending on Bono to pass on the message isn’t always the wisest plan.

I snuggle up to Edge in the taxi on the ride back to the hotel running my hand across his chest feeling his abbs beneath my fingers.

He tightens his arms around me and continues to hold me close as we head into the hotel.

“Thank you for choosing me over your mother tonight,” he says once the elevator doors have closed behind us. “You didn’t have to do that, I didn’t expect you to.”

“I’m not going to pretend it was easy,” I admit. “But I certainly love you a lot more then I care about her. And when it comes down to it all she’s ever brought me is pain where I cherish every moment I get with you.”

He leans down to kiss me and while I savor every moment of the kiss this time I keep in mind that we’re in an elevator.

The elevator stops at our floor and he leads me down the hall to his room kissing me softly as he leads me inside…
* * *
I think i'll let everyone's imaginations do the rest the epilogue should be posted tomorrow if all goes well.

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Re: Opening Act part 15

Originally posted by edge's girl

He leans down to kiss me and while I savor every moment of the kiss this time I keep in mind that we’re in an elevator.

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Great Fan Fic!!

Hope you write another one!
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