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my Bono "visitation"

All the PLEBA-love and U2 fuzzies (in Starr's "5 minutes" thread) around here reminded me that there IS someone who'll understand this story...

It's New Year's Eve, and I've deliberately avoided making plans 'cause it's been the hardest Christmas of my life, right? (EYKIW thread, "My Epic Year") My dad's just died, I hardly get through a day without crying, I listen to ATYCLB constantly to stay sane. My heart's all in pieces but Bono's got them all safely in his hands.

My best friend has invited me to her place, where she and her husband are having just a couple other close friends over for a pot-luck meal and some drinks. I say, yeah, maybe for a couple hours after work, but I doubt I'll stay late. New Year's is somehow even harder than Christmas, and when I get home from work, I fall apart completely. Then I change, wash my face, and head out for dinner. Connection with friends might be good.
Their friends, whom I know a little, are hysterically funny, and we have a grand time. The TV's on so we can hear when a countdown starts; and once in awhile, I sneak over and channel surf (I haven't had cable in years -- it's a novelty.) with this intuition that I'll stumble across a U2 video somewhere (Laying eyes on U2 is a novelty!). yes, that would make my night. We almost miss midnight from laughing so loud, but we run out to the front porch in the nick of time, bubbly in hand, and holler and bang pots with the rest of the neighbours. But my heart hurts.
I wander inside, past the TV...pick up the remote. Press the magic arrow button.

There's Bono.
Not singing, not surrounded by gear, lights, noise, but sitting there in medium closeup, perfectly lit, speaking softly, earnestly, talking (it turns out) to Charlie Rose. I've scarcely even heard the man SPEAK before, and here he's having a deep chat in the living room...
The Pope knocking at the door couldn't have had a more stupefying effect on me. Now, TV obviously isn't high on my list of priorities and people who watch TV while guests are present are the height of ignorance, IMO, so I was rather torn... 'cause I knew they wouldn't understand. But I needed him, needed this friend. So I sat down on the floor and gaped at him, tweaking up the volume just high enough. I knew it was an hour-long conversation, and I would take what I could get away with. Finally, after about 25 minutes, my friend's husband came over and took my hand, saying as if to a child, "Come on, Deb, you can watch TV all night if you stay over tonight, but right now we're having coffee and dessert." As if it was about "TV" ... but what could I have said?? How could they ever, ever understand? Seeing Bono at all was a gift, it was ALL gravy, so I didn't hurt too terribly, and opted to comply with grace. (Also 'cause I know the video's out there somewhere. )

But what a balm on my heart he was! I smiled all night, remembering the details of his mouth, his teeth, his soft, husky voice, the slope of his shoulders, for once stationary. Being for a few minutes, a kind of "close" to him -- close enough to watch his eyes. To see the fire of his working mind. It meant the world to me. Never mind the Pope -- it would have to be Ghandi, or MLK for my friends to have understood! No matter: future generations will understand, I think...

My music-friends call him my "dark Irish angel." They understand. Say amen, sisters.

He set my feet upon a rock
made my footsteps firm

the greatest frontman in the world -- by truecoloursfly:

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ONE<br>love, blood, life
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Oh Deb, I completely understand.

If I could, you know I would...give you a great big ginoumous PLEBA hug right you know that the post you refer to (My Epic Year) was one of the most inspirational things I've ever read...if you're ever on should check out my profile because it's all about you, hon! Here's the quote that I will keep there forever...seriously, it's my all time favorite and it makes me cry everytime I read (so I can't read it too often). This is what I have in my member profile:

Courtesy of truecolorsfly (Deb):
But this is U2's gift to me this year: that they also break, that they weep -- Bono is a battle-weary man with a battered heart; just look at him on that telethon. Yet in his faith, he trembles before us, he cracks and bleeds -- and reveals the glorious Wholeness within. The power of pain, the messy nobility of grief, and the dumbstruck gratitude for love, for respite, for peace. I've watched him gnash and wail and NOT fall. He gives me faith in my own pain...With the end of 2001, I am weak. I am depleted. The life I took for granted is drained of colour; the life I might yet build is hidden in shadow. Yet the Light -- the way, the truth -- finds its way to me, if only in music. In song. Amen.
I'm gonna run to you run to you run to and try to throw my arms around the world!

BONO: FOAD, Lawrence. Just FOAD. (LOL, Mona)

You can dream, so dream out loud!

Create Light, Create Unity, Create Joy, CREATE PEACE!

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{{{luv 'n' snuggles}}}

U2- The Unforgettable Fire still burns!
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Hi trucolorsfly...

I just wanted to let you know that you are not alone. We are all here for ya. I have the same feelings you do about U2 being my salvation, so to speak. My grandmother died back in 1999, three weeks before my college graduation. It was one of the most important times of my life and my grandmother, who had been wanting to see me graduate for years didn't quite make it. It was so hard for me. I dealt with her death the only way I really knew how at the time: I wrote a short story about a girl who lost her grandmother. It made me feel better, but I still really couldn't cope with her passing. U2's music had always been a solace to me and at that time, my roommate was playing If God Would Send His Angels from a soundtrack she had. I had heard the song many times before, but it just somehow struck a chord with me.

Fast forward a few years and ATYCLB comes out. What struck the MAJOR chord with me on this album was the very last track: Grace. I was speechless when I heard it for the first time. You see, my grandmother's name was Grace. It sent goosebumps racing up and down my arms when I heard it. It was almost as if my grandma was somehow reaching me through that song.

U2's music will always be a focal point in my life. I just can't see my life without their music. I play it in my truck, I play it at school, I really don't listen to much else. Their music is a soothing balm on my soul. I know that probably sounds a bit corny and all, but for me, at least, it's true.

We're here for you if you need someone to talk to. Take care of yourself.


If you ask me, I think it's all about drums.
"Do you have a final message for the crowd today, something they can take home with them, as if this wasn't enough?"

"Something they can take home with them? I'm not taking off my clothes!"
~Larry, Much Music Interview
"If a student with an accordion had come along, I would've played with them ya know...that was where I was at, I was that desperate to play with somebody."
(Larry, about his Mount Temple days, before forming U2)

*Larry, I played accordion. Can I have a drumstick?*
From the heart, on a blue sign, 11-18-01, Vegas
Hit Gurl

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Wow. That was one of the most touching things I've ever read. I'm very sorry about your losses-Fortunately I've never been through anything as difficult(yet) and my prayers are with you. But I must say I completly understand how this band/man can reach into your soul and just make things and life itself seem so much more beautiful, make so much more sense, just make everything OK. Sure, I've been through hard times(nothing comparable to a death, though) just like everyone else and in times of trial theres no one else on the planet that can make it all better, even if just for a moment...
"And I know it aches and your heart it breaks, you can only take so much...
Walk on."
Luv and prayers, Ali
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I wish the crying smiley didn't look so comical. Eh...
Love your stories guys. I've not been through such things, but being a U2 fan, I definately get it.

Dark Irish Angel!

Something to do with politics, kids, freshness, and breakthrough.
And love.

(Joan Baez)

....what's a Bono?
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truecolorsfly! I can't believe the same thing happened to me!!!!

There I was, bored to death on New Years Eve. But my cousin (now my saviour) turned on the TV and VOILA! Bono appeared on the screen!!! I was sooo exhilarated, so fully joyful to see that man with the beautiful mind, soul, spirit and looks . He was just being Him. Paul Hewson. That experience will never fade away from my mind...

*Smooches for the PLEBA gals*
*And Bono wherever he is*
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there's not much i can say, because others have said it very well. but aren't we lucky to have bono in the world?

and his three best friends, of course.

i love the phrase "Dark irish angel."
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Hello truecoloursfly,
I have had losses this year also, and New Years Eve and Christmas were heart breaking times for me. My boyfriend Joseph died in the 9-11 attacks and Bono's beautiful prose was all that kept me sane. PLEBA helped too, and now I want to give my love back. Just so you know someone else understands.

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Originally posted by Foadie:
My boyfriend Joseph died in the 9-11 attacks and Bono's beautiful prose was all that kept me sane. ~~Foadie~~
HOLY FECKIN SHIT! ::hugs Foadie::

::brings Bono so he can hug her, too::

I'm so very sorry. I still pray for the victims every night, for whatever that might be worth.


You don't have to be Henry Kissenger to figure out that a more prosperous world is a more secure world; a more educated world is a more tolerant world; and a more healthy world is a more stable world, and I think that would be a fitting memorial to those who lost their lives on Sept. 11th. ~Bono on Leno, Thanksgiving 2001
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Thanks Cheryl. Now I can cuddle with Bono!! Can you get me Larry also?

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