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Opening Act part 14

Disclaimer: u should know this by now; it didn't happen

I’m hiding in a corner backstage contemplating the strange twist my life has just taken. One moment I was in a happy relationship, trying to ignore my mother and simply Daryls manager and the next my mother has practically broken up my relationship and I find out that Daryls had a crush on me practically his entire life. I don’t want to deal with all of this right now, I don’t even know how.

Suddenly Adam’s sitting beside me. “Edge is looking for you.”

“I figured that,” I reply softly.

“What happened?” he asks looking concerned.

I break down and tell him everything from the issue with my mother to the conversation I overheard between Edge and Daryl.

Once I’ve finished Adam is silent for a long time before saying. “I think you’re worrying too much about Daryl. I think he knows that you and him aren’t right which is why he chased after Edge today. I also think he’s right about your mother. You’re going to have to confront her sooner or later, because it sounds like you’ve been more or less letting her walk over you for your entire life.”

“I have not,” I protest feeling annoyed. “If I had I’d still be working in a lab somewhere as well as being married with kids.”

“I’m not saying that you’ve let her dictate you’re life but in many ways I think she’s gotten what she wants, especially up until now. Which is why she knew that you’d let her come to the show tonight. I think you’re going to have to finally put your foot down and tell her what you really think about her. Granted that may mean you never see or talk to her again but that’s a decision you’re going to have to make.”

“You’re not making it any easier you know.”

He smiles. “Oh I know. Now come, it’s about time for the show to start.”

* * * * *

I’m leaning against the railing beside the stage watching Troubled Offspring. Daryls in rare form tonight and it makes him a pleasure to watch. The twins are enjoying the show like I thought they would even if they are standing back next to our parents. In contrast my mother looks like she would rather be anywhere else but is here for appearance sake. I haven’t said anything to her yet but I’ve been thinking about what Adam said. However I want to talk to Edge before I do anything drastic. Unfortunately I haven’t seen him yet.

“This next songs one we’ve been working on,” Daryl says drawing my attention back to the performance. “We wanted to sound check it against you guys tonight. It’s called Letting Go.”

I’ve heard them play this tones of times during sound check and I’d always assumed it was about Carla but now as I’m listening to it I realize it’s about me.

Edge comes to stand beside me. “Beth, I’m sorry about earlier…”

I shake my head. “No, it’s okay. I should have figured out that she’d do something like that and warned you. After all I know what she’s like, I’ve lived with her my whole life.”

He wraps his arm around me. “I’m still sorry I should have thought about it, I’ve heard enough of how Daryl and you talk about her to know that I shouldn’t really listen to her.”

I rest my head on his shoulder and wrap my arms around his waist. “It’s okay. I still love you.”

He kisses me softly and I can feel my mothers glare, but decide I couldn’t care less.

I look up at the stage to see Daryl look up from playing his guitar solo right at Edge and I and give us a small smile and nod. It feels good to have his acceptance, especially since I now know I’m breaking his heart in the process.

* * *
Only one part left now.

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Just one last part....
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