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Opening Act Part 11

sorry it's been so long between updates, but i have a good excuse. my lap top's been giving me problems so i sent it in to get it looked at and they told me the chargers gone so i'm going to have to buy another one (which i can't afford) so i was using my families computer and had this part typed up and ready to post then the comp got hit with a virus which destroyed the computer and everything on it and the computer guy told us it would be cheeper to replace then fix (anyone seeing a pattern here?) so i'm currently using a pre-pentium 1 computer (to give u an idea of how old this thing is we got it back when windows '95 had just come out). so i've been re-doing the school projects that i lost when i lost my computer which took presidence over re-typing this part. in any case, on with the story

oh and disclaimer: fiction, like i wish my computer story was!

I’m lying on my bunk on the bus trying to figure out how to work the palm pilot I just bought to help me organize things when Edge leaps up beside me.

“What are you doing here?” I ask. “I thought you were over on the U2 bus.”

“Well we stopped so I figured I’d come over.” He smiles, “and do I really need an excuse to see the woman I love.”

Putting the palm pilot down beside me I lean over and kiss him. “Well when you phrase it like that, not at all.”

He smiles, slowly running his hand through my hair before capturing my lips with his.

I wrap my arms around his neck pulling him closer to me.

Slowly he starts moving his hands down my sides.

He’s moving his fingers in rhythmic circles, his hand enough to distract me from what his mouth and tongue are doing. Long fingered guitarist hands, one could have a million fantasies about his hands.

Before I can purse that train of though he moves to start nibbling at my neck.

His teeth find the sensitive spot right next to my collarbone causing me to moan involuntarily.

I’ve been transported to heaven, I decide, or at least something very close to it.

Unfortunately I’m brought back to earth with a bump as a shoe hit’s the wall over my head.

“Hey back there, do I have you attention?” Daryl hollers from the front of the bus.

“Unfortunately,” Edge growls. “What exactly is so important?”

Daryl walks into view and holds out my cell phone. “Your dear mother, Beth.”

I groan and bury my face in Edge’s shoulder. “Tell her I’m busy, better yet hang up on her with no explanation at all.”

“I don’t want the she-devil mad at me. Now who wants the phone, you or Edge?”

“Say that louder and maybe she’ll hear you,” I mumble into Edge’s shoulder before holding out my hand for the phone. “After this I’m changing numbers.”

* * *
sorry it's short, the next update will come faster, i promise (having said that i'm now waiting for this computer to self-destruct as well)

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Wants a update right now....
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more please!!! I'm extremely deprived and will die soon if I don't get an update!
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