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On the rising tide chapter 10

**Disclaimer – Though inspired in part by people who exist in reality, this story is not meant to represent them in any literal way. It’s all meant in good fun.

Authors note: in the previous chapter I made reference to Colleens Fiancée as Captain Murphy. The Murphy’s are the family affiliated with Fiona’s; that was an error on my part. Colleen’s fiancée’s name was meant to be Captain Garvin Audley. So that is how he will be referred to from now on; just to clarify for you as you read. Sorry about the mix-up!

On the rising tide Chapter 10

Every time she closed her eyes, it would start all over again. Colleen would lie down in the first mate’s bed, which he had so graciously surrendered to her, and exhaustion would take her body. She would not even realize she was asleep, it would happen so quickly and so easily. Then she would hear the sounds as vividly as if she were there again. She would know, in her heart, that the pirates had come for her. They were on the aingeal, now, killing the kind men who had saved her.

The door would open and first one, then another would enter. She would try to fight them, but would be far too weak. She would try to scream, but no sound would emerge from her open mouth. She always managed to push herself back to the surface of sleep into wakefulness before they killed her. Barely, sometimes, but she had not given up so thoroughly as to surrender to death, even in her dreams.

She rose to pace the floor for awhile, but her thoughts always went back to the horrors of the day, and she would find herself trembling and tearful. She would cry herself to sleep, and the dreams would start all over again.

The noises of the ship were soothing enough, as far as the sounds of sea travel went. The creaking and groaning of the boards and the various rope lines, straining against the wind and water. The noises coming from the captains chambers on the other hand were decidedly unsettling.

She had certainly not meant to eavesdrop, but could hear what sounded to her ears like a fairly violent fight. She had not imagined captain Mullen as the sort of man who would beat his wife, but it certainly sounded as if he were taking out all of his frustrations on her. Colleen did her best to shut out the sounds, eventually even leaving the relative safety of her cabin to pace the narrow halls of the ship’s lower levels.

Suddenly, she felt something brush against her leg, and she jumped, clapping a hand over her mouth to muffle her scream. She spun to face whatever it was, looking all around. She could see nothing at all, at first. She was beginning to think she had imagined it completely when she felt it again. It was not quite so startling, this time. In fact it was a rather soft, gentle sort of touch.

“Well, hello.” She said, crouching to pet the small black cat. “I couldn’t see you down there, in the shadows.” She told it, her voice sounding foreign in her own ears. It was out of place, at this hour of the night.


“It’s cold down here. Maybe you would like to stay in my cabin with me tonight?” She asked, scooping the cat up in her arms. The cat began purring loudly and rubbing the top of it’s head against her chin. “I’ll take that as a yes.” She laughed.

She turned to move back toward her cabin, her newfound friend purring gently in her arms. She rounded the corner to the stairs and was startled when her eyes adjusted to the unexpected darkness of the stairs to see a man’s figure blocking the way. She knew she had jumped in shock, and apparently, she realized, had squeezed the cat a bit too tightly. The animal stopped purring and drew it’s claws, turning its bright blue eyes toward the ominous figure.

“Hello?” She heard a soft voice ask, and her heart beat easier at the sound of it.

“Bono.” She sighed, smiling in relief. “What are you doing prowling the corridors in the middle of the night?” She asked, ascending the steps until she stood on the landing beside him.

“I might ask you the same thing.” He replied with a crooked smile. His long, dark hair was loose and the breeze stirred it, blowing a lock of it across his face. Without a thought, Colleen reached out and brushed it away. It was a small gesture, but one of such an intimate sort that anyone observing would think they were the oldest, dearest of friends. Or perhaps more.

He caught her hand with his uninjured hand and held her palm against his cheek for a moment longer. He closed his eyes and drew in a deep breath, savoring the moment as if it were his last moment on earth. Or, perhaps, his first. He relaxed his grip and let Colleen slip her hand away. Colleen lowered her eyes to the cat she still held in one arm and tried to slow the beating of her heart.

How was it that she felt as if she had known this man all her life? She felt safer in his presence than in that of her own father. Yet, she realized, she knew very little about him. She admitted, though, that she was eager to learn more.

“I couldn’t sleep.” She confessed softly. She’d been instructed over and over again that it was not proper for a lady to discuss anything unpleasant or in the least way private with a man. Let alone with a man she’d only just met that day, and in such a secluded location. Even worse, with no chaperone to assure her safety and her reputation.

“Nightmares?” Bono asked, and she could feel those blue eyes studying her face. She nodded and stroked the cat’s fur idly. Having decided that Bono was neither a threat to himself nor to Colleen, his newfound friend, the cat had relaxed once more and was purring quite loudly.

“Every time I close my eyes it all happens again. They come for me. They burn the ship, steal anything of value and the kill anyone who tries to stop them. Anyone who tries to protect me.” She told him, the truth spilling out from her despite her knowledge of etiquette.

Her mother was Irish but her father was English, and they were wealthy and affluent. Colleens heart had always longed to be more like her cousins, the children of her mothers sister. They were free to feel what they did and whatsmore, to say how they felt. Colleen was taught to be seen and not heard. To engage people in pleasant but not meaningful conversation. No one wanted to be around a woman with bad manners, after all, and Colleen was expected to have all the manners of the royal family.

Her father was titled, after all. Baron Morgan of Antrim. Her family had hoped for a marriage to a man of somewhat higher stature, but they had held out too long. She was nearly twenty years old, and unmarried. It was becoming nearly scandalous. So they had accepted the offer of the young Captain Audley, who also held the title of Baron. Still, she would be a baroness and, her parents had warned her time and time again, she would need to have the manners to match her title.

“I cannot imagine a more satisfying death than one reached in your protection.” Bono told her, tilting his head far to one side in an attempt to get her to meet his eyes. She smiled shyly at him, shaking her head.

“I do not want anyone to die for me.” She told him. “Least of all…” She stopped herself before her thoughts had spilled out of her mouth without stopping first in her mind. *Least of all, you.* she had nearly said. Why on God’s green earth had she nearly said that? She’d known the man for but a few hours, and yet it was true.

He had already been injured by coming to her rescue. His handsome face marred by a wound on his proud chin. She had the strongest urge, suddenly, to kiss the place where the young boy had placed the small, neat line of stitches. She shook the disturbingly vivid image of doing just that from her mind.

“Well, then, I’m glad that I did not die. I would hate to dissatisfy my angel.” Bono told her with that far too charming smile.

“Does it hurt?” She asked, her eyes falling on his injured shoulder.

“At this moment?” He replied. “Not a bit.” His voice was low, both in volume and tone, and she felt it’s caress as keenly as if he’d reached out and touched her with his hand. Maybe moreso. Her breath caught in her throat, and she could feel her heart fluttering in her chest.

“I should … I should get back to my cabin and try to rest.” She murmured as a heaviness settled around them, saturating the very air around them. It was one of those moments when a person can feel the earth shifting beneath them. One of those moments when a person knows their life is changing, if only a little. Changing without their intentions or consent, and irrevocably. Her world would never be the same, and there was nothing she could do about that.

“May I escort you?” Bono asked, and Colleen shook her head and held the cat out before her.

“I have a protector, but thank you.” She told him with a weak smile.

“Good night, then.” He told her, leaning in quickly and brushing the whisper of a kiss on her cheek.

“Good night.” She replied, her voice barely a whisper as she hurried off, her head down, moving as briskly as she could without running.


“Last night’s service was a perfect example of what I’ve been trying to get people to see.” Bono was saying to Edge as the men strolled into the galley for breakfast. “Catholics and Protestants worship the same God. In fact, so many of the ways we worship are exactly the same. A few fundamental differences, and they can’t marry? Can’t live side by side peacefully?”

“You know I agree with you, Bono. But just for the sake of argument… you said it yourself that the differences are fundamental. The differences in the way Catholics worship and the way protestants worship are crucial.” Edge replied.

“But why? Why can’t people accept that there are more ways to interpret the word of God than one?” Bono asked.

“Because people don’t want to have any responsibility when it comes to God. They want some higher power to lay down the rules so they don’t have to question or interpret them.” Adam said, ambling in behind them. “God is an excuse for people who cannot make their own decisions.”

“Are you saying that you don’t believe in God?” Edge asked, his eyes narrowing suspiciously, his thin mouth drawing into a frown.

“I suppose that depends. Are you going to turn me in to the church on charges of blasphemy?” Adam replied with a faint smile.

“No, of course I wouldn’t. But… how can you say that?”

“I have traveled far and wide, gentleman. I’ve been to great heights, I’ve crossed plains that were so flat and went on for such a great distance that I understood why people once thought the world was flat. I’ve met people who worshiped the Christian God and those who worshipped a multiplicity of other gods. I’ve seen a great many things this world has to offer, but I have found no substantive evidence of God.” He informed them matter-of-factly.

“Are you looking for a miracle? Do you sincerely hope to see the face of God revealed to you simply because you can’t believe without ‘evidence’?” Bono asked, just as surprised and fascinated by Adam’s revelation as Edge was.

“I don’t know.” Adam admitted with a shrug as the three men took their bowls and found seats at the long table. “I’m not sure what I’m looking for, exactly. But I’ll be sure to let you know when I find it.” He told them, and it was clear that he considered this particular conversation to be at an end.

“How’s the arm this morning?” Edge asked Bono as he took the first bite of his porridge.

“It’s still attached, no thanks to you.” Bono replied teasingly. “And it hurts like bloody hell.”

“You need to keep it still while it heals.” Edge told him. “And some cold, wet compounds wouldn’t hurt.”

“Yes, Mum.” Bono replied with a broad smile and a roll of his eyes.

They had nearly finished their morning meal before Carra and Larry finally appeared in the galley in search of something to eat. Bono flashed a grin and a nod of acknowledgment to Carra that made her cheeks flush bright red, though she could not hide her smile.

Suddenly, it occurred to him that he had not seen any sign of Colleen. His eyebrows drew together in a deep frown at the thought. He was certain he would have noticed if she was there, but he glanced around to be sure he hadn’t somehow missed her.

He excused himself from the others and put together a tray to take to her, wishing he had something better to offer her. He would have given the shirt off his back for a flower to present her with, along with the meager breakfast, but there was nothing of the sort to be had.

He knocked gently on her door and waited. He could hear her stirring, and suddenly it occurred to him that she might’ve still been sleeping. After all, she had clearly not been able to sleep the night before. Perhaps the light of day had brought the peace of mind she had needed to rest soundly. He cursed himself for not thinking of this before knocking, but it was too late now.

The door swung open and there was a flash low to the floor, a black, fuzzy blue as the cat sped from the confinement of the cabin.

“Good morning.” Colleen’s voice reached Bono’s ears as he stepped out of the animals path and turned to watch it flee. He turned to face her with a smile that quickly faded into astonishment. He had been expecting her to be a mess, wrapped in a heavy robe or blanket, with her hair askew and dark circles beneath her eyes. That was not the case.

“Is this for me?” She asked, gesturing toward the tray when Bono did not speak. Her question seemed to bring his mind back from wherever it had wandered off to, and he nodded.

“Yes. I noticed your absence from breakfast. I wanted to be sure you had something to eat, and wasn’t sure there would be anything left if I let it wait much longer.” He told her honestly. She stepped back from the door and allowed him to enter.

“Thank you. I wasn’t certain when breakfast would be served.” She told him, her stomach growling as the smell of the food reached her nose.

“Did you finally get to sleep?” Bono asked, placing the tray carefully on the small table Paul used as his desk.

“Yes, I did. Thank you.” She told him, and he could hear the relief in her voice.

“I’m glad to hear that.” He said, turning to face her. After a moment he saw the way she looked at the food and realized she was waiting for him to leave before she would eat. “If you need anything else, anything at all…” He told her as he crossed the tiny room, his words trailing off when he reached the door. He looked at her once more, then turned to go, his hand on the door handle.

“Bono?” She said tentatively. He turned to look at her as she drew close enough to place a tentative kiss on his whiskered cheek. “Thank you.” She told him softly. “For… everything.”

“You’re more than welcome.” He told her, his eyes locking with hers, sinking immediately into their depths. They were warm, so warm, and such a unique shade of brown. The lighter flecks in them were golden. He indulged in them for a moment longer before turning and leaving her to eat in private. He knew within two steps from her door that he was in love. Just the way he did everything worth doing in life, he was in deep; way over his head.

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Yay for the update!

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Awww, how sweet! I love your writing SG. Can't wait for the next chapter!
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Love it SG!

can't wait for the next chapter
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I love the story
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It's REALLY Good!!!

Can't wait...me too...for the next Chapter!!!

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This story is fantastic... I'm waiting for the next chapter MOST IMPATIENTLY, I might add!
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You know, I love how you're a genius and your imagination is tireless and you write such rich stuff, but I'm always amazed by how you know so much, or pull off pretending to know so much. Example: "The suction created when the wounded ship went under would be strong, and they were taking no chances." WHERE WERE YOU WHEN THEY MADE TITANIC?
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great chapter SG!
look forward to the next chapter

Originally posted by Elsie
Example: "The suction created when the wounded ship went under would be strong, and they were taking no chances." WHERE WERE YOU WHEN THEY MADE TITANIC?
haha hilarious
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Originally posted by Elsie
You know, I love how you're a genius and your imagination is tireless and you write such rich stuff, but I'm always amazed by how you know so much, or pull off pretending to know so much. Example: "The suction created when the wounded ship went under would be strong, and they were taking no chances." WHERE WERE YOU WHEN THEY MADE TITANIC?

Well thank you. I just do a lot of research, really, get familiar with something before I try and write about it. It's good to hear that I do a decent job of making the story believable by taking the time.

I Had hoped to have another chapter posted before I left for Detroit, but it doesn't look like that's going to be possible. So, in case anyone was wondering, I haven't forgotten about the story! I'll be seeing the boys in Concert Monday and Tuesday, and I'll be home Wednesday. There should be an update by the end of the week.
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great chapter SG
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Is anyone else facing withdrawal symptoms from not having an update to this fantastic fic?

I know I am. I'm a lurker so I thought I'd come out from hiding and express my earnest desire for an update. Hope seeing the boys was absolutely fabulous! (how could it not be?)
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Originally posted by **Liesa**
Is anyone else facing withdrawal symptoms from not having an update to this fantastic fic?

I know I am. I'm a lurker so I thought I'd come out from hiding and express my earnest desire for an update. Hope seeing the boys was absolutely fabulous! (how could it not be?)
It was AMAZING I got to interact with Adam a little even

I've been really distracted with my birthday and a few family things going on since I got home from the concert but Chapter 11 is started and should be done soon!

Thanks for your interest and support; I have a great time writing for the people here at interference!
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Write a new chapter, dammit.


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