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New Orleans: she met Dallas, Bono, Edge, Larry: Adam ...

Irene, or fragrant, an untired angel of Music Rising posted her reviews of the rehearsal (WHAT REHEARSAL) and the pre-game show (WHAT SHOW):

"AMAZING REHEARSAL! Met Dallas, Bono, Edge, and Larry!

What an amazing, incredible, emotional, fabulous night in New Orleans. Here are some of the highlights. I think that they'll come out in order...and I think that it'll be way too much I apologize for the fruitcake thread edits, just a stream of consciousness here...

I saw Larry walking outside his hotel and got a sort of smile/grimace in return for my smile.

I stood on the field of the Dome being surrounded by screens with a Music Rising graphic flashing everywhere. It felt so magical and wow, and it pushed away all of the suffering in that place last year. I hope that people will feel the same tomorrow.

Yes, I was on the field for rehearsals 6 - about 7:15 PM! Yes, the whole band was there. We topped off the night with one big final rehearsal at 7:30 and ran off the field leaving U2 and Green Day behind. Tough for me to do.

They have done an excellent cover of The Saints are Coming!!!! I heard it live about 8 times, maybe...I just wanted more. Just wait till you hear Edge's entry into the how the two bands work together up there...I love the sound...if they don't generate lots of money and exposure for Music Rising with this I don't know what will.

By the way, I was literally like 10 feet from these guys throughout all of this. *THUD*

There was a Navy guy, Scott, that I hung out with, who was also into the whole scene. He was fun to jump around with.

I got to stand next to a few of my brass favs like the New Birth Brass Band. They've lined up brass players to be there too....up on'll see and hear.

I gave Quint Davis, the head honcho guy for Festival Productions, a huge hug of happiness in the midst.

When I first walked in and saw them on the stage with Green Day, the first familiar people I saw were Adam, Edge, and Dallas!!!! When we got closer I couldn't help but scream out "Dallas!" He looked surprised, looked around and I screamed it again and waved with my whole body. He saw me, waved, and continued with his conversation with someone. When we were asked to get even closer to the stage a few minutes or so later...I think...minutes have melted together...Dallas walks off the stage, walks right over to me with his hand held out, and reach for him, and he gives me an Edge Vertigo pic. I was floored. My heart swelled. I just couldn't believe it. First thing I thought was OMG no wonder that the fruitcakes can't get over this guy. Hee hee. Anytime we had eye contact after that he held out his arm to me just to connect.

I called out to Bono, but he couldn't find me easily. LOL. I had to call Adam two times before he was able to see me, smile and wave, and then to the Edge but he was into something with Dallas. Those two have a good thing going don't they? I yelled to Larry too I think....

The brass players enter the stage through the field in something you call a second line parade. We had to create their walkway boundaries, so I was right on top of them as they played away. You can't help but dance and move, and when I peeked on the side of the stage, Bono was doing a fun little dance too. It was such a hoot.

BTW, I felt like I was under watchful eyes as I was the only fan-fan there. I think they were worried that I was going to do something crazy, so I didn't want to take any major risks. Me, do something crazy? LOL.

While at the corner of the stage, Edge's side, John appears to my left by the side stage stairs. He's waiting for them to come off, so I walked up to him and said, "Hi John." He said hello, and I asked if he could please get something to Bono. He asked what it was, and I explained, and gave him a crane that I had made for Bono too. He put his hand on my arm and said yes he would. I asked him too if there'd be a chance to get my jacket signed. He said...we're really busy here and I don't think so. Yikes, I felt like I pushed too much, but it was good to know what to expect.

Before I knew it the rehearsals were done, the production team said their farewells, and I walked outside alone. I didn't leave though...I was in the secure area with the security bracelet from our training. I found out that this was the only exit and assumed they had to exit there.

Some of the brass players came out, and I briefly chatted with a couple New Birth Brass Band players but they weren't into it and on the go.

I saw another and asked if he was Trombone Shorty, a legendary young brass player. He said yes with a smile, we shook hands, and I explained that I heard him live at the Congo Square Wynton Marsalis performance. I really liked him. He went his way, and then when he passed me again we got to share smiles one more time. Wow.

I saw a group of 3 walk out with a bunch of Music Rising gear. I found out one was Caroline, the Gibson guitar rep who works for MR and posts in the site now and then. I made a point to meet her and discuss future plans. Ah, a new project to look forward to I hope. What a great connection and nice person.

I waited in the sidelines unnoticed, and waited, and waited...ah, out comes Dallas and all of the techs. He sees me standing real far away and waves. Gah. This guy kept surprising me. LOL. I waited some more and walked over to him while in some serious convo while leaning on Edge's guitar case. Once I got his attention, I thanked him for the pic...told him that floored me. We chatted a bit and I told him hello from the Belgian chocolate and cap couple in Dublin...hope you have more time to talk in Hawaii...his eyes lit up a bit. He said to tell you guys hello Tina and Tania. He then looked at me, asked my name, and then asked for a favor. "Irene, will you please do something for me?" Sure. "I have a fanclub...." I told him I knew about it but wasn't in it yet...understood why he had one though...."..I have a lot of my plate....very busy...always with the Edge...will you please tell them 'Thank you' for me? I just can't get in there and respond to them...please just tell them thank you." He felt better once I let him know that I will. We said farewell, little handhold, and went our ways. He boarded a fan of techs, and me, I returned to the sidelines and waited, and waited, and waited....

Then the downpour came. It felt so good on my sticky self because it was so hot outside....I had to move under cover closer to the action though....

I found myself standing next to a guy with a walkie talkie getting info about getting the bands out of the building. Cool. I waited some more....then they came out. Green Day. They climbed out of the little transport carts and right into their limos. I figured that U2 would do the same....

...I moved to a spot where I could see the passenger side of those carts....out came the Edge rolling right towards me. I called out to him, he kept going right by and towards his truck. I grabbed his attention again, started saying thanks for all of his hard work for NOLA....still didn't feel the connection...until I said that I was on the Music Rising boards....with Sammi, Regina, and everyone wanting to keep things going. He gave me the thumbs up, signed my jacket, and went his way.

Next came Bono being swept away by a large group of followers...who knows who they were. I walked right in front of them, said his name, and he came up to me, grabbed me, and gave me a big hug!!!!!!!!!! Oh my... couldn't even talk because...well, I just couldn't even talk....mumbled something about thanks for him being here...something about 24 years...thanks again while he's signing my jacket...and he says it's his pleasure as he walked into his truck. Some guy that was near me said I saw him kiss you. I said, "What, he kissed me?" as I held my cheek in disbelief. LOL. I really was in a state of shock with the hug I guess...oh my. Practice makes perfect. Next time I'll be able to talk, say some cool things, and maybe even sound intelligent. LOL.

Back to the waiting......and Adam or Larry. I struck up convo with an ESPN guy who was also a U2 fan for a long time. As we chatted I saw Adam in the tunnel casually strolling along, the ESPN guy slips away to get a pic with I start looking for my camera too....and then Larry cruises around the corner in his little cart. He gets out holding some box and walks in my direction. "Larry." He stopped without hesitation. "Thank you for being here...I live in Louisiana and it means a lot that you're here for the poeple." He looked at me and smiled, looked very happy to hear that....signed my jacket...I get to see what's inside the box. A New Orleans Saints helmet. "Cool helmet." "Isn't it?" or something like that he said. His face seemed so close to mine and his little gold hoop earrings picked up on the backlight as they moved around. With his new cut and the pleaseant look on his face...I was reminded of my first U2 crush in 1985 when I first saw them play. He was the one, and here he was the one again tonight. What a moment.

And that's it....they were gone. Adam had snuck by while I was with Larry for that brief moment, but funny enough, he is the only one that I had met before in Albany 2001. Had my jacket signed then too.

I held it up with all four signatures and felt in my pocket for the pic. Wow, what an incredible night. How fortunate I was to be in my new home that I hold dear in my heart and finally meet the band of my lifetime.

The best way to describe how I felt at that moment was peacefully ecstatic. It all came together so well, and I never imagined that it would ever be so.

I'm almost forgetting that we have the real thing tomorrow. LOL. Please, I hope that everyone watches if they can. If not, check out the download of the live version. I hope that you guys like it too.

Here are two of my only pictures from the night.

Read on


"Thrill recap...pregame performance

The day was incredible. Besides the fact that the organization of the group of 1000 fell apart a bit and felt crazy at times, we did our best and got on the field without hurting one another.
Here are some quick thrills from last night...

Quint Davis of Festival Productions and Ken Eurlich of the Emmies giving us a little speech about the meaning of the pregame performance and it's importance to New Orleans.

Our line of busses, I think maybe 10 of us, probably more, received a police escort all the way into the Dome area from an off site location. We went through red lights and all. The motorcycles were really hot too...

I got to meet over 30 new U2 fans from near and far. They all were so kind and very much into the whole thing. I hope that they all had a blast.

Seeing Trombone Shorty again.

Watching Harry Conick Jr. go through security and walking into the tunnel with his young daughter holding her hand. He's vested in the recovery process too, and seeing him there tells me of his true support.


Being in the front of the group of super packed and pumped up volunteers waiting to get onto the field. It was a bit scary turning around to see a thousand people ready to go, including plenty of raring college and high school students, but I had signed my waiver and knew that all would be ok. LOL.

Seeing the Dome completely filled with people again who were feeling joy, not pain.

Holding hands with my husband as we found one another on the New Orleans, with U2.

Dancing my heart out as the New Birth Brass Band marched by me on the field.

Standing under the second line feathery thingies with my hands up in the air, looking up, and listening to the tunes.

Rockin' out with a thousand people to "Saints". WOW. Even though we couldn't hear well, the energy out there was strong.

Seeing Edge's look of satisfaction and pride up close and personal as he raised his hand high up in the air after the set. He's worked hard for the people in the region, and continues to do so. This was a HUGE accomplishment!!!! Congrats Edge!!! Thanks U2 & Green Day!

Go Music Rising!! Go New Orleans!!"
Read on

oh, can't you see what love has done?
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Bravo for you!!!!! Congratulations....persistance certainly pays off!

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Irene is the reason I got into the performance

Great recap!
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Aww, that's great . Thank you for posting it .

Larry got a helmet .
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Wo,w, wow, wow1 thank u for sharing an amazing event!!! U Go Girl!!
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Wow Regina, you did post it here. Thank you very, very much.

Thanks for all of the excitement here.

Ruffian, it was my fun having you here, and I'm psyched that you had a great experience....funny, I only know your real names. Who are you? Initials at least or an email? LOL.

Needless to say, I'm still going through flashback waves about the whole experience. As a U2 fan, it was a once in a lifetime dream come true. As a Louisiana resident and New Orleans supporter, it was more than powerful in its meaning, energy, hope and vision.

With the upcoming release of "The Saints are Coming" I really hope that the positive attention and support keep coming into New Orleans and the Gulf through
Music Rising and other organizations too.
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all I can say is WOW

didn't realize you got in too, ruffian
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Wow amazing!

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