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Opening Act part 10

disclaimer: if it had happened i wouldn't be posting it in the fan fic section now would i?

“How’d the wedding go?” Daryl asks me as I walk into the hotel bar.

“Fine. Rum and coke,” I say to the bartender.

“It was obviously a wonderful experience,” Daryl says dryly. “Especially since you’re not one for strong drinks, especially in the middle of the afternoon.”

“I’m making up for the fact that I couldn’t have any last night.”

Daryl laughs. “That bad huh?”

“Only where my mother was concerned.”

Edge comes in and takes a seat beside me. “I hadn’t realised you were back.”

“Just got back, and not a moment too soon. I thought she’d never let me leave.”

“It didn’t go well then?”

“The wedding was fine, my mother was her normal demonic self and presented me with this as I was leaving.” I pull the tabloid paper out of my pocket and Edge grimaces.

Daryl burst out laughing. “I told you there was a photographer there last night.”

“It’s not funny,” Edge tells him.

“It was hilarious. This girl randomly comes over, jumps on Edge and starts snogging his face off.”

Edge frowns. “As funny as you find it, I didn’t find it amusing in the least. I wouldn’t ever cheat on you Beth…”

“Yeah I know. I told my mother that but she wouldn’t let me leave until she’d said her bit.”

Daryl’s expression has turned serious. “No wonder you came in here so mad. Jezz, I hadn’t thought about what it meant if you’d seen that especially if your mother had seen it ‘cause then she’d give you heck over it.”

“My mother gives me heck over just about everything.”

“Still though,” he shakes his head.

“Just tell your mom to adopt me.”

Daryl laughs. “She’d like to you know. Jake has always said that she looks upon you as the daughter that she never had.”

I finish my drink. “I wish she could, but my mother would never allow it.” I get up and grab my bag. “Might as well take my stuff up to my room before I find Paul. See you later Daryl.”


Edge comes with me. “I’m sorry about article and everything…”

“Edge, I know. I didn’t believe it when I saw it but I just needed to check to story for my own piece of mind since my wonderful mother made such a big deal out of it.”

We step into the elevator and the doors close behind us.

“I’m still sorry though, it never should have happened.”

“Just shut up,” I murmur before kissing him. He wraps his arms around me, pulls me close to him, I stop kissing him and move my head to bite at his neck. He moves his head to give me more access and I respond by moving my lips along his neck causing him to moan softly. I pause to look at him.

“Don’t stop,” he moans.

I smile and go back to nibbling at his neck working my way up to his ear lobe and bite it softly. Edge’s hands are starting to push up my shirt when someone clears their throat loudly reminding me that we’re still in the elevator.

I pull away from Edge and turn to see Adam standing in the open doorway of the elevator.

“Well,” he says. “Next time I think I’ll take the stairs.”
* * *
that's it for now, i think i'll go have a cold shower now
feedback always apprieciated

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I see things are finally starting get a little more heated up. LOL

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Re: Opening Act part 10

Originally posted by edge's girl

“Well,” he says. “Next time I think I’ll take the stairs.”
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