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Old 11-29-2001, 11:23 AM   #1
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My Roomie--grrr!!


My university roomie:

Everything started off so well. We are SO alike, we're nearly one person. But sometimes, she gets in these moods. Where she's just incredibly rude and thoughtless. Like, usually, when we're studying, we decide on some music to listen to together. LAtely, she just comes in and blasts her stereo, no regard to me. I mean, I play my U2 stuff on headphones, cause I don't want to annoy her...

Then she goes through phases where she won't speak to me. She just slams doors, makes minimal conversation. It's annoying. She makes rude comments...she just yelled at me cause my keyboard makes noise when I type. What can I do? I'm writing a report. I know she's trying to nap, but what do I do? Leave the room?

I know she's moody when she's having a bad day, or stressed, but STILL....23 out of 24 hours of the day? When I'm in a bad mood, I go to a dance class, let off steam, and try not to let it affect the way I treat/talk to other people...I know I'm probably responsible for her being angry at times, nobody's perfect, no one can get along ALL the time, we all have our little annoying quirks (mine--chewing gum)...but to be rude ALL the time?
Then, at other times, she's great, like my best friend. I dunno what to do. She's slowly driving me mad!

Thanks for letting me vent...I needed that.

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Beat her over the head with your keyboard. Then she wont have to hear you type anymore!!

Just wait till you have your own place.. you'll love it. I do.

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I spent a semester at univ. before transferring to community college. My roommate and I got along soooooooooo well...for the first night. Then, suddenly, everything changed...we thought we were so alike from just talking on the phone in the summer after we had received our rooming assignments, but we were so wrong. Luckily, she found somebody who needed a roommate, so she moved out within a couple weeks, and I had a room all to myself!

You seriously might want to see about switchin' roommates. I know how it can be...the housing people didn't even make us wait the extra week or two you are supposed to before one roommate leaves because it was so obvious to everybody how miserable we were together.

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yet another reason why I didn't go to college...and why I refuse to have a roommate.

Sounds like you may just have to bit the bullet and have a talk with her, TST...the problem isn't goign to go away on its own. Sometimes people don't even realize their actions until someone brings it to their attention. Just be nice, be civil, and bring it up when she's NOT in one of those moods. She may not like it, but at least she'll know how it's affecting you.

Nothing like you bending over backward to be courteous to her, and her not reciprocating. That seems to be my lot with my apt. complex neighbors...I use headphones, they have surround sound and obviously don't care about their neighbors. Sucks.

Hope things work out for ya.

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this might not help AT all but hey...i can try haha...

i'm a senior in college, and i roomed with a "friend" from high school for the past 4 years. we weren't really friends, and for some insane reason we decided to live together. we couldn't have asked for a more perfect situation. we haven't had any problems with eachother... it's everyone else we have problems with.

2nd year we lived in a suite with some friends, and we thought it would be so perfect and so fun. that is until everyone we lived with (4 other girls) decided to hate me for no reason. they confronted my roommate about how much they hated me, they wanted to talk it all over, and they wanted me to change the way i acted so that they wouldn't have such a huge problem with me anymore. however they never once said anything to me. it was never discussed, nothing was ever solved. they never knew that i found out about their discussion with my roommate... so i was forced to walk on egg shells for the entire year as to not piss them off or anything. my year ended up being completely miserable...

i guess my point is that you need to talk to your roommate about whats going on. maybe she's dealing with something and that's why she's so moody, maybe you can help her with all that and everything will turn out ok. but dont avoid the situation it will only get worse

going back to my paper now... ug. who am i kidding, going to read macphisto society lol


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I'll try to make you feel better too I have experience with this My roommate freshman year came straight from hell to torture me. She would come home drunk like EVERY night and throw up on the floor and nor clean it up for a while. She also would come in at like 4 am and turn the lights and music on. She was just so inconsiderate that I was baffled. How can someone grow up thinking that is acceptable behaviour? Anyway, we somehow lived together for the full year even though we were both sort of unhappy. I ended up doing some things I probably shouldn't have (think: peeing in her water and more...shh..I know... ) and I know for a fact she wished I had talked to her about what bothered me more than I did. SO anyway, summing up, I would probably do what evertone else is suggesting: tell her how you feel, it will probably save the both of you a lot of discomfort in the end.

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I did do it....sort of how could i have been so lame...but sort of amsuing at the same's intersting to see what happens when epopel are pushed to their limits. LIke usually I am a perfectly nice person but she MADE me put the tacks and shampoo in her bed...didn't answer her pounding on the door in the middle of the night because I was 'sleeping' It's kinda bad and immature but for some reason I couldn't stop myself....

"And when it's raining,
raining hard, that's when the rain will break my heart."
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<-----will be off to college next year

Now I am scared.....heheh I'll find me a U2 lovin roomie. We'll drive each other crazy.

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Originally posted by U2morrow:
I ended up doing some things I probably shouldn't have (think: peeing in her water and more...shh..I know... )
OMG! You actually did that? LOL


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